Best Paper For Business Cards

Top 10 Best Paper For Business Cards in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Since you’re already here, you probably know that even paper business cards can beat the ones that are made of plastic and wood. But, this happens only when you get your hands on the best paper for business cards.

Imagine this! Clean edge technology, acid-free aspect, inkjet compatibility, jam-free trait; all these at an affordable cost. Sounds like I’m kidding eh?

Well, get ready to spill the wow out of your mouth. I’ve researched for hours to find some business cards that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Despite being cheap, they come with all the high-end features like the expensive ones.

Give the reviews a read.

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

Avery Printable Business Cards, 90 Cards
Avery Printable Business Cards

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Astrobrights/Neenah Bright White Cardstock, 75 Sheets
Astrobrights/ Neenah White Cardstock

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Blank Business Cards for Printer, 1000 Pieces
Blank Business Cards for Printer

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Neenah Heavyweight Paper For Business Cards
Neenah Heavyweight Paper

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Springhill White Cardstock Paper, 250 Sheets
Springhill White Cardstock Paper

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Benefits of Using Paper for Business Cards

 Business cards are a great way to promote someone’s business. And one of the best ways of promotion can be done with the help of papers. Some of the benefits of using paper for business cards are mentioned below-


Unlike plastic business cards or business cards made of wood, paper-made ones are affordable. You won’t have to break your bank to make lots of business cards.

Imagine, you need to produce 1000 business cards. It’s pretty obvious that the ones made of wood and plastic will cost you more. Guess what? You can use paper to make business cards and cut down the price to half.

Easy Distribution

Business cards are supposed to convey information like email addresses, phone number, etc., to others. As these are easily forgettable, printing these on a single piece of paper makes the distribution process unchallenging.

Because with paper, all you’ll be doing is handing it out, and voila, the information can be passed to others. So, Easy distribution can be another benefit of using paper for business cards.

Good Impression

Compared to emails that only work if someone opens them and reads them, paper can give a business card a physical existence.

As a result, you can have a good impression of your brand. People can even store it and look at that piece of paper later whenever needed.

10 Best Paper For Business Cards Reviews

You will get some premium quality paper for business cards that are in high demand right now in the market. I tried to list down the print service providers’ first choice. Have a look!

1. Avery Printable Business Cards, 90 Cards

Avery Printable Business Cards, 90 Cards

Avery is a print-stationary and adhesive-material manufacturer. They even offer their customers free designs and printing with a MyAvery account.

This time it is their 2 x 3.5 inch heavyweight printable white business cards with clean edge technology. Accompanied by 90 cards, this product is suitable for any inkjet printer since they are jam and smudge-free.

Standard business cards are usually of 2 x 3.5-inch size to fit into pockets or wallets. If you buy this item, you can print your business cards in conventional sizing.

As for the clean edge technology, it allows you to cut your cards easily. So, you eventually end up with smooth edges. Thus your cards get a professional look.

The jam-free feature enables you to get other works done while the computer prints your business cards. This way, you can avoid printing boredom with this product.

Sometimes, if you want to print on both sides, the ink gets smudged! But with this item, I would say — go ahead and print two-sided cards as much as you want; it won’t get smudged at all.

This is because printable Business Cards from Avery are highly compatible with inkjets. So, you can rest assured about ink smudging.

Key Features :

  • With 2 x 3.5 inches, you will be getting the standard business card sizing
  • Clean edge technology gives you easy card snapping
  • Inkjets compatibility enables you to print your cards at home
  • Jam-free feature lessens your computer printing hassles
  • With a smudge-free feature; you can print on both sides

2. Astrobrights/Neenah Bright White Cardstock, 75 Sheets

Astrobrights/Neenah Bright White Cardstock, 75 Sheets

Astrobrights and Neenah are famous joint ventures, and both of them produce good quality papers.

This time it is their Bright White Cardstock which can be considered as the best cardstock for business cards. It is compatible with inkjet, laser, copier, and offset printers with a smooth finish and 176 GSM of thickness. It is lignin-free and acid-free at the same time.

If there is lignin in the paper, that paper is considered not suitable in the long run. It wears out the paper with time. Since Bright White Cardstock from Astrobrights is lignin-free, you don’t have to worry about those kinds of stuff.

With that being said, if acid is in the paper, that particular paper turns yellow. It happens with time, but you won’t want that for your precious business cards, right? With this acid-free feature, your ones can last longer without growing yellowish color on them.

This snow whitey cardstock goes well with different types of printers. Be it an inkjet, a laser, a copier, or an offset printer, these papers have a good harmony with all printer types. With this one, you have options of printing gadgets for your business cards.

About the smooth finish — you get the colors absorbed to the fullest. As a result, the contrasts come out splendid.

