best printer for 110 lb cardstock

Best Printer For 110 lb Cardstock in 2022 – Top 5 Picks Revealed!

When it comes to printing greeting cards, flyers, and papercrafts, you need a printer that supports specialty media other than plain A4 sheets. And this is where you find one.

110 lb cardstock is a slightly heavy paper and not all printers will do a good job printing them.

That said, you need the best printer for 110 lb cardstock to keep your party preparations going strong!

Wireless printers that support heavy cardstock will also be compatible with glossy photo papers, letters, and envelopes -leaving you with interesting choices of print media!

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Canon Pixma Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Wireless with AirPrint
Canon Pixma Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Wireless with AirPrint

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Canon Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible
Canon Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible

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HP OfficeJet Pro Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Works with Alexa
HP Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Works with Alexa

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Epson Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock with Scanner, Copier
Epson Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock with Scanner, Copier

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HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Wireless Printer For 110 lb Cardstock
HP Wireless Printer For 110 lb Cardstock

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Best Printer For 110 lb Cardstock Reviews

Now, we don’t know about you, but we are more than thrilled to find out what these top-rated printers for cardstock have in store. Let’s get started!

1. Canon Pixma Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Wireless with AirPrint

Canon Pixma Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Wireless with AirPrint

Utilizing a full photolithography print head travel and 5 high-quality ink tanks, the Canon Pixma iX6820 is a heavy cardstock printer that never fails.

It features a 9600x 2400 dpi resolution that renders admirable clarity on 110 lb cardstock- giving you a print store-style finish at home!

To begin with, this Canon product is a wireless inkjet printer that supports direct printing from Google Cloud Print and AirPrint.

It also connects to the dedicated My Image Garden, Pixma Printing Solutions (PPS), and Creative Park Premium- an exclusive gallery of useful day-to-day templates for designers and businesses.

Using genuine Canon inks will keep the printer brand-new for years to come with this best printer for 110 lb cardstock.

We also liked how it offers remarkable wired connectivity just the way it did with the wireless option.

For example, you can connect its high-speed USB cable to your PC or MacBook if you want its speediest delivery from all means of connectivity.

Similarly, the Ethernet allows you to connect Pixma iX6820 to your home and office network via a router.

Lastly, as a special privilege to Canon EOS Digital SLR users, The Pixma iX6820 allows you to take full HD movie prints from MP4 to MOV videos shot on your camera!

It helps to print postcards in 110 lb cardstock with a personalized feed- capturing those golden moments in vibrant colors all the way through.

Key Features :

  • A 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution is perfect for rendering high clarity images on paper
  • Supports FHD movie prints from selected Canon EOS SLR camcorders
  • Works well with Canon ChromaLife 100+ ink cartridge
  • A speedy wireless setup makes printing and scanning easier

2. Canon Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible

Canon Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock, AirPrint and Cloud Compatible

We didn’t include two back to back Canon wireless printers for no reason.

The IP8720 is the first and the best printer for heavy cardstock on our list to support a brilliant 13″ ×19″ borderless photo; that too in a striking resolution that pops with colors!

For starters, this inkjet printer is compatible with glossy photo papers. Its 9600×2400 max resolution easily topples the regular 5600×1400 optimized color dpi.

This is why its borderless photos look professional with a true color rendition.

And speaking of color quality, Canon has done some serious advancements in their ChromaLife 100+ ink formulation.

Documents and photos printed with this reliable ink are guaranteed to last three hundred years if you store them in an archive album.

The pigment black ink is dramatically better than the color cartridges through- printing sharp black texts that pop on cardstock.

Since it delivers around 14 black and white pages a minute, the printing speed is also pretty good. It’s nothing noteworthy considering the previous Canon Pixma iX6820 also had the same speed.

Truth be told, it’s quite hard to drive up the speed when you’re packing this amazing printing quality on a piece of paper.

As for its user-friendly features, the iP8720 automatically turns on from the sleep mode the moment it receives a printing command from the Canon Print app.

Key Features :

  • 6 individual ink tanks allow you to change only the tank that has run out
  • Prints up to 13″ ×19″ borderless photos
  • The ChromaLife 100+ ink is projected to last 300 years in archived papers
  • Access to Creative Park Premium and My Image Garden app via Wi-Fi

3. HP OfficeJet Pro Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Works with Alexa

HP OfficeJet Pro Printer For 110 lb Cardstock, Works with Alexa

From sloppy dye-based ink to smudge-proof pigment ink that lasts up to 300 years, printers have come a long way. And HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is a great example of that.

To begin with, the OfficeJet Pro 8025 is easily the best cardstock printer with its printing speed and media.

