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Best Pull Down Projector Screen Reviews in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

While it is true that you can use smooth, white walls or even plain white sheets to watch shows or presentations from a projector, you can do better.

Projector screens are a fantastic invention, particularly for movie lovers. But you don’t have to love watching movies to get one of these.

These screens are multi-purpose. And you can use them for watching sports, playing games, or even formal presentations.

In this article, we will discuss all the best pull down projector screen, so you can get yourself the one that meets your needs.

And trust me, once you get used to this, there’s never going back.

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Elite 100-INCH Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD
Elite Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD

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SUPER DEAL 120'' Manual Pull Down HD Projector Screen
SUPER DEAL 120'' Manual Pull Down HD Screen

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80-INCH Pull Down Manual Projector Screen 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready
80-INCH Projector Screen 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready

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VIVO 100 inch Diagonal HD Manual Pull Down Projector Screen
VIVO 100 inch Diagonal HD Manual Pull Down

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ZENY 100 Inch HD Portable Projector Screen Pull Down Foldaway
ZENY HD Portable Projector Screen Foldaway

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Our Best Pull Down Projector Screen Reviews

Here, we have included all the top pull down projector screens you can find on the market right now.

1. Elite 100-INCH Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD

Elite 100-INCH Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K 8K 3D Ultra HDR HD

Now, let’s take a look at today’s first option. This pull-down projector screen from Elite Screens is among the finest projector screens for your home.

With a 100-inch diagonal and a 16:9 aspect ratio, this screen comes in an ideal size for you to enjoy shows.

For almost all of your entertainment desires, it offers a fantastic visual effect. Elite Screens provides a screen that is enticing not just for 4K or 8K Ultra HD viewing but also for Active 3D projection.

Besides, it has a display range of 180 degrees, meaning you can view appropri-ately from all directions if you have a massive crowd at home.

Designed with a specialized screen material, it provides excellent brightness and optimum color balance.

This particular surface of the screen is made of an ano-dized black aluminum body that not only significantly improves visibility but al-so neutralizes illumination from the projector and helps to balance the image quality.

Moreover, thanks to its construction, it results in beautiful video quality. Be-sides, It includes a 2-inch mechanism that enables a simple pull-down of different height levels and a display harness.

So, it’s a straightforward tool to use.

Key Features :

  • Perfect screen for both 4K or 8K Ultra HD viewing
  • 2-inch lock system that allows different height configurations
  • 180 degrees viewing angle for an ideal viewing experience
  • Resistant to mildew and super easy to clean and maintain

2. SUPER DEAL 120” Manual Pull Down HD Projector Screen

SUPER DEAL 120'' Manual Pull Down HD Projector Screen

Up next, we have a SUPER DEAL projector screen, which we couldn’t help but include at the top of the list. Here are some of the many reasons why this screen is the primary choice for most.

It is made of white-colored quality matte material, dust, and acid resistant, mak-ing it highly reliable for daily uses.

Moreover, it requires a basic method for cleaning and maintenance. You can just use a cloth and some water.

Slightly at a bigger size than the first, this projector has some impressive fea-tures. In every lighting area, it provides high – resolution images with its high-gain screen.

Therefore, it is suitable not just for home usage but also for business and educa-tional settings. So, yes, without any doubt, you can use it in workplaces and classrooms.

In addition to having better images, it offers a high gain of 1:1 that can fit every installation standard. More so, to keep the screen in place, it comes with a lock-ing mechanism.

If you want a projector screen for home and your preferred size, a bigger size, this 120-inch screen should be perfect for you!

Key Features :

  • Black tracing line on the screen which not only outlines the display but also improves the visual effect of the overall appearance
  • Viewing angle of 160 degrees that show precise pictures for everyone
  • Resistant to dust and mildew can be used for everyday viewing
  • Suitablefor all kinds of purposes, including home, workplace, and classroom settings

3. 80-INCH Pull Down Manual Projector Screen 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready

80-INCH Pull Down Manual Projector Screen 8K/4K Ultra HD 3D Ready

And now, we have another fantastic option from Elite Screens for you. Let’s take a look at all the exceptional functionalities this projection screen packs.

Like the first Elite Screens projection screen, this one supports 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection. And it also has a 180-degree angle for an ideal viewing ex-perience.

Unlike the two previous options, this one is slightly on the smaller side. So, if you’re looking for a projection screen to create a little family entertainment place, you should give this a shot.

