Best Power Strip Tower

Best Power Strip Tower in 2022 – 10 Reviews and Compression Guide

The Power Strip Tower is a lifesaver for any home with expensive electronics! With so many gadgets in my house, I’m always worried about the possibility of power surges and spikes.

But thanks to these nifty little devices that plug both into an outlet as well as your device’s charging port,

you can ensure protection from all sorts of electrical issues. And that’s pretty impressive! But which one should you get?

Don’t worry, here we’ve reviewed the best power strip tower option you have these days. These products come with advanced safety features, long cords, multiple outlet options, and so on!

If you want to find out more, just keep reading!

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JACKYLED Power Strip Tower Surge Protector
JACKYLED Power Strip Surge Protector

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TESSAN Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets with 4 USB
TESSAN Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets

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SUPERDANNY Tower Surge Protector 9 Outlets 4 USB
SUPERDANNY Tower Surge Protector

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Bell+Howell Spin Power Set 4 Outlets 6 USB Ports
Bell+Howell 4 Outlets 6 USB Ports

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Power Strip Surge Protector 12 AC Outlets 5 USB Ports
Power Strip Surge Protector 12 AC

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Benefits of Using Power Strip Tower

Before you start spending money on this product, we would love to inform you about the benefits. In this way, you will have a better standing, and it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Keeps Everything in One Place

A power strip is a must-have for anyone who works from their desk. It not only keeps your cords in one place,

but it’s also an easy way to plug everything in at once without having to crawl under the desk and unplugging every cord individually!

A power strip will make any workday feel less of a hassle and connect all of your devices with ease onto the convenient surface area.

Saves Space

When it comes to saving space in your home and keeping those pesky cords out of sight, you can’t go wrong with a power strip.

Power strip tower is a great way to make use of every bit-sized corner you can find!

It is also designed for easy accessibility so that when it’s time to plug something in, all you have to do is reach over instead of digging through piles on floors or under desks.

Able to Charge All Electric Devices at Once

Surprisingly, a power strip tower is the best way to charge all your electronics at once.

The tower’s design maximizes storage space and allows you to plug in numerous devices without worrying about running out of outlets or causing a fire hazard from using too many extension cords. It is even aesthetically pleasing!

Protects from Electric Shock

A power strip tower is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual. The latest invention from the engineer’s minds, these towers safely organize and hide all of your cords while,

also protecting you from an electric shock by placing them on top of one another instead of having wires running around in tangles everywhere.

Limits the Voltage Amount from the Excess Surge

Limit the amount of voltage flowing through your devices with power strips.

Power strips act as a traffic cop, letting only sufficient voltage in to ensure sudden spikes do not damage them in electricity that can happen from any number of sources such as surges or lightning strikes.

10 Best Power Strip Tower Reviews

Getting the right power strip tower is difficult, with so many brands and models out there.

Lucky for you, though, we have already done the heavy lifting by creating this list below of some of the top products available in the market right now.

1. JACKYLED Power Strip Tower Surge Protector

JACKYLED Power Strip Tower Surge Protector

JACKYLED Surge Protector is one of the most excellent power strip towers for many different situations. It comes with an independent and auto-switch that helps save your electricity when other outlets are closed.

When plugged into 110-240 voltages areas, this strip tower can provide up to 3000 watts! The great thing about this product is that if the voltage varies between 125 volts or 240 volts, then both max powers will be available.

The JACKYLED charging station is vertically designed with a tower shape that helps you save space, so your plug never blocks other outlets. This charger can be seen from anywhere in the room with the sleek and stylish LED light strip!

Furthermore, it features four USB ports for simultaneous charging, and the 6.5-foot cord is perfect for keeping your desk tidy.

The max output of this device is 5 volts at 2.1 amps; each has a 2.1A maximum current. Therefore, you can charge one iPad and two smartphones simultaneously or while also making use of a high-speed charger like an MP3 player or digital camera with no problem!

This world-renowned company ensures that its products have a short circuit, surge (900J), and overload protection. It also has overcurrent/voltage protections that automatically cut the power supply when an overwhelming amount of voltage surges!

JACKYLED made it easier to keep your office tidy with their 6.5ft retractable power cord that is pure copper, and you have more space on your desk!

Key Features :

  • The energy-saving feature reduces your electricity bill
  • It comes with a space-saving design for better convenience
  • Multiple USB ports allow you to charge several devices
  • The ergonomic handle helps with portability

2. TESSAN Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets with 4 USB

TESSAN Surge Protector 8 AC Outlets with 4 USB

Let’s talk about The TESSAN Surge Protector, which is an 8-outlet surge protector with 4 USB ports (2.4A Max Per Port, 3.1A Total).

