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Best Short Throw Projector For Gaming in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Short throw projectors can be disappointing sometimes. And when it comes to gaming, getting a chintzy one can be a big-time let-down.

Let us help you drop your disappointment meter a bit. Keeping the hunch that you’ve already thrown your previous short throw projector in the trash, we’re here with some top-notch products.

When we say we’ll make sure you get your hands on the best short throw projector for gaming, we mean you get something that comes with great resolution,

perfect contrast ratio, amazing brightness level, and all the other features that could’ve made your gaming better.

No seriously! If you want to make a sky-high difference in your gaming experience, it’s high old time you dive into the reviews.

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Optoma Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector
Optoma Short Throw Laser Projector

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BenQ Short Throw Projector For Gaming
BenQ Short Throw Projector

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ViewSonic 1080p Projector Low Input Lag for Gaming
ViewSonic Projector Low Input Lag

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ViewSonic Full HD Shorter Throw Projector
ViewSonic Shorter Throw Projector

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BenQ MW632ST Short Throw Projector 3D
BenQ MW632ST Short Throw Projector 3D

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Benefits of Using Short Throw Projector For Gaming

Clearly, why would you put your hands in the pocket if the HD short throw projector you’d spend can’t get you any benefits? But don’t worry, if it’s the right one, you surely won’t miss out on benefits like –

Superb Brightness

If you’ve got the brightest short throw projector in your arsenal, there’s no chance of you falling short on the brightness during game time. With 2000+ Lumen, this kind of projector can simply change the definition of your gaming experience.

Installable in Small Rooms

You won’t have to look for a bigger room to have the best gaming experience with a projector if it’s a short throw one.

It can get you the finest and brightest picture quality even if you’re putting it at a distance of 10-12 feet. It still can get you huge images of 100″.

Keeping the Audience out of the Way

How does it feel when someone walks right in front of the projector, and you miss a shot in the game? Terrible, we guess. But for a short-throw projector,

keeping the audience out of the way is going to be nothing but a piece of cake. You’re going to get the same privilege while enjoying a movie too.

Best Short Throw Projector For Gaming Reviews

If you’re already desperate to check out the finest short-throw projectors for gaming, then here are the top 10 that can serve your purpose in every possible way.

1. Optoma Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector

Optoma Short Throw Laser Home Theater Projector

Are you a true gamer? If you are, then we bet you can never resist the urge to see that virtual world like a real one – big, bright, and clear! Guess what? The GT1090HDR Short Throw Projector from Optoma can make that wish come true.

But how? Well, this laser home theater projector comes with the DuraCore laser light source. So, you can simply forget about filter and lamp maintenance, at least for 30,000 hours.

Now the question is, will it be able to get you the gaming images with the right size? That’s not going to be a problem as this one can deliver you a projection of 120″ just from a distance of 4′-4″ with its short-throw lens.

Besides, its 1080p resolution with a contrast ratio of 300,000: 1 keeps the images detailed and sharp.

On top of that, the 4,200 lumens make the images brighter than ever. It also got the HDR10 and HLG technologies that enhance the viewing experience, which is hard to expect from anything but the best short throw projector for gaming.

Everything would’ve been just perfect if the sound could’ve been a little louder, which some users are not satisfied with. Its huge frame rate of 144Hz doesn’t compensate for that but definitely takes care of the unwanted skips, choppiness, or compression on your screen.

To keep the performance up to the mark, the projector comes with the IPX6 rating. Clearly, that has made its dust resistant which ultimately leads to increased durability of the optical engine.

Key Features :

  • 30,000 hours of lifespan keeps it running for years
  • 4,200 lumens ensures top-notch brightness during your game time
  • IPX6 rating improves the overall durability of the optical engine
  • HDR10 and HLG technologies deliver an enhanced viewing experience
  • High frame rate of 144Hz keeps skips, choppiness, or compression away

2. BenQ Short Throw Projector For Gaming

BenQ Short Throw Projector For Gaming

Most gamers think that PC or TV is the best place to push the gaming experience to its peak. But those who will have the chance to try the TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Gaming Projector from BenQ surely will think differently for sure.

In the race of lifespan, this super light, 5.95lbs projector is ahead of tons of regular projectors out there with its 15,000 hours in LampSave mode. But what we couldn’t like about it is the lamp replacement process which costs some thick bucks.