Although a little on the smaller end of the size, this 80-inch screen packs impres-sive brightness and picture quality.

In fact, this ISF Certified material delivers a perfect visual experience, even in a dark place where there’s not much lighting. So, you can use this to make your room give the real movie theatre experience.

To provide you with the complete movie theatre experience, it includes a dual wall and ceiling installation layout.

And of course, it has a locking mechanism, which you can use to fix your screen at any height of your preference. Lastly, it includes one 6-inch and one 12-inch L brackets for installation.

If you are someone who’s looking for an intimate family entertainment environ-ment, this should be perfect for you!

Key Features :

  • 80-inch diagonal, which provides a regular family sized screen
  • Allows 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection
  • 180-degree angle for everyone to watch comfortably
  • ISF Certified material which offers perfect video resolution even in dark environments

4. VIVO 100 inch Diagonal HD Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

VIVO 100 inch Diagonal HD Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

Now, it is time for our first projector screen from Vivo. Including almost all the necessary features of a home projector screen is one of the best manual projector screens.

Just like the previous option, this one is a relatively smaller projector screen. But it packs all the right features.

With 1.1 gain, this projector screen is made with outstanding black support to reduce light exposure. It has black lines on all the edges to increase image con-trast.

It comes with a framework made of metal. It gives the screen a better design from the outside, making it very sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Besides, it includes both wall and ceiling installation options, so you can set it up any way you like without so much as trouble.

Thanks to the fantastic mounting options, you can obtain the perfect entertainment corner with the ideal projector screen at home.

You can use this projector outside the home environment, too. You can use it in office settings or school settings, as long as it is installed indoors.

However, the pack doesn’t include routing tools or accessories, so you’ll have to get them yourselves.

And in case the size still seems too small for you, you can get the 100-inch ver-sion of this very model, which will contain all the same features just at larger screen size.

Key Features :

  • Metal framework made of steel which allows both wall and ceiling installation
  • Ideal for home or workplace applications
  • Black masking on the borders to boost video resolution
  • Compatible with projectors of all sorts, including LED, LCD, and DLP projectors

5. ZENY 100 Inch HD Portable Projector Screen Pull Down Foldaway

ZENY 100 Inch HD Portable Projector Screen Pull Down Foldaway

From Zeny, our next projector screen is a bigger sized one. Besides it being a foldaway transportable screen, it has some other features, too. Let’s dive right into that.

With a 16:9 aspect ratio, this 100-inch diagonal screen has high-quality material and an even better mechanism.

Although it does not have the best viewing angle of 180 degrees, it has an unusu-al angle of 160 degrees. And thanks to its immense size, it will provide perfect viewing for a large number of people.

So, you can gather a big crowd and watch movies or sports with your friends and family. In fact, if you want, you can use it in business and educational envi-ronments as well.

Much similar to the previous screen, this one has a black support screen and black borders. So, it manages low light absorption and increases video contrast, delivering more bright and clear images.

Moreover, it has great-quality white matte fabric, which will last for a long time and will make it very easy for you to clean and maintain.

Apart from providing a bright and clear visual experience for up to 160 degrees, this screen is compatible with almost all kinds of projects, such as LED, LCD, and DLP projectors.

Key Features :

  • Allows dual ceiling and wall installation and includes L-brackets
  • Pull down screens with height adjustability and simple locking mechanism
  • Compatible with many kinds of projects like LED, LCD,and DLP projectors
  • Appropriate for home, school, or office use in both indoor and outdoor settings

6. 119in HD Pull-Down Manual Projector Screen Widescreen for Home Theater, Office

119in HD Indoor Pull-Down Manual Widescreen for Home Theater, Office

Here’s one of our biggest projection screens for the day. Along with its big size, the screen includes some of the best features expected from a projector screen.

Whether you want to make a cozy movie theatre ambiance at home or enjoy a screen for making presentations in a corporate office or a school, this same screen will serve your purpose.

It possesses some fantastic features like metal framework, high quality, pull-down, and lock feature, and more.

For its framework, it has a metal casing, which gives the screen a very sturdy build. So, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or damaging easily.

Besides, it has a black border on all edges and comes with a white matte material. It offers excellent quality visual images and videos for watching shows, sports, and slideshows.

Even if you just want a screen for home, to create a movie theatre-like environ-ment, you can easily do that with this. On top of that, this is compatible with all high definition projectors.

