Best Portable Projector For Business

Best Portable Projector For Business in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Perhaps the most annoying thing to ever happen in a presentation is when the age-old projector in a random seminar room decides to quit on life, leaving you in the middle of your speech.

As embarrassing as it is, incidents like these are the reason why you should always carry a portable projector around.

Portable projectors have risen to fame in recent times with their compact shape and easy setups.

It goes without saying, having the best portable projector for business will come in handy, be it a conference or just your regular day-to-day job.

From a quality outdoor projection to office meetings- a device like this will give you a head start!

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VANKYO LEISURE 1080P Portable Projector
VANKYO LEISURE 1080P Portable Projector

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APEMAN 4500L Brightness, Full HD Portable Projector, 55,000Hrs LED Life
APEMAN 4500L Brightness, Full HD Portable Projector

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Bomaker Wi-Fi, Full HD Wireless Portable Projector for business
Bomaker Full HD Wireless Portable Projector for business

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CiBest LED Portable Projector 1080P and 200 Supported
CiBest LED Portable Projector 1080P

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VicTsing WiFi, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth Mini Projector with Tripod
VicTsing WiFi, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth Mini Projector

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Our 10 Best Portable Projector For Business

A portable projector with a quality sound system and a big screen can turn your living room into a movie theatre. If that’s something you want, have a look at our top 10 projectors below!

1. VANKYO LEISURE 1080P and 170″ Display Supported, Portable Projector

VANKYO LEISURE 1080P and 170 Display Supported, Portable Projector

A personalized home theatre experience gets better with a VANKYO projector. It allows you to watch videos in many sizes.

The projector is equipped with a noise suppression feature that significantly reduces the fan noise and promotes extra cooling.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly projector for home use, this one by VANKYO ticks all the boxes.

To begin with, this impeccable device projects wonderfully sharp photos on any screen size.

It supports any size from a decent 32-inch to an immaculate 170-inch screen. The focusing is also much quicker than other portable projectors.

Its optimum projection distance starts from 4.9 feet and goes all the way up to 16.4 feet. But we will recommend you to keep a 6.5 feet distance between the screen and the device at home.

Browsing family photos or videos from a recent trip feels much more fulfilling when you’re viewing them on a large display.

You can easily connect your Android or iPhone to the device without the assistance of a third-party application.

Lastly, the VANKYO one inclines towards portable hdmi projectors for home and recreational use. It might not be a suitable projector for your PowerPoint presentation at the office.

Also, you can connect your PC, PS4, Soundbar, TV stick, Chromecast, and any latest multimedia gadget with an HDMI port.

Key Features :

  • Produces crisp, bright images with 1920× 1080 High-Definition resolution
  • An incredible 2000:1 contrast ratio allows authentic color viewing
  • Easily connects with iPhone and Android devices with a micro USB Type C adapter
  • Comes with a protective bag and tripod

2. APEMAN 4500L Brightness, Full HD Portable Projector, 55,000Hrs LED Life

APEMAN 4500L Brightness, Full HD Portable Projector, 55,000Hrs LED Life

Customizable screen size is what makes projectors an appealing choice for your home entertainment center.

In many ways, projectors give televisions a hard run for their money. We have our eyes on the APEMAN LC350 projector.

With noise-free fans, two dynamic speakers, and a gorgeous resolution, the LC350 is going to be a steal!

Whereas most average home entertainment projectors provide 2500 lumens for brightness, this one will deliver a genuinely bright viewing experience with 4500 lumens.

Its high 2000:1 contrast ratio also helps with producing a sublime image quality.

While it supports a 1080P FHD resolution, its native resolution is 800× 480P. So, you’ll be missing out on the 4K experience.

Looking on the bright side, the LC350 makes up a great projector for screening an important soccer match or live event outdoors.

Moreover, this device is highly compatible with most gadgets available. It supports HDMI, USB, Micro SD, VGA, and AV interfaces to help you access multimedia files on any device.

And the fact that you can hook up an external speaker, flash drive, game console, and laptop beside your smartphone makes the projector a smart buy for a budget-friendly home entertainment set-up.

Finally, Miracast, Dangle, Chromecast, and other smartphone screen mirroring options are fully supported!

