best outdoor projector for daytime use

Best Outdoor Projector For Daytime Use in 2022 – Top 10 Picks Revealed!

Outdoor projectors — if they don’t offer you great quality, you need to throw them in the trash. And when it comes to daytime use, most of them can’t even meet your requirement at all.

Now, we’ve been giving this a think. We thought, how about we get our hands on some daytime outdoor projector, experiment with them, and tell you how those felt.

Well, to get the best outdoor projector for daytime use, we’ve tried a couple of projectors and got only 10 that met our demands.

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

AuKing Upgraded Portable Daytime Projector
AuKing Daytime Projector

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GooDee HD outdoor projector for daytime use
GooDee HD outdoor projector

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CiBest Outdoor Movie Projector For Daylight Viewing
CiBest Projector For Daylight

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TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen
TMY Projector with 100 Inch Screen

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PVO Portable outdoor projector
PVO Portable outdoor projector

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Benefits of Using Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use

The benefit lies in the name if you pay a little attention. But since there’s more to it, here’s why you can invest in a daylight projector:

Daylight Viewing Experience

Not all projectors come with a daylight viewing ability. Using one that has supportive ANSI lumens can help you enjoy movies and give presentations during the day.

You can enjoy great visuals even in lit rooms without the need to bring down the curtains.


Need to visit a friend’s house and play FIFA on a giant screen? Planning to watch a movie at the picnic with family but is it scheduled for the day?

To easily carry around visual appliances in your pocket and watch a movie or play games anywhere with distinct and vivid images, clear audios, and lag-free videos, daylight projectors are super helpful.


None of your 40-60 inch TVs, curved glass, high-end, low-end, or of any form can do this. With projectors, you can play with the desired size to view the contents, greatly customizing screen sizes and viewing formats.

Comfortable for the Eyes

Sure, you can watch TV during the day and enjoy all the video content. But how good is it for the eyes?

With larger images and numbers that are easy on the eyes and reflected light in place of emitted light from TVs, daylight projectors are less straining and more protective for the eyes.

Best Outdoor Projectors for Daytime Use Reviews

Which is the right one to pick with the myriad of mini, macro, and regular-sized projectors available in the market? Good news for you:

not many projectors can deliver a blasting performance when it comes to the outdoors during daytime usage. From that narrowed-down list, here are 10 of the best picks.

1. AuKing Upgraded Portable Daytime Projector

AuKing Upgraded Portable Daytime Projector

Was your previous projector daylight fail? Many projectors advertise to be as such But not this one! 2600 lumens make sure that you get a delivery of 1080p HD supported image at 2000:1 color contrast for the crystalline and coherent viewing experience, making it the best projector for daylight viewing.

Now, a sports fanatic would want more. The optimization of the projector is such that it works with up to 10 compatible devices,

including your PC (connected via the VGA jack); Laptop, TV Stick, PS3, TV box, or Xbox (via the HDMI input); or even your TV via the AV input.

So if you want to play or watch the game, you can do it from every possible source with the color and contrast gave a realistic touch, making you think as if you’re part of the real thing.

And with the 55000 lamp hours, you can enjoy your favorite matches (even 3 in a row scheduled for the day) for 15 years, given that you use it for 5 hours a day. How cool is that?

As for the replication of the deafening noises at the stadium, the superior stereo speaker enhances the game sound quality, giving you a better streaming experience than never before.

The only issue? It is not a native 1080p but a supported one. But with the vibrancy and clarity, your guests might not be able to tell!

Key Features :

  • Advanced cooling fan creates no buzzing noises
  • Improved handling of content with 35% brighter images
  • Great short-throw and large-throw projector starting at 1m-5m distances
  • Supports an impressive 1080p resolution

2. GooDee HD outdoor projector for daytime use

GooDee HD outdoor projector for daytime use

A brand that lives up to its name — GooDee (literally!) is quite the charmer of all best outdoor projectors for daytime use out there, and its bestselling features are living proof of that!

