Best Scanner For Documents And Receipts

Best Scanner For Documents And Receipts in 2022 – Top 10 picks

Getting the best scanner for documents and receipts is no rocket science. But it sure is tough. Even documents and receipts these days are not compatible with old-school scanners you’ll find from the 90s.

Imagine something that gives you great resolution, backup settings that can store more than 4000 images, can detect and adjust the color by itself. Cool right? Well, these are the features you’ll get if you go through the products we’ve reviewed.

We’ve found 10 amazing scanners for documents and receipts that can do your job like a pro.

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Epson Wireless scanner
Epson Wireless scanner

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Brother Document Scanner
Brother Compact Document Scanner

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Canon Document Duplex Scanner with Automatic Feeder
Canon Document Duplex Scanner

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Raven Receipt And Document Scanner Touchscreen
Raven Receipt And Document Scanner

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Doxie Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery
Doxie Wi-Fi Scanner with Battery

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Benefits of Using Scanner for Documents and Receipts

Other than the obvious function of scanning, what are scanners good for, and why do you need them? Here are 3 of the more important reasons to get a scanner for yourself.

Protects from Touching Unwanted Chemicals

Lab tests conducted by the Ecology Center in Michigan showed that the ink from most receipts contains bisphenol A and bisphenol S, both of which are harmful to touch as their conduction from the skin to the cellular level can cause bodily and metabolic dysfunctions.

Saves Documents from Fading

Your receipts that come out straight from the printer get exposed to high levels of pressure and heat already.

So when you store them in sunlight/natural light for a long time, the ink fades away bit by bit, making your files prone to incomplete information. Since scanners create soft copies of files, there will be no need to worry about fading!

Makes Sorting Easy

You’ll not have a hard time to get the documents you need. Simply search the name of the file you saved the copy as, and from hundreds of documents, your desired ones will pop up!

Best Scanner for Documents And Receipts Reviews

So we’ve kept the list to 10 and here are the scanners that hit the marks according to our findings. Read the reviews and take your pick.

1. Epson Wireless scanner for documents and receipts

Epson Wireless scanner for documents and receipts

The first one on the list is a document scanner from the popular office-aid devices manufacturer, Epson. Called the Workforce ES-500WR,

this high-speed scanner is sure to make your workforce more productive as it cuts down the time (and erroneous possibilities) of data entry, sorting out all the key information by itself!

And that’s not all. With the help of the receipt management software, this scanner automatically extracts data from the file and categorizes data according to their corresponding headings. As a result, you can focus on other work and come to check back on it when you’re done.

So what about the speed? It is mind-blowing. You can scan a stack of 50 pages and take advantage of the automatic document feeder as various sizes of pages make their way into the ES-500WR. At 35 ppm/70 ipm, you can capture both sides of the document in a single go.

If you want, all the necessary files can be exported to other third-party software like Excel CSV, Quickbooks, TurboTax, etc., or be uploaded to your storage devices/cloud storage platforms.

However, it would have been better if Epson included a guided video on how to do that for beginners getting this piece.

Key Features :

  • Comes with both wireless and wired connections with devices
  • Can scan files to your phone, Mac, or the cloud wirelessly
  • Effectively scans ID cards to extra-long pages as needed
  • Built with Nuance power PDF to edit PDFs as required
  • Saves time with automatic naming and object recognition

2. Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Often, the complaints are such that the speed of black and white documents is faster than those of colored documents. Have you faced a similar issue with your previous scanner as well? With the DS-640 from Brother, you can have the exact speed in both documents, no matter the content’s color.

Another great thing about it is the compact nature of the scanner. At just 1.5 pounds and 1 foot in length, you can virtually put it anywhere, be it your desktop or in your purse, making it the best receipt and document scanner for portability.

What kind of documents can you scan here? Laminated IDs to embossed cards and every financial receipt you have lying in your drawers, at a speed of 16 pages per minute. That’s quite decent for office work.

Suppose you don’t have access to an outlet at your place, the micro USB 3.0 cable included with it can make sure that you can transfer scanned files to your laptop or phone through a secured wire connection.

One issue is to remember which popup means what. While scanning, the “OK” button allows you to continue scanning the next page, while the “Cancel” prompt is to end scanning and call it quits. If you can remember these two, you will be good to go!

Key Features :

  • Supports multiple scanning destinations in the cloud or device
  • Comes with an easy-to-use free scanning app called iPrint&Scan
  • Can automatically detect and adjust color to optimize documents
  • Performs text enhancement and background removal functions
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac OS, as well as Windows

3. Canon Document Duplex Scanner with Automatic Feeder

Canon Document Duplex Scanner with Automatic Feeder

If you are an entrepreneur running a business of your own, you realize how hard it is to maintain all the receipts from so many vendors. To help you solve your issue of sorting all the expenses for your company, Canon brings you the best scanner for small businesses in the form of the R40 office scanner.

