Home Theatre Projector VS TV

Home Theatre Projector vs TV: What Are The Key Differences?

If we are to envision one of the best ways to spend the weekend, we would probably think of a day at home, in our PJs, with a huge bowl of popcorn, and never-ending documentaries on the big screen. In this scenario, the big screen tv or projector is very important. Which one would you prefer in your living room?

Well, since you’re here, we are going to help you out a bit so that you can choose the right medium to watch the documentaries and have the best experience. If you wanna learn more about which one you would like, keep reading our home theater projector vs. tv guide.

Home Theatre Projector vs TV Comparison

There are some stark differences between the two, for which one is going to be a more attractive option for you and your family. I am going to split all of it into a few major categories so that you have an easier time understanding what the variations are.

1. Resolution

Technology has really come a very long way. We see different types of visuals and devices that enhance our experience of watching television. And currently, we are in the time of 4K. This allows you to see everything as clearly as possible.

Noticing the work of 4K can be a little difficult on TV as the pixels are all crammed together in a much smaller space, which is why you will not really be able to enjoy the 4K experience to the max.

However, for a better resolution, you would get much better performance from an HD projector at your home. Just you need a perfect projector cable. That is because the projectors allow you to watch whatever you want on a much bigger screen.

Even though there are many TVs that can be as big as the screen of the projector, but those can be extremely expensive. So, all in all, when it comes to better resolution and picture quality, the clear winner is the projector.

2. Price

When purchasing an item, price is one of the most significant deciding factors. If two things which give a very similar output have a different price point, then chances are you are going to end up choosing the one that has a smaller price tag.

For this case, in particular, I think the product which would give you the bang for your buck is the projector. If you want to measure the amount you spent by the size of the screen, then you will see that you don’t have to spend too much money to get a big screen from a projector.

And for a screen that is about 80 inches, you won’t have to spend more than $1,000 if you end up getting a projector. However, if you want something of a very similar size on a TV, then you have to spend at least 50% more than what you would have had to spend on a projector.

If you do want to get something that is going to give you an incredible experience on a more affordable price point, then you should most definitely be looking into getting a PROJECTOR.

3. Maintenance

This might not seem like a very big deal when you are getting a brand new TV or projector. However, they won’t be new for a very long time. Just like all things, these too will have some wearing and tearing. But one requires much more maintenance work than the other.

If you already own a TV, then you know there isn’t much need for you to maintain or take care of it other than the occasional dusting just before a party. There is nothing you need to worry about or take care of here.

It is not the same for projectors, you have to be mindful of the dust that might get inside the projector. This would cause disruption in the images and will, therefore, affect your experience. Don’t worry here is the guideline of the perfect way to clean a projector lens

Another thing you have to regularly maintain is the lamp or blue in the projector. With time, it burns out, so you will need to replace it once that happens.

And if you happen to be someone who is opposed to maintenance work such as that, then the right option for you would be a TV. It will save you a lot of hassle and worry over where the dust in your house is collecting.

4. Brightness

When you are out to buy a TV or a projector, you need to understand how bright it’s going to be, especially for a projector. The projector emits the image or video on to a wall or slider made for projectors.

If the room you have the projector in is too bright, then chances are you will not be able to properly see what’s happening on the screen.

So, you would always have to keep your curtains closed or switch lights off when you’re watching something. This might be very inconvenient for you if you do have to keep the lights on, or don’t have heavy curtains to block out the sunlight.

You won’t be able to watch things properly until you get proper curtains or stop watching during the daytime altogether.

However, this is significantly less problematic for TV. You can watch it without a problem at any time of the day, with the lights on or off. In either of the cases, you should not have any problem. Even though its always better to dim the lights for shows, TVs don’t restrict as much.

Hence, for this one, TV is the clear winner, and if brightness is of great importance to you, then you should opt for the TV as opposed to a projector that is going to be tough on your eyes.

5. Size of the Screen

Home Theatre Projector vs TV

In my experience, watching shows on a bigger screen is always more enjoyable than watching it on something smaller. Take the movie theatres, for example. We tend to enjoy the visuals of a very large screen where everything and everyone is bigger and clearer.

Now, this is something you will get if you plan to get a projector.

One of the biggest pros of the home theatre projector’s favor is how massive the screens can be. You are likely to enjoy much more this way, trust me. Most projectors have an average of 80-inches screens, which is a lot bigger than the TVs we get to see in most shops.

Even though you will find a television with a large screen, some that are around 80-inches, but it is going to cost you a lot more money than it would for you to buy a projector even bigger in size. Also, finding a TV bigger than 80-inches is going to be a very hard task.

For someone on the lookout for a very large screen, a projector is the one you should be looking into unless you want to pay the hefty amount and get a TV instead, it comes down to what you’re looking for from the device.

6. Sound Quality

Home Theatre Projector vs TV

Watching shows will not be complete if we do not have the right sound system to go with it. Say you’re watching an action scene and you don’t get to hear all the gunshot or the cars racing, it would take half the fun away!

For better sound, I would have to side with TVs as all of them have some form of a built-in sound system, which is usually pretty good and enjoyable. You would be able to hear everything clearly without having to miss out on all the fun.

Projectors, however, require a lot of work in this department. Sometimes the projector you bought might have a built-in speaker, speaker cable, and more .. but more often, they are faulty, so you have to end up using an external sound system anyways.

Even though most people tend to add an external source of sound to their TV and projectors, they will end up sounding the same if that is the case. But if you are unwilling to get a sound system, then you should much rather stick to getting a TV.

7. Best for Space

Space is something you need to be mindful of if you live in an apartment or a small space, as that will affect your decision. You can’t really buy something too big for your available space.

If we take a look at projectors, they are small and compact. You can put them up, and it won’t really eat away your space. But that’s not the problem. The image they projects require a completely bare wall. And the screen is usually pretty big as well.

Now, where are you going to find that much space for your projector screen? TVs, however, can be big as well, so you have to keep in mind what size would be ideal for your space. But TVs require much less hassle, and you don’t have to empty out a white wall for it, which to me is a bonus.

So, with limited space, the right call for you would be a TV. You can decide the size you want. And I would much rather get a TV rather than a small projector, as it defeats the purpose of getting one in the first place.


Whether you decide to get a projector or a TV completely depends on what you are looking for and what is more important to you, even though there are more things in favor of getting a TV, but some might still end up with a projector.

So choose wisely and choose well!