Best Ring Lights for Laptop

Best Ring Light for Laptop – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Once you get a ring light, you’ll not need to stress about lengthy photo editing. Also, you’ll achieve professional photography results without having to break the bank to purchase photography equipment.

However, there are too many bad models out there. To help you avoid them and get a ring light that works, I have reviewed the ten best ring light for laptop currently available in the market. These products are top-rated and popular for both video and photos.

Let’s get started.

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QIAYA LED Circle Light
QIAYA LED Circle Light

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iVict 28 LED Cordless Lights
iVict 28 LED Cordless Lights

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Ring Lights 3 Light Modes
Ring Lights 3 Light Modes

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Auxiwa Ring Light with 36 LED
Auxiwa Ring Light with 36 LED

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TalkWorks LED Lighting Circle
TalkWorks LED Lighting Circle

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Benefits of Using Ring Light for Laptop

A ring light distributes illumination uniformly, which is probably the reason it is used for all sorts of photography, video, and close-up shots. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you get a good ring light:

Emphasizing details and bringing focus where you want it

Low or uneven light can redirect the focus of your audience elsewhere. A cat running on the ground, a curtain moving in the background, and so on, are sources of distractions.

A ring light illuminates your face and dims the background, therefore pulling all the attention to you.

Reduced shadows and bad highlights

If you’re a selfie fanatic, you likely know that a scene that is too dark or too light ruins photos. Ring lights spread the light out evenly and remove shadows and bad highlights to make it possible to take beautiful shots.

Making your photos and videos look more professional

Don’t have the money to invest in all gear that professional photo studios have? A ring light will do. With different color modes and the ability to bring focus to the subject, a ring light offers a professional photo studio experience at a fraction of the cost.

Our Recommended 10 Best Ring Light for Laptop

1. QIAYA LED Circle Light Laptop Camera Photography

QIAYA LED Circle Light Laptop Camera Photography

We’re going to start with one of the most popular compact ring lights available – the QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights. These are from a reputed brand and they’re packed with some of the most amazing features ever.

The Qiaya lights come in the form of a little and lightweight device weighing in at 1.76 ounces. The diameter is stated as 3.1 inches while the thickness is about an inch. That means it is something you carry comfortably in your palm.

What most people find fulfilling in this gadget is how well it is constructed. It is a small circular thing made of relatively good-quality plastic.

The light has a clip mechanism, so it clasps onto the device you are using to take pictures or video. It can clasp onto your laptop, phone, tablet, or even desktop computer.

This wide compatibility is another huge plus that attracts lots of people to the device.

Since the light features a beautiful design, it is a device you’ll be comfortable using no matter where you are. You can use it at home, work, school, or even at a camping ground.

One question you might ask before buying is – won’t the light’s clip scratch my screens? Tell you what? The clip is lined with rubber, so it will not scratch your devices screens.

If you’re seeking the best ring light for laptop that will provide professional-class illumination, this is it. The gadget provides a nice and cool white light that beautifully illuminates your face while dimming the backdrop.

Amazingly, it doesn’t just work for faces. Whatever object you’d like to illuminate and give focus to, be it a bunch of tomatoes or a pair of shoes, this light will work.

The light’s brightness is adjustable, so you can set the illumination that works for you in different situations.

Key Features :

  • Compact and lightweight – small enough to carry in one palm.
  • Comes with built-in batteries.
  • Rechargeable via a micro USB cable.
  • Wide compatibility – works with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.
  • Produces intense but cool white light for beautiful illumination.
  • The brightness is adjustable to suit varying needs.

2. iVict 28 LED Cordless Lights with Touch Switch, 3 Color Modes

iVict 28 LED Cordless Lights with Touch Switch, 3 Color Modes

Our next unit is a versatile piece of technology that doubles up as a reading light in addition to being a ring light for laptop video conferencing.

The iVict Rechargeable Clip On Reading Light is made of a base, a 15-inch gooseneck, and a ring light right at the top. This is a very clever and useful design. Firstly, its base has a clip attached. You can fasten that onto a table or any edge that is not more than 2 inches thick.

Something I love about the clip is that apart from being strong and secure, it also features a safe design. To protect your furniture, the clip is covered with a foam pad. That ensures it doesn’t scratch your items and gives you peace of mind when using the clip.

As mentioned, the gooseneck is flexible. It can turn along a 360° angle.

