How To Print On A 3×5 Index Card On Brother Printer

How To Print On A 3×5 Index Card On Brother Printer

Are you fond of sweet little cards? So much that you like to experiment with their designs from time to time? Or you’re someone who needs index cards in bulk for professional purposes?

Whatever your reasons might be, getting print work on your own always feels rewarding.

It will not only help you explore your creative side but also prove to be pretty cost-effective. But for that, you need the right printer as well as know how to do the work masterfully.

For such print works, Brother printers are usually the top choice of consumers. If you’re wondering how to print on a 3×5 index card on brother printer, this article is for you. So, please bear with us for the next few minutes.

How To Print Index Cards On Brother Printer

How To Print Index Cards On Brother Printer

Printing index cards on Brother is easy and breezy. Just stick to the following steps and you’re good to go:

  • Get the input tray of your printer out.
  • Adjust its guides properly in order to frame your cards in a nice manner.
  • Make sure that the cards are placed portrait oriented on the input tray.
  • Press on ‘Print’ and it’ll be done.

How To Load Index Cards Into Printer?

How To Load Index Cards Into Printer

This is a bit tricky. You can insert a maximum of 30 cards at a go. If you can master this, you won’t face any difficulty in printing index cards.

  • In case you find the paper support flap open on the printer, shut it close.
  • Turn off the paper support as well.
  • Take the paper tray out of the printer.
  • Simply click and slide your paper side guides so that they be on par with the index cards.
  • The triangular spot on your paper side guide should line up with the sign for the index cards that you’ll be loading.
  • Now insert the cards in portrait alignment and then start printing with side down and then proceed to top edge first.
  • Adjust the paper guides gently and the cards will be fitted nicely.
  • The paper guides should be touching the sides of the cards.
  • Insert the tray fully inside the printer.
  • As you hold the tray in its place, take out the paper support and wait for it to click.
  • Unravel the support flap.
  • Make sure the paper size setting is changed to 3 x 5.
  • Now hit ‘print’ and soothe your eyes with your creation.

Final Words

This is how to print on a 3×5 index card on brother printer. The art of index card printing lies in loading the cards properly inside the machine. So, follow this step-by-step tutorial for a hassle-free index card printing experience.

We hope this article proves to be helpful to you. Stay tuned with us for more of such informative articles.