Key Features :

  • Supports tabletop, tripod, and ceiling mounting options
  • High-quality LED source requires very little maintenance
  • Compatible with multiple interfaces
  • Built-in dual speakers but doesn’t support Dolby Stereo
  • A great mini projector for phone

3. Bomaker Wi-Fi, Full HD Wireless Portable Projector for business

Bomaker Wi-Fi, Full HD Wireless Portable Projector for business

In the battle of projectors vs. televisions, announcing a clear winner is easy when you get your hands on the Bomaker mini projector.

It runs completely wireless with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. You can now enjoy an effortless screen mirroring on its stunning display.

To begin with, this wireless projector is blessed with 6000 lumens. The movies projected with this device will come out bright and sharp.

You won’t have to turn the lights off to see pictures with good contrast and quality. Even in a well-lit room, the Bomaker projector performed better than most of the projectors we tried out.

It makes any movie a lot more enjoyable for an entertainment night with your family. Whatever you see on your smartphone screen,

you can now watch them on a giant screen that runs up to 300 inches. It only takes two small steps to get the mirroring function started.

We also liked how quiet this projector is. Its LED lamp life is a generous 50,000 hours. So, you wouldn’t have to look for an expensive replacement for a long time!

Its 720P native resolution doesn’t fall too far behind a 4K experience. The projection is suitable for a PowerPoint presentation at your office.

Presenting your paper at school or any important business event will be the easiest with this heavy-duty wireless printer.

This one is a good suitor for being the best portable projector for business!

Key Features :

  • Dedicated cooling technology with noiseless fans
  • 6000 LUX brightness and 9000:1 contrast ratio
  • You can customize the screen size up to 300 inches
  • Easy screen-casting from smartphone and laptop
  • Removable rubber feet for ceiling-mount setups

4. CiBest LED Business Portable Projector

CiBest LED Portable Projector 1080P and 200 Supported

Turning your living room into a standard home theatre is nearly not as expensive as you think. Take the CiBest 4500 LUX projector, for example.

Its decent 2000:1 contrast ratio and 1080P resolution is an excellent deal on a complete cinematic makeover for your home.

This compact projector offers an immersive viewing experience on a 200-inch long screen. You can also customize it in smaller sizes up to 30 inches.

The projection distance should be anywhere between 2.6 feet to 15 feet for high-definition quality.

Unlike a modern TV, its display won’t put a strain on your eyes. Similarly, when you’re playing a PS4 exclusive, the big screen will add more thrill to the game.

Its stereo speakers are impressive. Unless you’re a pro-gamer or a movie critic, you should find them to be perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows on the couch.

However, you always have the option to plug-in your speaker via a 3.5mm audio jack.

For a budget-friendly gadget, CiBest tried to touch all the best qualities of top-rated projectors. But it sure struggled to keep its brightness up to the mark.

With only 2000 lumens, the CiBest projector won’t hold up in a well-lit living room.

Key Features :

  • Easy keystone correction for a TV-like experience
  • Decent contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Supports BluRay DVD players, game consoles, USB drives, and TV sticks
  • Requires Lightning to HDMI adapter for pairing up with a smartphone
  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi or wireless screen-casting

5. VicTsing WiFi, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth Mini Projector with Tripod

VicTsing WiFi, 4200L Wireless Bluetooth Mini Projector with Tripod

VicTsing manufactures some low-cost yet brilliant projectors to elevate your home theatre to a whole new level! Don’t want a wiry mess in your living room? No problem.

Simply turn on the Wi-Fi connection and start screen-casting right away!

Although this portable bluetooth projector has a display resolution of 800×480, it has some top-of-the-line specs that you just can’t ignore!

For example, it supports both wired and wireless controls while offering you high-speed Bluetooth connectivity. How great is that?

We loved its Bluetooth chip addition, which allows you to comfortably enjoy a live football match without waking the neighborhood up in the middle of the night. Pop in your earbuds, and you’re good to go!

Moving on to its network, wireless connectivity is surprisingly fast and reliable for the price. If your device supports Windows 10,

you can comfortably use Miracast to view photos and videos on the projector’s super-colossal screen. Its 4200 Lux display truly brings out radiant pictures in small to big sizes.

The manual keystoning option is relatively easy to catch. And finally, a long 40000 lamp life means that you can spend years without getting a replacement lamp.