To keep you away from compromising on the brightness, this projector comes with 3000 ANSI lumens. So, the gaming experience will be nothing but top-notch. Besides, the 1080p resolution makes sure that the clarity hits the ceiling of excellence.

But what made it more of an interesting projection tech is its ability to measure room light and changing gamma levels automatically.

And don’t worry about the screen size; it can reach 100″ in from a distance of 5′ away and can go to 300″, which is its maximum level.

Interestingly, this projector has 5 sound modes, making it as good as the best short throw home theater projector you can ask for to match your gaming atmosphere.

And you don’t even need to take a headache about the connectivity as it has USB, HDMI, and other useful ports to keep up with your gaming console.

Key Features :

  • 5 sound modes ease up attaining atmospheric compatibility
  • USB and HDMI makes the pairing action easier with gaming consoles
  • LampSave mode can push the lifespan up to 15000 hours
  • 1080p resolution delivers crisp, clear image quality during game time
  • 3000 ANSI lumens make sure the brightness stays at its peak

3. ViewSonic Projector Low Input Lag for Gaming

ViewSonic 1080p Projector Low Input Lag for Gaming

Just imagine having a screen right in front of you as big as a theater screen while gaming. Well, when you’re using something like the PX703HD short-throw projector from ViewSonic, what you’re going to get is pretty much the same.

To keep you away from falling short on brightness, this one got 3500 ANSI Lumens. So, even in clear daylight, the projector won’t fail to show you clearly what you need to see during game time.

From clarity, this projector comes with the kind of resolution you can expect from the best short throw projector 1080p only.

Yes, it’s 1920x1080p, which means the images are going to be ultra-sharp. On the question of lifespan, it can reach 15000 hours as it’s backed by SuperEco+ mode technology

With the 1.3x-optical zoom lens, it’s not going to matter where you’re going to set up the projector. It can still get you 100″ imagery just from a distance of 2.54m. Besides, with the remote control, you can move the image with 10% flexibility.

One of the best things about team ViewSonic’s is they use SuperColor™ Technology for ensuring true-to-life color. Its eye care feature is another aspect we love about it as this one feature makes sure no blue light is hitting your eyes.

Even the 10W speaker has done an amazing job compared to regular projectors by delivering smooth sound. To keep up with your needs,

PX703HD comes with updates on a regular basis which is more than important to keep it at the peak of its performance. And no, you don’t need to take it to the service center for that.

Key Features :

  • 3500 ANSI Lumens brings in superb brightness even in daylight
  • 1920×1080 nails the need for crispness in images during gaming
  • SuperEco+ mode technology pushes the lifespan up to 15000 hours
  • Eye care feature keeps the eyes safe from any kind of blue light effect
  • SuperColor™ Technology gives the experience of enjoying true-to-life color

4. ViewSonic Full HD Shorter Throw Projector

ViewSonic Full HD Shorter Throw Projector

How would you feel about having a 300″ gaming monitor in front of you without making your bank balance almost zero? Well, that’s nothing impossible if what you’re investing in is the PJD7828HDL short-throw projector from ViewSonic.

We’ve already told you about the maximum screen size but not about the impressive brightness it comes with, which is 3200 lumens.

With this kind of brightness, this Full HD projector delivers mesmerizing picture quality as the resolution is at 1920x1080p.

On top of that, the makers have included the SuperColor technology which has pushed the color gamut to a wider level. So, it’ll be tough for you to miss perfect image production whether you’re gaming or watching movies.

But it’ll be hard to count it as the best short throw gaming projector if the lamp life it’s coming with is insufficient. Thankfully, it didn’t cause any disappointment on that part with 10000 hours.

By the way, the makers haven’t forgotten about adding up some proper audio medium on this one. Yes, we’re talking about its 10W speakers, which deliver sound clear enough to enjoy every bit of your game.

As the lens has the 1.3x optical zoom, reaching a screen size of 300″ instantly is not a big deal for it. Not only that, but it also comes with the vertical image-adjustment feature, which allows having 10% flexibility in shifting the image.

