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Best Paper For Flyers in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re worried about the publicity of your newly opened restaurant on the street corner, chances are you’re looking for some good-quality flyer papers.

Let’s assume; the last time you bought flyer papers, they weren’t of good quality. Maybe, they were too thin to get handed over from person to person, or the printing didn’t have any good outcome.

Well, in this article, I’ve listed down some best papers for flyers available in the marketplace. By best flyer paper, I mean those with good printing outcomes, perfect gsm, and standard size. Want to get yourself a ream of those? Follow me!

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock 75 Sheets
Astrobrights Colored Cardstock 75 Sheets

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Hammermill Printer Paper 100 Bright, Made in the USA
Hammermill Paper Made in the USA

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Colored Paper For Printing Flyers
Colored Paper For Printing

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Hammermill Premium Laser Print Paper Made in the USA
Hammermill Premium Laser Print Paper

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Boise Fireworx Color Copy/Laser Paper 500 Sheets
Boise Fireworx Color Paper

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Benefits of Using Paper For Flyers

From micro-business to big conglomerates, companies and individuals have been using flyers for promotional marketing for a very long time. Some of the benefits of using paper for flyers are mentioned below.

It Is cheap

Compared to other marketing methods, flyer marketing using papers –is kind of cheap. When you use a flyer made of paper for your business,

all you have to do is design it with the help of a computer and print it with the help of a printer. And guess what? That printed copy can even be photocopied.

If you want to save your money further- you can even print it on both sides of the paper. So, if you use paper for your business flyer, the benefit is- it won’t require you much money.

Easy Way of Credible Communication

The purposes of flyers are to inform customers about certain things and modify consumer behavior. And the easy way to pass any information to mass people is indeed paper!

If any information is printed on paper, it somehow indicates the credibility of that thing.

As a result, if you use paper for your flyers, you can make your customers feel “okay! This service seems worthy! They seem to be doing serious business!”

This way, you can create a good impression of your brand to your customers.

Complements Digital

Printed flyers can also give you digital support. For instance, you add a QR code that can lead the consumer to a related website or social media account. How amazing is that?

Excellent Way to Get Attention

If you use paper flyers, you can load the consumer’s mailbox with your business detail! And when you try to reach via email, there’re chances that people will hit the delete button without reading!

On the other hand, the potential customer has to take one good look before throwing out anything from the mailbox. So, give that a thought!

10 Best Paper For Flyers Reviews

You will find some best quality flyer papers that are available in the marketplace. I picked some of the best choices of printing service providers. Take a look!

1. Astrobrights Colored Cardstock 75 Sheets

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock 75 Sheets

Astrobrights is a paper-making conglomerate that offers papers in 25 different colors. This time they came up with 176 gsm colored cardstock, which is just perfect for flyers. The packet comes with a total of 75 smooth sheets.

The colored cardstocks from Astrobrights are fully dyed, and the color shows on both sides. So, you can tear apart, fold or cut your handouts without worrying about white cores! You can even print on both sides since both sides are colored appropriately.

It comes with a sheet size of 8.5″ x 11″ inches and a weight of 65 lbs (176 gsm). They are truly the ideal printing paper for your business leaflets as most flyer templates are of this measurement!

As for the colors, these queens come in 25 unique bright, and vibrant colors. You can print any design pattern on your flyer with these, and they will look outstanding in different colors.

With a brightness rating of 30 Lumen, some of the colors glow under backlights. If you are looking for flyer papers for your black light party, this can be an option for you.

Key Features :

  • Fully dyed papers; even if you fold- there will be no white core
  • The size of 8.5″ x 11″ inches enables you to use the standard flyer template
  • With 25 variants of dazzling colors, you can get eye-catching leaflets
  • With a 30-lumen brightness rating, it’s perfect for glow-light parties

2. Hammermill Printer Paper 100 Bright, Made in the USA

Hammermill Printer Paper 100 Bright, Made in the USA

So you’ve explored through the first item, but you’re looking for white papers. Well, you can consider printer paper from Hammermill. With 100 years of quality paper-making reputation, it has been the leading company to use scientific methods for paper formulation.

