Best Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing

Best Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The combination of a high-quality projector and a projector screen allows you to bring that theatre experience inside your home.

But did you know that with the proper projector screen, you can even turn your lawn or your picnic spot into an outdoor cinema theatre right under the bright sun?

Besides, you won’t always have the luxury of dark rooms to project your important videos or PowerPoint slides, especially if your schedule keeps you moving around.

Well, when you’ve got the best projector screen for daytime viewing, you won’t have to darken your surroundings for projecting bright and colourful images.

You can count on it to give you a better viewing quality even when the scorching sun’s shining the brightest!

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

Mdbebbron 120 inch Portable Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease
Mdbebbron 120 inch Portable Projection Screen

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TaoTronics 4K HD Projector Screen with Stand,Indoor Outdoor PVC
TaoTronics 4K HD Projector Screen with Stand

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VANKYO StayTrue 120 Inch Projection Screen 4K HD Foldable Wrinkle-Free
VANKYO StayTrue 120 Inch Foldable Wrinkle-Free

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HD Wrinkle-Free Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation
HD Wrinkle-Free Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen

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TT-HP020 Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD with Wrinkle-Free Design
TT-HP020 Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD

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Our Best Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing

Here are our comprehensive reviews of the most effective projector screens that are sure to enhance your projector viewing experience.

1. Mdbebbron 120 inch Portable Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease

Mdbebbron 120 inch Portable Projection Screen 16:9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease

This sleek and convenient projection screen from Mdbebbron is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

With bright images, wide application, ease of use, and amazing portability, this one easily meets the criteria for being the best projector screen for daytime viewing!

The lightweight and one-piece design, coupled with easy foldability, make it amazingly easy to carry around or store. So, if you’re traveling, you won’t have to deal with extra weights.

Built with high-quality polyester material, you’ll get plenty of durability out of it. Besides, no matter how much folding or compressing you do,

there won’t be any wrinkles or creases left when you unfold this screen. So, you can watch your favorite movies on it without any deformed images!

Setting this one up is astoundingly easy. You can have it ready within minutes using the reliable hooks, brackets, ropes, nails, etc.

Aided by the black edge, you’ll be able to mount it anywhere without limiting the watchable area. The 16:9 screen format allows you to watch everything in 1080P full HD resolution.

You won’t lose the brightness even when you’re in an illuminated environment. Thanks to the wide 160-degree viewing angle, you can watch everything clearly from various angles with ease.

This thing’s suitable for machine and hand washing, allowing you to easily get rid of the stains whenever they build up.

Key Features :

  • Boasts a screen that remains smooth even after frequent folding
  • Comes with a wide range of application for convenience
  • Sports a lightweight design for enhancing the portability
  • Allows you to watch everything in bright colors

2. TaoTronics 4K HD Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing with Stand

TaoTronics 4K HD Projector Screen with Stand,Indoor Outdoor PVC 100''

The TaoTronics Projector Screen features a wide and high-quality screen that allows you to watch everything in bright and vivid condition no matter where you are.

It can turn your living room or your outdoor spot into a movie theatre.

This thing takes an outstandingly short time to set up, allowing you to start projecting anything you like in almost no time!

So, in case you’ve got a sudden PowerPoint slide to present to your colleagues, you can simply park your car and install the screen within 2 minutes!

Don’t worry about the bright sun hindering your viewing experience during the daytime as it boasts 1.1 gain with a black masking border.

That means this unit is perfectly capable of enhancing the brightness of the images so that you and everyone else can be entertained by crisp, clear, and detailed videos.

And the 100-inch screen is quite big, and with the ability to project 4K videos, you won’t have to deal with low-quality images.

Even if you aren’t sitting directly in front of it, you’ll still get to watch the videos in great quality as it offers a 160° wide viewing angle.

Portability is another impressive feature of this item, owing to the fact that it’s pretty lightweight. You can safely store it or carry it around in a durable fabric carrying bag.

