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Best Vinyl For Cricut in 2022 – Top 10 Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Getting lost in the world of Vinyl is no surprise. With all the different names, uses, and applications,

beginners can find it challenging to see all the numbers and acronyms but rest assured, it’s an easy process. All you need to know is what you want to make and what your available options are.

Truly there is no limit to the world of vinyl. Glossy, metallic, matte, etc. all used for anything from designing a cup to building the interior of a shop.

But you have cricut to help you and us to tell you which one is the best vinyl for cricut.

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by EZ USA
Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by EZ USA

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Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - 40 Assorted Colors
Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - 40 Assorted Colors

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IModeur - 38 Assorted Colors (Matte & Glossy)
IModeur - 38 Assorted Colors (Matte & Glossy)

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Ohuhu Permanent 60 Sheets Set
Ohuhu Permanent 60 Sheets Set

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Lya Vinyl 55 Assorted Colors
Lya Vinyl 55 Assorted Colors

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Our Top 10 Best Vinyl For Cricut

To be honest, the finest vinyl is the one you need for the job at hand. So, we are trying to bring to you diverse materials that can be useful for different projects.

1. Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by EZ Craft USA – 40 Sheets

DBPOWER Full HD Mini Movie Projector with Carrying Case

In the world of vinyl, before you find a brand of your choice, you’re bound to face a few miss and hits. But with EZ sheets, the advantage they tell you exactly what you’re in for.

This isn’t a flimsy material. That’s one of the more important things about this. It’s composed of a tough and durable sheet. Further, it is also thin, so you know you can get crafty with this.

For us, the reason why it’s the best vinyl for cricut is that the package is well-balanced between different sheets. And a beginner who wants to try out different types of vinyl will enjoy working with this.

Although beginner-friendly, this isn’t just another sheet in the market; it uses adhesive backing and lining of the highest kind.

Even if you don’t use this in a while, the adhesive will retain its ability and be ready for use.

The set has 30 glossy sheets in a wide range of colors. Further, you get a few matte, metallic, and brushed silver sheets too.

Hence, this is the DIYers dream set because there’s just so much you can accomplish with this.

Starting from silhouette stickers to making quality designs on mugs, walls, windows, banners, etc. And if you just want to paint your scrapbook with ideas, you won’t find a better set of vinyl.

Key Features :

  • Variety of colors and materials available
  • Uses thin but strong sheets
  • Durable and adhesive won’t lose stickiness if left unused
  • Good for designs on mugs, walls, windows, scrapbooks, etc.

2. Adhesive Vinyl For Cricut – 40 Assorted Colors (Glossy, Matte, Brushed and Metallic)

Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - 40 Assorted Colors(Glossy,Matte,Brushed and Metallic)

Viseman is one of those brands; once you purchase from, they become your go-to. They have been making vinyl sheets for a while now and understand what is expected from them.

Their 50-pack vinyl sheet has everything you need to get your inner creativity roar. You don’t have to limit yourself to specific indoor or outdoor designs; you can do it well with these sheets.

Among the features, what makes this stand out is its permanent vinyl. Yes, so you can finally get serious about your skills and create something worthwhile.

It’s perfect for DIY decorations on walls, cars, banners, tiles, etc. But it doesn’t end there; you can make precious decals for notebooks, cups, plant pots, etc.

With three mil thickness, it has just the right size to get into craftier projects that need more accuracy.

This thickness is perfect for weeding out easy. The glue is also pretty sticky, which might make some tasks a bit tasking, but overall, the quality is great.

Apart from the vinyl, the package comes with two transfer tapes and is compatible with a range of cutting machines.

Key Features :

  • Permanent vinyl perfect for outdoor projects
  • Compatible with many machines
  • Comes with 40 pieces of vinyl and 2 transfer tapes
  • Thick and waterproof sheets

3. IModeur Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets – 38 Assorted Colors (Matte & Glossy)

IModeur Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - 38 Assorted Colors (Matte & Glossy)

Imodeur is for big projects. They make permanent pieces of vinyl that are for professional quality decals. And are preferred by both DIYers and professionals.

This kit includes a whopping 75 sheets, and you get 38 different colors. But more importantly, these permanent sheets come in different types like glossy, matte, etc.

What makes this one of the top pics is the quality. Each can last 4 to 5 years, depending on where you put them. The durability of the sheets makes them water-resistant and perfect for outdoor display.

