How To Print Avery Labels On Brother Printer

How To Print Avery Labels On Brother Printer

Avery templates are a popular choice to make exciting mailing labels or jazz up your scrapbooks. Because of the vast collection of label templates they have on offer, you can use it for both professional mailings or hobbies.

Avery gives you a lot of opportunities to get creative. Whether it is for printing mailing labels or enhancing your scrapbook project. You can customize the labels and sizes to fit your needs once you have Avery labels.

You’d be surprised to learn that label making isn’t all about stamping jars. However, you need the right printer to print labels and envelopes. Brother printers, despite being a popular choice, are typically not the best option for printing Avery labels.

There is no need for a label maker to do the job. It is possible to perform this task with your Brother printer. Officially, they do not support printing labels. However, if you already have a Brother printer at your home, there is a way you can circumvent this.

In this article, we will give you a quick and easy rundown of how you can print Avery labels with a Brother printer at your home with minimal hassle and without risking damaging your machine. So, without further ado, let us jump in.

Can I Use Brother Printer To Printer Avery Labels?

Can I Use Brother Printer To Printer Avery Labels

Usually, Brother recommends not using their printers to print labels and envelopes. The machine’s specification does not officially support printing Avery labels.

This means that, if anything goes wrong with your printer in the process, you might not be able to avail of the warranty services.

However, many people have used Brother printers to print Avery labels without too many issues.

There are a couple of things that you need to remember if you are using this printer for a label or envelop printing. And as long as you follow these tips, your printer should be fine.

  • Make sure you load the labels in the feed slot of the machine
  • You need to find the right orientation to feed the label. Typically, your label needs to be in the landscape position.
  • It is best to use a fresh set of label sheets.
  • Use the proper label-printing template while using your printing software.
  • Do not put more than one sheet of paper through the feed slot of the machine.
  • Verify the firmware version of your printer and update it if necessary.

Ensure that the printer is running in Manual Feed Mode. Typically, when you put paper in the feed slot, the machine automatically switches to that mode.

How To Print Avery Labels On Brother Printer?

How To Print Avery Labels On Brother Printer

There are several steps involved in printing labels. The one that requires customizing templates, adjusting, paper size, resolution, alignment details and printer positions correctly.

It’s pretty easy to use the Print Online and Avery Design software. With their latest update, you can now open it using Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, and whatever browser you prefer to use.

However, it would be better if you start using applications that you are familiar with to print labels.

It is possible for the label message to appear shoddily misaligned even if all precautions are taken. Google Docs and Microsoft Word both allow you to print the full Avery labels from the printer directly. Now let’s take a look at how this is done!

Verifying and Updating Printer Firmware

Verifying and Updating Printer Firmware

Before you can print Avery labels with your Brother Printer, you need to make sure that the firmware is up to date. Though the process is quite easy, and it is mentioned quite clearly in the instruction manual, many people do not understand how to do it.

To check the current firmware version, all you have to do is press and hold the Home button. The LCD screen on your printer should now show you the Serial Number, ROM Version, and Print Page.

In the ROM version section, you should see two letters like OE or OF, accompanied by some numbers. The letter after O indicates your current firmware version. So, if your ROM version shows OF 1211090825, your current firmware is F.

If your firmware version is E or higher, then you do not need to update it. So, for firmware OF, you can start printing labels right away. However, if the firmware version is A, B, C, or D, you need to update it.

At this stage, you want to consult the Firmware Update section of the instruction manual as the process can vary from one model to another. Once you have updated the firmware of your printer, you are ready to proceed.

Steps For Printing Avery Labels with Brother Printers

How To Print Avery Labels On Brother Printer

Now that your firmware is updated, you are ready to go. Here are the steps you want to follow to print Avery labels with Brother Printers without any hassle.

Step – 1

Access the manual feed slot of the printer by opening the slot cover. It is usually located towards the back of the printer.

Step – 2

You then want to insert the feed slot guides into the feed. Make sure the paper guide size matches the width of the label that you want to print with the machine.

Step – 3

Insert your label sheet into the manual feed slot. You do not want to put in more than one sheet at a time. Also, make sure that the front edge of the sheet touches the roller of the printer. It is best to use both your hands for proper control

You also want to insert the label sheet in landscape orientation. Allow the machine to pull in the sheet a bit before you let go. At this point, the printer’s display should show something like Manual Feed Slot Ready.

Step – 4

Then, you want to adjust the paper guide for the manual feed slot so that it lines up with the label sheet. You do not want to press too tightly as it might cause the label sheet to fold. If that happens, there is a high risk of your machine getting jammed. Furthermore, you need to keep the label sheet centered between the paper guides.

Step – 5

Now you can simply start printing from your printer software. If everything checks out, your label should roll through the printer and give you the print that you wanted.

Remember, you do not want to feed multiple label sheets into the printer at a time. Since label sheets are thicker, they can easily jam your printer if you are not careful. You need to be patient and only feed another label sheet after the first one is printed.

How Do I Choose The Right Avery Product For My Brother Printer?

How Do I Choose The Right Avery Product For My Brother Printer?

There are many sizes of label papers made by Avery. Their website lets you shop for shapes, materials, and usage. You’ll find clear and white labels, color labels, waterproof labels, etc.

Furthermore, you can select a purpose for the labeling including File and Folder labeling, Party & Events, Color Coding, Address & Shipping, etc.

There are Avery labels made for both inkjet printers and laser printers, so you will always be able to find one that suits your needs.

Avery labels can be printed with any type of laser printer, for instance. For us, the round labels and square labels are the best choices.

The print area can be extended beyond the trim line in order to achieve a full-bleed design. Within the printed template, there should be no randomly placed white borders.

Printing a total borderless label is a safe choice if you do not want white margins on all sides. You need to be careful with this. Borderless printing is not supported by all printers. Avoid using inkjet labels in a laser printer at all costs.

What To Do If I Can’t Find Avery Labels For My Brother Printer?

If you are in the art & craft trade, Avery labels are a great way to customize your products. Additionally, bulk orders can be sent out in a day by speeding up the entire process.

In truth, all it takes to take your business up a notch is an Avery label and a quality printer. You can also use cards or premium paper if you can’t find labels. Uncheck Plain Paper from the drop-down menu, then select Labels.

Neither Cardstock nor Heavyweight are supported, though if Labels don’t appear anywhere in the supported printing media list, you’re good to go.

What Is The Correct Way To Align My Avery Labels On The Software?

If you’re wondering- Can I print Avery labels on my Brother printer? In short, yes. The Avery Design & Print software has a dedicated labels layout, as it goes without saying.

If you are working with Microsoft Word, you will be able to utilize a set of rulers for aligning your designs. Once the templates are confirmed, the software opens your computer printer software. All brands of printers can be used with it.

Your label template can be moved left or right or up and down by the software according to your preferred increment. You can however do it much more easily with Print Online & Avery Design software.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Avery labels are a great way to make custom invitation cards with a personal touch. And with the process that we mentioned above, you should be able to make it without any issues even if you have a Brother Printer.

We hope our article on how to print Avery labels with Brother printers could help eliminate any confusion or struggle that you may have been facing with your machine. Good luck!