You have two different greyscale depths here: simplex and duplex, offering you 40ppm with 80 impressions. With a standard capacity of 60 sheets at a go, this has one of the best speeds in office scanners and is perfect when you have a lot of documents and need saving quite some time!

And you can scan both colored and black and white files irrespective of their thicknesses and sizes. Simply connect the scanner to your device of choice using a provided USB cable, and transfer files as required.

And the best thing is that it comes with not one but a bundled software, the first one being a scanning software called CaptureOnTouch, the second one being OCR and PDF editability software called ReadIris and the third for business cards called CardIris. None of these work for Linux but run smoothly with the other OS.

Key Features :

  • Easy to connect to your storage devices with the provided USB cable
  • Convenient operation using the one-touch technology for scanning
  • You can scan both sides of the page at one go through this scanner
  • Can scan documents and receipts both individually or in batches
  • Uses OCR technology to quickly search through and edit information

4. Raven Receipt And Document Scanner Touchscreen

Raven Receipt And Document Scanner Touchscreen

Unlike real ravens that are striking black, here’s a Raven that gives you the option to pick from the white or black variety. But exterior colors don’t make a good scanner. What does? Some notable features.

Convenience is the middle name of the Raven Pro scanner because of the huge 8-inch LED touchscreen it brings along with itself. As a result of this, you get clarity and visibility of the next steps and all the necessary actions suitable for the scanned documents.

This scanner can scan 60 pages per minute with incredible speed. After this, you can send the files to your favorite cloud storage space, and when you want, you can search through the documents (handwritten or printed texts) through OCR.

And wait, it’s not just the speed, but the number of documents this automatic sheet feeder can hold is also massive: a staggering 100 units! So if you are going through an intense workflow that needs rigorous scanning at home or office, the Raven Pro can tackle it all!

The convenience is carried one step further with the no-fuss installation procedure of this scanner. Simply use the wireless or ethernet connectivity to scan and transfer documents. As long as you have Windows and Mac OS and not Linux, the ultrasonic features are just perfect for you.

Key Features :

  • Straightens skewed pages and fixes wrong orientations of the pages
  • Detects and removes blank pages from the stash of receipts and invoices
  • Cards and IDs are automatically cropped and suited to the standard size
  • Can create searchable PDF files using AI-powered OCR technology
  • Supports both wireless and wired network connections to scan files

5. Doxie Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

Doxie Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

The true satisfaction of buying comes when your purchases complement each other. Built specifically to suit the needs of Mac users in the hunt for an exceptional scanner, let’s take a look at some of the key features that make Doxie the best receipt scanner for Mac.

This wireless canner gives portability a new name, as it does not need you to have a computer around to work with. With a rechargeable battery and a size of 1-foot length, scanning and transferring files continually have never been easier!

So how fast is it? In just 8 seconds, you can scan a fully colored page, duplex-style. And in a single charge, you can go for as many as 400 pages and store the data of 4000 pages in the scanner before you choose to sync and transfer files to your desired cloud destination.

By using the USB or wireless method, you can sync files to your desktop. You’ll be able to explore through the multi-page searchable PDFs to find the file you need using the revered ABBYY OCR technology Doxie scanners are famous for. Just integrate your favorite iOS app with the Doxie SE.

With it, you also get the DoxieCare protection and package that demonstrates how you can scan the documents and receipts in the best ways possible. However, it would have been even better if you could cross the 32GB SD card allowance. Who wouldn’t want more with a blaster like this!

Key Features :

  • Can scan paper, receipts, or photos efficiently to create digital copies
  • Does not require any special drivers to run the installation process
  • Extremely portable at the size of a rolled magazine and fits your pockets
  • Creates crisp copies at up to 600 dpi even for fully colored pages
  • Crops, de-skews, and auto-adjusts contrasts to generate clear images

6. Fujitsu Receipt Scanner For Mac And PC

Fujitsu Receipt Scanner For Mac And PC

When it comes to creating high-speed scanners, Fujitsu always wins the hearts of users who need some sonic (paper) adventures on their desktop. Made to work with anything from postcards to receipts and business cards in between, let’s see what else the iX1600 has to offer.

You get 33% faster duplex scanning possibilities with this model at 40 ppm/80 ipm speed. So when you don’t have much time to spare but need the scanning done quickly, simply make use of the ScanSnap Home 2.0 software that can help you to digitize, save and organize receipts effortlessly into folders with their respective tags.

It automatically detects the right size, adjusts the colors for the right clarity and removes blank pages and fixes orientations of files as you or your boss will like it. On the 4.3-inch display screen, you can always check the progress of scanning in this 50-page feeder and utilize the data as required.