Further, the quality of the sheets is good, and you won’t end up with bent corners.

Bent corners have been a problem for vinyl sheets for the longest time, but with imodeur’s sheets, you won’t have to be worried about that.

This uses a double plywood material, which stops it from bending but makes it compatible with all cricut machines.

Another thing that we love about their collection is the range of their colors. They have got a splendid variety of colors that will open your creativity to new possibilities.

Moreover, the sticking property of adhesive only reinsures that as you can attach it to most smooth surfaces.

Key Features :

  • 75 sheets included in the kit
  • Perfect for crafty detailed designs
  • Uses double plywood material
  • Corners won’t bend or curl over

4. Ohuhu 70 Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl For Silhouette

Ohuhu 70 Permanent Adhesive Backed 60 Vinyl Sheets Set

No matter how intricate the details, you can create it with this 70-pack vinyl from Ohuhu. The brand credits itself with making easy to use sheets so that even beginners can create great designs.

While they have a wide range of materials for you to choose from, this one stood out for us as it has a good variety of colors and types.

If you’ve been looking for vinyl to bring your own style out and apply to different things, then these are the sheets for your unique touch.

What makes this a good option is, using this is pretty straightforward. It takes minutes to create decals and other designs.

Even the intricate ones can be made in a quick time. So, you can put them in the cricut machine and peel and cut with ease and have your decals ready right away.

Another big advantage of these vinyl sheets is they can be used for putting on your everyday items. Put a touch of your distinctive taste and adorn your mugs, picture frames, jars, etc.

The sheets are durable and waterproof. So, you can even put your designed mug or plate in the dishwasher. Finally, this is a material you can count on as it’s BPA free and environment friendly.

Key Features :

  • Can be cut and peeled off in quick time
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe
  • Doesn’t contain harmful materials
  • Package includes 70 sheets

5. Lya Vinyl 55 Assorted Colors Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

Lya Vinyl 55 Assorted Colors Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

If you’re looking for a professional brand to put your trust behind, Lya is well equipped for it. They have a long history of producing sheets for crafts, and of upholding that; they have always delivered.

This machine-friendly package comes in a variant of 40 different shades. And it also has glossy and matte materials included.

So, if you’re someone who likes glossy material, this could be your package. The color variety of this set will enable you to attempt many different projects.

On top of that, these are permanent adhesives, so they’ll stick on for many years. This means if you’re planning to get serious with your craft, then this is the brand to do it with.

It cuts smoothly without bending over or tearing. So, it’s perfect for creating calligraphic designs.

As it uses a layer of protective film, this material won’t bend on the edges. Hence, it’s perfect for printing logos, calligraphy, and any detailed design.

Using it is pretty easy. The instructions are clear and adequate for anyone to start. On top of that, cutting the material doesn’t require much strain.

In fact, putting too much pressure can actually result in ruining the underneath paper.

Key Features :

  • Great for creating logos, banners, letters, calligraphy letters, etc.
  • Beginner friendly and easy to cut out
  • Has many different shades
  • Material is durable and won’t bend

6. Permanent Adhesive by PrimeCuts USA, 65 Assorted Color Sheets for Cricut

Permanent Adhesive by PrimeCuts USA, 65 Assorted Color Sheets for Cricut

One of the most affordable packages on the list but with a reliable brand. Primecut materials are the perfect gift items as well as for personal use.

You can find different kinds of vinyl sheets in their shop, and all come for a reasonable price.

Apart from having one of the best prices, these sheets use great quality materials. We aren’t saying it’s the finest you will see, but for the price, you won’t find much better.

Although it says it’s a permanent material, we would recommend keeping it away from a harsh environment to make this last.

This is quite durable, provided you keep this in the right environment. Hence, this is great for scrapbook projects, notebook covers, etc.

It’s water-resistant, and washing it won’t ruin the design. So, you can make great mug designs with this as well.

On top of that, there’s a decent variety in the bundle. You get sheets of matte, metallic gold, metallic silver, and brushed silver. So, these textures are perfect for unique silhouettes and car stickers.

More importantly, this is a bundle that beginners will enjoy honing their crafts with. Moreover, since the materials are toxic-free, you can also let your kids have fun with this.

