Best Printer For Dorm Room

Best Printer For Dorm Room in 2022 – Top 5 Reviews and Compression Guide

“All these beautiful photos of pure nature, how did you do it?! You must be going to the shop often lately to print them out.”

“Not at all; I’ve found an easier way to chase my dreams. I wanted to show you my new printer. It has made a happy place out of my humble dorm room.”

Yes, your friend has bagged an awesome deal by buying the best printer for dorm room. Now, why should you be left out from experiencing such happiness?

The market will present such lucrative options; it will be as hard to resist them as resisting hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

We’ve reviewed some exceptional printers too. They are vibrant, offer speed of action, and, most importantly, have all the features you want for fun printing. Read on.

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HP Printer For Dorm Room | All-in-One Wireless Printer
HP Printer For Dorm Room | All-in-One Wireless Printer

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Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room with Mobile and Tablet Printing
Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room with Mobile and Tablet Printing

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HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Works with Alexa
HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer For Dorm Room

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HP ENVY Printer For Dorm Room, Wireless, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy
HP ENVY Printer For Dorm Room, Wireless, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy

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Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Scanner, Copier with AirPrint
Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Scanner, Copier

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Best Printer For Dorm Room Reviews

We knew that the options were too many. But, with the right kinds of requirements in our scrutinizing minds, we successfully took out the best of them and reviewed them in a cheerful mood.

1. HP Printer For Dorm Room | All-in-One Wireless Printer

HP Printer For Dorm Room | All-in-One Wireless Printer

Printing documents and photos from your smartphone is a new blessing introduced by modern-day technology lately. And here’s a device that will do the job with perfection.

The documents are going to be laser-quality with our best printer for dorm room, while the photos will demonstrate high definition.

You can print your things from any of the cloud storage. Be it Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive – printing has never been faster.

Also, you can maneuver the printer as you wish using the HP smart app. This way, you will find that ordering toner or scanning from the phone is as easy as you like.

I want to talk about the functions of this unit. Faxing, copying, scanning, wireless printing – there are few things it can’t manage.

Besides, you will find the Instant Ink feature to be a day-saver. Once you get used to the monthly payment methods, you will enjoy the convenience.

The printer will be quiet with this particular noise-free mode in place. However, you may not like the idea of a monthly subscription.

It seems to cost you a bit more than necessary. So, what you need to do is buy separate ink cartridges to avoid the hassle.

Key Features :

  • Works with cloud storages to ease up the tasks
  • With the HP smart app, maneuvering the device is extremely easy
  • Does many tasks efficiently, such as scanning, faxing, copying, etc.
  • Instant Ink technology; criticized yet commendable
  • A pleasant, quiet mode to give you a serene printing atmosphere

2. Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room with Mobile and Tablet Printing

Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room with Mobile and Tablet Printing

The next product on the list is all about an abundance of printing options. We are talking about iPad, iPhone, Android, and tablets.

If you can print your stuff from these many devices, it’s surely extraordinary, right?

Yes, the printer will also offer you Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Canon print, Airprint, and NFC. So, as far as versatility goes, it’s the best printer for college student.

Besides, the setup will be outrageously fast. And with the compactness of the machine, finding a suitable spot to place it isn’t going to be a big deal.

I am also stunned by the glorious look of this unit. I mean, no one forbids you from showing off with your printer to earn a few sweet compliments!

Paper sizes, plain paper, photo paper capacities, and output tray capacity – these are all perfect for regular jobs.

And the package includes a power cord, setup CD Rom, documents, manuals, setup inks, etc. Thus, you can start using the device right out of the box.

Now, Bluetooth may struggle to connect at times. And the printer might have a jamming habit. Once in a while, it tends to take too many sheets at a time.

Also, if you are looking for a strong option for a heavy office workload, this might not be the right one.

Key Features :

  • Gets along with iPhone, tablet, Android, iPad, etc.
  • A good number of printing options; AirPrint, NFC, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Fast and hassle-free setup with the compactness
  • Looks stunning with the vibrant colors
  • The package includes all the necessary accessories

3. HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Works with Alexa

HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Works with Alexa

I am excited to review this college dorm printer for one main reason. That is, it comes with a beautiful LCD.

Moreover, there are at least seven segments to blow you away. And the scan jobs were never easier to handle, thanks to the HP scroll scan.

Therefore, you can be done with stiff media as well as plain papers fast.

This unit might be the most compact printer you will find out there. And the colors are as lovely as you can imagine.

What’s more, its wireless design will make your life a lot simpler. You can print from Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive smoothly.

I love the HP smart app. If it wasn’t there, scanning from the smartphone, setting up the printer, or ordering a tone would’ve involved some hassles.

And the fact that it copies, scans, and prints is amazing. Also, you can enjoy the convenience of AirPrint and Instant ink with this.

However, the instant ink feature may not work for everyone. Not every user has appreciated this technology. Some of them saw it as a burden.

Also, the printer may print some papers without notifying you first. While some will find this convenient, others will be bothered.

Key Features :

  • Fabulous LCD to make the printing task interesting
  • HP scroll scan makes the scanning extremely easy
  • Unbelievably compact with glamorous color options
  • Works with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • With the HP smart app, scanning documents from smartphones is simple

4. HP ENVY Printer For Dorm Room, Wireless, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy

HP ENVY Printer For Dorm Room, Wireless, Mobile Print, Scan & Copy

Looking for a device that will easily get along with your smartphone? Then check out the one that will make your day brighter.

We are talking about the popular HP smart app that allows you to connect the printer with many devices. I am also impressed with the efficient Wi-Fi connectivity it demonstrates.

Another worth mentioning feature is the photo printing it offers. I am honored to mention that it’s borderless with this unit.

