Best Star Projector For Kids

Best Star Projector For Kids in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting the best star projector for kids these days is kind of a bummer. You see, first off, kids love fancy stuff. They love the high-end features most start projector comes with these days, that’s one thing.

But you need to make sure it comes with safety features too. Some projectors, even though they have sleep aid facilities, don’t work as the label says.

Keeping everything in mind, we, along with our team, did all our research and hunted down some of the top-rated star projectors that can make them go wow.

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MOKOQI Star Projector For Kids With Timer
MOKOQI Star Projector With Timer

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BlissLights Sky Lite LED Laser Star Projector
BlissLights Sky Lite LED Laser

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Kids Star Night Light, 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector
Kids Star Night Light, 360-Degree Rotating

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Luckkid Night Light Star Projector Lamp
Luckkid Night Light Star Projector Lamp

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Night Light for Kids with Sound
Night Light for Kids with Sound

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Benefits of Using Star Projector For Kids

Star projectors are designed with different patterns to project various shapes or celestial objects on a plane, mostly ceilings and walls. These devices create a whole new dimension on your room ceilings with planets, stars, and comets.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a planetarium projector at home.

Inspires Creativity in Children

These devices give your kids a chance to unfold the mysteries of the universe or at the very least induce the curiousness in his mind. Not to mention, certain planetarium projectors can be exceptionally realistic.

Even if the device is not realistic or educational, gazing at the blinking starts is sure to make one’s mind wander. So, it’s kind of a creativity booster as well.

Works as a Sleep Aid

Also, a child needs sound sleep for his growth and good health. And it is evident that a brightly lit space is not ideal for deep sleep. So if your kid is afraid of the dark or giving you a hard time putting them to sleep, these wonder devices come as a lifesaver.

The dark soothing ambiance can also alleviate adults’ sleep issues. And if you don’t feel like sleeping, simply staring at thousands of stars on the ceiling is sure to enhance your mood. Some even produce soothing music that takes you to a different realm.

Can Be Used as Party Lights

A star light projector can be an excellent decorative tool for any party.

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, Christmas, new year, Halloween, or just a home party for your teenage daughter, the blinking stars can add the wow factors to the decoration.

You can also enjoy the romantic starlight setting with your partner once in a while.

10 Best Star Projector For Kids Reviews

Star projectors are very different from the projectors that you usually use. And even if you have a good understanding of projection devices, the variations on the market are bound to confound you.

Below are some premium quality products picked with utmost care that are sure to lead you to the desired one.

1. MOKOQI Star Projector For Kids With Timer

MOKOQI Star Projector For Kids With Timer

A simple yearning for gazing at the open night sky often seems like a luxury. But not if you have the Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium. With about 60,000 twinkling stars, the planetarium gives you this close to real life experience of the night sky in your living room.

The advanced and one of the best night light projectors, Sega Homestar Flux, comes with two discs for the southern and the other for the northern hemispheres.

It also offers you to have 30 more optional discs to enjoy any scenic view you like. However, you need to purchase those separately.

Nevertheless, from constellations and comets to northern lights, you can bring about the whole universe in your kid’s bedroom and playfully educate him. It even goes one step further and adds the unique shooting star feature!

The device comprises powerful LEDs and glass lenses that create clear and vivid projection on your ceiling. It includes three timer settings and rotation control as well. Also, the disc rotation doesn’t create any noise as you fall asleep staring at stars.

You can place the compact size USB plugin device in a convenient location and power through a wall plug. Maneuvering is effortless as well.

The only thing that caught many customers off guard is that it’s quite expensive. But once you get to create the realistic night sky projection on your ceiling, you are bound to say it’s definitely worth the price.

Key Features :

  • Glass lens and modern LED technology produces great quality projection
  • Includes 2 discs for southern and northern hemispheres
  • Allows you to have various interchangeable discs
  • Realistic projection with shooting stars
  • Creates a whooping projection of 60,000 stars

2. BlissLights Sky Lite LED Laser Star Projector

BlissLights Sky Lite LED Laser Star Projector

The MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights is the ultimate planetarium projector for any kids of age 2 to 14 years. With quiet rotation and non-flickering stars, you will be amazed at how comforting this device is for your kid, making him fall asleep within minutes.

