Best Projector For Small Room

Best Projector For Small Room in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

Living in a small apartment, you might have always thought of a projector as an incompatible home appliance. But today’s modern and upgraded ones surely prove that its use is no longer limited to large halls, classrooms, and offices.

Does that mean you can have a projector for the small room of your tiny apartment? Well, yes!

However, the best projectors for small rooms strike the right balance and harmony between features like zoom lenses, lumens, throw distance, portability, and others.

And matching and cross-matching the best qualities to get the right one can be a bit exhausting. So, in this article, we will guide you through the most compatible small room projectors, break down their key features and user feedback.

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YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector Full HD
YABER Native 1080P Projector

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AuKing Portable Video Projector
AuKing Portable Video Projector

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Optoma High Performance Projector
Optoma High Performance Projector

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PVO LED Pico Projector
PVO LED Pico Projector

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Projector with Projector Screen
Projector with Projector Screen

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Benefits of Using Projector for Small Room

A widescreen TV might be the first thing that comes to your might while thinking about upgrading your home entertainment system. But is it practical for a small room? We don’t think so. And below are some key benefits that you are going to get by choosing a small room projector over a giant TV.

Space Saving

The perk of having a projector is that it doesn’t take up any space permanently, unlike a huge TV.  And with a portable short-throw one, you can enjoy the superior quality picture by placing it a few feet away from the screen. In the absence of a retractable screen, you can project on the wall.

Customizable Screen Size

You also get to customize the screen size. The further you position the projector, the bigger image you are going to get. A larger image also translates into comfortable watching without putting strain on your eyes.


A widescreen view is sure to make your Saturday movie nights with friends and family more special. But the best part is, you don’t have to plan all the movie night gatherings at your place.

The handy small room projector can be easily carried to anywhere you like, be it your friend’s place or an outdoor setup.

Economic Choice

A projector gives excellent value for money. You get its more diverse functionality, larger screen, portability at a similar or lower price compared to the TV counterparts.

10 Best Projector for Small Room Reviews

Projectors for small rooms can be a scary buy. But not if you pick one after carefully weighing the pros and cons of the premium options listed below.

1. YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector Full HD

YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector Full HD

Some of the first concerns you might have while buying a small room projector is that whether your limited space will affect the picture quality and size or not. Well, with YABER Y30 Small Room Projector, you don’t have to worry about that.

First of all, it offers a screen size range of 45 to 200 inches from 1.5 to 5.5 m distances. So, you can achieve the desired screen size by placing the projector at the required distance that complies with your room size.

Also, you don’t have to worry about image quality deterioration with the increase in projection size. Thanks to the native 1080p resolution.

The feature that makes the device one of a kind is its 4D keystone correction that enables vertical and horizontal correction of ±50°. Now, it doesn’t sound much, but being able to project on any plane with a perfect alignment is indeed bliss!

The most exciting part is, you can do that with remote control! Yes, it does come with remote control. Besides, the X/Y zoom features allow width and length adjustment without having to repetitively move the projector.

Moreover, whether you have your room light on or not, the 8500-lumen brightness and 10000:1 color contrast ratio ensure brighter, clearer, and vivid images always.

The 100000 hours lamp life is also impressive, and users tend to love the intelligent cooling technology and quiet operation as well.

Key Features :

  • Creates a screen size of 45 to 200 inches
  • Features 4D keystone correction to set the screen at a standard rectangle
  • 1080p native resolution produces crisper and clearer images
  • 8500-lumen brightness for both dark and bright room use
  • X/Y zoom feature with remote control to adjust projection length and width

2. AuKing Portable Video Projector 55000 Hours

AuKing Portable Video Projector 55000 Hours

The AuKing Mini Projector is probably the best living room projector at this price. The impressive little projector is packed with all the features that make it suitable for playing games, video watching, Excell, PowerPoint Presentation, and many more.

The device enables you to customize the screen size from 32-170 inches by adjusting the distance between 1 to 5 meters. With a brightness of 2600 lumens and color contrast of 2000:1, it creates a distinct and rich quality image to enjoy in your living room.

However, your room’s light needs switching off to enjoy its brightness to the fullest.