Thanks to the super bright finishing of this product, it comes real handy while making flyers. The smoothness and brightness of this paper are just perfect for image contrast and color replication.

With a 99.99% JAM-FREE assurance, you will probably get 1000 computer paper sheets printed with only 1 jam! This way, you can enjoy automated printing and print as many flyers as you want with this paper. You can do other works while the computer will be printing independently- doing its job silently.

While most of the flyer papers would go yellow over time, this one doesn’t. All thanks to the alkaline technology that it is made with. With this technology, the paper becomes acid-free. You don’t have to worry about your flyers turning yellow over time.

Like other flyer papers- this one also offers 8.5 x 11 inches of sheet size and 18-32 lbs of paper thickness. Papers with this sizing are perfect for leaflet printing.

Key Features :

  • Bright finishing gives your flyers a lovely image and color combination
  • The jam-free guarantee ensures a hassle less and convenient flyer printing
  • With the acid-free pH condition; the paper won’t turn yellow
  • 8.5 x 11 inches of sheet size ensures the standard paper sizing for you

3. Colored Paper For Printing Flyers

Colored Paper For Printing Flyers

So, you just fall in love with Hammermill products but plan to print your flyers on colored paper. This item is for you then. With a whole packet of 500 sheets, this item offers you 15 different colors to choose from. You are getting a ream in a single pack.

A size of 8.5 x 11 inches with 20lb weight- ensures that it coheres with any type of imaging gadget. Since it is of a standard size, you don’t have to worry about whether there will be printers available in your area for this paper or not.

Hammermill promises only 1 jam per 1000 computer paper sheets. So, you don’t have to worry about automated printing nuisances. Even if you don’t monitor the printing and go for other works- the paper won’t create any jam. That makes it the best paper for printing flyers.

This particular product is famous for its smooth surface- making it ideal for flyer printing. High-opacity see-through printouts can be a piece of cake for you with this paper.

Are you worried about the environmental impact of using papers? Thanks to the fibers, it’s made with colored Canary Printer Paper from Hammermill is 30% recyclable. So, if you buy this paper, you can indirectly contribute to the betterment of our environment.

Key Features :

  • Jam-free guarantee offers you a convenient printing experience
  • 8.5 x 11 inch and 20 lb weight; makes it perfect for printing equipment
  • The extra smooth surface allows you to enjoy high-quality printouts
  • With recyclable fiber, you’ll be contributing to environmental reformation

4. Hammermill Premium Laser Print Paper Made in the USA

Hammermill Premium Laser Print Paper Made in the USA

Another goodie from Hammermill! This one is specifically for laser printers. Smooth-surface, jam-free guarantee, acid-free build, and standard sizing- this item offers you a lot.

As for the ultra-smooth finishing, vibrant colored texts and pictures can be accurately printed on it. If you are planning to print some high-end colorful images on your flyer, go with this one. It allows you to print high-resolution flyers (up to 2400 dpi).

With a 99.99% jam-free pledge, this brand can print 1000 sheets of computer copy paper with a maximum of 1 jam. This way, you can enjoy the speedy printing of hefty amounts with laser printers. And you won’t even have to sit in front of your printing machine and monitor it with boredom.

This sweetheart is made with alkaline technology, and it is acid-free. If acid is in the paper, it somehow makes the paper turn yellow. You wouldn’t want that, right? With this item, you can no more worry about your handouts turning yellow over time.

With that being said, Premium Laser Print Paper from Hammermill offers you a standard paper measurement. It comes in 8.5 x 11 inches and weighs 24 lb, which is perfect for leaflet printings.