And if the family members download the HP smart app, they can also scan, print, and copy their documents. It will allow you to share your stuff to Google Drive and Dropbox.

I like the material used in the construction of this awesomely compact device. 20-percent recycled plastic is fascinating as far as printers go.

And the fact that this unit prints both sides of the sheet automatically is outstanding. Moreover, the HP instant ink can be a pleasant feature if you get the hang of it.

Now, HP might have discontinued the ink – something you need to check and consider. And the printer sometimes doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Also, the device may trouble you with generic errors. And there’s the issue of paper jamming.

Key Features :

  • Excellent Wi-Fi connectivity to finish the printing tasks faster
  • HP smart app; a revolution of a kind
  • Prints photos without any borders
  • Easy sharing of your documents to Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Amazingly compact and strong with the use of a special type of plastic

5. Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Scanner, Copier with AirPrint

Canon Wireless Printer For Dorm Room, Scanner, Copier with AirPrint

The last product on the list comes with so many wonderful features we are thrilled to mention. Firstly, it requires no more than 2 fine cartridges to get to the action.

With the hybrid ink system, it will mesmerize you with the sharpness of text and clarity of photos.

What’s also lovely is the compactness of the model. With the vibrant color options, it will look glamorous in any corner of the house.

I am also counting on the 1.44-inch OLED display. On top of that, it comes with an LED status bar to keep you informed about the printing status.

The OLED display shows an amazingly deep color that is easy to notice from the other corner of the room.

Moreover, the device comes with AirPrint technology – a day-saver for Apple device users. Printing documents from iPhone, Mac, and iPad will be super-easy with this in place.

Now, connecting the device may take some time if you are technologically challenged. And the ink cartridges might be a bit expensive for some.

Also, it may lack an option for direct scanning from the printer. And some will refuse to accept that it’s for Mac.

Key Features :

  • The photos will be genuine and the documents sharp with the hybrid ink
  • All the color options are beautiful to add to the beauty of the room
  • OLED display makes it easy to monitor the printing performance
  • AirPrint technology will print the papers and share them fast
  • Works with Mac, iPhone, and iPad so that you don’t need other software

Top 5 Printer For Dorm Room | Comparison Chart

Product Name

Printing Technology

Printing Media Type


HP OfficeJet 3830 


Plain Paper, envelopes, labels, card stock, high-resolution paper, glossy photo paper


Canon PIXMA MG3620



Red, black, white

HP DeskJet 3755 Compact


Plain paper, envelopes

Blue, seagrass, stone

HP ENVY 6055


Glossy photo paper, plain paper


Canon TS5320 All


Plain paper, envelopes

Black, green, white, pink

Things to Consider Before Buying Printer For Dorm Room

A printer may be the best thing on the line to happen to you since the mobile phone. But, a wrong device can splash water on your dream.

Therefore, pay attention to this section, where we are adamant about making you a smart purchaser in no time.

We want to talk about the basics here to let you know how to be a happy buyer.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The whole point of buying a printer is to enjoy the convenience of not going to a printing shop. And that’s not going to be possible unless the device comes with spot-on connectivity.

Now, when we say connectivity, we are not implying the speed of the Stone Age, of course! We mean sheer and breathtaking speed.

There are few options in this regard, among which Wi-Fi is the most popular. And it’s good news that almost all the units out there come with this type of connectivity.

Also, there’s this option called Wi-Fi Direct that makes the printing faster than ever.


Make sure that the printer has an efficient USB port if you are comfortable with the use of wires. This feature will let you print stuff you have on other hard drives or devices.

If this kind of connectivity is important to you, check every detail of it so that there’s no problem later.

Cloud Support

In this era, it’s unimaginable to live without the need for online storage facilities. And the manufacturers of printers know this well.

Thus, we see the devices these days with excellent Cloud supports. You also want your fair share of such convenience in the best printer for dorm room.

So, check if the device will share documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. With Wi-Fi connectivity and Cloud compatibility, you will discover new horizons of fun printing.


We aren’t talking about the price factor over here. Rather, we are implying the cost of ink. For, we know that it will mean a lot in the days ahead.

You shouldn’t let this issue frustrate you in the future. Therefore, you must inquire about this in detail before going for the purchase.

Speed and Double-printing

The printer needs to work fast. And if it can print two sides of the papers automatically, it would be fantastic.

Among other features, I want you to check out the LED options, LCD, and colors. These will matter when you want to hold onto your printer like it’s the dearest to your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the first thing to do when there’s a malfunction?

Bring the paper out of your printer paper feeder first. Otherwise, there will be jamming – a common problem with printers.

2. Should I turn my printer off from time to time?

Yes, that will be a good idea. For, leaving the printer on all day will lead to excessive power consumption no matter how energy efficient the device is.

3. What will happen if I don’t use the printer for a while?

There’s a chance of drying up of the ink cartridges if you do that. Therefore, it will be wise to use the printer for some fun tasks, even if there’s no need.

4. Can a printer get automatically cleaned up?

Some printers do clean up their blocked heads. However, it would be better to keep your expectations in check.

5. What does a printer do?

The printer gives a physical appearance to your documents and photos in the form of papers. The photos and text that were untouchable before become touchable.

Final Words

So, have you found the best printer for dorm room? If the answer is a yes, then you’ve just made our day. If it’s a no, we are still optimistic and want you to go through the highlighted features one more time.

Also, we are going to include a comparison chart here so that you find the decision-making easy. Anyways, let us cheer you up by saying that none of these reviewed items will let you down.

Yes, they are riddled with a few drawbacks, but they are like a bright moon, still beaming through the dark clouds.