It also has high compatibility with USB, AV, HDMI, and VGA ports. You can connect it with laptops, smartphones, cameras, TV boxes, X-box, and more.

The tiny 7.7 x 6 inches projector is highly portable and includes built-in dual speakers as well. You can also connect an amplifier to the device’s audio jack.

One thing that the projector falls back is the video quality. While it supports the HD 1080p, the native resolution is limited to 480p only. However, this significantly reduces the image quality on bigger screens, is quite good for small room projections.

The projectors also come with an excellent and exceptionally quiet colling system.

Last but not least, the 55000 hours of lamp life make sure your tiny device is going to last a very long time!

Key Features :

  • Highly portable with a dimension of 7.7 x 6 inches
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Enables you to customize screen size from 32 to 170 inches
  • Has a lamp life of 55000 hours and lasts long
  • Provides great value for the money

3. Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies

Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies

If you are looking forward to enjoying a superior gaming experience on a large screen at home, then the Optoma HD243X might be the finest small room projector you can find at a convenient price range.

With a native resolution of 1080p, a maximum screen size of 120 inches, and a contrast ratio of 24000:1, this tiny projector is the ultimate package for watching movies, gaming, presentation, or anything you want to do.

And it comes with a brightness of 3,300 lumens. It’s not very high but optimum enough for a dimly lit room as well as daytime presentations and outdoor projections. Not to mention, it weighs only 7 pounds, so you will have no problem maneuvering it.

Also, thanks to the exclusive 0.47-inch DMD DLD chip, it portrays the minute and microscopic details.

We guess it won’ be wrong to call the device a mini bomb! But it doesn’t end here. The device ensures minimum latency and fast input response in its enhanced game mode.

Installation and operation are pretty easy as well. It enables you to zoom 1.1x and features a vertical keystone correction.

And finally, as per the connectivity, it comes with 2 HDMIs, 1 USB, and an audio jack.

Key Features :

  • Produces a maximum screen size of 120 inches from a short distance
  • True color projection with a contrast ratio of 24000:1
  • 3,300-lumen brightness for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to maneuver, weighing only 7 pounds
  • Minimal latency makes it suitable for gaming

4. PVO Portable LED Pico Video Projector

PVO Portable LED Pico Video Projector

This PVO Mini Projector stands out in the crowd of small room projectors as being most suited for kids’ entertainment. The device is small, handy, and easily operable by kids.

It can produce a maximum screen size of 150 inches, with recommended being 60-100 inches. The larger screen size and viewing from a distance puts less strain on the eyes. This will certainly alleviate your concerns regarding your children’s eyesight for watching cartoons all day.

With a dimension of 5.6 x 3.7 inches and weighing only 0.7 pounds, you can easily carry it to outdoor movie setups or when you are camping and enjoy the brighter and larger movie screen, anytime.

But how to ensure the power supply? Well, this portable projector comes with an AC adapter, but you can also charge it with a mobile phone or car charger or connect it with a power bank.

It also includes built-in sound that is significantly loud. Still, if you think of it is as enough, feel free to plug in an amplifier.

Besides the audio jack, the tiny device has multiple ports that enable you to connect it with PC, flash drives, smartphones, TVs, and more.

It also supports HD 1080p and provides a native resolution of 640x360p. Yes, it’s far less than the high-end projector resolutions, but we could hardly find another with such an amazing blend of features at this price range.

Key Features :

  • Produces a maximum screen size of 150 inches and is most suited for kids
  • Highly portable, weighing only 0.7 pounds
  • Powers via power bank, mobile, or car charger
  • Has multiple ports and is compatible with different device types
  • Comes with a built-in sound speaker

5. Top Vision Projector with 100” Projector Screen

Top Vision Projector with 100” Projector Screen

According to some users, the TOPVISION Portable Video Projector can be quoted as a “mini bomb”. But why is that? Well, TOPVISION has dared to incorporate so many high-end features while giving it a minimalistic design, sturdy construction, and long life.

First of all, the projector successfully creates the movie theatre vibe in your living room with a customizable screen size of 72 to 240 inches. The manufacturer recommends keeping it at 9.5 feet for experiencing the most out of it. It includes a 100-inch screen as well!

