Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory

Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Isn’t it just too easy to get confused between regular barcode scanners and inventory barcode scanners? They all do the same thing – scan, right? Well, you’re right and wrong at the same time.

Picking any random scanner will scan but might not be the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory.

After all, many scanners are slow on scanning, low on connectivity options, less sturdy, and less versatile.

So, we thought of finding out the right scanner for you with error-free scanning, greater sturdiness, versatility, and of course, wider compatibility. Guess what? We’ve managed to find the top ten of them.

Would you like to check them out? Well, they’re waiting below for you.

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NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB
NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB

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Tera Wireless 1D Laser Cordless Barcode Scanner
Tera Wireless Laser Cordless Barcode Scanner

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NETUM Barcode Scanner, Wireless, Bluetooth & Wired
NETUM Barcode Scanner, Wireless, Bluetooth & Wired

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Basecent USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader
Basecent Quick Laser Barcode Scanner

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Tera 2D QR Scanner with Stand, Bluetooth & Wireless & Wired
Tera 2D QR Scanner with Stand

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Benefits of Using Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory

Why would you go for something in the first place if it’s not bringing you any benefits? If that’s the question you’ve got in mind before buying a wireless handheld barcode scanner, then here’s your answer –

Easy to Implement

If you’re expecting barcode scanners to be the ‘hard-to implement tech, then you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

It’s too easy to install. Besides, it doesn’t need more than minimal programming and a simple driver to operate it.


We all know how convenient wireless techs are compared to a wired one. The same goes for barcode scanners as well. You don’t need to stick to a PC anymore while working with it.

Preventing Errors

Barcode scanners are made to prevent the possible error a human can make. This is where it takes down the possibility of mistakes, no matter where you’re using it.

Time Saver

The way barcode scanners work, it doesn’t eat up too much time. This means with this tech; it’s possible to boost up the overall productivity.

Saving Resources

If you would’ve done the barcode scanner’s job manually, it would’ve asked for resources like paper, pen, etc. But you can save all of these just by letting the barcode scanner do what it does the best.

10 Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory Reviews

Here are the top ten Wireless Barcode Scanners you’ve been waiting for to end up your inventory hassles –

1. NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB

How are you going to feel if, after scanning a bunch of products, you get to see it didn’t upload the data just because you’re a bit away from the laptop?

Well, this is the kind of situation the‎ Bur3003 Wireless Barcode Scanner from NADAMOO is made to deal with.

This amazing scanning tech comes with two different upload modes. In one, you can go for instant uploading, where the scanner will upload the data to the system instantly.

But when you’re a bit far from your signal range, just put it on its storage mode, and it’ll store the reading in its built-in memory. Don’t worry about the capacity; it can store 1000000 like it’s nothing.

It doesn’t come with dual-mode on uploading but on pairing as well. It’s totally up to you whether you want one scanner for one receiver or more than that.

And FYI, you can get 32 scanners connected to one receiver like it’s a piece of cake.

Even on the scanning, you’ll get two modes – manual trigger and continuous scan. Now you decide whether you want to scan by pressing the trigger or want to keep the red light on always.

There’s one more thing that you’ll find impressive about this scanner, and that is the connectivity range. Well, this scanner can easily reach 100m, where it can go up to 400m in a barrier-free atmosphere.

And in case you have a headache about the battery time, then its 1400mAh battery isn’t going to give up even if you want to go for 20 hours of scanning in a row.

But the only problem it’s got here is its inability to connect to mobile or tablet.

Key Features :

  • Dual upload mode uploads data in both within and out of signal range
  • Huge built-in memory is capable of storing 1000000 readings easily
  • Dual pairing mode allows 32 scanners to get connected to a single receiver
  • Can connect to a PC/laptop if its in between 400 meters
  • 1400mAh battery ensures a scanning time of 20 hours

2. Tera Wireless 1D Laser Cordless Barcode Scanner

Tera Wireless 1D Laser Cordless Barcode Scanner

Clearly, you’ll be roaming around with your barcode scanner. But what if you drop the thing and will have to declare it dead for good later? Well, that won’t be the case if it’s the 5100 Barcode Scanner from Tera.

Along with being a 2.4 GHz Wireless scanner, it also comes with a super sturdy construction with a protective silicone cover. So, even if it slips out of your hand from 6’ height, that’s not going to be a problem for sure. And yes, it’s safe from dust as well due to its IP54 rating.