To start, you have an 80% brighter screen compared to regular daytime projectors (6800 lux, looking at you), which acts super essential when you are trying to watch a movie clearly with the sunlight peeking in.

Throw in the 1280p Native Resolution, and the vividness in the image and video quality is unmatched! And you don’t just get brighter, clearer images, but ones with more depth, thanks to the 3000:1 contrast ratio.

But what about the size of the image? You can use this multidirectional projector for both long and short throws. Depending on how far you place it between 4.9ft-18 ft from the screen, you get an image of 44 inches-230 inches on the screen real estate.

Done with the viewing bit, now how good can you hear from one of these? With the 2 built-in speakers and the upgraded HI-FI Stereo from Goodee,

you might think about checking out that thought of buying external speakers. But getting additional speakers will create the true theater experience for 2.5 hours of the reel.

Key Features :

  • Easily connects your iPhone/Android devices
  • Has a high lamp life ensuring 50,000 hours of operating time
  • Better cooling fans ensure a noiseless movie or presentation
  • Bright viewing in a moderately lit room
  • Perfect for business or entertainment purposes

3. CiBest Outdoor Movie Projector For Daylight Viewing

CiBest Outdoor Movie Projector For Daylight Viewing

Some people get projectors for movies and video-related content. Then some people get projectors for important imagery displays as well.

Suppose you fall in the second category or are a businessperson who uses a projector for presentations and infographics or information-sharing purposes (and movies too). In that case, this one can be the best projector for outdoor daytime use.

So what makes it so good for information and data viewing? It is the combination of the resolution, contrast ratio, and the Diffuse Reflection Technology.

The first two make up the 1080p support and the 2000:1 contrast ratio that help you to create up to 80% brighter, crisper, and more lifelike images than other mini projectors at the same price point.

And as for the innovative tech, you can get a desirable softness and protection on the widely colored and distinct images, making them both intelligible and protective at the same time.

Hence, the exclusive color wheel, supported by the 6500 lumens brightness on the model, is highly beneficial for small business or education purposes. At just 3.9 to 8.2 feet projection distance, you can project crisp, comprehensible images.

And, of course, the plug and play compatibility that allows you to connect any mobile device or media players make it super easy to set up as well.

However, this one generates 80 inches of optimal display. So if you are looking for something high and above that, you can check out the GooDee YG600 listed above.

Key Features :

  • Excellent color accuracy that generates high visibility of information.
  • Has 3 built-in speakers for good audio along with the presentation.
  • Can project 3D images on the screen directly from Blu-ray players.
  • Great for short-throw projection as well.

4. TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen

TMY Projector with 100 Inch Projector Screen

Not many things can claim to be worth every penny. And for projectors, this is more than true. But thanks to the TMY manufacturers,

you can feel your investment coming back to you with the generous features and benefits you get from the projector, making this the best projector for daylight usage.

One thing that happens when you increase the lumen count is that the color wheel gets filled in with white, creating the brightness you want for daylight viewing. But when it gets over the top, you see whiter images than brighter images.

Guess how TMY beats that? With the support from the Advanced 3LCD technology. This lets you enjoy the RGB color wheel in all the frames without any over-the-top whitening or “rainbow effect.”

As for the contrast, you get a rich black detail from the 4000: 1 ratio, and for the brightness, you have 6500 lumens. Add to this the upgraded Uniform Illumination Technology, and the dark areas around the screen will disappear!

When it comes to maintenance and storage, this TMY projector is like no other. You can fold, wash and carry it from place to place, and it will be wrinkle-free. Giving you excellent clarity in video playbacks, still images, and games just like the first time.

However, it has a manual keystone correction. So do a little work before you lie on the bed and enjoy the episodes of your favorite series.