Key Features :

  • You can say bye-bye to computer paper jams with this paper
  • A smooth surface enables you to print up to 2400 dpi resolution images
  • It’s acid-free, you can enjoy long-lasting recorder quality
  • 8.5 x 11-inch paper ensures that you get the standardized size of the flyer

5. Boise Fireworx Color Copy/Laser Paper 500 Sheets

Boise Fireworx Color Copy/Laser Paper 500 Sheets

With a legacy of 110 years, Boise produces 475,000 tons of specialty paper and commodities every year. This time it is their color copy paper for laser printing- Fireworx. Pop trait, smoothness, compatibility with printing equipment, and perfect measurement make it ideal for any flyer.

This product’s pop (printing-out paper) trait makes it the 1st choice of flyer printing service providers. So, if you choose this one, your leaflet will stand out in the crowd. You will be getting the best item for your business.

As for the finishing- it is super smooth. Whatever you print on a smooth surface, it will come out stunning. Therefore, with this item, your flyers will come out professional-looking. Moreover, flyers are supposed to be smooth for comfort distribution.

This sassy is well suited with all kinds of printing machines and tools. You don’t have to worry about looking for a particular printer in your neighborhood for this paper after buying it.

It fulfills the ideal size chart of flyer templates- 8.5 x 11 inches. According to the US standard, most of the flyer templates are of this size. So, you are getting the standard product available in the market.

Key Features :

  • With the pop attribute, you can make your flyer easily noticeable
  • Compatible with printers, you can use this on any type of machine
  • Smooth finishing ensures the outstanding printing quality
  • 8.5 x 11 inches gives you the conventional product of the market

6. Astrobrights Color Paper 25-Color Assortment

Astrobrights Color Paper 25-Color Assortment

Remember Astrobrights color card stocks? That one comes with 75 sheets, but you can go with this product if you intend to buy in bulk. With a total of 150 sheets in a pack, you are getting a good deal here.

Color paper from Astrobrights is thoroughly dyed. If your flyer gets folded, no worries! The white core won’t even show because the color enters all the paths through the paper. You can print on both sides, too, as it is colored on the opposite side.

Are you wondering about the color option? This comb-queen comes along with 25 different colors. And guess what? All of them are vibrant and bright. You can print a variety color of leaflets with this package.

Similar to other flyer paper available in the market, this one comes in 8.5 x 11 inches. You will be getting the conventional measurement with this item. The majority of flyer templates come in this sizing too.

With this beauty, you will be saving money on ink because these colored papers offer you colors at a low cost. You can make a mixture of black ink with colored ink together and save extra time and money.

Key Features :

  • With the full-dye feature, you are getting color on both sides of the flyer
  • 25 varieties of colored paper; your leaflets will be vibrant
  • Budget pricing enables you to save ink money
  • 8.5 x 11 inches, you’re getting the standard product available on the market

7. Neenah Astrobrights Paper For Flyers

Neenah Astrobrights Paper For Flyers

Neenah has been in paper making business since 1873. Astrobright is a sub concern of it. The item- Premium Color (terra green) Paper from Neenah Astrobrights comes in a total of 500 sheets, with 8.5 x 11-inch sized papers.

All the papers are lignin-free and acid-free. They go along with printing gadgets too.

The lignin-free feature is essential in papers; otherwise, the material breaks down easily. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability of your flyer; if you choose this product. It won’t wear out while handling.

It’s compatible with printers. This paper goes along with almost all kinds of printing gadgets, especially inkjets and lasers.

Nowadays, almost every household has these. So, you can even print it in your home without any professional help.

The acid-free feature makes sure that over time your flyers don’t turn yellow. Neenah uses the alkaline method for paper formation so that yellow thingy will not happen with this item.

This package of gold is filled with 500 standard-sized flyer papers. If you need a hefty amount, pick this ream of goodness.

