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Best Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Gone are the days when mounting the projector on the ceiling was the only viable way to use a projector.

With the new and advanced technologies, you can create a theater-like ambiance in the convenience of your room and play games on the big screen anywhere you like.

And you can enjoy their high-quality visuals irrespective of day or night.

They’ve computer-like technology embedded in them to give you the experience of not only amazing visuals but fast-paced surfing as well.

So, let’s walk you through finding the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth that will enhance your gaming experience.

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

FANGOR 6500 Lumen 1080P HD Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth
FANGOR 6500 Lumen HD Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

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ViewSonic Wi-Fi Projector with Bluetooth, Speakers and Built-in Battery
ViewSonic Wi-Fi Projector with Bluetooth, Speakers

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FANGOR 7500 Lumens Native 1080p Full HD Projector, WiFi, Bluetooth
Native 1080p Full HD Projector, WiFi, Bluetooth

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Artlii HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector with Smartphone Screen
Artlii HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector with Smartphone Screen

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FANGOR Mini WiFi Projector
FANGOR Mini WiFi Projector

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Our 10 Best Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth

Before we start this review, you should know that these can also be used for professional and classroom use, as well as for recreational purposes.

1. FANGOR 6500 Lumen 1080P HD Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

FANGOR 6500 Lumen 1080P HD Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Fangor has a range of projectors to choose from. All for different purposes, but this version is one that can make your presentation stand out and make your video watching more exciting.

And if you’re someone who’s working from home, this nifty little addition will make your presentations a whole lot more exciting for the viewers.

It has a 1920×1080 resolution and an equally excellent contrast ratio. The video quality will be in HD, and you will right away appreciate the technological prowess of this.

Speaking of image quality, the other amazing feature on this is the connection. You can connect it via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Connecting it with an android or iOS smartphone will require no hassle.

However, the streaming speed via Wi-Fi isn’t all that reliable. For good results, use the diverse ports that this supports.

One of the more exciting things about this is the noise lowering feature. It comes with an air duct design that reduces noise by 20%.

You can connect this to audio devices via Bluetooth, but you might not even need to with the built-in speaker this has. It has a clear and noise reduced sound that is pretty good.

The buttons on the device are plenty for navigation. But if you’re wall-mounting this, the remote works fine too.

On top of that, you get a stylish bag to carry this around in. But our favorite accessory is definitely the lens cover, which protects the lens from dust and scratches.

Key Features :

  • Has HD video quality
  • Noise-reducing function gives clear audio
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Has helpful buttons and remote for navigation

2. ViewSonic Wi-Fi Projector with Bluetooth, Speakers and Built-in Battery

ViewSonic Wi-Fi Projector with Bluetooth, Speakers and Built-in Battery

ViewSonic has some of the finest devices for gamers as well as mobile users, as it can act as a Bluetooth projector for the phone even.

Their products are trendy and feed the expectations of modern gamers. We love the design of this modern-day projector. Its fashionable design, along with the stand, makes it one of a kind.

But looking good is not what it’s all about; its functions are just as impressive. This is a portable and lightweight projector that you can easily keep with yourself at all times.

Carrying it around to places is just as convenient. It can run for about 6 hours on battery life.

On top of that, it has a high rated Type-C USB port, which makes data transfer a lot faster than other ports. Further, this also features a powerful speaker.

The device has its own speakers that deliver deep and clear room-filling sound. So, you can hear music while enjoying the visual bliss.

You won’t need to mount this on the wall as the stand lets you set it up in any direction as required. The stand is one of the top things on this set, as it conveniently works as a lens cover as well.

Finally, the image quality is pretty excellent but what’s even better is the size. You can get large images from only a little distance away.

Key Features :

  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Has powerful speakers integrated
  • Stand can be positioned 360°
  • Great bigger pictures from a smaller distance

3. FANGOR 7500 Lumens Native 1080p Full HD Projector, WiFi, Bluetooth

FANGOR 7500 Lumens Native 1080p Full HD Projector, WiFi, Bluetooth

Another one of Fangor’s finest, this native projector comes on to our list for its superior video quality. This isn’t the smallest device, but it’s definitely an affordable professional gadget.

Being one of the brightest devices on this list, you’d expect this to be very expensive, but it’s not.

It has 7500 lumens brightness, making it a device that can be used even during the daytime without having to close off every light source. On top of that, the contrast ratio 8000:1 is as good as you can find.

An interesting fact to observe about this particular projector is that it has a high built quality. Each and every chip on this was carefully placed to yield the most satisfactory results.

The five-layered glass lens is one of the prime examples of that. It steps out of the usual resin glasses of projectors and features one with high transparency so that you can get the highest clarity.

Moreover, this also has a greater lamp life. As this is a bright device, it needs decent power to run, and the lamp is efficient in covering that.