The best thing about the galaxy light projector is that it’s very easy to operate. It comes with a kid’s friendly user interface and can be powered by both batteries and a USB cord.

So, you can place the device anywhere you like without bothering about power plugs.

You can also set the timer to automatically turn off the projector within 5 to 99 minutes. So, even if your kid has fallen asleep with the lights on, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, for any kid who’s afraid of the dark, powering it through the USB will ensure it stays on all night long.

Apart from that, the device allows for changing colors and rotation as well. This enables your little ones to try out multiples ones for their nighttime play under innumerable stars and find the most soothing one for sleeping.

Key Features :

  • Non-blinking stars for a disturb-less deep sleep
  • Multiple color options and modes to choose your kid’s favorite
  • Straightforward interface and effortless to operate
  • Dual power options with batteries and USB cord
  • Comes with an auto-shutdown timer setting

3. Kids Star Night Light, 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector

Kids Star Night Light, 360-Degree Rotating Star Projector

The brand BlissLights has quite a reputation in the market for manufacturing quality planetarium projectors. The thing that sets their product apart is that they are capable of creating a unique ambiance in your room like that of a professional projector while being easy to use and affordable.

And the LED Laser Star Projector from BlissLights is no exception. The semi-professional device comes with precision glass optics and dual lenses that produce a mesmerizing projection.

The device uses direct diode lasers to project green starts while the blue nebula effect is on. You can also switch to the only nebula or only stars. This dual effect makes this device the best galaxy projector for kids.

Also, thanks to their exclusive holographic technology, you can literally feel a sitting in a different dimension. So, from aiding in sleep and a relaxing spa atmosphere to an occasional romantic setting, the tiny device is sure to fulfill all our purposes.

All these packed features didn’t make the device any hard to operate. It comes with three buttons only that you can use to cycle through light effects, make it rotate, and adjust brightness.

And unlike battery-powered devices, this one lasts longer. It comes with a fairly long adapter to power it directly by AC voltage and can run for more than 4 hours continuously. The timer automatically shuts off the device after that.

Key Features :

  • Dual lense to create stars and nebula
  • Blue nebula and green stars create a layered night sky reality
  • High-quality projection with holographic technology and laser diodes
  • Nebula and stars can be enjoyed both separately and simultaneously
  • Powered through AC adapter and runs longer

4. Luckkid Night Light Star Projector Lamp

Luckkid Night Light Star Projector Lamp

The YSD Night Lighting Lamp is a versatile device that you can use for your kid’s nighttime sleep light, decorating your living room for Christmas, new year, or any other occasion you like.

The device is a great sleep aid. With tons of modes and different color stars, it makes sure your kid really enjoys the ceiling projections. And if your kid doesn’t want to sleep in the dark, this tiny device has you covered on that.

Besides, the tiny ball projector rotates up to 360 degrees, complementing any setup you intend to create. And the rotation makes almost zero noises, ensuring no disturbance to your sleep. However, many users found that it tends to create noticeable sound after a few weeks of use in several instances.

It comes with a remote control interface, enabling you to change the modes and colors from a distance. It also allows you to set the timer for auto shut off anywhere in between 5 minutes to 5 hours.

In addition, the battery-powered device is rechargeable with USB and the fully charged 1200mAh battery lasts up to 14 hours. Meaning, you can conveniently carry with you while going campaigning and enjoy the colorful ambient environment without much hardship. Thanks to its portable size.

Key Features :

  • Battery lasts up to 14 hours, making it suitable to use outdoors
  • Includes several modes and creates different color star projections
  • Remote control interface to adjust brightness, rotation, and others
  • Auto shut down feature with timer settings
  • Can be used as decorative and party light

5. Night Light for Kids with Sound

Night Light for Kids with Sound

If you are unsure of whether to get a star projector or just a night light, well, let us introduce you to the Luckkid Night Lights for Kids, which serves both.

Keep the cover on to use it as a night light when your kid doesn’t want to sleep in the dark, and remove the cover for beautiful ceiling projections.