Key Features :

  • 15° keystone correction for a stable projection
  • Bluetooth enabled projector offers multilayered connectivity
  • You can dial up the screen up to 170 inches long
  • Compatible with an external Bluetooth speaker or any HDMI supported device

6. Vamvo Portable Business Projector, Full HD 1080P

Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector, Full HD 1080P; Outdoor Movie Projector

The Vamvo L4200 projector packs a brilliant resolution, versatile screening, and mounting options with the latest technology.

Since it weighs less than 3 pounds, you can carry it outside and enjoy live shows with your friends.

A whopping 200-inch projection with easy keystone adjustments and fast focusing gives you a taste of what a high-end home theatre can be.

The projector has two stereo speakers with well-balanced audio quality. And a minimum of 4.9 feet projection distance is surely not a problem to arrange even in a small living room.

Moreover, the device is pretty compact. It’s only 9.6 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.

So, taking the projector for a business presentation is not a hassle at all. The Vamvo L400 can also be your go-to projector for playing video games.

That’s right; it’s compatible with DVD players, portable hard drives, game consoles, and anything with an HDMI port.

You just need an MHL or HDMI adapter to connect your smartphone, personal computer, and a variety of multimedia devices!

This 3800 Lux, 720P projector topples many of its alternatives in terms of brightness and resolution. A budget-friendly mobile projector such as this one is going to be a buy you won’t regret making!

Key Features :

  • 49″ to 200″ customizable projection size with 15° keystone adjustment
  • Comes with an SD card slot
  • The projection is easy on the eyes
  • Excellent image clarity and focusing

7. QKK 5500 Portable LCD Projector 100″ Projector Screen Included

QKK 5500 Portable LCD Projector 100 Projector Screen Included

Whether you’re at a remote campsite or merely lounging on the couch for entertainment night, the QKK projector can turn any place into a movie theatre.

A mini projector of this size can meet all your home entertainment and outdoor screening needs.

For starters, you can say goodbye to dimly projected movies on a silver tarp. The QKK comes with a 100-inch screen that you can fold and carry along with the device. Its 4500 Lux brightness gives you a lifelike viewing experience.

Truth be told, projectors rarely come with a screen these days. You can save a few bucks on this bundle and bring movie nights back on.

Although the included screen runs 100 inches long, it is not the highest the QKK can offer. On a blank wall or a blackout cloth, the display can be customized up to 170 inches.

We also found its flexible connectivity to be quite intriguing. You have the option to connect your Xbox or PlayStation and embrace the thrill of big-screen gaming.

Besides, its keystone adjustment feature will help you set up a distortion-free screen in only a moment.

Most new users struggle with refocusing and getting a perfect rectangle. We found the QKK’s projection a lot more intuitive.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a 100″ projector screen
  • 4500 Lumen brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Connects to TV Stick for streaming Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and so on
  • Silent, dual cooling technology

8. Hompow High Brightness Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported

Hompow High Brightness Portable Video Projector 1080P Supported

Constant refocusing and making keystone adjustments take the fun out of projectors. But luckily for you,

the HOMPOW mini projector will be the easiest to set up and enjoy! Its 176-inch long projection makes your photos come to life with outstanding clarity.

This is a low-maintenance projector, which requires a little adjustment on your end. If you set it up on your table at a 60 to 200-inch distance from the screen, you can watch movies in accurate proportions right from the start.

And the same goes for its ceiling-mount option. The distance will decide what screen size is suitable for your home theatre.

Once you nail the projector set-up, you can enjoy movies on a brilliant 176-inch screen. It is also a remarkable size for the gamers out there.

The brand also upgraded the brightness to 3600 lumens in this brand-new model. If you’re willing to buy a decent projector without breaking the bank,

HOMPOW has some top-notch qualities to offer. And the fact that it costs less than a hundred bucks makes it a viable option for a lot of people.

Key Features :

  • Offers 1080P HD display up to 176-inch
  • Supports TV Stick, PS4, USB disk, Xbox, and DVD players
  • Compatible with Android and iPhones via HDMI adapter
  • Doesn’t include adapters or Dolby Audio support

9. ManyBox Portable Video Projector with 45000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Full HD

ManyBox Portable Video Projector with 45000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Full HD

If you’re looking for the best portable business projector, your search has finally come to an end. From making an important business pitch to watching the Olympics outdoors, the ManyBox 4500 has you covered in every arena.