It supports a wide voltage 100V to 250V and can afford up to 1250W or 2500 watts of power at 125 volts and 250V, respectively.

The USB charger will charge your electronics quickly while working as a safety net against electrical surges.

Suppose you find that a power-hungry appliance already occupies your favorite outlet. In that case, the Power Strip Tower TESSAN is one of the best charging towers which will solve all of your problems.

This charging station not only allows for use with multiple devices but also comes in handy when traveling! It is perfect for any desk or hotel room with its wide voltage compatibility and sleek design.

The power strip tower is the most reliable and efficient way to charge your electronics. Its surge protection, overload protection, lightning protection, and short-circuit prevention features also have a built-in circuit breaker for added safety measures.

The long ten ft. heavy-duty copper cable with a USB port conveniently charges multiple devices while saving energy. You can organize your cables in a sleek tower that takes up little space on your desk!

TESSAN Power Strip Tower is ideal for those on the move. Not only does it save space, but it also adds a sleek and professional look to any home or office setting with its stylish black finish. The UL94 V-0 thermoplastic makes sure your devices stay safe in temperatures up to 1382℉.

Key Features :

  • Built-in Circuit Breaker for safety purposes
  • Its sleek design can save space
  • Protected from overheating for UL94 V0 material.
  • It comes with a 10-Foot Extra Long Cord with USB ports for effortless connectivity

3. SUPERDANNY Tower Surge Protector 9 Outlets 4 USB

SUPERDANNY Tower Surge Protector 9 Outlets 4 USB

Superdanny is the newest way to charge your devices. It has a voltage outlet extender with smart IC technology that can automatically adjust for different electronic device charging rates, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your expensive electronics!

The surge protector tower includes intelligent circuitry in each of its four surge-protected outlets, which allows it to sense and auto-adjust power output (max 2.4A/port) depending on what’s plugged into them. So, no more worrying if this charger will work best for an iPhone or iPad versus Kindle or Fitbit!

The desktop hub they offer is made of fire-resistant material ABS + PC rating UL94 V0, which means it’s the highest level for fire resistance!

Thanks to the universal power socket, you can plug in your device and charge them just like that. Power up your humidifier, lamp, phones, air purifier, you just name it.

Made with a master control switch on top of an energy-saving tower equipped with USB ports and AC outlets, this product ensures that everything will be charged at once while eliminating unnecessary hassle or work!

It is the best tower surge protector to make your desktop tidier. This little gadget can expand one wall outlet into 13 and doesn’t take up much space. It comes with 4 USB ports, 9 AC outlets, so you don’t have any excuses for forgetting it when traveling!

Why should you settle for a small cord that only reaches a little far when this heavy-duty extension cable can lengthen your reach to 10ft and more? Sturdy yet easy on the hands, with 9.8 feet of pure copper wire and an adjustable hook and loop fastener included!

Key Features :

  • Equipped with surge protector feature for better safety
  • The LED indicator flashes if the USB ports are nearly overloaded
  • Made with fireproof material to avoid hazard and overheating issues
  • It has four high-speed USB ports for fast charging

4. Bell+Howell Spin Power Set 4 Outlets 6 USB Ports

Bell+Howell Spin Power Set 4 Outlets 6 USB Ports

If you want a surge protector that can charge your mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, and power tools, then Bell+Howell Surge Protector is for you. With its Rapid smart charging technology, it will have no problem powering up all of your devices in just minutes, so this can be done with ease.

It is a surge protector for your devices that can be plugged into any wall outlet and provides four built-in power outlets with 6 USB ports.

This device protects against voltage spikes, which means you will never have to worry about the safety of all electrical appliances when there’s an increase in the electrical current like at 2 am on Sunday!

Furthermore, the 360° swivel design of this cordless power strip allows you access from any angle. This idea is useful for those who want convenient use of their other devices without unplugging them from an outlet or constantly reaching behind furniture.

It is an incredible choice for anyone who wants a device shelf to hold their phone or tablet while it charges. A built-in holder means you’ll always have space and can even charge three devices at once!

The power tower charging station from Bell+Howell is a cordless, retractable power strip with an extra-long 45″ cable that can reach any outlet.

It saves you the hassle of having to stretch cords across your living room or office space – plugs in when needed!