Key Features :

  • Well suited for every gadget; you can use it with both inkjet and laser
  • Thanks to the lignin-free feature; the paper materials won’t break down
  • Due to the acid-free trait; you to worry about yellowish leaflets no more
  • 500 sheets package- you’re getting a bulk amount of 8.5 x 11 sized papers

8. Astrobrights Laser, Inkjet & Multipurpose Paper

Astrobrights Laser, Inkjet & Multipurpose Paper

Another Victorian from Astrobrights! This multipurpose paper comes along with acid-free characteristics, three vibrant colors, 24 lb of thickness, and matte finishing.

Solar Yellow, Lunar blue, and re-entry red- the item comes in three colors. Red, blue, green are the three primary colors. So, you will be printing your leaflets in three fundamental colors. Your one will look eye-catchy!

As for the acid-free feature, the paper lasts long, unlike typical papers that turn yellow over time and get destroyed. This is because the manufacturer uses the alkaline method to produce their paper. You can have long-lasting flyers with this product.

With a thickness of 24 lb, this goodie is heavier and thicker than conventional handout papers. When it comes to papers, too much thinness can be an issue sometimes. But with this item, your one will stand out among other business flyers.

Since it’s a matte finishing, the thin layer coating will receive the inkjet properly. As a result, the images will come out accurately colored. Your flyer will get a professional vibe in it. If handed to people- the colored printing will catch their attention.

Key Features :

  • Due to matte finishing, the leaflet gets a properly printed look
  • Since it’s acid-free; now you can say sayonara to yellowish papers
  • The color option enables you to print your flyers in three vibrant colors
  • 24 lb of thickness ensures the durability of the paper

9. Staples Pastels Colored Copy Paper, Assorted

Staples Pastels Colored Copy Paper, Assorted

Staples is a brand that believes in delivering supplies in better ways. Their colored copy papers are recyclable and acid-free. They also claim to have the soft hue injecting option. The papers are of uncoated finishing.

Suppose you intend to fill your flyer with more texts and fewer figures. In that case, this one is perfect for you because papers with uncoated finishing are smoother than conventional papers, so they are intended for text printing.

Are you tired of your leaflets turning yellow? No more tension! This item is acid-free, so yellow-turning over time will be old-school for you. This happens because Staples mainly use the alkaline method to process this queen.

Pastels copy paper from Staples is recyclable. Flyers are supposed to be thrown away at a certain point. So, the recyclable option will add more value to your one. You can have self-satisfaction by thinking that you are not wasting paper.

The thing with pastels is- they are made in such a way, so they absorb the soft hue perfectly. As a result, your leaflets will have a better printing outcome with a perfectly balanced color combination.

Key Features :

  • You won’t be worrying about your flyers turning yellow; it’s acid-free
  • It’s recyclable, so you’ll be contributing to the environment
  • Being a pastel paper, it allows you can add soft hues to your flyers
  • Uncoated finishing enables you to print texts on your handouts

10. 200 Sheets Color Copy Paper A4

200 Sheets Color Copy Paper A4

Are you looking for more cardstock? Construction paper, aka sugar paper, can be an alternative for you. This one comes with a heavy-duty pack of 200 sheets. All of them are of woven finishing and highly compatible with printing devices. It can be recycled too.

Since this paper is highly compatible with several printing machines, you can mainly use it with laser, offset printers, inkjet and photocopies.

Woven finishing is a standard paper finish for usual printing. So, with this feature, you will be getting the standard paper for your flyers.

With the heavy-duty pack, you will be getting 200 sheets of construction paper. If you want to print flyers in massive amounts, this package is the best option.

For the recycling option, you can help indirectly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This way, flyers will not go to waste. Even if your customers dismiss it, you know that it can eventually be recycled with this item.