There won’t be any wrinkles once you unfold it as it’s built with premium PVC matte material. The surface is sure to remain smooth for a pretty long time!

Key Features :

  • Built with durable and smooth premium PVC matte material
  • Allows you to set it up in just 2 minutes with a stable tripod support stand
  • Offers 1.1 gain for enhancing the brightness and reducing the reflection
  • Features 160° wide viewing angle for increasing the convenience

3. VANKYO StayTrue 120 Inch Projection Screen 4K HD, 16:9, Foldable Wrinkle-Free

VANKYO StayTrue 120 Inch Projection Screen 4K HD, 16:9, Foldable Wrinkle-Free

VANKYO has a series of top-notch projector screens, and this is definitely one of them. You’ll relish its amazing image reproduction even when you’re in a bright environment.

Thanks to its portability, you will actually be able to carry your home theater around!

This thing stands out by offering a gain of 1.1, allowing you to enjoy extremely bright, vivid, and impressively clear videos. It’s capable of diffusing the light evenly,

which enhances the viewing experience significantly in brighter conditions. So, your outdoor cinema theatre will be just as enjoyable as the one inside!

The incredibly flat and smooth polyester surface is completely free of wrinkles and creases so that there is no deformation.

You won’t lose the quality of the image even if you’re watching from the side as it offers a 160-degree wide viewing angle.

You will find it exceptionally easy to install so that you can start watching your favorite movies with your loved ones in brilliant quality.

It comes with multiple metal holes for allowing you to mount it on your wall or preferred location easily.

With its wide range of applications, you can keep the party home or bring it outside whenever you want!

Key Features :

  • Incredibly lightweight and, therefore, exceptionally portable
  • Allows you to enjoy pictures in great quality whether you’re indoors or outdoors
  • Easy and convenient installation for added convenience
  • Boasts a flat and smooth surface that doesn’t wrinkle up easily

4. HD Wrinkle-Free Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation

HD Wrinkle-Free Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation

Although PropVue is relatively new in the field, they’ve earned quite a lot of reputation by offering high-grade visualized consuming equipment.

Its projector screen comes with all the features and qualities required for allowing you to watch videos properly in an outdoor environment.

Coming with an adjustable tripod stand, you can jump out of your vehicle and turn any outdoor spot into a movie theatre!

The tight straps will ensure the movie screen stays securely to allow you to watch anything without issues.

Being super lightweight, carrying this thing is extremely easy. It easily fits the sturdy carrying bag that keeps it safe and scratch-free for years.

Besides, it is built with durable premium matte PVC material that never gets wrinkled.

So, you can expect it to fuel your watch parties for years to come! Whether you’ve got the UEFA Champions League final or a new action-packed movie to watch with your friends, this item’s got you covered!

The crystal-clear 4:3 HD screen allows you to watch everything with impressive brightness and lively colors.

Thanks to the 1.1 gain reflection, the blazing outdoor environment won’t be able to reduce picture quality at all. Once you’re done watching, you can roll up the canvas in just 40 seconds and store it safely!

Considering the high-quality construction and amazing visual at an affordable price, you can feel free to go for it!

Key Features :

  • Comes with an adjustable stand that offers quick deployment
  • Highly portable with a durable carrying bag
  • Offers amazing visual quality with 1.1 gain and 160-degree viewing angle
  • Features a wrinkle-free surface for allowing you to watch in enhanced quality

5. TT-HP020 Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD with Wrinkle-Free Design

TT-HP020 Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen 4K HD with Wrinkle-Free Design

With this amazing projector screen from TaoTronics, you’ll be transforming your living room or your outdoor area into an entertainment center.

It will present videos of the highest quality without any deformed image so that everyone can have a pleasant experience.

Created with premium quality PVC matte, this 120-inch product is sure to last a long time. Besides, it’s not likely to get wrinkled no matter how often you fold it.