But what about the connectivity range? Well, if the area is open, then it’s going to be 100m or 328ft. with ease, and if there are barriers, then count it between 30 to 100 ft.

And guess what? You can use it in both wireless and wired modes. Besides, it’s a plug-and-play kind of tech which comes with an easier setup. You can also pick your preferred one as well with black, blue, grey, orange, and green.

But what we loved the most about this one is its 2000 mAh battery that can deliver 40 hours of continuous scanning. And if you’re worried about how much charge you’ve got left, the indicator like on the top will let you know so.

Key Features :

  • Decent connectivity range can connect the receiver from a distance of 328 ft.
  • Strong protective silicone cover makes the scanner survive 6’ drop
  • 2000 mAh battery keeps up scanning for 40 hours continuously
  • IP54 rating proves its ability to withstand shock and dust
  • Charge indicator gives a clear idea about the remaining charge

3. NETUM Barcode Scanner, Wireless, Bluetooth & Wired

NETUM Barcode Scanner, Wireless, Bluetooth & Wired

Are you stuck with a barcode scanner that can be used on computers only? Then count those days over as we’ve got Bluetooth Barcode Scanner from NETUM on our list this time.

This amazing scanner is capable of performing 150 scans just in a second. And guess what?

Its level of device compatibility is so high it can work with any device with any operating system, whether it’s PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

With a 2000 mAh battery, it’s possible to get a continuous scan time of 30 hours.

On top of that, it takes 2 hours to get it fully charged. What else do you need to call this the best Bluetooth barcode scanner?

The makers have added all connectivity modes like Bluetooth, wireless, and USB to keep this cordless barcode scanner more convenient than ever.

Besides, it comes with both instant upload and storage mode, where it can store 2600 barcodes in offline mode.

But what we found as the most interesting feature is its 3 different trigger modes.

Now you can go for the key-trigger mode, where you’ll have to press every time to catch the barcode or continuous mode to keep the light running.

What you might like more is the Auto-induction mode that gets activated only when there’s a barcode in front of it. By the way, it can read from computer screens and mobile screens as well.

Key Features :

  • Wider device and OS compatibility makes it operational on any device
  • Got all connectivity modes for easier usage, including Bluetooth and USB
  • Storage mode is capable of keeping 2600 barcodes stored easily
  • 2000 mAh battery gives 30 hours operation time and gets charged in 2 hrs.
  • Three different trigger modes deliver more flexibility to the work pattern

4. Basecent USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader

Basecent USB Quick Laser Barcode Scanner Reader

In case you’ve got a huge warehouse to take care of, then this one is enough to blow your mind. After all, it’s the Quick-Laser Barcode Scanner from Basecent.

It has left every other option we’ve seen so far beyond with its 1312.3 ft. range and with barriers, it can go up to 169 ft. So, if you’re looking for the best USB barcode scanner for the longest range, this is it.

It doesn’t care what kind of operating system it has to deal with whether it’s Windows, ios, Mac Osx, Linux, or Android. You can get it operational on anything like a PC or tablet.

Besides, to make it sustain major drops, the makers have ensured the IP54 rating in it. So, not even a 1.5-meter drop can damage it.

In case you’re not feeling like going wireless anymore, you can use the USB cable which will also keep this handheld inventory scanner charged while using it.

And don’t worry about the driver, it doesn’t need one. Just plug and play.

We’re not entirely happy about the battery capacity as it’s only 800 mAh. But the good news is it doesn’t need more than 2-4 hours to get fully charged.

Even in full charge, it can perform 23000 scans easily with its four trigger modes.

By the way, if you need to use multiple scanners at once, feel free to go for it as the receiver can handle them all.

Key Features :

  • Better OS compatibility allows it to work with Windows, iOS, or Android
  • Plug and play design doesn’t ask for a driver to be operational
  • Multi-device receiver allows receiving data from several scanners at once
  • IP54 rating ensures the scanner’s immunity to drop from 1.5 meters
  • 800 mAh battery is capable of scanning 23000 times under a single charge

5. Tera 2D QR Scanner with Stand, Bluetooth & Wireless & Wired

Tera 2D QR Scanner with Stand, Bluetooth & Wireless & Wired

Have you ever had to deal with a shipment in your inventory that has products with barcodes in a different language than yours?