You’d think material like this would be difficult to cut or peel, but Prime cuts have done an amazing job at making this easy to work with.

Key Features :

  • Includes matte and metallic sheets
  • Can be used for many different designs and decals
  • Environment-friendly non-toxic material
  • Water-resistant and can be washed

7. Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl For Cricut in 38 Assorted Colors

Premium Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets in 38 Assorted Colors

Swisselite specializes in vinyl sheets and has produced some of the finest sheets that we know. This bundle of theirs is filled with different kinds of sheets, with something for anybody to use.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality vinyl sheets to get your crafting started, you can look at them.

This material works well with most machines. You will get finely cut designs that don’t get chopped or botched in the machine.

The adhesive is strong and sticking enough to make your designs last. But they aren’t overly adhesive that they will ruin while cutting.

As these are permanent sheets, you don’t have to worry about them not lasting. It was produced in a way that makes it waterproof and quite durable. This isn’t a flimsy material, and it’s very easy to work with.

Since it works well with machines, you can print out beautiful designs to decorate walls, doors, windows, etc. moreover, with three mil thickness, this is a material that you can do big projects with.

Finally, this is a quality material with a variety of color choices and easy to use vinyl. It comes for a reasonable price too.

Key Features :

  • Works well with machines
  • Easy to cut and weed out
  • Sheets are of 3 mil thickness
  • Comes in 38 different colors

8. Vinyl To Use With Cricut – Permanent, 12” x 180”, Adhesive Decal Bulk Roll

Cricut Premium Vinyl - Adhesive Decal Bulk Roll - White

Comes from the brand cricut themselves. So, you know you’re getting the best vinyl to use with cricut.

Cricut not only makes the machines but also a variety of tools need for your crafting sessions.

Buying from them is always a good idea because you know if you ever run out of spares, you can go back to them and buy some more. This is a kind of reliability you can’t get from other brands.

Professionals usually go for this because it gives them the selectivity to buy only the colors they want.

So, if you’re an expert who knows exactly what they need for the job at hand, then you know cricut is the brand to look at.

Moreover, since their sheets aren’t rolled up, they won’t become tunneled or rolled after application. Applying them is straightforward if you follow the instructions, which you will find in plenty.

That’s another thing about them; go on social media, and you will find many who use the exact same tools and sheets.

We can say for sure that these sheets are resilient. Be it harsh weather or water; they can survive it. The material is a strong and durable material that can withstand UV and water. So, it’s perfect for outdoor projects.

Also, you can find them in unique colors, which will give a touch of exclusiveness. So, if you’re planning on marking your belongings, there’s no better way to do it than in an artistic way.

Key Features :

  • Available in alluring shades
  • Can withstand UV
  • Good for outdoor designs and decals
  • Doesn’t tunnel or roll up

9. Premium Vinyl – 31 Assorted Colors – Black, White, Gold, Neon

Premium Vinyl - 31 Assorted Colors - Black, White, Gold, Neon

For working on fabric, there is no better vinyl than heat transfer vinyl. And the one from primology stands out from the lot for its exclusive colors, size, and quality.

These are top materials that you don’t see in everyday vinyl. They are premium quality sheets that come straight from Korea and are used by people in different professions.

It’s not just for decorations but for clothing design too.

A big advantage with this is they are compatible with heat press machines, silhouette cricut, and any cutting machine. Hence, these are also so high in demand.

The material is much thinner than the usual sheets, but that doesn’t make them harder to cut out. You have to be craftier with detailed designs but for the most part, weeding out is easy and fun with the right tools.

Further, this comes with a matte finish; you can use it on clothes, glass, mug, walls, and many other surfaces. Its versatility and wide application are some of the many reasons for it being so widely sought after.

Key Features :

  • Can be used on many different materials
  • Compatible with heat press machines too
  • Has a semi-matte texture
  • Uses premium quality material

10. Cricut Premium Vinyl – Removable Adhesive Decal Sheets

Cricut Premium Vinyl - Removable Adhesive Decal Sheets

Looking for vinyl to make your outdoor projects a cakewalk? Then you need this permanent vinyl, which has one of the strongest sheets that we have seen.

This will work smoothly with your cricut machine, and it is very affordable as well.

One of the most amazing features of this material is it can be applied on a variety of bases. If the base is smooth, then most likely, you can use this vinyl on it.