That implies you don’t have to struggle to reposition the light to illuminate a different direction. You only have to turn the light and it’ll face where you want.

Do you know what makes this unit the best ring light for video conferencing? How well it lights up faces and objects. It is a non-flickering, non-glare kind of light that provides you with eye protection and allows you to read or shoot videos without experiencing eye fatigue.

The 24 LEDs in the ring provide up to 800 lumens of different kinds of light. You can set the device to produce warm light of 3000K, white light of 4500K, or super-cool white light of 6500K.

What is even more surprising is that there are 10 brightness levels.

By simply pressing a button, you can set the gadget to produce the kind of light that suits your purpose.

Key Features :

  • Has a flexible gooseneck that lets you turn the light in any direction.
  • 3 color modes – warm light, white light, and cool white light.
  • Non-flickering, non-glare light that offers eye protection.
  • 10 brightness levels to suit your needs.
  • Versatile – suitable for reading and video shooting.

3. GINDOLY Ring Lights for Laptop 3 Light Modes

GINDOLY Ring Lights for Laptop 3 Light Modes

Are you looking for a ring light for makeup tutorials? In that case, there are several factors you can’t afford to ignore. For instance, the light should be soft and it ought to illuminate your face perfectly.

If that’s what you’re seeking, the GINDOLY Ring Light for Laptop is for you.

In a lot of ways, this device resembles the Qiaya light, which we talked about at the start of this review. It is an arc-type lamp that clamps directly on the gadget you’re using to shoot photos or videos.

The light comes with a padded clip that will not scratch or damage your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever device you’re using.

For those looking for a selfie light, this is a perfect option. It is little and weighs in at just 1.5 ounces, meaning you can carry it in your hands without any problems.

Even though it is a small gadget, the ring light’s performance is quite impressive. It produces a concentrated soft light that is ideal for makeup tutorials and sorts of videos.

There are three modes that you can work with – warm, cool, and natural. The difference is the color temperature, which ranges from warm, at 3500K, to cool, at 6500K. Switching from one mode to the other needs you to only press a button. Brightness is also adjustable at the touch of a button.

One very convenient thing about this light is that you don’t have to deal with cables. You can just charge the light and use it cord-free as it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.

Key Features :

  • Compact and lightweight – 3.54 inches diameter and 1.5 ounces.
  • 3 light modes to suit varying purposes – warm, natural, and white light.
  • Color temperature ranges from 3500 to 6500K.
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Uses a USB cord to charge and takes 2 hours to fill up.

4. Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light with 36 LED

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light with 36 LED

For many folks, the Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light is a dream come true. This light is perfectly portable and it is ideal for selfies. It makes you look flawless and gives an appeal similar to that of a professional studio photo purchase photography equipment without requiring you to spend a fortune on photo shooting gear.

The device is an arc ring light containing as many as 36 LEDs. With so many LEDs, it can produce a beautiful white light with a color temperature of 5600K.

The light doesn’t shoot very far, but in close range, it makes an undeniable difference. If you’re looking for a way to bring the focus to your face while dimming the back area, this light will be a perfect selection.

Since the light comes with a rechargeable built-in battery, you needn’t worry about power availability. As long as the battery is charged, you can use the selfie light anywhere even while camping in some remote area.

The battery is lithium-ion, and it is rated at 250mAH. As such, it is reliable. You can use it for a whole day before needing to recharge the battery.

Weighing 1.5 ounces, and measuring in at 3 by 1 inch, the light is not a hassle to carry around. You could even put it in your pockets.

Operating this light is a piece of cake, thanks to its clamp mechanism. The clamp clips onto your mobile device or computer securely. And since it features rubber padding, there is no worry about your device getting scratched.

Key Features :

  • 36 LEDs for strong illumination.
  • Weighs in at 1.5 ounces and has a 3-inch diameter for portability.
  • Comes with a built-in Li-ion battery 250mAH.
  • 5600K color temperature for natural day-light simulation.
  • Charges via a USB cable.

5. TalkWorks LED Video Conference Lighting Circle

TalkWorks LED Video Conference Lighting Circle

Next up, we’ll be looking at the TalkWorks Selfie Ring Light. This is yet another light that you can clip onto your phone or laptop to give you better lighting.

What is great about having this unit is that it offers a lot of conveniences. Firstly, it is a small piece of equipment, so it is not taking it anywhere is not a problem.