So, if you have an LED, LCD, DLP, or any other similar projector, you can have the best theatre-like feel from home with this drop down projector screen.

Key Features :

  • An ideal screen for presentations and movies at home and the workplace
  • Light and portable, compatible with wall or ceiling installation
  • Firm locking system for the screen to stay mounted on the wall or ceiling for any amount of time
  • Can be used with high definition projectors such as LED, LCD, and more

7. Akia 100 inch Pull Down Screen 8K 4K HD 3D with Auto Lock

Akia 100 inch Pull Down Projector Screen 8K 4K HD 3D with Auto Lock

Now, we have an Akia Screens projector screen, and this one is a great contend-er. It packs all the great features for a home or workplace projector screen.

Among its excellent features, the 4K and 8K Ultra HD picture quality are one. Besides, it has Active 3D Ready.

And these features will enhance your picture quality, neutralize imperfections and provide you the best resolution you can ob-tain.

In addition, it has an excellent viewing angle of 180 degrees so that you can watch the displays on the screen at a wider angle.

It is a100-inch screen with black backing, borders, and white matter screen to provide the ultimate picture quality. Besides, it is compatible with most UHD and HD projectors.

It has all the essential features of a projector screen, and it can be used at home for watching movies and sports, and at schools and offices for slideshows and more.

Lastly, it is straightforward to maintain. You can just clean it with a washcloth and water, and it keeps it rolled and covered when not used.

So, if you want a relatively bigger screen with very little maintenance, this could be the one.

Key Features :

  • Perfect 180 degree angled projector screen for home, school, and office setups
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified screen that is guaranteed to deliver a quality visual experience
  • Can be used with regular UHD and HD projectors
  • Simple set-up process and cleanup with all necessary tools and accessories included

8. VIVOHOME 100 Inch Pull Down 16:9 HD Retractable Projector Screen

VIVOHOME 100 Inch Pull Down 16:9 HD Retractable Projector Screen

And now, we present to you a 100-inch widescreen projector screen, which comes with some impressive functionalities. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Although the manual locking feature is prevalent among all the superior quality projection screens, this is an excellent feature.

And this screen has an advanced self-locking rotational mechanism, which can reliably detect the slight motions when adjusting the screen.

Built with metal, the framework of the screen minimizes the possible breakage. So, you can use and carry it around without much of an issue.

The screen is con-structed using a plastic substance that is made with structural elements having four layers, and the display is perfectly smooth and uniform.

It has an impressive visual display. The distinctive characteristics of the plastic screen guarantee the consistent reflection of incoming light.

In addition, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it has an angle of view of up to 160 degrees, which enables you and your family to enjoy a cozy movie screen from home.

Lastly, the white plastic is resistant to dirt and mildew, so that you can score away from the surface quite easily.

Now, if these features meet your needs, you should get it. There are few projector screens of this quality.

Key Features :

  • Matte screen for enhanced image content and resistance to light intensity interference
  • Unique characteristics of screen materials maintain the consistent reflection of each incident light
  • Specially constructed edges to prevent rolling or warping with the use
  • Easy to set up on walls and ceilings

9. PERLESMITH HD Retractable Auto-Locking Portable Projector Screen

PERLESMITH HD Retractable Auto-Locking Portable Projector Screen

We’re almost at the end of the list but don’t let that fool you. Here’s one of the finest manual pull down projection screens, and it is perfect for home applica-tions.

Constructed with a 150-degree viewing angle, the screen portrays bright, distinct colors and pictures to everyone. Besides, it also has black borders on the edges to increase the quality of the image.

The durable metal structure has a double purpose feature. You can hang it on the walls or ceiling, wherever you prefer.

This premium quality screen comes with a simple pull-down system that detach-es from the metal casing, providing a large screen display ratio of 16:9.

It comes with a new, stable auto locking system, which allows the screen to be halted at any point.

As it has a very flexible mounting system, you don’t have to be experienced to set it up. And if you want, you can even set this up at your workplace, too.

Thanks to this simple projection screen, you won’t have to project onto your walls directly anymore.

You should consider this as it makes a worthy candidate for a home or work projection screen.

Key Features :

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Screen with clear and bright colors and 150-degree viewing angle
  • 2 gain of screen material and regular black support to minimize penetration of light
  • A simple mounting process so anyone can use it at home or workplace

10. Instahibit Manual Pull Down Projection Screen White

Instahibit Manual Pull Down Projection Screen White

From Instahibit, we have one of the best pull down projector screens, and it has a 72-inch screen. If you prefer a smaller screen or you have a smaller space for movies or slideshows, this is the perfect solution.