The unique lamp-shaped small device comes with 5 interchangeable films that create 5 unique auroras in your living room. So, you get to bring different realities, including night stars, constellations, planets, and the deep-sea world, ensuring that your kid never gets bored of the same type of projection.

In addition, it has a birthday theme! Just change the film to the birthday one and wish your little one most lavishly.

It also has 6 lighting effects, including yellow, slow fade, white, sequential, and combination. Not to mention, the rotation mode takes every theme and effect to a whole new level.

So, you can use it as decorative light for any occasion to make the night remarkably exceptional. And no matter which mode or effect you use, the device makes sure the images are perfectly focused and clear.

The portable and elegantly designed lamp is effortless to use as well. And you can power it with AA batteries and USB plugs as well.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have an automatic shutdown or timer setting feature. But on the bright side, you can keep the energy-efficient lamp turned on all night long.

Key Features :

  • Serves as both night lamp and star projector
  • Can be powered by USB and batteries
  • Comes with 5 different films to create any realm you like
  • Creates focused and clear image
  • 6 lighting effects to choose from, matching the occasion

6. MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights

MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights

Yes, we have another marvelous product from Luckkid, which simply is one of the bests in the market. The two-in-one rotating star projector night light is a versatile and multifunctional tool to have at home.

The lamp has a dome on top of it, which you can remove to create the ceiling or wall projections. And in case your kid is afraid to sleep in the dark, and you just need a subtle light, just keep the dome on.

Don’t worry, soft LED light won’t hurt your fragile one’s eyes.

The lamp creates 9 different lighting effects with a combination of white, red, green, and blue colors. So, you can customize the light setting depending on the occasion, be it birthday, Christmas, new year, or just a weekly get-together at your home.

And the interface is pretty straightforward, even for kids below age 5. There are 3 distinct buttons for enabling rotation, warm light, and switching color.

Moreover, you can plug it in with a USB or use it with batteries. But on the downside, it’s not entirely noise-free, and you can hear a faint spinning sound.

Nonetheless, its unique combination of features has earned it the distinction of best star projector for kids.

Key Features :

  • Functions as both night light and kids room projector
  • LED light is soothing to baby’s eyes
  • Offers you to customize the color settings
  • Simple interface and easy to use for kids
  • Supports dual power source by batteries and USB

7. Galaxy Projector Night Light for Kids with Timer

Galaxy Projector Night Light for Kids with Timer

If you are looking forward to buying something special yet affordable for your little one, then have a look at the Hontry Kids Star Projector.

The device creates a great quality star ceiling projection. It comes with 4 powerful LEDs that are energy-efficient and produce a soothing light to keep your child calm and relaxed throughout his deep sleep.

And not only kids, but any insomniac adults are also sure to benefit from the night light. It has 9 colored lights that produce a colorful projection of stars and celestial objects. There’s an option for choosing a single color as well.

So, the noiseless warm light can be used as decorating lights too. Be it a Christmas or birthday party, Hontry can turn an average setting into an amazing one in no time.

And if you plan on designing a party outdoors, the device has you covered there too. Thanks to the dual power source compatibility, you can run it with batteries while outdoor and with a USB cable while indoors.

The rotating star projector also allows you to set the timer for auto shut down. You can set it to a maximum of 995 minutes, and for keeping it on all night long, don’t set any timer.

Key Features :

  • Multi-color projection with 9 colored lights
  • Creates soothing and quiet atmosphere for sleep
  • Timer setting enables automatic shut down
  • Suitable for outdoor use as it can be powered by batteries
  • Makes perfect decorating light for any occasion

8. Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star 360 Degree Rotation

Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star 360 Degree Rotation

The SOAIY Aurora Borealis Light Projector with Remote is another quality product that we couldn’t help incorporating into our best ceiling projector list.

Now it doesn’t project any stars or celestial objects, but with the incredible light show of the device, you can have a real-life like experience of Aurora Borealis like the northern lights.

In addition, to bring you close to northern lights, it offers 7 other lighting modes. So, no matter what the occasion is, this device can always set the right vibe.