The light, which weighs less than 2 ounces, and which is about 3 inches in diameter, is a gadget you can carry comfortably in your pockets. You could also put it in your bag when going on a trip.

Another convenient aspect is that the light comes with built-in batteries. Because of that, you don’t need to be connected to a wall outlet to shoot fine videos. Just recharge the light and take it with you when going on an outdoor photo or video shooting expedition.

If you prefer to not have to deal with cables when taking videos, this light will be a suitable pick.

The batteries are rechargeable, and all you need for that is a USB cord and a power supply like a computer or a wall outlet.

What about the kind of light produced, you ask? The unit derives its light from 36 LEDs. These produce soft white light that illuminates faces and objects efficiently.

There are three brightness levels ranging from cool to strong. Hence, you can use the light setting that suits your project.

Key Features :

  • Portable – lightweight (2 ounces) and compact (3 inches wide).
  • Has a total of 36 LEDs that produce adequate light.
  • Takes 2 AA batteries for cable-free operation.
  • Clips onto your laptop or mobile device.
  • 3 brightness levels for different applications.

6. Tkyehyo LED Circle Light, 3 Light Modes

LED Circle Light, Rechargeable 3 Light Modes

Are you searching for a super-convenient ring light for YouTube videos? You got to try the Tkyehyo Selfie Light. This is an easy light that works on both the front and back cameras of laptops as well as mobile devices without any issues.

The first thing I like I find pleasing about this unit is that it has a sturdy and reliable clip. The clip is incredibly easy to open, yet it holds on securely, and it is compatible with all sorts of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Another great thing about the clip is that it is lined with a pad, so you can rest assured your phone or computer screen won’t get scratched.

Portability is one of the advantages of this gadget. It is lightweight and it has a diameter of just 3.54 inches. As such, it is a compact thing that you can put in your handbag or carry in your pockets.

Whether you need a selfie light for indoor or outdoor use, this device will work. Its built-in battery allows you to shoot pictures and videos for hours on end without needing a power cable connection.

The battery can be recharged using a USB cable. You could use your laptop or desktop or a power bank to charge it in case you don’t have access to a wall outlet.

When it comes to the sort of light produced, that is where the most significant benefits lie. This is not the brightest light on the planet, but it offers fantastic illumination. Utilizing 40 LEDs, the device creates a beautiful light of between 3500 and 6500K color temperature.

Key Features :

  • A sturdy clip that attaches securely to a phone or laptop screen.
  • Compact and lightweight enough to carry in your bag or pockets.
  • Built-in battery that can be recharged with a USB cable.
  • 40 LEDs that produce beautiful illumination.
  • 3500 to 6500K color temperature range.
  • 3 lighting modes – warm, natural, and white light.
  • The light is dimmable.

7. Lazzgan Ringlighting for Laptop Zoom Meeting

Lazzgan Ringlighting for Laptop Zoom Meeting

Up to this point, we’ve only discussed little models that you can carry in your handbag or pockets. But maybe you were looking for something larger that can produce greater illumination.

Now, I am going to introduce to you such a model.

The Lazzgan Desktop Ring Light is a unit with a diameter of 10.2 inches. Though it’s not pocket-size, it is still a pretty portable unit that you can carry in your suitcase when going on a trip.

The first thing that attracted me to this unit was its innovative design.

It is a rather beautiful gadget with a black and white color scheme. It looks so elegant sitting on a table or a laptop or desktop screen.

The light comes complete with all the needed gear. That includes a stand, clip, and even a holder for smartphones.

Another handy accessory that you get is a remote shutter. It is extremely useful in that it is responsive, allowing you to conveniently take selfies from a distance of up to 30 feet away.

From the way the light is constructed, it is going to last. The frame is aluminum, which provides sturdiness without making the gadget too heavy. The lampshade is made of polypropylene, a relatively lightweight and sturdy material.

The light is beautiful and intense, and it can shoot a farther distance than the lights we have discussed above. There are 3 light modes – warm, natural, and cool. Moreover, there are 10 brightness levels.

Whether you’re a YouTuber, an online class teacher, a makeup artist, or a company worker who needs a good ring light for zoom calls, this just might be the model you’re seeking. Check it out.