Key Features :

  • Huge lamp life of 10000 hrs can keep the projector running for years
  • 3200 lumens ensures to-the-point brightness in image in all atmosphere
  • 3x optical zoom can push the image size up to 300″ with the ease
  • 1920x1080p delivers total clarity to pull off a superb gaming experience

5. BenQ MW632ST Short Throw Projector 3D

BenQ MW632ST Short Throw Projector 3D

Are you looking for something to call the best budget short throw projector? Well, we’ve got a contender for that post in the form of MW632ST WXGA Short-Throw Projector from BenQ.

If you’re asking for a movie theater-sized gaming screen, then this one can surely bring that in with its screen that can be stretched up to 300″.

And yes, you can get it back to 30″ if you like. So, when you’re in need of some image adjustment, the 1.2x zoom is going to be a big help on that part.

But none of that is going to work out for you if you’ll have to call the brightness ‘poor.’ Well, we don’t think you’re going to get a chance of that with its 3200 lumens. To let you have the finest experience of gameplay, it comes with the 1280×800 resolution to nail the clarity.

And the game time? As it comes with the SmartEco Lamp-Saving technology, even if you play 4 hours every day, it’ll take 5 years to finish off its 10,000 hours of lamp life. Don’t worry about the crystal clear sound; the 10W speakers got that part covered.

To maximize the sharpness and detailing, the makers have given this projector a contrast ratio of 13000:1. Besides, rather than letting it get hot like an oven during your game, the ventilation system keeps it cool.

MW632ST comes with 2 HDMI ports. This means there will be no hassle when it comes to connecting your gaming consoles. And if you’re planning to reutilize your old analog techs, there’s a VGA port for that as well.

Key Features :

  • Adjustable screen size can jump to any number between 30″ to 300″
  • SmartEco technology ensures years of usage with 10000 hrs lamp life
  • 13000:1 contrast ratio takes the sharpness and details to the maximum level
  • HDMI and VGA ports can get your gaming consoles connected instantly

6. ViewSonic XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

ViewSonic XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

If you’ve already checked out the projectors above we’ve talked about, then you already know how team ViewSonic has nailed the short-throw projector segment. Guess what? They’re back again with their PS501X.

Like their finest projectors, the makers have used the SuperColor technology here. But as they’ve used the 6-segment color wheel here, the color range is going to be much wider now.

Besides, with its big-screen projection ability, it doesn’t need more than a distance of 4.10′ if you’re asking for a screen size of 120″.

No, its 1024×768 is not the highest in the race of resolution. But there’s something team ViewSonic has paid full attention to, which is the brightness. With 3400 lumens, there’s no chance of falling short in this case. And for superb image clarity, this one got a contrast ratio of 22,000:1.

Another feature that we believe will impress you during your game time is the 16-ms input latency. As a result, you’ll be getting faster frame-by-frame action. By the way, this one got a lamp life of 15000 hours. Thanks to its SuperEco feature for pulling that off.

Key Features :

  • 6-segment color wheel has pushed the color range to a wider level
  • Big-screen projection ability allows to reach 120″ size from 4′ distance only
  • 22,000:1 contrast ratio improves gaming experience with superb clarity
  • 16-ms input latency ensures faster frame-by-frame action
  • SuperEco Energy saving feature maximizes lamp life to 15000 hours

7. Optoma Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector

Optoma Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector

When we included the first projector from Optoma in our list, we had no idea that it’s going to be harder than ever for other brands to compete with it. But it looks like they’ve come up with another one to make the competition tougher – the EH412ST Short Throw Professional Projector.

This 1080P HDR projector comes with the DLP or Digital Light Processing or DLP technology which has single-handedly improved the contrast level and response time. But the best part is, it doesn’t let any color degradation take place.

On top of that, the Rec.709 Color-Reproduction feature makes sure that you’re getting the right kind of cinematic color during game time. To make it more of a convenient projection tech, the makers have included the sleep timer to turn it off automatically after a certain time.

Team Optoma knows that if there’s any technology that can give their projector better image depth then it’s the Dynamic Black. So, they’ve included that too.

Let’s talk about the brightness and contrast ratio a bit now. Well, the EH412ST 4000 lumens are backed by a 50000:1 contrast ratio. Clearly, your gaming experience will be on a whole other level this time.

