How To Print Poshmark Shipping Label

How To Print Poshmark Shipping Label

Congrats on making your first sale on the Poshmark platform. I know how great it feels when people like your product and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Since that happened, it’s time to work with your packaging. Let’s say you’re done with it, now you will need a shipping label to stick it to the box.

Here comes the main part. Getting the label is easy because they send it to your mail address directly. You just have to print the paper.

Don’t know how to print Poshmark shipping label? Let me help you out!

How To Print Poshmark Shipping Label- The Steps

How To Print Poshmark Shipping Label- The Steps

Step 1- Load The Paper

Place a half sheet shipping label on the tray of your printer. You can use any kind of regular paper or dedicated label like MFLABEL Adhesive Half Sheet.

Step 2-Download The Label PDF

Once your product sells on Poshmark, they will email you a PDF of shipping label. So, there’s no need for a separate purchase.

Step 3- Save It

Save the PDF and open it. You may need PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat for that. Next, go to the File and hit the print option.

Step 4- Adjust The Print Settings

Then go to more settings in the print option. Adjust them to the ones I mentioned below.

  • Destination- Choose your printer.
  • Pages- 1
  • Copies- According to your preference.
  • Layout- Portrait
  • Paper Size- Letter
  • Margins- Custom
  • Scale- 80%

Step 5- Hit Print

Now select the print button. Your label will come out of the printer.
That’s it. You can now stick it to the product package.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Upgrade A Poshmark Shipping Label?

If your product is over 5 lbs., you will need to upgrade your label with some extra payment. For this, go to your Poshmark Account and click on ‘My Sales’.

Then, select the order, i.e. the product over 5 lbs.

There, you will get an option saying ‘Need New Shipping Label’. Hit that button.

Next, select the option saying ‘Need Heavier Weight Label’. Now, enter the package weight. (Note that it should include the weight of the shipping item as well as the box.) After that, select ‘Next’.

Then hit the option that says ‘Send New Label’. It will send the new label to your email.

Now, follow the steps mentioned above in case you want to print the new label.

2. Can I Use Any Printer To Print Poshmark Shipping Label?

It depends on your requirements. There are 2 kinds of printers that would be great for printing Poshmark Shipping Label.

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer

Thermal printer is designed specifically for shipping labels. So, you won’t be able to print other documents with it.

That said, such printer is popular for its quick printing process. Thermal printer tends to work wonderfully when it comes to pumping out shipping labels.

If you want to get yourself one of the best, I would suggest ROLLO label printer. It’s solid and prints high-speed at 150mm/s.

Thermal printer is ideal for people who-

  • Don’t have budget limitations.
  • Have higher volume of packages and want the printer to do the job quickly.
  • Don’t need to print other documents.

Laser Printer

Laser Printer

A laser printer is a great option if you want your label to have sharp prints. Not only it’s reliable but great for the new sellers. Since laser printer works best with black and white printing, you will find them ideal for shipping labels.

The best option you can get is Brother HL-L2340DW. Coming monochrome, it offers sharp-looking texts and barcode that makes it a great printer to have.

Laser printer is ideal for people who-

  • Are new sellers and have budget limitations.
  • Want a multi-use printer that would print other kinds of documents.
  • Don’t have a huge volume of packages.

Final Words

First impression is crucial and you don’t want your customer to move their eyebrows down and get disappointed when they receive your product.

Hence, make sure you get a decent printer and paper so the prints look sharp and easily readable. After you have everything ready, rest of the process should be a breeze.

And since I have explained how to print Poshmark shipping label in this write-up, you don’t have to scour Google for the process.
Hope you keep getting orders like this!