Key Features :

  • Comes complete with a stand, clip, and phone holder.
  • Has an aluminum frame for stability and durability.
  • Includes a remote shutter that works from up to 30 feet away.
  • 3 lighting modes – warm, natural, and cool.
  • 10 brightness levels.
  • Attaches to laptops and desktop monitors and table edges.
  • Can be used as a standalone model on a table or countertop.
  • Uses a USB cable for power input.

8. 2k Webcam with Microphone Ring Light-HD Web Cam

2k Webcam with Microphone Ring Light-HD Web Cam

Are you only venturing into video calling or YouTubing? Do you have a tight budget or just want to minimize your expenses as much as possible? Instead of purchasing a camera and then buying a ring light separately, you could purchase a camera that comes with a ring light integrated.

A lot of people have taken that route, and I feel it’s a clever strategy to save money.

The camera is pretty good, as it has a resolution of 2K. That translates to a high panoramic resolution of 2560x1440P. The lens works great, taking surprisingly clear videos at a fluid FPS of 30.

With the ring light attached around the light’s housing, the camera can shoot in all lighting conditions, including in low-lit areas.

The light is cool and ideal for all sorts of video creation needs. Since it is cool white light, it doesn’t strain the eyes and it provides beautiful results.

There are three brightness levels from low to high, and with the touch of a button, you get to set the level that suits your needs.

What I find convenient about the light is that though you can set the parameters that work for you, the light functions automatically. When you move the camera to low-lit conditions, the light adjusts automatically to enable clear shooting.

Setting up the 2k Webcam with Microphone Ring Light is a breeze. The unit comes with a clip that you can attach to most modern laptops and computer screens. You also get a tripod, which comes in handy when you want to place the webcam on a table.

Key Features :

  • Panoramic HD resolution camera – 2560x1440P.
  • Integrated ring light.
  • Ring light automatically illuminates low-lit conditions.
  • 3 brightness levels from low to high.
  • A sturdy metal casing protects the webcam and ring light.
  • Comes with a clip and a tripod.

9. Whellen Ring Light with 36 LED for laptop

Whellen Ring Light with 36 LED for laptop Phone Tablet iPad

Are you a Tiktoker? Looking to make more professional-looking videos? I’m going to introduce to you an ideal ring light for tiktokers, which you’ll probably find very useful.

The Whellen Selfie Ring Light is a simple arc-style lighting device that is extremely handy and affordable.

This unit is little, with a diameter of just 3 inches. It is also lightweight, weighing in at only 1.6 ounces. Therefore, it is a gadget that you can put in your pockets or handbag and carry wherever you want.

That is great news for a tiktoker because it means you can take it to different outdoor places and shoot beautiful videos.

You might ask – how is this little device able to produce good illumination? The secret lies behind the 36 LEDs positioned in an arc inside the unit’s casing. These produce light that is surprisingly bright, but not blinding.

Because of the bright, non-flickering, and non-glaring light, you can take beautiful photos and shoot nice videos for YouTube, TikTok, makeup tutorials, and other needs.

The light comes with three brightness settings – low, medium, and high. At the press of a button, you get to choose the level that works for you.

The Whellen Selfie Ring Light is not the most durable ring light available. That said, for the price, it features a decent construction out of ABS plastic. I’m confident it will serve you well.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight and portable – take it anywhere.
  • Hassle-free installation – just clip it to your laptop or phone.
  • 36 LEDs produce intense but non-glaring light.
  • 3 brightness levels – low, medium, and high.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (non-rechargeable).

10. Outee 2 Pack Ring Light for Live Stream YouTube Video

Outee 2 Pack Ring Light for Live Stream YouTube Video

Do you want to buy the best ring light for zoom meetings? You may want to give the Outee 2 Pack Selfie Light a try.

The beautiful thing about this package is that at the price of one piece, you get two lights. When one light gets damaged, you continue taking pictures and shooting videos with the other light. How convenient is that?

And no, the quality is not bad compared to other mini ring lights. The Outee selfie light is pretty good quality.

This gadget produces a soft lift with a cool color temperature. If you want to avoid shadows and illuminate your face while dimming the background, you will love this light. It does the job effectively in that regard.

The light is uniform, with a non-glaring effect.

Recognizing that you might need to shoot videos in varying lighting conditions, Outee offers you a light that comes with adjustable brightness. By pressing a button, you can set the brightness to low, medium, or high.

Apart from being small and lightweight, this device comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. As such, you can use it outdoors without worry about power cables or changing the batteries.