Apart from that, this also features an integrated speaker with good audio quality and lower noise. You also get a number of port options to connect this to various devices.

And finally, you can mount this on the wall or keep it on a table. For the wall mounting, you need to purchase the mount separately.

Key Features :

  • Very bright at 7500 lumens
  • Has longer lamp life
  • Features a unique five-layered glass lens
  • Can be mounted in different methods

4. Artlii HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector with Smartphone Screen

Artlii HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector with Smartphone Screen

A projector is more than a device that’s meant to give you a large display. With technology advancing, we now want the natural output from it.

Meaning, settling for a large screen with a mediocre yellowish display is out of the question. And why do that when you get projectors like the Artlii one for such reasonable rates?

This has a 720p resolution, which might not give you the most incredible gaming experience, but it’s more than enough when you consider the price and size of this projector.

Reflected on the wall, this will still have the clarity and color contrast that you’d expect from an HD screen.

More importantly, it has the lumens. It’s bright enough to be viewable anywhere and has a decent contrast ratio to boast about as well.

For optimal results, use this on a 300” screen, and we can say for sure you will be satisfied.

All the other features are satisfactory, as well. The LED life is around 55,000 hours, which is more than enough.

Further, the Bluetooth and Wireless connections are easy to get around to as well. You can connect this to your android and iOS and get solid reception for a seamless stream.

If you’re okay with the 720p resolution, playing games on this will be fun, too, as the image quality is outstanding.

So, this mini projector is definitely worth every penny, as it’s the perfect home theater to enjoy with your friends and family.

Key Features :

  • 720p Resolution with good color contrast
  • Pairable with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Great for gaming and watching sports
  • Wired and wireless streaming options available

5. Full HD WiFi, Bluetooth Portable Projector 1080P Supported

Full HD WiFi, Bluetooth Portable Projector 1080P Supported

A complete package from Fangor that comes with all the things you will need to make this readily work with any device.

Fangor has a wide range of products in various range and quality to choose from, and we can’t help but go back to them for this same variety.

This 5500 lumens projector is within one of their lesser bright categories, but it’s still more than plenty for high-quality images.

You won’t find the difference between this and a large LCD screen under the proper lighting settings. It itself uses the LCD 2.0 image technology, making it one of the best bluetooth projectors on the list.

Connect this via Wi-fi once, and you’re set for good. No need to get in the trouble of setting a wired connection; you will be able to stream wirelessly with this.

This has a powerful streaming and browsing technology to make sure you get your desired results.

On top of that, the speaker on this will give you clear and crisp audio. You can, of course, connect this to a Bluetooth speaker if needed.

In terms of usability, this is not that much smaller than your typical projector. So, the mini tag is somewhat misleading. But having a bag to carry it in, this is still a portable device.

If you need a device to carry with you for your presentations, this will be a good option. Plus, you also get a remote and tripod.

Key Features :

  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Has an integrated speaker
  • Streams in HD resolution and has decent brightness
  • Features an advanced LCD technology

6. VicTsing WiFi Projector, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth with Tripod

VicTsing WiFi Projector, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth with Tripod

If simplifying your tech experience had a name, we are sure VicTsing would have something to do with it. Their designs and products are targeted at giving you the most comfortable work environment,

and their projector only restates that intention. That’s why it’s our first pick for the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth.

With 4200 lux brightness, this is one of the brighter devices on our list. Not only that, this particular version is 60% brighter than the previous ones.

Brightness is one of the most differentiating features on a projector, and this one has enough of it.

Upon closer inspection of the features, we noticed it’s compatible with a wide range of devices. We tried it out with different devices and were highly impressed.

Although connecting this with Wi-Fi leaves more for desire as the connection is a bit jittery, but USB gives you a crisp and clear real-time connection.

You can connect this to your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. using a range of ports. Connect it using HDMI for better experiences. But where it wins the show for us is the Bluetooth connection.

Honestly, Bluetooth connections on projectors have been disappointing, but VicTsing has done a fantastic job with theirs. You can connect to speakers or headphones and get good quality audio output.

The visual quality at 1080p is clear and bright. You can get a clear view without surrounding yourself in complete darkness, which to us, is a significant improvement.

Key Features :

  • Compatible with many devices; transmits audio and video
  • Supports 1080p resolution
  • Connects to headphones and speakers on Bluetooth
  • Has 60% brighter screen

7. TOPTRO Projector With Wifi and Bluetooth, Support 1080P

TOPTRO WiFi Projector,5500 Bluetooth ,Support 1080P

The technology was never so affordable and advanced; you can now enjoy the vivid colors and create your own theater or gaming zone with a TOPTRO projector.