Key Features :

  • Uses rapid smart technology to charge more than one device
  • The charging station is a 360-degree design, so you can fully rotate it
  • It is protected with surge suppressors to prevent voltage spikes
  • The device is available with super-fast charging technology

5. Power Strip Surge Protector 12 AC Outlets 5 USB Ports

Power Strip Surge Protector 12 AC Outlets 5 USB Ports

For those with a plethora of devices that need to be charged, the SMALLRT Power Strip Surge Protector is just what you’ve been looking for.

With 12 AC outlets and five USB ports, this device will ensure that your power supply never goes over capacity while simultaneously charging all your electronics at once- no more fumbling around in different plugs!

The surge protector extension cord is 16.4 feet long. It can extend the power strip in any direction without needing an additional plug-in. It will be able to protect multiple power sockets from electrical surges.

This SMALLRT protector is a must-have for any home. Not only does it provide eight different protection functions, but when the outlets are overloaded with too much electricity and start to smoke or spark, this device will automatically cut off all connections so that your appliances stay safe from danger.

The power board with a USB is one of the perfect USB towers for busy travelers and professionals.

With ROHS, CE, and FCC certifications and ABS + PVC fireproof material with flame retardant properties, this product will keep your electronics safe from danger.

It has surge protection and USB ports so that you can charge all of your devices at once with ease without worrying about anything going wrong. So, you are guaranteed to have a satisfactory service!

Key Features :

  • You can power up to 18 devices simultaneously with its sockets and ports
  • 4FT/5M long extension cord can be easily extended
  • Made of ABS + fireproof material, which is high-temperature resistant
  • With eight protection functions, it keeps your device safe

6. iClever 8 AC Outlets 4.5A 4 USB Ports Surge Protector

iClever 8 AC Outlets 4.5A 4 USB Ports Surge Protector

The iClever Surge Protector has a total of 4 USB ports and 5V each, max 2.4A per port (total output up to 4.5A) with 22.5W power! That means you can charge four devices at once.

This Power Strip Tower has an advanced Smart-ID automatic-rate technology that can give different devices their own best possible speed for charging without affecting other ports.

It has 8 AC outlets that can charge up to 8 devices at once, making it the best option if you’re looking for an outlet saver!
There are two buttons located on top of this tower that controls both the USB charging station and its other outlets; one-button controls only the USB port while the other handles the electric plugs.

This iClever surge protector tower has a 900 Joule energy rating, which can keep your electronics safe from surges and spikes. It’s designed for gaming purposes, so you know it packs a punch with its 100V-240V compatibility! If used at 125 volts, the power will max out around 1250 watts.

If used on 240 volts, 2400 watts of maximum wattage is possible. But don’t worry about overloading this baby because an overload safety switch automatically shuts off when that happens.

This protector has a design that features vertical outlets and USB charging ports. The spacing is enough to fit each outlet, whether it be AC or for your power cord as well.

It also lets you have plenty of space on the desk without having other plugs block this one. You can plug in oversize adapters with no worries because they don’t cover any others!

The sturdy ABS+PC material can withstand high temperatures up to 1382℉, and circuit breakers ensure complete protection for you as well as any device plugged into it.

When it comes to your computer or gaming system, there is nothing that you can’t rely on with a power strip. UL certified 100% copper cord ensures the safety of this desktop game surge protector and guarantees long-lasting protection for electronics and devices, thanks to FCC & RoHS certifications.

Key Features :

  • Made with fireproof ABS+PC material to tolerate high temperature
  • Has a certified 100% copper cord which FCC and RoHS list
  • 10ft power cord is designed for your electronics to ensure safety
  • It comes with a circuit breaker that ensures complete protection for your devices

7. BEVA Surge Protector Charging Station

BEVA Surge Protector Charging Station

BEVA Power Strip Tower is an innovative and convenient device for power users on the go. This gadget provides nine AC outlets to plug in all of your appliances.

This multiple USB power strip has all your USB needs covered. Four charging ports offer 5V/3.1A, which means you could set up to four devices simultaneously and still have an extra fast-charging port with smart IC technology. It can auto-adjust its speed to give your gadgets an even faster charge while remaining safe!

The tower design of the Power Tower provides a vertical space on all four sides for plugs to be inserted. This power strip is made to save your time when you are in a hurry!

Additionally, the flexibility offered by this device’s 6ft extension cord means not having plugs close together will no longer be an issue; use your BEVA anywhere within reach or move around without worry while still keeping things plugged in with ease.

