best printer for cardstock invitations

Best Printer For Cardstock Invitations in 2022 – Top 5 Recommendation

Printers that deliver original color rendition and vibrancy on specialty media are worth buying.

Even if you’re looking for heavy-duty printers for the office, you’d definitely want to be able to print business cards on the go.

That brings us to today’s topic- what is a good printer for printing cardstock and what else can it do

Although we’ve rounded up five exceptional printers, the best printer for cardstock invitations has the finest print and ink quality supported by a wide range of media options.

So, if you want to know which one it is, give our article a thorough read. You won’t be disappointed!

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

Canon Printer For Cardstock Invitations Wireless with AirPrint
Canon Printer For Cardstock Invitations Wireless with AirPrint

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Canon Wireless Printer For Wedding Invitations with AirPrint
Canon Wireless Printer For Wedding Invitations with AirPrint

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Epson EcoTank Printer For Cardstock Invitations, Wireless with Scanner
Epson EcoTank Printer For Cardstock Invitations, Wireless with Scanner

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HP ENVY Printer For Printing Invitations | All in One Printer with Wireless
HP ENVY Printer For Printing Invitations | All in One Printer with Wireless

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HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer For Cardstock Invitations with Wireless
HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer For Cardstock Invitations with Wireless

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Best Printer For Cardstock Invitations Reviews

We are listing down our top 5 picks so that you can choose the most suitable printer for printing cardstock right away!

1. Canon Printer For Cardstock Invitations Wireless with AirPrint

Canon Printer For Cardstock Invitations Wireless with AirPrint

With the Canon PIXMA iX6820, you have an extra pair of hands that keep you afloat in the busiest time of the year!

Featuring a 14.5 ppm speed and all the perks of wireless printing, Canon had outdone itself with this one!

To begin with, its ChromaLife100+ combines an advanced photolithography print head technology and high-quality dye-based ink.

Speaking from experience, it is by far the most sophisticated technology for rendering exquisite borderless photos on specialty papers.

Additionally, this wireless printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, and PIXMA Printing Solutions, other than USB and Ethernet.

This power-saving printer automatically turns on when you give orders from your computer over Wi-Fi.

It is the best printer for cardstock invitations because you can have access to Creative Park Premium- a super-exclusive software that includes templates, photo filters, and add-ons to make your crafts truly stand out!

Plus, the fact that PIXMA iX6820 is ultra-quiet in its game was a good enough reason for us to get it.

Key Features :

2. Canon Wireless Printer For Wedding Invitations with AirPrint

Canon Wireless Printer For Wedding Invitations with AirPrint

If you’re already amazed by PIXMA iX6820, then the Canon IP8720 will leave you speechless. This one is a total upgrade from the common 8″×10″ photo papers to the next-level 13″×19″ size.

For starters, you can print gallery-ready photos directly from your Canon DSLR with this one.

Thanks to its Full HD Movie Print system, you can now print not only stills but also shots from a precious video clip shot on your DSLR, PowerShot camera, or VIXIA camcorder.

Now, printing cardstock is also about having fun. And this is exactly what the Canon IP6820 is all about! You can pour your creativity on DIY cards with the help of ‘My Image Garden’.

It’s one of the most useful software that organizes, customizes, and finally makes your cards come out exactly the way it looks on your MacBook screen!

Its calendar recognition, intuitive layout suggestion, and special filters put in the extra work for you. Canon IP8720 is the best printer for invitations if you prefer comfort above anything else.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a pigment black ink cartridge for producing sharp black and white documents
  • Prints exquisite borderless photos with a 300-year shelf life
  • Supports high-speed data transferring via Wi-Fi and USB
  • Also prints on CD and DVD

3. Epson EcoTank Printer For Cardstock Invitations, Wireless with Scanner

Epson EcoTank Printer For Cardstock Invitations, Wireless with Scanner

From wedding invitation cards to business cards, Epson EcoTank ET-2750 has got you covered in all areas with its brilliant print quality and colors.

Considering that it comes with two years’ worth of ink supplies, ET-2750 is also a budget-friendly solution for all your printing needs.

You can save half on your paper supply because this printer supports automatic double-sided printing. With a stunning 5760×1440 dpi resolution, your cards will look as exquisite as those from a print shop.

Its one set of ink bottles help you save ninety percent on replacement ink, eliminating expensive cartridges for good.

One set is enough to print up to 6,500 black and white documents or 5,200 pages of color photos. A 100-sheet paper capacity does the trick for regular home and office use just the same.