Key Features :

  • Recyclability enables you to contribute to climate change
  • Thanks to the compatibility; you can use the paper on various machines
  • 200 sheets-pack offers you a bulk option
  • Woven finishing lets you enjoy the quality paper for flyer printing

Comparison Chart Of Paper For Flyers


Sheet Size


Sheets per pack

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock

8.5" x 11"


AC outlet and USB

Hammermill Printer Paper

8.5" x 11"


500 (per ream)

Hammermill Colored Canary Printer Paper

8.5" x 11"


500 (per ream)

Premium Laser Print Paper

8.5" x 11"


2500 (5 reams)

Boise Fireworx Color Copy/ Laser Paper

8.5" x 11"


500 sheets

Astrobrights Color Paper

8.5" x 11"



Neenah Astrobrights Premium Color Paper

8.5" x 11"



Laser, Inkjet  Multipurpose Paper

8 1/2 x 11 (inch)


1250 (pack 2)

Staples Pastels Colored Copy Paper

8.5" x 11"



Construction Paper Pack

8.25" x 11.75"

1.98 (LB)


Paper For Flyers Buying Guide

Using the right paper for your business flyers can be a hard decision to make. No worries! I have prepared some buying guides for you to know which one will be best for you!

If you read through this, you will know about some factors that you have to consider before ordering your ream of flyer paper.


Most of the flyer templates are 8.5 x 11 inches. So, if you want to print flyers, you will have to look for papers of the same measurement. Although 8.5 x 11 inches is considered the standard size, 4.25 by 5.5 inches is permissible too. Not to mention, smaller-sized flyers are famous too.

If you ask about my suggestion, I would say go with the dimension of 8.5 x 11 inches. This way, your leaflet will be of computer paper size according to the US standard. For a paper with this measurement, you can check out the products that I listed.


Another thing that you need to consider before buying any flyer paper is- checking out the finishing type of that paper. There are so many finishing types- smooth, uncoated, matte, premium glossy, wove, etc. And you have to choose according to the requirements of your flyer printing.

For instance, if you intend to print flyers with fewer images and more texts, then papers of uncoated finishing are the best option for you. Similarly, suppose you are going for colored flyers. In that case, glossy finish papers are the solution for you since they make the image color appear more vibrant.

Then again, the matte finish is for those flyers that will get printed on both sides. This finishing is designed in a way that it can bear maximum handling.

Determine which type of flyers you are buying this paper for; then choose the best finish type for your leaflets according to your needs.

Lignin-Free and Acid-Free Feature

It is crucial that before buying any paper for your flyers, you check whether it is lignin-free or not. Because papers that contain lignin break out after some time. Moreover, with lignin mixed with the material, the acid percentage increases. The acid in paper results in a yellowish appearance with time.

So, look properly if your flyer paper brand assures you of lignin-free and acid-free features. You can go with the paper mills that use alkaline technology for paper manufacturing. With this method, papers become lignin-free as well as acid-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does all the colored paper glow under black light?

No! not all the bright colors will gleam under black light! Only the fluorescent ones do. You should look for the lumen of a paper too if you want it to glow under black light.

2. What is gsm?

When it comes to papers, gsm indicates grams per square meter. With gsm, you can understand the thickness of the paper. Print suppliers and buyers use it to specify the paperweight. A low gsm number means the paper is light-weighted and vice versa.

3. Is it necessary to buy lignin-free papers?

Yes! If there is lignin in a paper, then it will break down with time. Lignin creates an acidic environment and makes the paper break within time. Thus, the paper turns yellow.

4. How many sheets are there in 1 ream?

Usually, there are 500 sheets in a single ream.

5. What is full-dyed paper?

Full-dyed paper means it is filled with color all the path through the paper. To be precise, full-dyed papers are colored on both sides, and when you tear it down, there will be no trail of whiteness.

Final Words

Getting the best paper for flyers seems quite effortless. But when you try to get all the information, it feels like the sky is falling! However, I told you about the top ten choices you have, didn’t I?

But if you’re still confused, let me give you a quick solution!

For an all-rounder experience, go with the AstrobrightsColored Cardstock paper. It is thoroughly dyed, comes in different colors, and is suitable for any standard flyers size. Moreover, it’s super affordable! And that’s everything you can ask for!

Additionally, the Hammermill Printer Paper is another excellent option. It hails from a reputed brand and ensures a jam-free printing session! How amazing is that?