If your answer is yes, we bet you probably had to go through tons of hassle for that. After all, you didn’t have the 3-in-1 Barcode Scanner from Tera in your arsenal.

This barcode scanner alone supports 25 different languages. Now it doesn’t matter if it has to read codes in English, German, French, Spanish, etc.

And the scanning speed? That’s going to be faster than you can imagine. Thanks to its high-precision chip for pulling that off.

But you’re going to love it more for its 3-in-1 Transmission. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it on wireless mode, USB, or Bluetooth.

For keeping it active for a long time, it’s got a huge battery of 2000mAh which can give you a standby time of 60+ days.

Like the best barcode reader, its Silicone Shockproof Design can easily deal with friction and scratches. Even a 1.5-meter drop is nothing this scanner can’t handle.

But one more thing that has made this scanner complete is its strong stand which you can adjust 45° easily for better reach.

Key Features :

  • 3-in-1 Transmission allows having USB and Bluetooth with 2.4Ghz wireless
  • Continuous scanning time can be pushed up to 19.5 hours
  • High-precision chip makes the overall scanning speed faster
  • Supports 25 different languages
  • Wide symbology compatibility includes 1D/2D, Printed, QR Digital Barcodes

6. REALINN Wireless Barcode Scanner 1D 2D QR Code

REALINN Wireless Barcode Scanner 1D 2D QR Code

If handling scanners are nothing new for you, then you already know that at times it gets harder than ever to read barcodes, especially when they’re distorted. But the Wireless Barcode Scanner from REALINN doesn’t care about that at all.

This amazing scanner is capable of reading barcodes regardless of the condition, whether it’s wide, distorted, tiny, slightly damaged, or fuzzy.

And don’t worry about the connectivity as it’s offering wired and wireless modes. On top of that, any common software like QuickBooks, Novell, Word, Excel can work with it.

But none of these matters if the scanner is not good enough with scanning. Thankfully, its CMOS Sensor with higher sensitivity is capable of capturing QR, 1D, 2D Barcode no matter if it’s on Paper or Screen.

By the way, its error rate is so low that you won’t get more than 1 error in 500 million scans.

It’s also ahead in the race of OS compatibility as it can keep up with any OS, including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS.

Plus, it has a huge scanning speed of 500 scans/second. Another interesting fact about this scanner is it can read barcodes even if they’re on a black background.

From the design perspective, it’s got everything you could’ve asked from the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory. Now it’s on you whether you want ergonomic design or comfort, it has both.

One more thing! It comes with the IP54 rating. So, nothing like shock, dust, or moisture can do any damage to it.

Key Features :

  • 2-in-1 Connection allows going for both wired and wireless connectivity
  • IP54 rating keeps it safe from shock, dust, and moisture
  • CMOS Sensor with higher sensitivity ensures accurate reading
  • Decent OS compatibility covers OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS
  • Reverse reading ability helps it read barcodes on dark backgrounds

7. ScanAvenger wireless barcode scanner for inventory

ScanAvenger wireless barcode scanner for inventory

Do you know what’s common in all the barcode scanners? That ‘beep’ sound. But what if you have to do scanning in a noisy place where it’s next to impossible to hear that beep?

Well, we’ve got a solution for that, and it’s the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner from ScanAvenger.

Along with making sound, it comes with vibrating capabilities. So, even if you do not hear the reading sound, you can still feel the shake.

Besides, it also can read damaged codes. So, a bit of distortion is not going to be a problem for sure. And yes, it can read from screens too.

As it can be connected through all Wireless, USB, and Bluetooth, it doesn’t matter which device you’re using, whether it’s Android or PC.

The same goes for OS as it can run on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Plus, its 16 MB storage can hold 100000 barcodes within.

On the question of range, it’s got some impressive numbers here as well. In the open area, it can easily reach 493 ft.,

which is higher than most of the scanners we’ve seen so far. But if there are barriers, it drops to 98 ft.

To give it additional touches of protection, the makers have given this cheap barcode scanner an impact-resistant design which makes it tolerant to 5-meter drops.

Key Features :

  • Vibrates after reading the barcode, just in case you don’t hear the beep
  • All device compatibility also allows using all kinds of operating systems
  • Improved readability can detect and read barcodes from paper and screen
  • Impact-resistant feature saves the device from shocks due to sudden drop
  • 4GHz wireless can reach a range up to 493 ft. in the open air

8. USB Wireless barcode scanner for small business

USB Wireless barcode scanner for small business

What do you expect the most from the best barcode scanner for small business? If it’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy, the wet bet you’ll get them all in Wireless Barcode Scanner from Symcode.