However, the reason why Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is the best printer for wedding invitations is that its print quality is second to none.

The ink dries fast and stays archive-ready for a long time. You also get a 1.44-inch color display on the printer that combines necessary printing commands you want close at hand.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for plain paper, labels, and envelopes
  • Comes with replacement ink worth 6500 black and white documents
  • Its easy-to-fill ink tanks don’t jam, leak, or dry out
  • A RoHS compliant, eco-friendly printer

4. HP ENVY Printer For Printing Invitations | All in One Printer with Wireless

HP ENVY Printer For Printing Invitations | All in One Printer with Wireless

Borderless photos can make anything look immersive and intimate. And when they are made by an HP printer, stay assured- it is as good as printing on cardstock papers can get at this moment in time!

For starters, it supports a generous collection of print media. Starting from 4″×5″ letters to 8″×10″ photo cards, HP ENVY Photo 7155 is compatible with a cool range of paper sizes that will come in handy.

Besides, its reliable wireless connectivity makes it easier for you to shoot printing orders via dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet.

In fact, you can put an SD card inside the invitation printer to get copies of the photos. This way, you don’t have to transfer photos from the SD card to your computer; we all know how time-consuming it can be!

Another thing we liked about this best printer for printing invitations is that it supports optional high-yield HP ink cartridges.

While a standard HP 64 ink cartridge lasts for up to two hundred pages, a high-yield HP 64XL black or tri-color can last for thrice as many!

That’s right; just one cartridge is enough to print 600 pages with crisp black letters for official documents.

Not to mention, it’s also a great deal for students with a lot of assignments and papers to print.

Key Features :

  • Prints directly from your SD card and cloud storage
  • Supports print media from 4″×5″ up to 8″×10″
  • Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi for easy wireless connectivity
  • Its high-yield cartridges last for 600 pages

5. HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer For Cardstock Invitations with Wireless

HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer For Cardstock Invitations with Wireless

Once we found out about the premium specs of HP Color LaserJet Pro, we regretted not buying a laser printer sooner. Its printing speed is the highest of all, and the quality is top-notch as always!

You can print directly from your smartphone gallery, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox.

Even when the connection is down, you have the opportunity to print necessary photos and documents over Wi-Fi Direct. The wireless setup is easy and takes only a little while to finish.

Like any other wireless HP printer, you get the HP Smart App with the LaserJet Pro as well. It lets you navigate through a tiring workload in a breeze.

And the printing speed being 27 ppm, this laser printer puts any high-end inkjet printer to shame!

Considering all of these remarkable features, we couldn’t help but add this HP laser printer for invitations to our list.

If you have a ton of cards to finish, you can always rely on its 27-ppm speed for lightning-fast delivery.

Since it supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, getting started will never be an issue!

That said, if you don’t mind the price, buying the LaserJet Pro for printing cardstock is a great decision.

Besides, its auto-duplex printing and an HP Instant Ink subscription plan automatically minimize the cost. The good news is, once you subscribe, the first two months of ink supply is absolutely free!

Key Features :

  • Comes with a 3-inch color touchscreen for easy controls
  • Receives voice commands from Alexa and Google Assistant
  • The printing speed goes up to 27 pages per minute
  • High-quality toner renders beautiful photos on a wide range of printing media

Top 5 Printer For Cardstock Invitations | Comparison Chart

Product Name

WirelessPrinting Media


Paper Tray Capacity

Special Feature

Canon Pixma iX6820

Glossy photo paper

14.5 ppm


Supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Ethernet, and USB

Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer

Glossy photo paper

14.5 ppm


Prints borderless photos up to 13 x 19

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Plain paper, label, envelope

14 ppm


Allows printing from Alexa and Google voice assistant

HP ENVY 7155 All in One

Envelope, Plain paper, glossy photo paper

14 ppm black, 9 ppm color


A 2.65-inch color touchscreen for quick controls

HP Color LaserJet Pro

Plain paper

28 ppm


Optional PIN/pull printing for protecting confidential data

Things to Consider Before Buying Printer For Cardstock Invitations

Choosing a printer without considering its connectivity options, ink technology, and supported media is a huge mistake.

Then there comes speed, paper tray capacity, auto document feeding, and data encryption that decide how high-tech a printer is.

A printer that is suitable for office use varies greatly from one intended for home. Still, there are some printers that meet halfway and adapt to your printing needs without any issue. Let’s find out about them!

Printing Speed

When it comes to printers, you don’t want one that makes an awful noise and takes forever to print a color photo.