Apart from that, this is one of those sheets that is available in unique colors. For instance, this includes teal, fuchsia, wine, coffee, vivid blue, etc.

Hence, if you want your work to stand out, these are unique colors that you won’t find around much.

Now, as for the different decal designs you can craft with this, the possibilities are massive. Weeding out the pieces with a tool is going to be super easy.

You don’t have to have delicate hands to get it right. So, you can go create some intricate designs on your cricut machine.

Further, this won’t bubble or curve up and will remain straight owing to the strong adhesive. Also, since it’s sold in distinctive colors,

you can choose to buy the ones you need without having to purchase in bulk. This gives more selective purchase options.

Key Features :

  • Available in unique colors
  • Compatible with cricuts
  • Adhesive is durable and firm
  • Won’t tunnel or curve up

Top 10 Vinyl For Cricut Comparison Chart

Product Name

Sheets Included




40 Sheets

12 X 12 X 0.12

Glossy, Matte, Metallic, Brushed Silver


50 Sheets

12 X 12 X 0.3

Glossy, Matte, Metallic, Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold


75 Sheets


Glossy, Brushed-Metal, & Matte Colors


70 Sheets

12 X 12



55 Sheets

12 X 12 X 0.6

Glossy, Matte, Metallic

PrimeCuts USA

65 Sheets

13.78 X 12.8 X 0.59

Glossy, Metallic, Matte


50 Sheets

13.8 X 13 X 0.4

Glossy, Metallic, Matte

Permanent White

1 Long Sheet

12" X 180"



35 Sheets

12” X 10”


Cricut Tools

12 Sheets

12” X 12”


Things to Consider Before Buying Vinyl For Cricut

Just so that you don’t make the wrong pick, here, I’ll help you talk about the most important factors to consider while choosing the best vinyl for cricut.


Thickness is important, even for the most premium material. As you can create silhouette-like designs which, in many cases, don’t have too many intricate details, you’d want it to have a thicker material.

But for projects that are on smaller objects like a mug or have intricate detail, you’d want it to be thinner.

However, that’s where the problem arises, as thinner sheets are harder to cut out, and hence, you should be going with standard size and keep your skills on account.


If you’re a beginner, you might be tempted to try out different things and want to buy all kinds of vinyl, but you can make package purchases for that or buy separately.

What you need to verify first is what kind of designs you want to create.

Sheet type

Sheets can be of a wide variety. They can be glossy, matte, metallic, etc. On top of that, they can be permanent or removable.

Removable materials work better on scrapbooks, notebooks, photo frame and other kinds of items which won’t come in contact with water.

They are also easily removable and can be placed elsewhere; whereas permanent materials can be used for outdoor projects, clothes, mugs, etc.

Vinyl Types

There are two main vinyl types, adhesive and heat transfer. Adhesive vinyl is the more common DIY friendly one. HTV or heat transfer vinyl is used on clothes, fabric, and other materials. Both work with cricut machines.


You might think all pieces of vinyl are waterproof, but many aren’t. Some are made with paper-like material that isn’t resistant to water and will ruin upon contact with it.
Hence, it’s recommended you check the labels for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a heat press machine for HTV?

No cricut machines can work with heat transfer vinyl. You will need cutting tools and the cricut for the design.

2. Is cricut vinyl adhesive?

Cricut vinyl uses permanent and removable adhesives in general, but they also use Heat transfer vinyl.

3. What tools do I need with my cricut?

For the best results, you need the toolset. It includes different items like the spatula, scraper, tweezer, weeder, and other tools. The more extensive work you do, the more tools you’re likely to need.

4. Do vinyl wrinkle or crack?

If they are subjected to many washes or water repeatedly, they can crack. The resilience of the vinyl depends on the product’s properties.

5. How long does permanent vinyl last?

This varies on a number of factors like what kind of environment they are put against. If you’re using or washing it or it’s directly under the sun. Depending on the factors, they can last for 4 to 8 years.

Final Words

As we have mentioned before, the best vinyl for cricut is the one that you need for the job. Keeping that in mind, we have tried to present you with quality varieties that won’t disappoint you.

Also, the ones we have chosen are easy to scrape out as well as apply, so you can enjoy working on them.

Finally, these are also the brands that are available and won’t run out of the market anytime soon.

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