Key Features :

  • Your business cards won’t wear out thanks to the lignin-free trait
  • Smooth finish gives your cards wonderful color contrast
  • Thanks to the acid-free aspect; your cards won’t become yellow
  • Inkjet, copier, laser, or offset printer — you get to choose your printing gadget

3. Blank Business Cards for Printer, 1000 Pieces

Blank Business Cards for Printer, 1000 Pieces

Are you worried about cutting your business cards? Well, this goodie comes scored in each direction. So, all you have to do is separate it carefully. With a sizing of 3.5 x 1.9 inches, 170 GSM of thickness, and printer-friendly features, this can be called the best business card paper in the market.

Each of the 100 sheets is scored with dotted lines. You can easily fold the lines on all sides, and it will automatically get cut off. In one sheet, you will get 10 business cards. No more worries about edge cutting!

These blank business cards are compatible with inkjets and laser printers. So, you will get amazing details on your business cards. If you use inkjet or laser printers though, the results will be much better.

3.5 x 1.9 inches is a pretty standard size for a business card. It will perfectly fit in any wallet, purse, or money bag. With these blank business cards, you can make a good impression of your business or yourself to anyone.

The sheets are 170 GSM (grams per square meter); slightly overweighted from typical business cards. As a result, you will get sturdy and thick cards. The benefit with thick cards is — it lasts for a long time.

Key Features :

  • 170 GSM enables you to have well-built cards
  • 3.5 x 1.9 inches of sizing ensures the cards fit in every wallet
  • Inkjet and laser compatibility allows you to have professional looking business cards
  • Scored dot lines help you to separate the cards well

4. Neenah Heavyweight Paper For Business Cards

Neenah Heavyweight Paper For Business Cards

Love the Bright White Cardstock from Neenah? Here’s another one that comes in white color. With a thickness of 199 GSM, this cardstock is considered heavyweight. Premium printing performance, jam-free, acid-free, and lignin-free features make this the best paper stock for business cards.

With the trait of jam-freeness, you can print a lot of business cards altogether with the help of computer printing. And guess what? You don’t have to worry about your card paper getting jammed on the printing machine.

The lignin-free feature prevents your business cards from wearing out. Thus, you can get long-lasting cards if you choose White Index Heavyweight Cardstock from Neenah.

As for the acid-free feature, it averts your cards from turning yellow. If acid is there in the paper — the paper turns yellowish over time. For example, an old newspaper loses its color and becomes yellow as time passes; it has acid there. With this cardstock, you don’t have to worry about things like this.

This cardstock offers you a high-quality printing performance with inkjets and lasers. You can get vibrant colors for your crisp prints with bleed-free features too. Your cards will look extraordinary.

Key Features :

  • Lignin-free ensures the durability
  • Acid-free makes sure your cards don’t become yellow
  • Jam-free enables you to print business cards without the hassle
  • Thanks to the quality printing performance, your cards will look professional
  • Heavyweight feature ensures the sturdiness of your business cards

5. Springhill White Cardstock Paper, 250 Sheets

Springhill White Cardstock Paper, 250 Sheets

Springhill is a USA-based female-owned company that creates colorful eco-friendly products. This time it is their White Premium Lightweight Cardstock Paper.

Smooth finish, acid-free trait, sustainability certification, and compatibility with various printers make this the best paper for business cards.

This paper is acid-free. Acid in the paper can cause its chemical components to get broken down, turning the paper yellow. This chemical reaction can be stopped if manufacturers use alkaline technology. With this white queen, your business cards won’t turn into some yellow chick.

As for the smooth finish papers — they can give you more vibrant and high-quality printing outcomes. White Premium Lightweight Cardstock Paper from Springhill comes with a smooth surface, so you will get a premium-quality printing experience with this one.

Although this item is more suitable for black and white printing, it’s highly compatible with inkjets and lasers. So, you can color print with it too.

Be it a classic black and white business card or be it a colorful one — you can get your one done with this item.

Springhill papers are certified with SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). So, if you purchase this product, you are not buying typical papers; you are buying renewable ones.

You will be making a secondary contribution in replanting forests just by buying papers for your business cards.

Key Features :

  • Prevents the yellow-turning with acid-free feature
  • Highly compatible with laser and inkjets; you get to print colorful business cards
  • Smooth finish ensures the premium quality printing experience
  • With SFI, you get to contribute to the USA replant forests

6. Avery Two-Side Printable Business Cards

Avery Two-Side Printable Business Cards

Loved the products from Avery? Here is another one with clean edge technology, matte finish, inkjet suitableness and double-sided printability.

This company even offers its customers free printing with high-end designs. All you have to do is create a MyAvery account on their website, and boom! You are good to go.

Papers with matte finishing are formulated in such a way that they can be handled by hand — it’s sturdy. Since business cards are supposed to be moving around from one hand to the other — this paper will be just perfect for your one.