Its ARM32Bit Cortex CPU comes with superb decoding ability. And the scan speed? It’s 300/sec! Besides, it’s got two different working modes; one is instant upload, and the other one is the storage mode.

Thankfully, the second one has made it capable of storing 10000 with the help of its internal memory.

The makers have kept both installation and connectivity on a simpler phase. All you need is just plug and play.

On the connectivity part, the scanner has both 2.4G Wireless and USB 2.0 options open. But the sad part is you can’t connect it to your phone or tablet.

But how much does it cover when it comes to transmission distance? Well, it’s got a decent number of 328ft when the environment is barrier-free.

By the way, it’s IP54 rated. So, in case you let it slip from a height like 6’, be sure that it’ll remain unharmed. After all,

that’s what its protective silicon cover is made to do. On top of that, it comes with a scanner stand that helps with hands-free operation.

Key Features :

  • Internal memory allows storage mode to store 10000 codes at once
  • Decent transmission distance covers an area up to 328ft
  • 2-in-1 Connection helps with going for wired or wireless mode
  • ARM32Bit Cortex CPU boasts amazingly accurate decoding ability
  • Scanner stand makes hands-free operation easier

9. NADAMOO Wireless & Wired usb barcode scanner with Stand

NADAMOO Wireless & Wired usb barcode scanner with Stand

How would you feel about having a barcode scanner that gives you total freedom on operation alteration? If your answer is ‘excellent,’ we bet you will love the Wireless Barcode Scanner from NADAMOO.

Along with adding prefixes and suffixes, you can also delete characters in it. Besides, based on your needs, you can disable or enable any barcode you like. Thanks to its 300+ configuration options for making it all possible.

We don’t know if you like that beep sound or not, but nobody will stop you from turning it off if that makes you feel bothered. But the problem with this one is you can only scan 1D barcodes with it and can’t scan from screens.

Don’t worry; these are the only drawbacks you’ll be seeing in it. And yes, it comes with both instant upload and collection mode on the upload operation. In the collection mode, it can store up to 30000 barcodes easily.

If the warehouse is full of obstacles, it can cover a distance of 100ft. But once you lift the barrier or go for open space, delivering the data to a PC 328ft far is not going to be a problem for it, whether it’s got an OS of Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Key Features :

  • Dual upload modes include instant upload and collection mode
  • Configuration options ease up functions like disabling/enabling any barcode
  • Internal memory can store up to 3000 barcodes
  • Great coverage capacity can transfer data at a distance of 328 ft.

10. Turimon Rechargeable barcode reader Scanner

Turimon Rechargeable barcode reader Scanner

Will it scare the hell out of you if anyone makes you in charge of handling inventory of a warehouse that is a thousand feet long? We don’t think you’ll have to be worried there if you’ve got something like the Barcode Reader Scanner from Turimon on your hand.

It has been designed in a way that it can reach your device and connect it even if it’s 1312 ft. far. And its decoding speed is so high that when you want 300 scans per second, it can easily reach that level.

Forgiving you total freedom over the scan pattern, the makers have given it four different trigger modes – Auto, Continuous, Manual, and Flash. Besides, its data conversion modes are impressively useful.

In the case of data transmission, it’s open for both instant and memory mode. The barcode compatibility part goes with 1D barcodes only, but it covers major types of it. And if you’re asking for some alteration on the characters, you can remove or add them as per your need.

Key Features :

  • Strong transmission ability helps reach devices at a distance of 1312 ft.
  • Driver-free installation eases up the overall operation and instant action
  • Faster decoding speed is capable of reaching 300 scans/second
  • Four different trigger modes deliver scanning pattern variety
  • 1D barcode compatibility lets you scan almost all 1D barcode types available

Comparison Chart Of Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory

Product Name

Battery (mAh)

Max Range

Max Continuous Operation Time

Battery Indicator




328 ft.

20 hrs.


8.2 oz

Tera 5100


328 ft.

40 hrs.


11.6 Oz.

NETUM Barcode 


164 ft.

30 hrs.


12.3 Oz.

Basecent Quick-Laser


1312.3 ft.