Most printers that print on cardstock have an average ink quality that transfers poorly on the paper. Luckily for us, testing out the OfficeJet Pro 8025 was an absolute delight for its fast-drying ink.

Additionally, it goes under 3 levels of connection recovery process to establish a hassle-free wireless network.

Since it comes with starter ink cartridges, you too can test out this heavy cardstock printer.

Upon a closer inspection, we came to know that the OfficeJet Pro 8025 offers encryption to protect your Cloud data from hackers. It’s undoubtedly a thoughtful thing to have to make the users feel safe.

Moving on, its scanning option turned out to be one of the coolest ones. You can scan business documents, reports, and receipts and instantly send them to an email address.

In fact, you can directly upload the scanned copies to your Google Drive.

Key Features :

  • Includes starter ink cartridges for an easy set-up
  • Comes with self-healing Wi-Fi and solid security measures
  • 15% of the printer is made of recycled plastic for raising awareness
  • Scans documents to your Google Drive and saves the files

4. Epson Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock with Scanner, Copier

Epson Wireless Printer For Heavy Cardstock with Scanner, Copier

With a cartridge-free system that works on supersized and easy-to-fill tanks, the EcoTank ET-2750 is surely one of the finest options in the printer market out there.

Epson has created a revolutionary printing system with this printer. It is by far one of the fastest and most efficient printers with an admirable 5760× 1449 optimized resolution.

Moving on, the package includes up to at least two years’ worth of ink- which is more than enough to print around 6500 pages.

You’ll also be able to print five thousand color pages in excellent clarity with its complementary ink tanks.

To put things into perspective, in order to print this number of pages, you’d need at least thirty separate ink cartridges.

Its easy-to-refill ink tanks have a superior quality ink inside that doesn’t dry prematurely and clog up the tanks.

Coming with a unique feature called ‘auto-stop ink bottle’, the EcoTank ET-2750 is as efficient as it can get.

The replacement bottles are quite cheap, and you can save at least 80% on ink by using them.

It is indeed one of the most efficient supertank printers out there, and the longevity adds the cherry on top of these features.

Connectivity is one of the stronger feats with this powerful printer as it can be connected through Wi-Fi Direct networks.

That said, giving printing orders via mobile phones and tabs won’t be a trouble. Last but not least, this printer comes with auto 2-sided printing facilities.

Key Features :

  • Fully cartridge-free printing system
  • Comes with super-sized ink tanks with 2 years’ worth of ink
  • Very low-cost replacement bottles that can save nearly 80% on ink
  • Includes Wi-Fi Direct for connecting the printer through smartphones
  • Automatic double-sided printing

5. HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Wireless Printer For 110 lb Cardstock

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction Wireless Printer For 110 lb Cardstock

If you’re starting off with a new business or a start-up, you need to be as efficient as possible for fast growth.

Every moment is important in the beginning stages, and to keep your work going at full throttle, you need a printer like the Color LaserJet Pro. It can consistently print high-quality documents with ease.

A business requires security because the world isn’t really the safest place and hackers can make your life miserable- even through printers!

Luckily, this unit comes with excellent quality embedded security feats like optional pull printing or instant threat notifications. Your data is now in safe hands.

Another interesting feature here is the automation system when the workflow is way too complicated.

You can easily apply the saved or pre-set settings to save time on repetitive orders. All of these are possible with the touch of your fingers, thanks to its customizable touch screen panel!

The HP Color LaserJet Pro is environment-friendly to some extent. It can save 18% of the energy, so the chances of paper waste are much less.

Featuring a built-in Wi-Fi system, you can connect your phone or tab as well. Lastly, this printer offers a brilliant, reliable, and handy multifunctional toner cartridge.

Key Features :

  • Wireless printer with Wi-Fi Direct facilities
  • Includes one of the top security systems with instant threat notification
  • Automated process available while applying pre-sets to save time
  • Print speed can get up to 28 pages per minute
  • Can save on around 18% of the energy

Top 5 Printer For 110 lb Cardstock | Comparison Chart

Product Name

Color Touchscreen

Supported Paper Type

Ink Type

Special Feature

Canon Pixma iX6820


Glossy Photo Paper

Ink Tank

Prints 4”x6” borderless photos and supports a 13”x19” maximum paper size

Canon IP8720


Glossy Photo Paper


A pigment-based black ink and a gray ink

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025


Envelope, plain paper, card stock, glossy photo paper, labels, and high-resolution paper


Serially scans and sends the document to email over Wi-Fi

Epson EcoTank


Plain paper, envelope, and labels


Supports voice-activated printing via Google and Alexa

HP Color LaserJet


Plain paper

Laser Printer

Offers automatic double-sided scanning and prints up to 28 pages per minute

Things to Consider Before Buying Printer For 110 lb Cardstock

110 lb cardstock is an ideal weight for printing DIY greeting cards, restaurant menus, RSVP, and invitation cards.