BEVA’s Power Strip Towers are a haven for your electronic gadgets. The AC outlet and USB charging ports are powered by one switch.

Overload protection ensures that these devices remain safe from unexpected surges or spikes. With BEVA Charging Station in tow, you’ll never have to worry about what plug goes where again!

BEVA is a power strip with a USB that connects with your smart device to protect it against over-current, electrical short-circuit, and overload with 18 months of warranty coverage.

Key Features :

  • Has a Protective Power Cord made of fireproof materials to ensure better safety
  • 5ft copper cords on this strip ensure efficient heat distribution
  • Equipped with built-in overload and short circuit protection
  • It takes up less room, leaving you more space for other things

8. Power Strip with USB Surge Protector Tower

Power Strip with USB Surge Protector Tower

This SMALLRT power strip is a must-have! It has 8 AC outlets and 3 USB ports with a USB-c charger port; you can easily charge your phone or laptop.

With smart technology on board, you can plug in any device without worrying that the wrong voltage will be delivered or interrupt your other devices’ recharge cycle.

Your devices will be safe and sound with this SMALLRT surge protector. It’s made of fireproof ABS plastic material, PVC. It has automatic voltage detection technology that’ll cut power when it detects a sudden spike in electricity.

Save the environment with your electrical needs! Protect yourself from a fire by using this power strip. This outlet has independent switches, LED indicators for easy use, and flame retardant at 1382 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features :

  • Designed with multiple outlets so you can charge several devices at once
  • It is heat resistant and lightning protected to ensure safety
  • The 1200 Joules Surge Overload Protector is made to protect your devices
  • With smart technology, you can easily detect charging devices

9. Surge Protector Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets

Surge Protector Power Strip with 12 AC Outlets

The NVEESHOX Surge Protector Power Strip is a must-have for anyone who owns expensive electronic devices.
With its advanced multifunctional protection technology, this power strip surge protector can safeguard your computers and TVs against the harmful effects of surges.

The charging tower is made out of high-quality PC material to prevent fire from reaching these precious electronics plugged in. But if it were to happen during an electrical outage, there would be no worries about them catching on fire because they’re flame retardant too!

Sometimes you need more outlets than your single power strip can provide. NVEESHOX Surge Protector Power Strip tower is perfect for those with 12 AC outlets and 4 USB ports.

This smart and heavy-duty power strip can deliver up to 2.4A per port for fast and efficient charges from any USB port around the world (safely).

With this charger, four ports are better than one because each individual can have their own designated space with enough juice left over when they need it most. Hence, no more fighting or waiting for outlets at parties or airports either!

The tower design saves space and allows you to plug in up to 12 different items without being cramped together. It will ensure that the devices are powered on simultaneously with easy access from any angle within reach.

For the often overlooked yet essential power strip tower, it has your needs covered. With a nearly 10ft 100% copper cord and an easy master control switch, you can use this for multiple rooms needing plug outlets or USB ports without having to unplug everything each time!

Key Features :

  • A 10ft copper cord is perfect for reaching all your electronics
  • Switchboard has both overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • It’s lined with four anti-slip strips to ensure the stability
  • Smart USB charging ports know what devices need to be charged
  • The sockets USB uses fire protection material that protects users from fires

10. JACKYLED Electric Charging Station 10 AC

JACKYLED Electric Charging Station 10 AC

JACKYLED Power Strip Tower Surge Protectors have an innovative design that provides the ultimate protection against power surges. This tower power strip has an independent switch for each outlet to turn on while another is off if not used.

With the vertical design, it can save space and make room for ten wide-spaced AC outlets. This charging station from JACKYLED has a specialty; it doesn’t block other outlets!

The charging station can charge up to four devices simultaneously and offers twice as much power for each port. It’s perfect for home use and in office settings where people constantly plug their smartphones into chargers while they work on other projects.

JackyLED power strip is the perfect accessory for your home office. It offers overload and short-circuits protection and overcurrent protective measures.

What’s more? It will automatically cut the voltage to protect your valuable devices when the power supply is unstable. And that’s something praiseworthy!

The cord on this 6.5ft retractable cable, tangle-free design, is made of pure copper. It can be retracted by rotating the tower to roll it up for a tidy desk space without sighting cords!