Have you seen those yellow stains on project screens that impede the viewing? Well, that’s something you won’t have to deal with if you decide to go for it.

For offering an improved viewing experience under direct sunlight, this thing comes with 1.1 gain for fighting off the brightness.

Everything you watch will be super bright and comfortable to look at. There won’t be any loss in color or quality.

Coupled with a 160-degree wide viewing angle, you won’t have to stand directly in front of the screen to enjoy your favorite movies. That means no more fighting for that front seat anymore!

Thanks to the tripod support stand that offers excellent stability, setting this unit up takes no longer than 2 minutes! So, you can start the fun without any sort of delay.

Key Features :

  • Created with wrinkle-free PVC matte material
  • Allows you to enjoy videos in superior quality
  • Comes with 1.1 gain for enhanced brightness
  • Designed to be fit for both indoor and outdoor use

6. Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing 4K HD with Carry Bag and Stand

Portable Projection Screen 16:9 4K HD with Carry Bag and Stand

This is without a doubt a top-grade projector screen that’s worth checking out coming from a highly reputed brand, SKERELL.

It’s guaranteed to give you great quality, superior brightness, and of course, exceptional durability.

The long-lasting service that you’re guaranteed to get comes from the use of high-quality spandex and polyester material.

Besides, it allows you to get super-sharp and high-resolution images in addition to enhancing durability.

With a 1.5X gain effect, offering brightness is one of its strongest fortes. So, you can feel free to set it up outside without worrying about losing the picture quality.

Rest assured, as you won’t have to deal with any reduction in performance. If your projector is projecting 4K videos, that’s exactly what it will be showing!

As this unit takes only 5 minutes to set up and offers easy assembly, you won’t face any trouble in getting it up and ready. The durable stand will keep it standing firmly.

You can ensure a tight-fitting to prevent it from falling off or dangling.

Aided by the lightweight design, there is no hassle in carrying this thing. You can simply stow it in your carrying bag to travel around freely.

Key Features :

  • A 100-inch 16:9 format screen that offers incredibly clear images
  • Engineered with high-quality materials for durability
  • Carrying around is convenient thanks to the lightweight design
  • The 1.5X gain effect makes it suitable for daytime viewing

7. WASJOYE Foldable Wrinkle-Free 4K HD 16:9, 120 Inch PVC Projector Screen

WASJOYE Foldable Wrinkle-Free 4K HD Inch PVC Projector Screen

WASJOYE has almost a decade-long experience in producing home and office supplies. Its expertise in this field has allowed it to develop this wonderful 120-inch projector screen that presents high-quality videos both indoors and outdoors.

The large size, coupled with a 160-degree viewing angle, makes it possible to watch crisp-clear videos with impressive details from almost any angle.

So, it can be the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies or shows together with your family and friends.

You’ll get 1.2 gain out of it, so this unit is capable of providing brighter images even when you’re surrounded by bright lights.

Don’t worry; you won’t lose the quality even if you’re watching from a side as it features a 160-degree viewing angle.

In addition to that, the four layers of the black-backed screen do an impressive job of eliminating light penetration. The high-quality building material makes it remarkably durable and long-lasting.

That’s not all; this PVC composite resin product gives you a smooth and non-deforming surface to project your videos.

And you’ll find it super easy to install with the 22 pre-made holes. Carrying this thing is incredibly easy and safe as it comes with a soft carrying bag.

It’s extremely lightweight, weighing about 4.63 pounds only, so you won’t feel like pulling a heavy stone.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a large screen and offers a wide viewing angle of 160-degree
  • Offers full HD viewing with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Designed to be incredibly easy to install and carry
  • Allows you to watch anything with excellent brightness thanks to 1.2 gain

Top 7 Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing Comparison Chart

Product Name

Screen Size (inches)

Image Aspect Ratio

Viewing Angle

Gain Reflection

Mdbebbron 120 inch





TaoTronics Screen with Stand





VANK1YO StayTrue





PropVue with Stand





TaoTronics TT-HP020 





SKERELL Projector Screen 





WASJOYE PVC Projector Screen





Things to Consider Before Buying Projector Screen For Daytime Viewing

We are determined to help you out in finding the most efficient projector screen for daytime viewing. That’s why we’ve prepared this buying guide in addition to our detailed reviews.