Now although the dimensions of 6.3 x 11.5 x 6 inches may not be so much of a counter-space eating thing, the weight of a little over 7 pounds makes it less portable. So unless you are willing to carry it with you, this can snugly sit on your desk!

Key Features :

  • Wireless connection helps you to scan even when you don’t have a computer
  • Supports 30 profiles that can be customized based on your needs
  • Can create 4 user licenses on the scanner for customized requirements
  • Friendly UI makes it easy to be used by the most tech-challenged people
  • Features a secure USB connection when the wireless is compromised

7. Epson Automatic Document Feeder Scanner

Epson Automatic Document Feeder Scanner

Is high-speed your utmost requirement from a scanner of the 21st century. As it should be, Epson is here to deliver! With the blasting speed of being able to scan a full page in a matter of 5.5 seconds, the ES-50 might be your dream come true if you’re always scanning and never stopping!

You can easily scan files both long and short in it, as it can take in business cards to documents and receipts with a dimension of 8.5 x 72 inches. And after you are done with the scanning, you can easily organize the files and edit them using the Epson ScanSmart Software and review and save them afterward.

And the best bit is that all of these benefits can walk and ride with you wherever you go. With a weight of only 0.59 pounds and a dimension of just 1.8 x 10.7 x 1.3 inches, you can practically carry this portable model anywhere and scan on the go.

The resolution is where you will need to step back a little. Although this has a 600 dpi optical scan resolution, this is only maintained when you use the Desktop application called ScanSmart. But when you use the DocumentScan mobile app, the resolution is limited to 300 dpi.

Key Features :

  • Can edit word, excel, or PDF files using the Nuance OCR technology in it
  • Compatible with all imaging software, Mac and Windows OS effortlessly
  • Battery-powered model is micro-USB rechargeable for quick charging
  • Can scan a lot of pages and compile them into a single PDF file
  • Scan to cloud and folder options allow different storage requirements

8. Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen

Fujitsu Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen

Back again with the iX series, the 1500 version is for those who want more toned-down features and benefits from the scanner with Fujitsu’s speed and reliability. While drawing a comparison with the iX1600, let’s see how this one differs.

First off, is the speed that you will learn about. Compared to the 40 ppm/80 ipm abilities of the iX1600, the 1500 model gives you 30 ppm/60 ipm, which is not much of a sacrifice, given that most regular feeder scanners come up with a 30 ppm capability if they want to make it to the high-speed scanners.

As for the document capacity, this is also a 50-sheet feeder, so nothing is lost or gained here. This optimal amount works for most office works as you continue to pick your customization and processing of choice on the 4.3 inch touch screen.

This one also supports the scanning of long documents and allows duplex scanning abilities, de-skewing, cropping and empty page removal, making sure that the files being sent or stored are all uniform in quality.

As for the issue with the iX1500, it still remains the same weight. Weighing 7.5 pounds, it is more meant to be a desktop scanner than a portable scanner that can travel with you in your bag. But who’s complaining?

Key Features :

  • Supports both Wifi and USB connectivity when you need the right access
  • Can easily scan files to your preferred cloud platform without a computer
  • Helps to create user-specific profiles and folders as required
  • Compatible with all imaging software, Mac and Windows OS effortlessly
  • Can be used for home, office or schoolwork to organize and manage files

9. Brother Wireless Document Scanner Duplex Scanning

Brother Wireless Document Scanner Duplex Scanning

Your environmental footprint matters a lot when you want to buy an electronic device that is going to be frequently in use. So the moment the ADS 2700W was marked Climate Pledge friendly, it had to be the best automatic document feeder scanner that serves a bigger purpose.

But how good is it in other areas? When it comes to speed, this 50-page automatic feeder has the ability to scan 35 pages per minute at 600 dpi. Whether you want to scan two-sided documents or multi-page receipts, a single pass is all you need. You can scan 196 inches long documents easily using this scanner.

And if you want, the suite of software bundles can convert your scanned documents to searchable PDF files from which you can rearrange and edit data as required. The 2.8 inches LED touchscreen will always let you view whatever is going on with the rest of the processes.

As such, you no longer need to refer to the hard copies. Simply use the scanner to manage information and distribute it to the desired location using wireless or wired connectivity.

Key Features :

  • Creates a secure connection with USB 20, wired, or wireless connection
  • Can perform scanning functions quickly and efficiently with one-touch
  • Equally compatible with Mac, Linux Windows operating systems
  • Can be easily integrated into multiple popular applications for storing
  • Auto-starts scan without the need of entering a command each time

10. Epson Color Portable Document Scanner with ADF

Epson Color Portable Document Scanner with ADF

And you have reached the end of the list with Epson, one more time! The ES-200 is the perfect middle ground when you want efficiency and reasonability in one scanner. Let’s take a look at the features that it has to offer.