Key Features :

  • 5 feet cord is made of pure copper with a durable handle for easy carrying
  • The flame-resistant casing ensures enhanced protection
  • It has four ports that are perfect for powering all your devices
  • When voltage surges are too much, it will cut power to protect your devices

Comparison Chart Of Power Strip Tower





JACKYLED Surge Protector

2.2 pounds

240 V

AC outlet and USB

TESSAN Surge Protector

1.52 pounds

125 V

AC outlet and USB

Superdanny tower

1.62 pounds

110-240 V

AC outlet and USB

Bell+Howell Surge

4.91 pounds


AC outlet and USB

SMALLRT Power Strip

1.99 pounds

110-250 v

AC outlet and USB

iClever SurgeProtector

1.43 pounds

100-240 V

AC outlet and USB

BEVA Strip Tower

1.46 pounds

125 V

AC outlet and USB

SMALLRT power strip

1.65 pounds

110-250 V

AC outlet and USB

NVEESHOX Surge Protector

1.96 pounds

120 V

AC outlet and USB


2.26 pounds

110-240 V

AC outlet and USB

Power Strip Tower Buying Guide

Purchasing what seems like a simple household product may turn out not as easy as you thought! Keep reading if purchasing power strip towers sounds confusing because we’re going over some important information about choosing one, which could help save time in the long run too!

A Good Amount of Outlets

Charging towers are a modern solution for homes with multiple electronic devices. Most homes have more than one phone, tablet, or laptop in them at any given time – which means that you’ll need to find an outlet and plug it in before they can charge up.

That is where charging tower chargers come into play! You don’t want your outlets crowded with cords, so these stations offer plenty of space on their grid-like surface to accommodate all of your gadgets while also offering USB ports so you never run out again.

Different Types of Outlets

Make sure the tower you buy can connect to all your devices! Don’t forget: consider which ports they have and if it has wireless charging.

Be wary of just getting a regular AC power plug that doesn’t support multiple types of plugs or connecting cases for Qi-enabled devices; at least get one with USB-C ports, so you don’t need adapters to charge your new phone case on this older device.

Independent Switches

If there are certain devices you don’t need to power all the time or if it’s just too hard getting at some outlets because everything is so crammed together, then make sure your power strip tower has independent switches. That way, only a portion of the tower’s ports will be activated instead of every single one!

Higher Max Power

It seems like a tower with plenty of ports is all you need for your electronics. But there’s one other thing that will make it worth the money: power output.

The higher the max power rating on a tower’s label, the more powerful its port, and less likely any device plugged into it will end up fried.

Safe Design

Choose a fireproof power strip tower and built with several features to protect power surges, circuit breakers, and current overloads. Don’t settle for anything less. Towers may also have an automatic shutoff when power surges are detected to ensure safety.

Long Enough Cord

When it comes to cables, you want them out of sight and out of mind. Right? Sure, they are a necessary evil, but we’re not going to complain about the mess!

That’s why towers with retractable cables are such a great idea because it’s easy for your cords to be organized in one place. Just make sure your tower has a long enough cord so all can enjoy their uncluttered space while still being able to use power when need be!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a power strip tower?

Power strip towers are the latest in power distribution. They come with various housing styles that can be used to best suit your needs, whether you’re looking for something small and compact or large enough to hold all of your devices!

2. How many outlets do you need in power strip towers?

You should always have power strip towers with enough outlets to accommodate your needs. So, get something that comes with the maximum number of outlets.

To ensure there are no problems in this area, get a tower with as much capacity for electricity sockets and other things like USB ports or flash drives as possible!

3. How much cord is too long, and what kind of outlet configuration do you need in a power strip tower?

The cord length will determine how close or far the strip can be from the grounded AC outlet without compromising performance. If there aren’t any other electronics in use at that time nearby, then get a longer one to avoid interference with their signal and decrease the chances it’ll overheat due to proximity issues.

4. What kind of devices should be connected to power strips?

There are different power strips that you can select from for your home offices. You have to make sure it’s the right one for what you need. If you get a versatile one, you can plug in all your devices without any issues.

5. How much does a power strip tower cost?

That depends! Many factors will determine how expensive it gets, such as what type you buy, if it’s small or big, etcetera.

Generally speaking, though, they’ll be between 25-75 dollars, which has been proven through research about the prices across all different types/sizes.

Final Words

There’s no need for you to struggle when choosing which one is the best power strip tower as we’ve fished out all the top options for you. But if you’re still confused, follow this suggestion for a quick purchase.

When you’re looking for an all-rounder performance, go for the JACKYLED Surge Protector. It has all the user-friendly features and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Moreover, the Superdanny surge protector tower is another great option if you want a convenient device.
No matter what you pick from this list, you’ll get a pleasing experience; there’s no doubt about that!