By considering a couple of key features, you’ll be able to opt for the best option out of a wide variety of products on the market.


This is a no brainer. Since you’re looking to watch videos in bright outdoor conditions, you’re going to need a screen that’s capable of exhibiting your media with extreme brightness and vivid color.

You can tell whether it can offer the brightness you need by looking at the gain level.

The best projector screen for daytime viewing comes with at least 1.1 gain. In that sense, you’ll get a better viewing experience from products that offer more gain. However, that also means a lesser viewing angle.


Your projector screen should have no problem in providing the resolution that your projector offers. Otherwise, your projector’s capabilities will be greatly limited.

It’s always a good idea to go for the one that can present your videos and images in the highest resolution.


Projector screens are usually huge in size, and that’s what makes them so much fun! That’s one of the reasons that allow them to give you that theatre-like experience.

Most of these items are available in 100 to 150-inches in size. You should simply go for the size that appeals to you the most.

Viewing Angle

A wider viewing angle means more people can enjoy the videos as the image quality remains the same for the audience that is watching from sideways.

In general, you should choose a projector screen that offers at least a 160 to 180-degree viewing angle if you’ve got a large audience to entertain.

Ease of Installation

Setting the projector screen up should be as easy and fast as possible, considering the fact that you’d be doing that quite frequently.

You should be able to set it up within minutes to start watching your videos.

Many high-quality ones allow you to hang them up on the wall or set them up on the frame within a very short time. Once you’re done, you can simply roll or fold them up before storing them for safekeeping.


If you’re planning to use your projector screen in remote locations, portability is extremely important. Going from places to places with a heavy object can be a huge issue that many of us aren’t willing to deal with.

So, make sure the product is lightweight and comes with a case or bag for safe and easy carrying.


A projector screen is sure to be folded and unfolded many times, so it must be built with high-quality materials to survive the abuse.

In addition to that, you should make sure that it’s wrinkle-free as well. You won’t get to enjoy watching anything when the screen is full of annoying creases.

Besides, it’s sure to get dirty after some time. So, it should be safe for hand and machine-washing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best projectors for daytime viewing:

1. Which projector screen size should I go for?

Well, that depends on how far you’ll be sitting away from the screen. If you’ve got a huge audience, you should go for the larger ones. In general, 100 to 150-inches are good enough.

2. How effective are projector screens for daytime viewing?

There are many amazing projector screens that offer efficient performance in daytime conditions.

The ones we’ve reviewed are extremely effective as they come with decent gain and the required features to offer enhanced brightness.

3. Which screen color is best for daytime viewing?

Black screens are the best choice for daytime viewing. That’s because they offer sharper images and improved black levels where there is ambient light.

4. Do I have to go for the expensive ones?

You can actually get decent projector screens at an affordable price. Most of them aren’t all that expensive compared to the prices of the projector devices.

You can, of course, go for the pricier ones if your budget allows it to get the best quality.

5. How do I clean a dirty projector screen?

Cleaning projector screens is pretty easy. You can use soft brushes to clear away the dirt, or if it’s safe for machine-washing, you can let the machine do the job for you.

Final Words

Whether you like it or not, you won’t always have dark rooms where you can project your videos without facing brightness issues.

When you’re out in the open during the day, there isn’t much you can do to dim the light. That’s where the best projector screen for daytime viewing will come in handy.

You can confidently purchase any of the products we’ve reviewed, as they’re all capable of offering excellent brightness and superior resolution.