The light takes about an hour to charge up, and the battery can last up to 3 hours when the light is used continuously.

Key Features :

  • Affordable – you get two pieces at the price of one.
  • Lightweight and compact – portable.
  • 36 LEDs produce brilliant light for selfies and videos.
  • Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Soft light with 3 brightness levels.
  • Takes one hour until full charge.

Ring Light for Laptop Buying Guide

Before you purchase a ring light, it is good that you recognize that not all models are the same. Some models out there produce flickering lights, glare, and other undesirable effects.

Apart from that, there are variations in size, brightness levels, and other important aspects. If you are to get the right ring lights for video that suit your needs, you got to consider the following factors.


Ring lights come in a wide range of sizes. While some are small enough to carry in your pockets or handbag, others are too large and are better fixed to one place.

When considering the size, think about your needs. For instance, if portability is crucial to you, a smaller size would be a good pick. You could even get a portable model with a diameter of about 3 inches and a weight of not more than 2 ounces.

On the other hand, realize that the larger the light, the softer the light produced. For example, a unit with a diameter of 12 inches will produce softer light than one with a diameter of 3 inches.

Larger lights also illuminate more intensely, even though their light is not concentrated in the same place as that of smaller lights.

Brightness adjustability

Some ring lights come with adjustable brightness, while others do not. Brightness adjustability is important because different lighting conditions need different degrees of lighting.

For instance, you need more light when shooting in darkness as opposed to when shooting in a lit area. Also, you may want to bring out varying levels of brightness in your pictures or videos.

When finding the best ring light for laptop, make sure the light has adjustable brightness, and note the number of levels. Most of the mini right lights have three brightness levels.

However, some models have up to 10 levels, which might be more convenient depending on your needs.

Number of lighting modes (color temperature)

Are you looking for a ring light for makeup tutorials or another purpose that requires different lighting effects? Then, you need to get a model with at least a few light modes.

When you hear the word light modes, that just refers to the color temperature. Light can be warm, such as the one halogen bulbs produce, or medium mode, such as that of daylight, or cool white.

Warm light is about 3500K, daylight is around 5500K, and cool white light is about 6500K.

Power options

This is a serious consideration especially for those who like traveling or taking pictures and videos outdoors.

Now, a ring light can derive its power from a power outlet, or a PC or power bank via a USB cable. If your model has to be connected to a socket to be operated, that means it is not very portable.

On the other hand, a unit that can be charged using a laptop or power bank via a USB cable is more portable. If portability is a vital need, get a unit that can use batteries.

The batteries can be built-in and rechargeable, or they can be replaceable, in which case you will not need to worry about charging the light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does a ring light for photography and video make a difference?

Ring lights use LEDs to create a light circle, bringing a cool and well-balanced lighting effect. The excellent light diffusion ensures the subject is lit uniformly, and the results are superb.

The ring of light that gets displayed in the subject’s eyes is also stunning. Therefore, ring lights truly make a difference.

2. Can a ring light hurt my eyes?

Yes, some ring lights can make your eyes hurt. However, a good model will not hurt you at all. Be sure to get a ring light with well-balanced LED lights and no glare or flicker.

3. Does the size of the ring light matter?

Size is one of the main considerations you ought to make when looking for ring lights. The smaller and lighter the model, the more portable it is. At the same time, understand that bigger models produce softer and more intense light. The size to watch out for is the diameter.

4. How do you use a ring light for laptop video conferencing?

Most ring lights come with a stand or a clip, or both. What you need to do is mount the light with its stand directly in front of you. After that, you can place the camera in the ring’s space. You could also position it slightly behind the ring.

Another arrangement that works is to place the light directly above the camera. If the ring has a clip, you can attach it at the top of the computer’s or phone’s screen.

Final Words

Are you serious about shooting better videos and photos? I highly encourage you to go ahead and get a ring light. With this device, you’ll be able to remove those shadows and bad highlights, while dimming the background and bringing the focus to the subject.

A good ring light should be able to disperse its illumination properly so that the subject is lit evenly. When buying, be sure to look for factors such as the size and the color modes available. Crucially, check whether the brightness is adjustable.

By adjusting the brightness, you will be able to set the amount of light suitable for your needs every time.

If you’re looking for the best ring light for laptop, the review above should come in handy. But the models discussed don’t just work for laptops. You can use them with smartphones, tablets, and other camera devices.