9.6 Oz

Tera 3-in-1


300 ft. (approx.)

19.5 hrs.


10.6 Oz

REALINN Wireless


328 ft.

20 hrs. (approx.)


1.76 Oz

ScanAvenger Bluetooth


493 ft.

48 hrs.


5.5 Oz

Symcode Wireless



20+ hrs. (approx.)


15.2 Oz.

NADAMOO Wireless





4.8 Oz

Turimon Barcode


1312 ft.



10.2 Oz.

Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory Buying Guide

Grabbing an efficient tech depends on what factors you are putting on your consideration list while picking it up. The same goes for the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory as well.

So, if you really don’t want to declare your next purchase as waste, then go through the following aspects before you buy it.

Connectivity Type

For obvious reasons, an inventory scanner has to be wirelessly connectable. So, make sure that it’s able to pass the data real fast to your PC or laptop without any wire.

If you want versatility on that, go for the one with other connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB.

Connectivity Range

While choosing a barcode scanner for inventory, it’s hard to do the job sitting in one place. As you’ll have to move around, you’re going to need a good connectivity range.

We don’t know about your requirement but make sure that the range is not less than 300ft in open space.


Having a stronger battery matters more in the case of a scanner when it’s wireless. It’s better to go with the highest number here. But don’t think picking anything less than 500 mAh will be a good idea.


If you’ve had your share of experience with inventory scanners, then you already know that you might have to go beyond the connectivity range at times.

For such times, you’ll have to store the scanned results and upload them later. This is why you need to have a scanner that can keep a bulk amount of barcodes stored.


The thing about inventory management is you can’t stick to one spot. So, it’s better to lay your hands on a scanning tech that can be carried around easily. Focus on the design and weight for that.

Durability and Impact Resistance

It’s nothing impossible to drop the scanner accidentally. But if the scanner is not durable enough, it might not survive the impact. We say you focus on the IP rating more to have better protection on that part.

Scanning Capabilities

Know your symbologies first and see if the scanner is being able to read them or not. There can be a ton of symbologies, and the one you’re grabbing has to be capable of enough to decode them, whether they’re 1D, 2D, or postal.

OS Compatibility

The scanner has to be good enough to keep up with your desired OS. If you’ve checked our reviewed products already, then you probably have noticed they’re compatible with major operating systems.

Try getting something like that. Also, make sure that they’re compatible with all the devices you want.

Scanning Distance

A scanner has to be able to scan from a standard distance. This distance can vary on the basis of symbology type.

But while getting yours, check if it can scan 1D barcodes from a distance of 10-12 inches or not. FYI, for Postal symbologies, you might have to get a bit closer.

Scanning Speed

One of the common signs of high-end barcode scanners is they come with an impressive scanning speed.

While picking up your one, see if the scanner is offering 60 to 120 images/second scanning speed or not. Don’t go for anything below that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the major drawback of wireless barcode scanners?

There’s no major drawback of wireless scanners, except it gets hard to connect to the PC or laptop after crossing the maximum range. But if the scanner comes with storage mode, that’s not going to be a problem.

2. What kind of barcode scanners is the best for a harsh environment?

Rather than going on the model, choose on the basis of IP rating. If it has the IP65 or IP54 rating, go for it.

3. Why does the connectivity range vary so much on the basis of barriers?

Barriers make the returning signal comparatively ineffective and weaker. That’s why you see major changes in the number of connectivity ranges when there’s a barrier involved.

4. What is the benefit of using multiple scanners under one receiver?

Maintaining a receiver for each scanner is a hassling job. By connecting all the scanners with one receiver, you can establish a hassle-free network. Besides, a PC doesn’t contain too many USB ports for holding all the receivers.

5. When is a Bluetooth barcode scanner more effective?

A Bluetooth barcode scanner is more effective when you’re putting the data in your mobile and can’t stick to the PC all the time.

Final Words

No, we’re not going to say that finding the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory is easy. But it’s all on you and your judgment. So, focus on your need for that in the first place.

For instance, if you want the maximum continuous operation time, then think seriously about getting ScanAvenger Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

But for the maximum open-air connection range, nothing can be as good as the Basecent Quick-Laser Barcode Scanner.

If you’re focusing on the lightest yet efficient scanner, don’t think twice before grabbing REALINN Wireless Barcode Scanner. Now you say which one is worthy of being your next scanning tech.