Moreover, it has got lots of ports, including 2 USBs, 2 HDMIs, AV, TF, and VGA. So, you can connect it with almost all kinds of devices, even TV sticks, and Xbox.

And not just that, it supports 1080p HD, offers a color contrast of 6000:1, and a native resolution of 1280x720p. So you will be enjoying superior video quality, sharper, and rich-colored images.

The 6500 lux brightness again enables you to enjoy the bright projections outdoors. And while indoors, you don’t necessarily need to draw all the curtains and maintain pitch-black darkness.

Its built-in dual speakers seem sufficient for indoors, and you can connect external speakers if you like.

Furthermore, with a lamp life of 60000 hours, it’s going to last longer than you expected.

Key Features :

  • Creates a maximum of 240-inch widescreen projections
  • Comes with a projection screen
  • Delivers high video quality with resolution 1280x720p
  • Brightness of 6500 lux and can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Has many ports and is compatible with a wide range of devices

6. CiBest LED Portable Home Theater Projector

CiBest LED Portable Home Theater Projector

Another quality budget product makes it to our best projector for small room list, and it is the CiBest mini video projector.

Like most mini devices, it features a contrast ratio of 2000:1 that ensures cleared and vivid color images on a widescreen. It offers a projection size ranging from 30-200 inches, with 60-80 inches being the ideal.

The adjustment and focusing are effortless as well. With the keystone correction and rotating focus adjustment button, you can easily fix the image’s blurriness. The device also lets you both wall-mount it or use it on a standard camera tripod.

And it has got a lot of ports, making it usable with a wide range of devices from fire TV sticks and Chromecast to PS4. Its compatibility with multiple devices makes it an ideal home projector to enjoy family movie time or friends’ game time.

The compact dimension and lightweight feature also enable you to carry it with ease. So, you don’t always need to host Saturday night parties at your home.

Moreover, the video quality is decent as well. It supports the HD 1080p and delivers a resolution of 800x480p. It’s not one of the highest, but the price range surely justifies that.

Most users are not very happy about the built-in sound, but you can connect an amplifier for better quality sound.

Key Features :

  • Produces widescreen projection sizes from 30-200 inches
  • Works with a wide range of devices
  • Can be mounted with a tripod or to the wall
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes at a very reasonable price

7. ELEPHAS WiFi Movie Projector with Smartphone Screen

ELEPHAS WiFi Movie Projector with Smartphone Screen

The ELEPHAS Upgraded Mini Projector 2021 provides an excellent value for money, supporting the HD 1080p and providing a high contrast ratio of 3500:1.

The most noticeable upgrade to this device is the Wifi connection. You can connect it to your laptop, smartphone, or any other device and synchronize it with your mobile screen and stream.

It also features multiple ports to connect the fire TV sticks, Chromecast, Xbox, and others. However, it’s mentionable that you won’t be able to project copyrighted contents from any online streaming services without any streaming device like fire stick.

The tiny gadget can project a screen up to 200 inches in size, which is again customizable.

Furthermore, the great color accuracy and resolution of the projection make it more life-like and sharp. The sound quality is quite good as well, but if you are not happy with it, just plug in a stereo.

What most people didn’t like about the tiny device is its dim brightness that requires shutting lights and the Wifi connectivity, which isn’t very swift.

Nevertheless, the lower price and 50000 hours of lamp life that ensures an incredibly long shelf life surely compensate for that.

Key Features :

  • Great color accuracy with a contrast ratio of 3500:1
  • Produces a maximum screen size of 200 inches
  • Wifi connectivity that enables wireless projection and streaming
  • Comes with a lamp life of 50000 hours and lasts long
  • Price is very appealing

8. Vili Nice 5000L WiFi Projector with Synchronize Screen

Vili Nice 5000L WiFi Projector with Synchronize Screen

If you want to go into the full wireless projection experience, the VILINICE Portable Phone Projector surely makes a good match.

Like the previous one, the Wifi connectivity enables you to connect and synchronize the device to your iPhone or Android with ease.

However, the description clearly states that you won’t be able to project any online streaming services this way. For that, you need to connect the TV stick, Chromecast, or your laptop.

Yes, it has a bunch of ports and is compatible with different devices. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity. So, if you feel like the built-in audio is not up to the mark, you can easily connect a wired or wireless speaker.