Key Features :

  • DLP technology enhances both contrast and response time
  • 709 Color-Reproduction pulls of the perfect cinematic color
  • Dynamic-Black technology fills up the images with more depth
  • High lumens and contrast ratio maximizes brightness and clarity to the fullest

8. Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector

Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector

It’s hard to stop yourself from falling in love with a short-throw projector when what you’re looking at is the EpiqVision Ultra LS500 from Epson.

Like their finest projectors, team Epson has left no room for questioning LS500’s superb brightness as it’s got 4000 lumens on that segment. But what’s enough to blow your mind is its 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Clearly, that’s more than enough to deliver you a 4K gaming experience in the first place.

But pushing the image clarity to that level would’ve been impossible for it without the advanced black-density control. After all, that’s what helps in pulsing laser light for suppressing stray light precisely.

Besides, the laser-array technology it got in its arsenal helps in producing large images up to a size of 130″ from an awfully close distance. By the way, you’re not going to need to go for any complicated wiring to get this projector installed in your game room.

In case you’re asking for Rec.709 color-space to be displayed on your screen, the 3-chip LCD technology can easily pull that off.

Though we’ve told you about its 4K ability earlier, the prime reason for that quality is actually its 4K-PRO-UHD Projection Technology. With the help of pixel-shift technology, this projection has shown significant resolution enhancement along with flawless image and color processing.

Key Features :

  • 4K-PRO-UHD Projection Technology nails the 4K gaming experience
  • 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio ensures image clarity is reaching a superior level
  • Laser-array technology allows the projector to push screen size higher
  • Advanced black-density control helps in suppressing stray light precisely

9. BenQ HT2150ST

With the HT2150ST short throw projector, team BenQ has proved it again that they’ve come here to rule the projection world. But how?
Well, to make your gaming experience better than ever, this projector got a wider viewing angle. And if you’re thinking that you’ll be having issues like motion blur, then stop worrying about that as it has microsecond DMD response time in its arsenal.

Besides, due to low input lag, nothing will stop you from reacting swiftly to any attack once you put this on your table. By the way, if you’re looking for its ‘number’ on brightness, then it’s 2200 Lumens and has a 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

Now the question is, will the visual clarity be up to the mark? As an answer to that, we’d say this one comes with Game Mode, which eliminates the chances of loss of image quality in the first place.

And guess what? The makers have added both 6-Segment Color Wheel and BrilliantColor Technology on this one. These moves have simply maximized the color depth along with clear image range by keeping the rainbow effect out of the way.

To fill your ears with crisp clear sound, the projector comes with 10-Watt built-in Speakers, not one but two of them. But to make the gaming more alive, team BenQ has ensured individual control over all the six primary colors. As a result, the colors your eyes are going to catch will be more authentic and perfect.

Key Features :

  • 10-Watt built-in Speakers takes gaming sound to a crispier level
  • BrilliantColor Technology pulls off superb color depth
  • Microsecond DMD response-time eliminates motion blur issues
  • Game Mode takes out the possibilities of loss of image detailing
  • Individual control on all the six primary colors ensures color authenticity

10. Optoma GT5600

It’s hard to ignore the level of excellence Team Optoma puts in their projection techs, and their GT5600 short throw gaming projector is no exception.

This projector is so good at its job that even if you give it a few inches, it can easily give you back a gaming display of 80″-100″. But don’t expect any bigger size out of it. After all, it’s one of the most budget-friendly projectors.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have anything but perfect brightness and clarity as it has 3600 Lumens along with a 20000:1 contrast ratio in its feature list. Not without 1080p resolution, by the way. On top of that, the four-corner correction and auto keystone have made the setup simply a quicker process.

One of the interesting features of GT5600 is, it covers 18 different languages. So, there’s a very slim chance that you’re going to have any problem with the language part. But as a gamer, what you’d love about this projector is you can go with screen mirroring whether your device is Android or iOS.

If you’re planning to have an ideal projector that can give you years of game time, then this is a perfect option for one more reason, and that’s the lamp life. With 15000 hours of lamp life, the projector will run for 10+ years even if you play for 4 hours every single day.