Supporting a 3-feet to 12-feet projection distance, you can keep the ManyBox even in the most packed room of your house. We’re talking about a small personal gaming nook to an enormous lodging.

The aesthetic of this portable projector deserves applause. It looks very sleek and expensive. And it won’t feel intrusive in the living room like a big-screen LED TV does.

Moving to the image quality, its 1080P HD resolution didn’t feel like another run-of-the-mill at all.

This is mostly due to its brilliant 4500-lumen brightness. On top of that, the 2000:1 contrast ratio was enough to prevent the washed-out effect, as seen on many home theatre projections.

The dual speakers did struggle to keep up with their other top-shelf features. And as for the connectivity options, one Lightning to HDMI adapter will go a long way.

The projector will easily connect to Chromecast, Miracast, or Dongle for navigating online streaming services or your Cloud storage.

Key Features :

  • Up to 200-inch screen length and 4500L brightness
  • Good display resolution and contrast
  • Suitable for playing video games and movies
  • Higher image clarity in a dark environment

10. Vamvo Portable Projector with Dolby Digital Plus

Vamvo Portable Projector with Dolby Digital Plus

The latest Vamvo projector redefines your movie nights, gaming, and live screening with Dolby Digital Plus. Its stereo speakers outperformed those of many home theatre projectors with phenomenal sound quality.

This projector has a tiny size, which makes it ideal for taking outdoors for live screening. You can also take it along your camping trip for watching a movie,

video clips from your phone, hard disk, and so on. It weighs only 2 pounds but is one of the most heavy-duty projectors for home and outdoor we’ve seen for the price.

Moreover, you can adjust the projection size up to 200 inches from a 50-inch screen and enjoy a 5000-lumen bright home cinema experience.

Vamvo packed a lot of connectivity options in this sophisticated projector. Interfaces such as HDMI, Micro SD, USB, VGA, RCA AV are placed side by side so that you can simultaneously use multiple devices.

They allow you to connect modern game consoles, flash disk, laptop, phone, and iPad. You can now begin your home theatre experience without waiting on the paycheck.

The Vamvo projector is a well-priced one. That is why we were impressed when we saw that it supports Dolby Digital sound. It gives you a taste of the best-in-class sound system alongside a supreme FHD resolution.

Key Features :

  • FHD 1080P resolution
  • Offers Dolby Digital Plus
  • 5000-lumen brightness and 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • Suitable for both day and nighttime viewing

Top 10 Portable Projector For Business Comparison Chart

Product Name

Screen Size 


Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Display Resolution 


Up to 170 inches 





Up to 180 inches 




BOMAKER Mini Projector 

Up to 100 inches 



1080P FHD 

CiBest 1080P Home 

Up to 200 inches




VicTsing 1080P Wi-Fi

Up to 170 inches




Vamvo L4200

Up to 200 inches





Up to 176 inches




HOMPOW Projector 

Up 176 to inches




ManyBox 4500 LUX

Up to 150 inches



1080P FHD

Vamvo Movie Projector

Up to 200 inches



1080P FHD

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Projector For Business

Selecting the right portable projector can get quite tricky at times, mostly because there are so many feasible options to choose from.

Worry not, though; we have shortlisted a few ‘must-haves’ features for the best portable projector!

Image Quality

You’re going to watch what’s on the screen at the end of the day, so the quality of that image is essential. The quality depends on two things mostly, the resolution and the brightness.

While some portable projectors can provide up to 4K resolution, most of these projectors provide either 480P or 720P resolution in general. Considering the screen isn’t bigger than 80 inches, 720P does just fine.

Brightness is a concern regarding projectors, but unfortunately, due to them being compact, portable projectors won’t have a lot of power to brighten up the room artificially.

So, you should look for projectors that can provide the maximum brightness, no matter how low that is.


Next, is a topic that might make you ask us- why should portability be an issue in this list?

You’d be surprised to know that a few companies set a fake ‘portable’ tag in their otherwise bulky projectors for a better transaction. So, be careful; you should not fall into that trap at all.

Always remember that a portable projector should fit into your carrying baggage with ease, always. And no, by baggage, we don’t mean huge travel luggage; we mean laptop bags or briefcases.

If the projector is small enough to get in with your laptop or similar accessories, then it’s good to go.


A common reason why people settle for portable projectors is that they’re way more affordable than stationary projectors.