In terms of speed, this scanner can generate 25 ppm/50 ipm in simplex and duplex styles, respectively. You can scan both colored and black and white papers, be it receipts or business cards, and capture all the necessary information in one go. Then, you can easily have the files transferred to your cloud storage accounts.

When it comes to document feeding, it has a low count, at just 20 pages. But this is what makes the ES-200 perfect for those who do not need to use their scanners for long duration and extensive work frequently. The resultant documents can be auto-cropped, skew-corrected, and fixed with background and blank page removal.

However, if you need a wireless scanner, check out the ES-50 from Epson listed above because this model only features wired connections. So your connectivity will be either AC powered or via USB power in the absence of an outlet.

Key Features :

  • Auto-adjusts the color and size with Epson Image Processing Technology
  • Can create editable word, excel, and PDF files using ScanSmart Software
  • Works quickly at a decent speed of 25 pages per minute in simplex
  • Fairly simple setup without eating into a lot of desktop real estate
  • Easy to download software/app that is compatible with Windows and Mac

Scanner For Documents And Receipts Buying Guide

Before you get yourself a scanning device, it is important to buy one that will fit your needs. Making purchases just by being impressed by the features you don’t need only adds up to the cost. So here are things you should know about scanners:


When it comes to the resolution of electronic devices, you are used to seeing the 1980 X 1080 and 720 x 128 formats. This is a representation of the resolution. When images are captured or showcased, they are shown in the form of tiny pixels/dots. Now, this basically makes you want to question the quality of the resolution.

But are scanner resolutions always shown in this format? Not really in all cases. The resolution of a scanner is mostly presented in dpi or dots per inch. And before you get any good scanner, particularly meant for receipts, the dpi should be a minimum of 600 to ensure good clarity and visibility of the images.

Size and Portability

When it comes to the size, you have a lot of options to pick from. But it will inherently depend on how you work. Suppose you are always on the go when you can, and you have a flexible workstation. In that case, your scanner should be able to move with you and operate without a cable.

In this case, having a foot-long scanner that can sit comfortably in your backpack or purse is great, with the weight being less than a pound.

On the other hand, when you need your scanner to sit on your workstation with you, the weight does not really matter so much, what matters more is the desktop real estate it is going to take to be set up. While desktop scanners can also be portable, be sure to keep an eye out for the weight in either case.


As the speed of a scanner’s performance increases, so does the load on your wallet. Unless your work requires you to need sonic speeds, it would be better to opt for a range of 20-35 pages per minute, where 40-60 pages per minute are meant for more rigorous work.

And while you are checking the speed, make sure you do it for both the simplex and duplex styles, depending on whichever you need.


As the name suggests, you will have wired and wireless connectivities on the scanner. Having both in your scanner obviously increases the cost. But since wired connections are basic, opting for a wireless connection is very 2021.

It may be possible not to have a computer near at hand all the time. Wireless scanners can send the files directly to your cloud platforms and give you relief.


Not all scanners come with backup settings. But when you have it, you should surely take advantage of it. In the list, the Doxie SE supports 4000 image storage before you need to sync and transfer files out of it. In general, any scanner with a backup of above 3000 images or files is good enough.


Manually sheet-fed scanners can be tedious, but they are also simpler and what you should aim for if you don’t have a lot of scanning to do. However, if your scanning needs are plenty, going for a 20-50 sheet automatic document feeder technology instilled in a scanner is always a safe option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can you save scanned images in a receipt scanner?

Your scanner saves the images by creating digital copies of all your documents and receipts. Before saving, you have to transfer them wirelessly or through a USB cable and retrieve saved files when required.

2. Which brand makes the fastest scanners for documents?

Brands such as Fujitsu, Epson, and Canon make the fastest scanners for documents.

3. Are receipt scanners different from regular scanners?

Regular scanners are mostly flatbed scanners where you place a sheet of paper on a glass surface and have your files scanned. Receipt scanners are feeders that take in sheets continually at a stretch (until you refill them) and scan files directly to the desired cloud or device location.

4. Should you use your phone to scan receipts and documents?

While it is possible, this manual job requires you to be more present than the work of a feeder scanner. The process is faster, less tedious, and more efficient if you use the latter.

5. How long does a scanner last?

The scanning machines for documents last roughly 6 months to 1 year depending upon your frequency of use.

Final Words

So far, you have come across all about document and receipt scanners. As you realized already, you must have your files organized to avoid getting in trouble later.

The choice of your scanner depends on your frequency of usage and the other functionalities you want from it. However, if you want a verdict, the best scanner for documents and receipts from this list would be the Doxie SE. With its compact nature, convenient design, high-functioning speed, auto-adjustability and clarity of digital copies, it stands out like a prime.

No matter which one you get, just make sure that it can streamline your workflow and create a mini Sonic on your desktop as the perfect working partner.