That being said, how about your favorite music playing in the background while you gaze at the magical Aura Borealis? Sounds cool, right? Well, with the built-in mini speakers of the projector, you can do that too! Just plug in your android or iPhone with the included audio cable.

The device comes with a removable able cover that you can keep on for a subtle night light. The three brightness settings further allow you to adjust the light show according to the time of the day, occasion, or mood.

Moreover, you can change the direction of the light projection with the 45 degrees tilt feature. This way, you can create a wide panoramic effect as well. There’s this remote control timer setting that will turn the projector off after 1 hour. So you can go to sleep peacefully.

Key Features :

  • Creates magical light show of the Aurora Borealis
  • Can produce 8 different modes, including the northern lights
  • Comes with a cover to create a soothing sleep light
  • Includes built-in speakers to bring you to a musical and magical realm
  • Remote control timer setting allows auto shut off

9. Night Lights with Timer for Baby Boys and Girls

Night Lights with Timer for Baby Boys and Girls

Moving on, we have another quality LED, multi-colored, battery-powered star light projector for kids.

It comes with a remote control to navigate the settings from a distance. The LED lights are very soothing to the baby’s eyes, but you can still set the timer so that the light is not turned on all night long. Yes, the device allows for setting the timer from 5 to 999 minutes.

As no exception, the night lamp has multiple color variations, to be exact, 8 different color modes, making it a perfect decorating tool for any parties and get-together as well.

Also, you can use this for an occasional dinner date with your loved one. The setting indeed would be as romantic as under the open night sky.

The 1200mAh rechargeable batteries run substantially long, making the lamp suitable for outdoor use as well.

One complaint we noticed about the device is that, although the disc rotation is almost silent when new, the spinning sound is fairly noticeable after few weeks of use.

Key Features :

  • Versatile night light can be used for many different purposes
  • Battery runs long and can be used for outdoor setup easily
  • Remote control setting navigation makes operation a breeze
  • Automatically turns off according to the timer setting
  • 8 different color modes to choose from

10. Night Light Projectors with Moon Light

Night Light Projectors with Moon Light

The Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids is nothing fancy, but it does include all the features to make it a relaxation kit as well as a night light projector.

The device comes in an adorable round shape with a removable shade. So, it’s a two-in-one, a night lamp and a kids star projector.

Kids can easily put the shade off to enjoy the numerous star projection again put it on to use it as a night lamp whenever falling asleep in the dark gets scary.

The different color combinations of the ambient light can aid in any adult’s sleeping as well. Not to mention, it can lift up the scenario of any home parties.

Operating the device is quite simple. There are only three buttons to navigate all the settings. You can keep the disk both rotating and still, change the color as you like, and adjust the model.

Although the device can be powered through batteries and a USB cable, it doesn’t feature the timer setting. Meaning, it won’t turn off unless you manually push the power button.

The cute light ball is aesthetically pleasing and complements any interior, but the structure is not particularly robust to last long. However, the reasonable price of the product compensates for that.

Key Features :

  • Affordable night light for kids
  • Creates multi-color star projections
  • Easy to use with 3 buttons to navigate all the settings
  • Can be used as a night lamp with the dome on
  • Offers dual power source compatibility

Comparison Chart Of Star Projector For Kids


Bulb Type

Power Source

Light modes

Sega Toys Homestar


USB plugin

2 disc included

30+ disc supported

MOKOQI Star Projector


AAA batteries and USB plugin

17 color modes

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED

LED and direct diode laser

Corded electric

4 Color Modes

YSD Night Lighting


Rechargeable battery with USB

8 color modes

Luckkid Night Lights


AAA batteries and USB plugin

5 films and 6 lighting effects

Luckkid Baby Night


AAA batteries and USB plugin

9 lighting effects

Hontry Kids Star


AAA batteries and USB plugin

9 colored lights

SOAIY Aurora


Corded Electric

8 lighting modes

Night Lights with Timer


Rechargeable battery with USB

8 color options

Elmchee Star Night Light


AAA batteries and USB plugin

Multi-color projection

Star Projector For Kids Buying Guide

You might think of a star projector as a simple device that creates a mesmerizing light show in your bedroom. However, while purchasing one for your kid, there’s a lot of factors to consider to make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong product.