Key Features :

  • Short distance projection ability project screens with the size of 80″ – 100″
  • 1080p resolution with 3600 lumens makes the image quality better than ever
  • Flexible device compatibility can work with both Android and iOS
  • Four-corner correction and auto keystone speed up the installation
  • 15000 hours lamp life can ensure a game time for more than 10 years

Comparison Chart Of Short Throw Projector For Gaming



Contrast Ratio


Screen size

Optoma GT1090HDR



4,200 ANSI


BenQ TH671ST



3,000 ANSI


BenQ HT2150ST



2200 ANSI


ViewSonic PX703HD



3500 ANSI


ViewSonic PJD7828HDL



3500 ANSI


BenQ MW632ST


13000: 1

3500 ANSI


ViewSonic PS501X

1024 x 768

22000: 1

3400 ANSI


Optoma EH412ST



4,000 ANSI


Optoma GT5600



3,600 ANSI


Epson EpiqVision Ultra



4,000 ANSI


Short Throw Projector For Gaming Buying Guide

What do you think? Are you going to get the best short throw projector for gaming just like that? Well, it won’t walk to you all by itself unless you’re doing something to make it reach you.

In a straight way, before you swipe that card of yours, we say you need to know what includes features like –


Maybe the word roaming in your head is 4K. But that’s not going to do anything amazing if your gaming zone is a dark black room. This is where 1080p can change your gaming experience with its superb resolution.

So, when you are grabbing yours, make sure it’s got this number on it. Good for you, most of the options on our list are 1080p.


No matter what you’re planning to connect, you’re going to need all the essential ports. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to use your video game console, Blu-ray player, streaming box, or cable box, the ports will make that part easy for you.

But if you’re asking for ease on the next level, go for the one with Wi-Fi connectivity.

HDR Support

Try to go with the one that supports HDR. And why wouldn’t you? After all, this is what helps in increasing the range between darkest blacks and brightest white in the first place.


If you’re thinking we’re going to say that you need to go for the one that has amazing built-in sound, then you’re wrong. But that doesn’t mean we’ll say you need to stick to the mute one as well. Just make sure the one you’re getting delivers a decent sound level, even if you’re missing your audio system.


A projector is as good as the worst one if it’s missing the most important feature – good brightness. In this part, what you need to look at is the ANSI Lumens rating. By the way, if you’re thinking we’re talking about the amount of white light, then that’s not the case here. It’s actually about the total brightness of the picture.

In case you’ve got a taste for a regular lamp-based projector, then try to pick something that comes with 1500-ANSI Lumens at least. But if you’re planning for a gaming time all day long, then don’t even think about getting anything less than 2000-ANSI Lumens.

What will be better is if you can lay your hands on one with 3000. And yes, you can also go with the one that has LED-based or laser lighting as the perceived image they deliver is brighter.

Throw Ratio

There is a distance that a projector needs to project images on the wall. That’s what is known as the throw ratio of a projector.

If you’re asking for the right portable short throw projector for your gaming, then make sure that the projector is being able to project 100″ images at least from a distance of 6 feet only.

By the way, if you’re looking for the ultra short throw projector 1080p, then it has to be able to project 100″ images from 4 feet distance only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where should you place your short-throw projector?

We don’t know which room you’ve made your game room this time. But no matter which it is, make sure that there’s a distance of 8′-10′ from the projector to the projection spot. You can put it closer, too, if your projector doesn’t have any issue with it.

2. What do you need for using short-throw projectors for gaming?

You don’t need any major equipment for using a short-throw projector. A light-colored wall, gaming console, and a sound system are enough for the job.

3. Where a short-throw projector works better along with gaming?

If you’re thinking about making a home-theater room or small office, short-throw projectors can simply be the best choice.

4. Is it possible to convert normal projectors into short-throw?

Well, it’s technically not impossible. That’s going to be a bad idea as it needs different lenses, and the installation, too, is a pile of hassle. So, it’s better to get a new short-throw projector rather than experimenting on a normal one.

5. Why are short-throw projectors best for gaming?

For three major reasons, they’re good for gaming. They can get you a huge monitor in front of your eyes, cost less than a 100″ TV, and are easy to use and maintain.

Final Words

If you’ve come this far, we’re guessing you’re one of those who want nothing but the best short throw projector for gaming to add to their gaming arsenal. Well, We don’t know if you’ve already got yours from the ones we’ve mentioned above or not. So, if you’re still confused, a few suggestions might make it easy for you.

In case you’re looking for superior brightness, feel free to go with the Optoma GT1090HDR. But for better image quality, Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 will be a better choice as it comes with an amazingly high contrast ratio.