Moreover, matte finish papers are considered to be the least fingerprint sensitive.

As for the clean edge technology, your cards will get a professional look. Because with this item, you can snap your cards apart without facing any kind of challenge. The edges of your cards will be smooth and clean.

With double-sided printability, you will have more space to fit more information, and clients can have a detailed idea of your brand.

Inkjets give you premium quality printing output at a low cost. This product from Avery is suitable for inkjet printers which means you can print your business cards in premium quality without spending much.

Key Features :

  • Double-sided printing enables you to allocate detailed information
  • Inkjet compatibility ensures a high-quality printing experience at a low cost
  • Clean edge technology gives your cards a professional look
  • Matte finishing makes sure your card is sturdy

7. Printworks White Cardstock Business Card Paper

Printworks White Cardstock Business Card Paper

Printworks is a US-based paper-making company that makes 100% recyclable products. Their white cardstock is acid and lignin-free. Plus, it comes with 2 printable sides. So, use your inkjet and laser printers and get the best results in a snap.

With typical papers, if there is a little bit of lignin found, the paper breaks. But not with this one! These are lignin-free, which means your business cards won’t fragment after some time.

Are you worried that your business card will turn yellow like those old newspapers on your house? With White Cardstock from PrintWorks, your cards won’t turn yellow over time because it is acid-free. Now, your clients can keep your cards with them, and they will stay intact.

Two-sided printability means you can print on both sides of the paper, and the ink won’t smudge. This feature also enables you to allocate more information on your cards so that the clients can have a better idea of what your company does and stuff.

Since they are compatible with inkjets, laser, and copies, you are bound to have high-quality business cards. These printers have a better printing outcome in general. So, your cards will look professionally made.

Key Features :

  • These lignin-free papers prevent your business cards from getting damaged
  • You can say sayonara to the cards that turn yellow with time
  • As you can use it with inkjets, lasers, and copiers, your cards will have a professional vibe
  • Two-sided printability allows you to print more details on your cards
  • With 100% renewability, you will be contributing to the environmental betterment

8. Accent Opaque White Cardstock For Business Cards

Accent Opaque White Cardstock For Business Cards

If you are planning to print your business card with heavy ink, Accent Opaque White Cardstock Paper will be suitable for you. With a thickness of 216 GSM and matte finishing, this paper runs perfectly on inkjets, lasers, and professional copiers. It is acid-free too.

Since it’s acid-free, your cards will stay the same. You don’t have to worry about yellow cards.
This paper is one of the ideals for heavy ink printing. You can design your cards with bold-colored images, and they will come out perfectly.

With the matte finish, your cards will have a sturdy structure. Besides, matte finish papers are considered to be one of the best for business card printing

216 GSM thickness ensures the durability of your cards. Moreover, slightly thicker cards are always better for longevity.

Worried that it will be too thick to run on printers? It runs perfectly on any type of personal copiers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and even offset presses. So, even if this paper looks overweight to you, the gadgets accept it just fine.

Key Features :

  • No need to worry about yellow cards, it’s acid-free
  • Heavy ink printability enables you to use bold-colored cards
  • Compatible with inkjets, lasers, copiers, and offsets
  • Matte finish and 216 GSM ensure the sturdiness and durability of your cards

9. Colored Business Cards 25 Sheets / 250 Business Cards

Colored Business Cards 25 Sheets / 250 Business Cards

So you have gone through all the products, but you are looking for colored papers. In that case, you can consider buying this one. With various color choosing options and a thickness of 176 GSM, this cardstock can run on most software printers.

Not just that, it comes in the standard business card sizing and can be printed on both sides. Thin papers are not a good choice for business cards. 176 GSM of thickness ensures that your cards are not too thin.

The paper works fine with inkjets and laser printers. As a result, you can enjoy high-end printing outcomes. If your card happens to have images, it will come out nicely.

It’s two-sided printable paper. You can print on both sides. This way, more information can be added to your cards as there will be more room for printing. Besides, your clients can have more info about your brand alongside the contact information.

Although this particular product comes in yellow color, there are other colors too. So, you will be able to choose according to your preference.

Key Features :

  • Double-sided printing enables you to put more information for your clients
  • 176 GSM ensures your cards are thick enough to be called a business card
  • Inkjet and laser printability gives you the best printing experience
  • You get to choose colors for your cards

10. Hamilco White Paper Stock For Business Cards

Hamilco White Paper Stock For Business Cards

White Cardstock Thick Paper from Hamilco offers you a budget product with premium quality. With a promise of good delivery and a 100% cashback offer,

their paper is compatible with copiers, lasers, and inkjets if you don’t get satisfied. Besides, the paper is thick enough with acid-free characteristics.