This screen here is perfectly ideal for indoor use everywhere. You can use it at home, classroom, office, wherever you want. Like most other projection screens, the only downside here is you can’t use it outside.

It has a very flexible installation that anyone can hang. And you can hang it on the walls or the ceiling, which you like.

And if that seems appealing, you will love the screen quality and resolution even more.

With an aspect ratio of 4:3, this 72-inch pull-down screen is terrific. It has the right viewing angle of 160 degrees, which is perfect for a smaller screen.

And of course, it has a matte white material as the display, which absorbs each incident light.

Now, if you want a smaller screen for your set up, this could be the one for you because this makes a fantastic pull down movie screen.

Key Features :

  • A small-sized screen at only 72 inches
  • Quality is just as good as some of the other options, if not better
  • Can be hanged on walls or ceilings at home, school, or workplace
  • Viewing angle of160 degrees and gain of 1.3, which is excellent for a smaller screen

Things to Consider Before Buying Pull Down Projector Screen

In order to find the best pull down projector screen for you, you need to consid-er these factors before buying.


It goes without saying that size is of great importance when you’re getting a pull down projector screen.

Firstly, you have to take into account the number of people that are going to use it at a time, whether it is for watching shoes, sports, or giving presentations.

If you have a larger number of people, aim for a bigger sized screen, like the 120-inch ones.

But if it’s just a small family movie theatre environment, then you can the rela-tively smaller ones, like the 72-inch Instahibit Manual Pull Down Projection Screen.

Secondly, you have to consider the size of the room as well. Although it may not seem so necessary, it is quite essential to maintain a certain distance; and that should be 1.5 times the size of your screen.

For instance, if you have a 100-inch screen, you must keep a 150-inch (or 12.5 feet) difference between the screen and the seating area.

Purpose of Use

Now, why you want a projector screen is also essential. If you’re going to use it inside the house in a small room,

an office space, or even a classroom, this factor is not that important. All the options can be used in indoor settings.

But if you intend to use it in an outside setting, a back yard, for instance, you should check out the reviews carefully. There are only a handful of good outdoor pull down projector screen.

Viewing Angle

Another necessary factor is the angle. The bigger the viewing angle, the better everyone can enjoy the screen from different angles.

One hundred eighty degrees is the best angle view, so opt for those if many peo-ple are going to watch together. However, if it is a small family setup, the view-ing angle is not that important.

Installation System

Some pull-down screens have dual purposes. They come with an option to be set up either on the walls or on the ceiling.

So, if you are one of the people who want the latter, be sure to check out the re-views properly.


Lastly, compatibility is possibly the most obvious and also the most important issue. Make sure the projector screen matches the projector you own.

Although most quality screens are compatible with almost all projectors, it is still something you should consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Clean a Projector Pull Down Screen?

First, wipe away the dust on the screen with a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber one. Then wash the smooth fabric and clean the whole surface again with a damp washcloth.

It is important to clean with a soft cloth; rough ones can damage the screen.

2. Is Black or White Better for Projector Screen?

Although you can use either, white screens are always better, as long as you have a projector with an excellent contrast ratio and a room that has a good balance of ambient light.

3. Do Projection Screens Differ?

It may not seem like it, but projection screens differ, and they make a huge differ-ence.

In fact, projection screens differ in many aspects such as picture resolution, re-flectivity, absorption, color contrast and accuracy, and much more.

4. How Should the Distance Between the Seating Area and Projector Screen Be?

If you have a good quality projector, there is a simple way to measure the dis-tance.

The distance should be 1.5 times the diagonal size of your screen. So, if you have a 100-inch screen, you should keep a length of 150 inches (or 12.5 feet) between you and the screen.

5. Are Projector Screens Worth It?

Yes, even if you have a perfectly even, white wall or sheet, you should get a projector screen.

They give you a lot of control over your viewing experience, and as they come with black borders around the edges, it creates the perfect frame like a television.

Final Words

It is quite a dilemma for people to buy a projector screen, especially since plain white walls can do the job.

But with a proper screen for your projector, you will have a much more controlled view and watching experience.

We have included all the best quality projectors and tried to explain all the ad-vantages they have to offer.

These are the best pull down projector screens for home, some of which you can use in office and classroom settings as well.

We hope this makes your purchasing decision much easier!