In terms of image quality and projection size, it produces a maximum screen size of 240 inches, supports 1080p, and can showcase a resolution of 1280x720p. So, you are sure to enjoy a robust video quality with minimal blurs and great focus!

Also, thanks to the high contrast ratio of 5000:1, it provides excellent color accuracy.

All these amazing qualities apart, a few things didn’t quite appeal to the customers. The device seems to be a bit noisy, and the setup is not exactly effortless.

Key Features :

  • Includes wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for complete wireless projection
  • Great picture quality with a native resolution of 1280x720p
  • Produces a widescreen up to 240 inches
  • High contrast ratio creates distinct and more precise images
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices

9. WiMiUS P21 6500 Lumens Projector Support 4K

WiMiUS P21 6500 Lumens Projector Support 4K

The WiMiUS P21 6500 Lumens Video Projector is another superior quality small room projector that we couldn’t help mentioning. And despite possessing many great qualities, it comes at a very affordable price range.

The short-throw projector can produce screen size in the range of 50 to 300 inches when placed at 4.9 to 20 feet distance. An optimum screen distance of 3m should be maintained for the best result.

Another great quality of the device is that it is capable of projecting images at 1080p resolution, meaning you are sure to get a more detailed and sharp picture quality than most conventional small room projectors.

And the high-quality image is further complemented by an 8000:1 contrast ratio and 6500-lumen brightness. So, not only the picture quality will be vivid and life-like, with substantial color depth and accuracy, but it’s well visible with your room lights on.

It also comes with a built-in 5W dual stereo, but most customers are not very happy with the sound quality. However, you can plug in an external speaker or headset.

Apart from that, the connectivity is quite impressive. With 2 HDMIs, VGA, AV, and 2 USB ports, you have the freedom to connect multiple device types.

The projector also lets you correct the vertical keystone up to 15° for alignment adjustment and features a zoom function to shrink the image size.

Key Features :

  • Detailed and sharp image at a high native resolution of 1080p
  • Offers a wide range of connectivity with various device types
  • Better color correction with a contrast ratio of 8000:1
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Allows keystone correction and image shrinking

10. QKK 2021 Upgraded Mini Projector

If you are looking forward to level-up your movie-watching experience at home, we can’t find anything better than the QKK 2021 Upgraded Mini Projector. The small-sized device is no less than a wonder.

It supports a full HD resolution of 1920x1080p and provides a native resolution of 1280x720p. This translates into brighter projections than most mini devices.

The 2000:1 contrast ratio again enables you to see the image or video projections with utmost detail. It also offers a brightness level of 5000-lumen, meaning you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Also, thanks to the portable tripod stand, it’s easy to set up and lets you have a premium theatre-like experience at home or wherever you like. Not to mention, you can wall-mount the device too.

The projector can create a maximum projection size of 170 inches from a distance of 5 m. You can keep it 3m apart to get an ideal projection of 100 inches.

Additionally, the multimedia projector has different ports, including 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 AV, and 1 SD card port. So, you can not only use 2 USB flash drives at once, but connect the project to the smartphone, DVD player, laptop, media player, sd card, and more.

Although the device is suited for video gaming, most users don’t seem to be happy with their experience. Another drawback of this is that it doesn’t provide enough scope for adjusting the focus and zooming.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent product to have, especially considering its price range. It also offers a lamp life of 50,000 hours, meaning you will be using it for years to come without any difficulties.

Key Features :

  • Brighter and larger image with a resolution of 1080p
  • Includes a tripod for easy setup
  • Numerous ports for connecting with different devices
  • Hight contrast ratio and brightness for quality and crystal-clear projection
  • Highly durable with 50,000 hours of lamp life

Comparison Chart Of Projectors For Small Rooms


Resolution (native)

Maximum Screen Size




200 inches


AuKing Mini


170 inches

2600 lumens

Optoma HD243X


120 inches


PVO Mini


150 inches




240 inches

6500 lux

CiBest Mini


200 inches




200 inches




240 inches

5000 lux

WiMiUS P21


300 inches


QKK Upgraded


170 inches


Projector For Small Room Buying Guide

As much as you would love to have the widescreen movie theatre feeling at home, without sufficient knowledge, you might end up having a product that is soo wrong for your small room.

