Types of Coax Cables and Their Uses

types of coax cables

Coaxial cables, usually shortened to “coax” cables, are a type of heavy-duty electrical cable used in a variety of radiofrequency (RF) signal transmission applications. These cables are all around us and have been so since the start of the 20th century. They have important applications in telephone, cable, and internet, which makes them ubiquitous in … Read more

Condenser Vs Dynamic Mic: What’s the Difference?

Condenser Vs Dynamic Mic

If you are planning to record audio for a video or stream, you will need a microphone. You probably want to invest in one seeing as it might prove very helpful. However, while searching for a suitable microphone, you may get overwhelmed with your search. You encounter two different microphones- condenser and dynamic mics. Which … Read more

D-STAR vs DMR: Detailed Comparison Between Them


Radio communication can be quite an interesting matter to some people, and since you are reading this, you must be someone from that crowd. Digital mobile radio (DMR) and digital smart technologies for Amateur Radio are both radio systems. Both of these systems allow people to communicate with radio services, but there are some obvious … Read more

Balanced vs Unbalanced Cables: What Are The Key Differences?

Balanced vs Unbalanced Cables

If you’re just starting to work with audio devices, you’ll no doubt encounter a dilemma regarding what cable you’ll use. The two common options are balanced cables and unbalanced cables. There are several key differences to them, and using the right cable can indeed enhance the sound quality. However, which one do you use and … Read more

How To Clean A Projector Lens – Step by Step

How To Clean A Projector Lens

Projector lenses can get dirty and dusty over time. It may get smudges from your fingerprints when you are adjusting it or just simply accumulate dust. Whatever the reason, dirty lenses can be a nuisance as it can create a murky cloud on the projected image and reduce both sharpness and brightness. You need to … Read more

Preamp vs Receiver: What Are The Key Differences?

Preamp vs Receiver

One of the things we enjoy doing very often is blasting some audio clips when we are in the car. It’s something that helps to pass the time, and at certain times, it can work like a ‘wake me up’ as well. Now, to play these clips properly, you need the right set of equipment, … Read more

What Is Anemometer and How Does an Anemometer Work?

How Does an Anemometer Work

Have you ever been to a weather station? Did you see a fan-like contraption that is continuously spinning on top? Those contraptions are called anemometers, and there uses in the weather department are quite essential. Apart from weather stations, understanding the wind is quite a necessary task for several other things. So, by now, it … Read more