Toptro has a range of projectors, but we chose this one for its extensive vibrance and contrast that creates a theater-like ambiance in the comfort of your walls.

What makes this particular device one of a kind is the use of its advanced chips and technology.

The brand has been developing projectors for quite a while now, and their latest device is the accumulation of all their research and progress, resulting in one amazing projector.

It’s a 720p display resolution that looks better than many higher resolution projectors. With its 5500 lumens brightness, you know this is quite bright and has a contrast ratio of 5000:1.

Combining this with its strong technology, the image quality is top-notch. Gamers will enjoy the detailed view they receive from this.

On top of that, this has got a long lamp life, almost around 60,000 hours. And that’s not all; it has useful settings like a cooling system and noise lowering facilities.

The device, when running for long hours, won’t create noise nor heat up abruptly.

Finally, you get a device that can stream both wired and wirelessly for a reasonable price while giving you high-quality images, creating significant value for money.

Key Features :

  • Very bright and vivid colors
  • Uses advanced chip mechanisms
  • 60,000 hours long lamp life
  • Cooling system for keeping the device cool

8. HD Wireless WiFi Mini Portable Projector, Support Dolby 50,000Hrs

HD Wireless WiFi Mini Portable Projector, Support Dolby 50,000Hrs

Weilante has different kinds of products that make them a diverse company. As a result, if you buy a projector from them, you will find various facilities like projector stickers to give it a unique touch.

But regardless of the accessories, this projector with bluetooth capability can stream in HD while producing quality colors.

You can connect this to your smartphone using wi-fi, but if you don’t have wi-fi access, you can connect this using your cellular data as well.

This little addition is excellent for streaming during a presentation.

Whether it’s gaming or watching sports with friends, you can do it all in 1080p resolution. On top of that, it’s plenty bright and has a long lamp life as well.

It also supports a versatile range of devices. So, unlike devices that can’t get you streaming speed via wi-fi, this works finely on wi-fi.

Also, you can directly connect this to your iPhone or iPad to get the best video quality.

Further, this projector is perfect for watching films; the Dolby audio is loud and clear. This can support a range of 30” to 200”. So, you know you have many options, according to your room.

You don’t have to keep this in a separate room of its own. This device is portable and perfect for taking around with you.

Key Features :

  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices
  • Has hi-fi stereo sound system
  • Brighter and bigger screen size options
  • Video resolution of 1080p

9. Gzunelic 7500 lumens Android WiFi Projector Full HD with Bluetooth Wireless

Gzunelic 7500 lumens Android WiFi Projector Full HD with Bluetooth Wireless

With portable projectors, you have to make some compromises, but all that changes with Gzunelic.

Their portable Bluetooth projector is a top-quality device that charges a few extra bucks but is certainly worthy of it.

This isn’t a device that merely mirrors your smartphone, but it has the advanced motherboard and technology to stream from the operating system.

As a result, the image quality is far more superior to mirroring devices. The color accuracy and details are in themselves exceptional and a complete bang for your bucks.

At 6500 lumens, this isn’t going to turn head, but the advantage is they’re reliable, so if it says 6500 lux, you know you’re getting it.

But where this is a clear show-stealer is the contrast ratio. With an outstanding contrast ratio of 10000:1, this can display a high color gamut, and you will enjoy the best possible visuals.

This is one of those devices that’s going to be outstanding for gaming. It has a resolution of 1080p. So, you know that you can play your high-resolution games without having to tinker with the settings.

Apart from that, the built on this is stable and durable. The cooling fans do a great job of maintaining cool temperatures.

And the six-layered optical coated lens is in a league of itself. All in all, this is a great projector provided you’re willing to spend the extra bucks.

Key Features :

  • 10000:1 contrast ratio for superior colors
  • Great for HD gaming
  • Has cooling fans to keep the temperature under control
  • Powerful build with bright lamps

10. WiMiUS S25 WiFi Portable Mini Bluetooth Projector

WiMiUS S25 WiFi Portable Mini Bluetooth Projector

This is perhaps one of the most affordable devices that you can find, which still gives a decent performance.

The output is somewhat dependent on your expectations. If you’re looking for a decent film watching and presentation wireless Bluetooth projector, then this is more than plenty.

It has both Bluetooth and Wi-fi features, but you’d do best to use the ports. The Bluetooth feature itself is a new feature they have added for you to connect your speakers or headphones.

In terms of build, this is more than satisfactory for the price. This is 80% brighter and has good contrast as well.

Overall, the image quality is satisfactory. The screen mirroring also works unless you’re streaming from copyrighted sources.

What they have done well is they have made the lens very carefully. The 5-layered lens can easily focus and give you good quality video.

Further, the device also has heat-releasing gaps to make sure you don’t overheat it. The cooling system and lamp life are also properly designed.