So, below are few factors that you most definitely need to look into before making a decision.


Resolution is one of the key factors to consider before buying a projector, especially a small room. Resolution indicates pixel number, which in turn determines image clarity.

Higher resolution projectors indeed produce a more detailed image. Now, most projectors support the HD1080p; however, it’s not always the native resolution, which it projects on the screen.

For watching movies and other basic purposes, not a very high native resolution is necessary. And an 800 x 600 or 800 x 480 pixels kind of serves well for viewing projections from a large distance. However, on viewing from near distances, you might actually see the pixels at low resolutions.

So, for small rooms, it’s better to opt for 1080p or 720p.


Brightness determines the lighting condition where you can best use your projector.

Higher the brightness or lumen, the better you would be able to see in daylight or when the room lights are on. Now a small projector for bedroom, which you intend to use for movies only at night, 2000-3000 lumens is sufficient.

However, for outdoor movie watching, a higher brightness level is needed.


The contrast ratio basically indicates the color divisions between black and white. So, the higher the ratio, the more color-correct image you are going to get. This also aids in portraying more image details.

Projectors tend to have a wide range of contrast ratios from 1000:1 to 10,000:1. Not much of a higher contrast is necessary for a basic purpose projector, but make sure it’s not less than 1500:1.


The best projector for small room should have multiple ports and be compatible with different devices so that you can connect with any gadgets you want.

Almost all devices have HDMI to connect them with PC, laptop, and TV. Some gadgets also have more than one HDMI port to offer more flexibility in connection.

Apart from that, USB, VGA, audio jack, and AV ports are there to connect flash drives, speakers, TV sticks, or other streaming devices.

Some even have Wifi and Bluetooth for hassle-free, wireless projections.

Throw Distance

Throw distance or throw ratio is another crucial aspect to consider while purchasing a small room projector. It is a relative measure of the projector-screen distance and screen size.

Based on this distance, projectors can be regular, short-throw, or ultra-short throws. Each type is defined by a range of throw ratios. For instance, for short-throw ones, this ratio ranges from 0.38:1 to 1.4:1, meaning for a 60 inches screen size, the projector-screen distance should be at least 3 feet.

For regular ones, this distance is about 7.5 feet. So, check out the recommended screen distance and size of the projector before buying, and make sure to choose the one that fits your room well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are mini projectors worth it?

Today’s mini projectors have loads of advanced features that provide a superior movie watching and gaming experience. And they are compact enough to carry while traveling or enjoy outdoor settings.

Despite that, mini projectors tend to be rather affordable, and they provide such good value for money.

2. Are short throw projectors better for me?

If you happen to have a small room, long-throw projectors are not an option. Short throw ones usually require a distance of 3-10 feet from the screen and thus can be easily placed in a constrained space.

They also come with a perfect blend of resolution, contrast, and brightness to deliver the right quality projection from a small space.

3. What color should I paint on a wall for projection?

It is pretty usual to project on the walls of a room. For projection, you can utilize any blank wall in your home, preferably. As white reflects most colors, it produces better projection.

To further enhancing the image quality, you can paint the wall with grey or white projector paints.

4. Can I use a projector in a small room?

Yes, you can. Depending on the size of your living space, you can choose between a long or short-throw projector.

While long-throw ones need to be placed at a larger distance from the screen, which you mightn’t be able to accommodate in your room, short-throw ones produce substantial projection from a few feet only.

5. What is the difference between mini and regular projectors?

The fundamental difference lies in size and portability. Mini projectors, as the name suggests, tend to be small and have higher maneuverability. But they lack video quality, projection size, and others compared to the regular ones.

Final Words

Well, that’s pretty much the ins and outs about the best projectors for small rooms. By this time, we hope you have a good understanding of why choosing a small room projector is not the same as searching for a regular one.

Smaller throw-distance, ratio, better resolution, portability are some of the features that dominate in making the projector best suited for small rooms. Also, the projector should be compatible with multiple devices and usable for various purposes other than only watching movies.

And we picked every product on the list only after ensuring that it has a perfect balance of all these qualities. Hope this helps you in making an informed decision.