So, you have come up with a mesmerizing design for the upcoming event, you have the 110 lb cardstock, and all there’s left to do is printing them.

If you don’t own a heavy cardstock printer, you will eventually have to hit the print store for such a simple task.

However, a printer for working with cardstock is actually no different than a regular printer. Surprised? Find out more below!

Printing Media

Printers that support cardstock are basically standard printers with thick print media options. It’s not mandatory for the printer to have a separate feed tray for cardstock only.

Although there are some printers that offer a specialty media tray for glossy photo paper, cardstock, and labels. It’s unnecessary considering you’re getting just as much work done with a basic printer.


The printing speed is denoted with ppm- pages per minute; the higher number of papers a printer rolls out per minute, the faster it is.

Not to mention, more expensive too. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is our top favorite given all the print media it supports.

Starting from plain paper, this spectacular printer will gladly print on high-resolution papers to put the grandeur back in your greeting cards!

Our next favorite is obviously the Canon IP8720 Wireless Inkjet Printer. Considering that it only prints in glossy photo papers, it’s one of the most suitable printers for cardstock.

Wireless Vs. Ethernet

While wireless printers are all the rage these days, anyone on a tight budget has to settle on a USB-supported one.

You might not get rid of the wires, but an Ethernet printer prints just as wonderfully as a wireless printer. In fact, it might as well be faster in some cases.

An Ethernet cable is not the same as a USB cable. Ethernet printers directly connect to your office router via the Ethernet cable. So, you can see that Ethernet is a wired medium for printing.

Between the two, we are going to pick wireless printers because it allows us to go wireless. And since we are experts, troubleshooting common wireless printer problems is not a tough job.

Many of us will choose an Ethernet printer because of how unreliable they find a Wi-Fi printer. This is not exactly true.

Laser Vs. Inkjet

Compared to a laser printer, an inkjet printer doesn’t fall too far behind. The thing about laser printers is that they don’t use low-capacity ink cartridges like inkjet printers.

And, therefore, they don’t need ink supply every month.

On top of that, laser printers are incredibly fast. The same goes for color printing. We all know how inkjet printers take a hit in color printing- cutting down the average printing speed in half.

Luckily enough, a laser printer is efficient on both bases.

Featuring the latest laser-printing technology, the HP Color LaserJet Pro awed us every step of the way.

Printing up to 28 pages per minute, it might just be one of your new favorite printers for cardstock.

Pigment Ink Vs. Toner

This type of ink is of the highest quality and produces the most durable, smudge-proof prints.

In fact, the prints stand out vividly and sharply against the media even after being inside a dusty archive for ages! Although, what a laser printer can’t do is to print with pigment ink.

Inkjet printers like the Canon IP8720 will come with dedicated black pigment ink and additional grey ink to make your cards pop. No wonder why the IP8720 is the best printer for 110 lb cardstock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do I need a special printer for printing cards?

Cards are not of the same weight as normal papers. They’re made from relatively strong paper and are significantly heavier- so not all printers can print on card sheets.

2. What happens when I print cardstock with a regular printer?

First things first- office printers for printing black-and-white documents rarely support borderless printing.

These printers cannot receive cardstock let alone print them. Even if they do, the paper easily gets creased before reaching the output tray.

3. Are Epson EcoTank printers any good?

Epson EcoTank printers are known for their durability and efficiency. Their longevity is unquestionable as some of them will come with enough ink for eight months.

Also, Epson printers are super speedy, and they work flawlessly without any pause.

4. What are the connectivity options of HP LaserJet Pro M479FDW?

This very brand excels in connectivity, and we’re not saying this because of the Wi-Fi. It is just one of the options.

Apart from the Dual-band Wi-Fi, HP LaserJet Pro M479FDW has both wired and wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet.

5. Which printer will be good for printing DIY greeting and invitation cards?

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Wireless printer will be great for printing heavy cardstock by yourself. Its supported media is a versatile selection of papers from plain paper to glossy ones.

Additionally, it takes printing orders from your iOS or Android devices. It also has a color touchscreen to easily navigate all the controls.

Final Words

This was our rundown on the best printer for 110 lb cardstock. We’re not going to lie; reviewing some of these outstanding printers reminded us of how printing technology has advanced over the years.

Considering ink quality, printing speed, and resolution, Canon Pixma IP8720 is what we would pick for the job.

This brilliant, AirPrint-enabled device not only prints glossy borderless photos but also connects to various apps and Cloud storage services for hands-free printing.