Finally, the padded bag is perfect for carrying this. It’s pretty small, so you can keep this with you without hassle.

To summarize, this isn’t a professional tool. But you can use it well provided you know it’s for light and occasional use. It can also be a great gift.

Key Features :

  • Has efficient brightness and contrast
  • Comes in a portable padded bag
  • Screen mirroring and Bluetooth options available
  • Effective heat releasing and cooling system

Top 10 Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth Comparison Chart

Product Name


Lumen/ Lux

Contrast Ratio

VicTsing WiFi Projector-4200L

800 x 480




1920 x 1080

6500 Lumen


ViewSonic M1+ Portable


300 LED Lumens


Native 1080p Full HD Projector

1920 x 1080

7500 Lumens

8000: 1

Mini Projector - Artlii

1280 x 720

5500 Lux


FANGOR 5500 Lux Portable

1280 x 720

5500 Lux


TOPTRO WiFi Projector,5500

1280 x 720

5500 Lux


Wireless WiFi Projector 4500L

1920 x 1080

4500 Lumen


Gzunelic Video Projector


6500 lumens


WiFi Projector 5500Lux HD, Bluetooth

1280 x 720

5500 Lux


Things to Consider Before Buying Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth

Here, we’ll help you find the best projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for you. How? By telling you about the features that will be key to getting to the right pick.


The math is simple: higher lumens mean more brightness. So, anything above 1500 lumens is a good bid, but the higher it goes, the better.

But more lumen means it will need more power and electricity to run. Yet, if you want to use the device without having to turn off every light in your vicinity, always go for higher lumens.


Since these devices reflect the image on a wall, they appear to be light and faded. Sometimes can even have a yellowish display to them.

So, for achieving color accuracy, having a good contrast ratio is essential. Without good contrast, the view will appear to be faded and less vivid.


This is what gamers will prioritize over the other previous two. Supporting HD resolution means you can play the games without having to tweak your settings into adjusting to a lower resolution.

As we don’t want to miss the video’s true quality, streaming them in HD is almost a prerequisite.

1080p is the bare minimum if you want to play games in high quality. But 720p will have more reasonable prices and be decent enough.

Wireless Services

A device isn’t considered portable if it doesn’t have wireless services. You should be able to connect the best projectors to your android or iOS devices through the wi-fi.

And most devices do support it, but if you’re going to be using this, make sure it’s not there for namesake only but can actually stream the videos properly.


Even with wireless services, the device should have different ports. For the best quality using an HDMI port is a given. But having the option of VGA cable, Aux port, etc. sets you up for more options


Their job is simple. To make sure you can connect with a speaker or headphone. The audio from the projector varies from product to product.

And many don’t even have their own sound system. So, along with ports, you will want to have a Bluetooth connection too.

Benefits of Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth

Here are some of the advantages of using a projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Use with Variety of Devices

Apart from common smartphones and computers, you can use them with a camera, DVD player, USB disk, tablets, etc.

You can connect them to stereo sound systems and headsets, too, using the Bluetooth service.

Playing Games in HD

Use the wireless Bluetooth projectors to make your gaming experience more amazing with life-size screenplays. Whether it’s your X PS4 or PS5, you can connect it with the ports and get HD video quality.

Enjoy Live Sports

Nothing brings the gang together like sports. So, use this to set up your own theater and watch live matches while being in the comfort of your home.

Take it Anywhere You Like

You don’t have to mount it up on the wall and keep it in a single room; you can carry it around. And for that purpose, most of them come in nice padded bags.

However, if you do want to keep it mounted, you have that option as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you mount this on the ceiling?

Yes, the projectors can be ceiling mounted. But the needed tools aren’t usually provided with the devices. You will need to buy them separately. However, you will most likely find those with the brand if you contact them.

2. Do they run on rechargeable batteries?

It varies from device to device. However, most devices use a plug and require an outlet. But there are battery-run devices as well.

3. Can you use the mirroring option to stream videos?

Unless there is a copyright issue, you will be able to play videos by mirroring the screen. Some paid apps do not allow such services.

4. How much lumen does a projector need?

Anything above 1500 lumens is a good start. The higher it goes, the brighter the screen is going to be. But some devices have a very high lumen rate but aren’t all that good to look at. So, make sure you’re looking at those properties.

5. Can you hook this up to a speaker?

Yes, even if you don’t use the Bluetooth connection, you can hook them up using the projector’s audio port. In fact, this will make a better sound.

Final Words

Finding a device is never easy because you have so many options and alternatives to choose from. There are many types of projectors; hence, selecting the type becomes a task in itself.

So, if you were looking for the best projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services, hopefully, you have found it. These are some of the most well-known brands for projectors and are all rated high among the users.