Nowadays, even average printers can go at least 10 black and white pages a minute. But if we’re talking about laser printers, it might as well go 30 pages a minute!

We have the HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDW to prove exactly that. This high-speed wireless printer supports two-sided printing and easily handles a heavy monthly volume of up to four thousand pages.

However, inkjet printers like the mighty Epson EcoTank ET-2750 don’t fall too far behind. It delivers 14 pages per minute, and comes with enough ink to last two whole years- even for a busy office!

Ink Technology

You need a printer that is fast and doesn’t wet the paper with ink. We can readily name a ton of printers that make the prints over-saturated and the cardstock sloppy.

Other than the ink subscription bundle offered by big brands, it’s quite hard to trust brands with a suspiciously low ink cost.

Inkjet printers are naturally costly for ink refills because the quality is top-notch, fully uncompromised. Take the Canon PIXMA iX6820, for example.

It has 5 individual ink tanks- one of which is a brilliant pigment black ink. Each ink tank goes a long way and renders true colors on glossy photo cards. try for also scrapbooking print

The dye-based color inks hail from Canon’s extremely advanced ChromaLife100+ line. No wonder why Canon PIXMA iX6820 is the best printer for cardstock invitations.

Its printing technology includes full photolithography nozzle engineering, which produces 1-picoliter ink droplets.

Since ink droplets of this size are incredibly small, you get a fine color and details on your photos.

Paper Tray Capacity

The paper tray capacity says a lot about your experience with a printer. If you choose a wireless printer to save the trouble of repetitive manual labor,

you’ll have to get up and refill the tray sooner than you think- because of a low paper capacity.

Canon IP8720 is a personal favorite of ours because you can put a total of 150 papers. As for laser printers, check out the HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDW.

With a paper tray that holds no fewer than 250 sheets, this remarkable laser printer can do wonders in a packed office!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of printer is suitable for printing cardstock?

You will find both inkjet and laser printers that support specialty papers such as cardstock and high-resolution papers.

We recommend a wireless color inkjet printer that has a black pigment ink cartridge for printing cardstock.

Its ink quality has to be durable and smudge-proof, and the color has to be vibrant at the same time.

Finally, an auto document feeder with a decent capacity works well, because you may need to print a whole batch of cards at one go.

2. Does the cardstock weight matter during printing?

The cardstock weight denotes how thick the paper is. An 80lb cardstock is a preferable media for scrapbooking, making invitation cards, postcards, and so on.

Similarly, the thicker 110lb cardstock is perfect for making index cards, event decorations, and menus.

And the higher the number, the more challenging it is for a regular color printer to do the job. For this reason, you need a printer that specifically supports cardstock as its printing media.

3. Which Canon wireless printer is great for printing DIY cards?

We recommend the Canon IP8720 wireless printer because it supports glossy photo papers and borderless printing.

This Canon inkjet printer is so efficient that it prints 4″×6″ borderless photos in under 36 seconds. Since it supports Google Cloud Print and AirPrint, you can shoot the printing commands over Wi-Fi.

Its Full HD Movie Print feature allows you to print stills from videos and photos by Canon EOS DSLRs, PowerShot, and VIXIA camcorders.

4. Are laser printers better than inkjet printers for printing cards?

Although laser printers are incredibly fast and cost-effective in the long run, they struggle to meet the legacy of color inkjet printers.

High-end inkjet printers use pigment ink, which not only is true to color but also has a great archive life.

However, if you’re printing cards in mass, remember that ink cartridges can cost an arm and a leg. Well, not when you get the HP Envy 7155 and subscribe to HP Instant Ink for an on-time ink supply!

5. Is HP Envy 7155 good for printing specialty papers?

HP Envy 7155 is a cool printer that uses specialty papers and color-prints them splendidly.

Its printing media include plain paper, glossy photo paper, letter, legal paper, and envelopes. This reliable HP printer for crafts also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart.

Additionally, you can scan files directly to your email, insert an SD card for printing, or print photos from your gallery and cloud via the HP Smart App.

Final Words

Whether you’re practicing your origami skills or making cards for a friend, a wireless printer with top-notch ink technology will open more doors for you.

The printers we featured today are exclusive for their authenticity of colors, ink quality, and fast wireless connectivity as a whole.

But if you ask us, the best printer for cardstock invitations is undoubtedly HP ENVY Photo 7155.

It sports a decent printing speed, an easy-to-navigate touch screen, and supports wireless printing with high-quality color details.

Although, Canon IP8720 is our first choice for printing color photo cards in a whopping 13″×19″ size- totally borderless!