Hamilco believes in premium quality delivery. This is why they securely pack the papers in a box. This way, you get your package of papers delivered to your doorsteps in just perfect condition. Besides, if you want to store it for future use, you can do it in the box as well.

As for the gadget compatibility, the paper goes along with copiers, inkjets, and lasers. All of these have good printing outcomes. Your business card will have a professional vibe in it as colors will come out vibrant.

Considering that these are cardstock, Hamilco is offering you high-quality paper at a reasonable price. If you buy this item, you will be getting a good deal.

These are acid-free. So, you can rest assured about the fact that some papers turn yellow as time passes.

Key Features :

  • Budget product with premium quality saves your money
  • No acid so, no yellow cards either
  • Compatibility with various software printers, you get professional-looking cards
  • Good packaging, you get the product in perfect condition

Comparison Chart Of Paper For Business Cards


Sheet Size


Sheets per pack

Avery Printable Business Cards 

8.5" x 11"



Astrobrights/Neenah Bright White Cardstock

8.5" x 11"



Blank Business Cards for Printer

3.5" x 1.9"


100 (per ream)

Neenah White Index Heavyweight

8.5" x 11"



Springhill White Cardstock Paper

8.5" x 11"


250 (per ream)

Avery Two-Side Printable

8.5" x 11"



Printworks White Cardstock

8.5" x 11"

67 lb


Accent Opaque White Cardstock Paper

8.5" x 11"


250 (per ream)

Colored Business Cards

8 1/2 x 11 (inch)


25 sheets (250 business cards)

Hamilco White Cardstock Thick Paper

8 1/2 x 11 (inch)

216 (Cover)

50 pack

Paper For Business Cards Buying Guide

Is it your first time making business cards? You don’t know what to look for in papers while buying one of a kind for your cards? No worries! I got you! I tried to point down some features that you must look at before buying any paper for your business cards.

Lignin-Free Feature

You can’t compromise with lignin in your business card papers. Because even if there is a very small amount of it present in your paper- it will get demolished slowly.

I know you wouldn’t want your cards to last for only a short period. So better check out the packaging to make sure whether it is lignin-free or not.

Acid-Free Feature

Make sure to check if the paper packaging says it’s acid-free too. Because acid in the paper is the reason it turns yellow over time. Look at the newspaper, for instance! Why do you think it becomes yellow with time? Yes! It’s because there is acid present in the paper.

Since you want to create a good impression with your business card, make sure the paper is acid-free. Otherwise, you will end up distributing cards that will turn yellowish with time.

Jam-Free feature

It is another important factor that should impact your paper buying behavior. If you plan to print business cards in a gorgeous amount, make sure your paper is jam-free. You can skip considering this feature if all you’ll be doing is printing 20-30 cards!

The thing is — if the paper gets jammed in the printer and you are trying to print almost 1500 copies of cards, then your life will become hell.

Not only will you get bored monitoring all these printouts, but also you will get tired of fixing all those jams. So you better buy a jam-free product than go through all those hassles.


Since it is a business card — I would say check out the thickness and weight too. If the paper is not thick enough, then your card might get folded easily. Besides, cards stay in pockets and purses. So, it’s always better to use slightly thick paper.


As for the size — I would recommend you print your cards in a standardized size. You can also go with any size that fits the money bag well.

You can use your credit card and driving license as a reference too. All you have to make sure is your card should be able to slide through the wallet or purse.

If you look out these four factors, then you can get the best business card paper for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the standard size for business cards?

The answer would be– the size that fits most of the wallets, money bags, purses, and pockets. But if you ask for a specific dimension, I would say go with 3.5 inches by 2 inches. That would be approximately 8.9 x 5.1 cm.

2. Is it necessary to buy slightly thick paper for business cards?

I would say yes! It is better if you go with thick paper because business cards are supposed to stay in pockets, wallets, etc. Places. As a result, it can easily get ripped off if made with thin paper.

3. Can I print on both sides of the business card papers?

Yes! If and only if your paper is smudge-free. Otherwise, if you try to print on both sides, I can imagine an inky mess with your potential business card! Try looking for papers that absorb ink well and can be used markers on.

4. What is GSM?

GSM is the abbreviation of grams per square meter. Paper manufacturers and print service providers use it to indicate the thickness or the weight of papers.

5. Can I skip on the lignin-free and acid-free features?

No! Please don’t. These two features ensure the longevity of your business cards. If you skip on these, then you will end up with worn-out yellow business cards.

Final Words

That was pretty much it on the best paper for business cards. If you want my opinion though, we’d give our thumbs up to the Avery printable business cards for some obvious reasons. I loved its clean-edge technology.

Besides, when it comes to printing, this one gives the best results by eliminating smudges. No wonder it’s my best-overall choice.