Imagine getting a device like that within $100 only; this sounds impossible, no? That dream is a reality now. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest possible option, because they might lack a few other features.

In general, any projector within the range of $90 to $600 would be considered a decent buy. Surprisingly, there are a few excellent deals that fall just under $120, and you should check the list above to know more about them.

However, if you want the best business portable projector, then you’ll have to spend a little more than that.


Connectivity is another reason why people tend to move from outdated old machines to technologically advanced ones.

The old projectors often don’t have inputs other than a VGA/HDMI cable, whereas many portable ones these days have Bluetooth connection.

Considering the fact that smartphones are also used for presentation purposes- Bluetooth is a must for these projectors.

Apart from that, some laptops or computers might not have the Bluetooth feature, so it’s better to have a projector that can provide both Bluetooth and HDMI/USB ports for better connectivity.

In other words, the projector should be as versatile as possible regarding connections.

Lamp Hours

While searching for the best portable business projector, lamp life remains one of the most crucial parts of the device.

Before we tell you why- you should know that projectors are not like laptops or TVs, they aren’t compatible with running non-stop for a long, long time.

This is where the lamp hours come in, and this is why having longer lamp hours is essential.

You need to be updated about the lamp hours data all the time. Check the time, take good care of your projector, and repair it accordingly.

The key to having longevity in these products is to follow the guidelines and use them, therefore.

Additional Features

A few particular features don’t come with all the projectors, but only the best ones have them. For example, if you choose a mini projector for a phone, then you can be relieved of the hassle of carrying a laptop around.

Again, if your portable projector comes with additional battery life, then even load-shedding cannot prevent you from presenting!

If a mobile projector comes with an integrated speaker as well, then that is what we can call ‘icing on the cake.’

While using your smartphone for presentation, sound can be an issue, but these speakers can make sure you have a splendid, hassle-free presentation!

Benefits of Portable Projector for Business

Having a portable projector adds that extra bit of professionalism we all are looking for, but apart from just showmanship, it is very resourceful. Here’s how:


It’s written in the title; these projectors are portable, and you can carry them in any part of the world. But that’s not just it; some of these projectors also come with additional batteries-

so giving a presentation even beside a mountain is feasible for you! These compact devices can be carried in laptop bags or even your briefcase.


By accessibility, we don’t just mean that it can be moved anywhere, anytime. We mean that these portable projectors can actually be connected to most of the devices and work well without a single issue.

All you need is a smooth wall, preferably white or gray, and you’re all set for a killer presentation. The massive screen adds more to their accessibility.


Truth be told, the usual stationary projectors aren’t very cheap. They come with a lot of wires and all, which makes it even more difficult for a person to buy.

However, you can get one of these portable projectors for under $100! Amazing, no? Lucky for you, these relatively inexpensive ones provide you with excellent service as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Since projectors work well in dark rooms, what if I don’t have one?

One solution. Go for the higher lumen projectors. Portable projectors don’t always have enough brightness, so you need to choose carefully.

However, if you have a darker, shaded place, then go for one with high-resolution for premium performance.

2. Can I really have a wireless projector?

Not really; you’ll still have to connect the projector to power lines with wires, but some projectors have wireless technologies like Bluetooth- and through them,

you can present from your phone or laptop without any wire connection.

3. Commercial or Home Theatre projector?

Depends on your preferences. Commercial projectors are generally used for business purposes like presentations. They usually have very high lumen so that everyone can go through the texts.

On the other hand, Home Theatres are more casual; you can pick them while camping or while having a family movie night. It all depends on your preference.

4. If I don’t have enough space for the projector, what to do?

Again, one solution. Short-throw projectors. If you prefer a standard projector and mess up the focal length, the image will come distorted.

So, if you don’t have more than 10*10 feet space, then we’d suggest you choose the short-throw projector.

Final Words

From live streaming games to screen-casting old photos from the phone, a projector completes your home entertainment nook.

And in many cases, they are a smarter choice than TV. Besides, good projection is a prerequisite for making a successful PowerPoint presentation in the meeting room.

The bomaker 6000 Lux FHD projector is the best business portable projector available right now if you ask us.

Its 1080P Full HD supported viewing can stretch up a colossal 100-inch size and offer you the perks of Wi-Fi projectors.

Still, you can choose any piece from the list that we have provided, without any doubt. The rest is up to you.