So, below are few things that you might want to take into consideration to ensure your kid enjoys the device as you anticipated.

Power Options

The type of power source the projector requires is a crucial factor to consider before buying one. Mostly, these devices run on batteries, with few exceptions of the plugin and play only.

You may also find one that runs on both. While choosing a battery-powered device, make sure to check how long it can run on the batteries to avoid changing the batteries often.

For the device that supports USB plugins, check for the length of the cable to make sure you don’t have to limit the placement near the power source only.

And if you intend to use the lamp outdoor, choose one with rechargeable batteries that run substantially long. In that way, you won’t have to worry about charging it every night before use.

Effects and Modes

The best star projector for kids should have many different effects and modes for the children to choose their favorite setting. However, the modes again depend on the purpose you intend to use the lamp for.

If you want your kids to learn more about the vastness of the universe and be curious about the astronomical aspects, choose one that shows stars and celestial objects that appear practically genuine.

However, a multi-color ambient light projector with soothing effects is most suited for a relaxing sleeping aid. You can also get one with disc rotation for party and decorative purposes.

Timer Settings

Whether or not your projector should have the timer setting depends on your personal preference. If you like the idea of falling asleep with stars glittering above you all night long or if your kid can’t sleep in the dark, the automatic shut down feature is not necessary.

Nevertheless, it’s a useful feature to have. You can fall asleep peacefully and without any worry knowing that the light will turn off after the time you have set.


Star projectors usually offer two different bulb types to choose from. One is laser, and the other is LED.

Mostly the projectors come with LEDs. These bulbs are energy-efficient, affordable, lasts long, powerful, creates brighter projections, and most importantly, safe for children’s eyes.

Conversely, laser technology is expensive and is found in professional planetarium projectors only.

User-Friendly Interface

While buying something for kids, user-friendliness or ease of use is one crucial thing to consider. A hard-to-set up and use device is the last thing you can get your child.

So, make sure the device comes preassembled and has distinct buttons to navigate the settings like changing modes, adjusting brightness, and setting the timer.

Often projectors include a remote that allows you to operate it from a distance without touching it repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Star projectors safe?

With the increasing popularity of star projectors, many parents tend to worry about whether these devices are safe for children or not. Well, planetarium projectors are neither entirely safe nor very harmful. However, care should be taken that your kid doesn’t stare directly at the beam coming from the projector.

2. Where can i place the home planetarium?

The ideal location for placing a home planetarium is the middle of the room. However, make sure to consult the user manual about the recommended distances. The projections would be of the highest quality when the suggested ceiling height and distance from walls are maintained.

3. Is it worth buying a star projector for kids?

With many different modes and effects, the star projectors are capable of creating a different reality in your child’s bedroom. He can also enjoy the almost real-looking celestial objects, planets, stars, comets, and more.

And these devices are not unreasonably high-priced. So, we would like to say it’s definitely worth buying a star projector for kids.

4. Can I let kids sleep with galaxy projectors turned on?

Galaxy projectors are sleep aid devices that help your kid fall asleep faster. And for kids who are afraid of the dark, these devices are especially beneficial. And yes, you can let your kids sleep with night lights turned on. The LED bulbs do not produce very glaring images. They don’t heat up either. It’s perfectly safe for kids.

5. Are night projectors good for babies?

Yes, night projectors help your baby relax. The soothing light effects, along with soft music or lullaby, would most definitely help your baby fall asleep. So, if you are facing a hard time putting your little one to bed, have a shot at a quality night projector.

Final Words

So, that was pretty much everything. An overwhelming number of options in the market can make selecting the simple device a daunting task.

However, if you have gone through the highest-rated products above and know exactly what to look for before making a purchase, choosing one for your kid should be easy.

If you still couldn’t find the best star projector for kids, you might want to check out the Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium. This is our best overall option if you want our opinion. The realistic projection of shooting stars is something to praise.

For better sleep aid at an affordable cost, we think the MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids can be your go-to product. It also has a great value for money.