Key Features :

  • Comes with 60,000 hours of bulb life for extended viewing
  • Compatible with most color formats
  • Can generate up to 220 inches of clear screen real estate
  • Lack of a rainbow effect makes the viewing experience much better
  • Multi-connectivity and easy plug-and-play for easy installation

5. PVO Portable projector for outdoor daytime use

PVO Portable projector for outdoor daytime use

If your children and their playmates like to have a movie night at each other’s house now and then, here’s a mini projector that can solve the issue.

With the PVO projector, your child can trot off for Moana at Jonas’s while you sit at home enjoying your movie in your projector (check out the list again for the best outdoor daytime projector!).

Even though you would expect less from it, given that it is originally meant for children, it generates up to 150 inches of viewing display. And according to the recommendation, you would do better at 60-100 inches to be more protective of your children’s eyes.

So what if it has a compact size? You still get multiple ports on the model that allow you to connect USB, HDMI, AV interfaces, and gaming consoles for the budding Jonathan Wendels.

Although it supports 1080p HD content, the natural/native resolution on the model lies at 640 x 360P. So, for the bigger children at home who have gone past the Baby Shark and My Little Pony stages,

check out the likes of Yaber Y30 for more crisp and high-resolution viewing experiences.

Which one is the best outdoor projector for daytime use, though? That’s something you’ve got to decide. Yep, keep reading the reviews, and you’ll be good to go.

Key Features :

  • Serves you with quiet operation while you use it
  • Generates clear pictures and a decent sound
  • Powerbank supply for the easiest to plug in and power up
  • Very small and light to be carried around for outdoor movie-watching
  • Responsive remote control and easy-to-use menus

6. Vili Outdoor Movie WiFi projector for daylight

Vili Outdoor Movie WiFi projector for daylight

When it has a nice name, can you expect not-so-nice features from it? Not really. With one of the best compatibility on the list today, this projector works with everything from PS4s to DVD players. But other than a lot of ports, what else does this one have?

For one, no HDMI adapters. You can easily transpose the screen on your phone onto the projector with this mini powerhouse.

And with the 5000 lumens brightness, native 1280 x 720P, projection 1920 x 1080p support, and 5000: 1 contrast, you might as well swap your old outdoor daylight projector for this one!

And since this one has two Hi-fi 3W speakers built-in along with an SRS sound system, you can get a good audio experience besides amazing visuals. Wait, you didn’t even hear the best bit: a lamp life of 80000 hours!

Meaning, a good amount of service before you need a replacement. And if you’re scared of overusing it, the dual intelligent fans will make sure that the temperature is in line with the speed.

However, 1.5 feet of distance gives you 32 inches of screen real estate. Not the best we’ve had, but from a mini, we’ll take it.

Key Features :

  • Easy to focus lens to generate the clearest pictures
  • Versatile digital connectivity for streaming multiple media files
  • Noise-reducing fan cooling system for uninterrupted hearing
  • Very convenient to plug in phones and play your files directly from them
  • Excellent wireless mirroring without blurs and darkened visuals

7. DR. J Professional Mini Projector

If 4 out of 5 members in the house wear glasses, you know what it means. To protect the 5th member from going almost blind and to let the rest 4 enjoy two movies in a row without hurting their eyes, here’s the best projector for outdoor daytime use by Dr. J.

For starters, take the images. You get a Native 1280 x 720p resolution from the projector (and a display resolution of 1980 x 1080p), but also a projection from a much more forgiving LED light source that features diffuse reflection imaging.

This lets you and your family watch movies in a row of presents for hours without hurting the eyes of the viewers. With 4500 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, you don’t have to squint your eyes to watch movies during the daytime.

With such protection and 50000 lamp hours, you might see more family time spent in the living room. With the dual stereo speakers, the surround sound will be just as good as using any external speaker.

And as for the connectivity, by using HDMI adapters, you can connect your phone, laptop, or PC for a large-screen viewing experience. The HDMI disport also lets you connect TV products, making it quite redundant to invest in TVs anymore!

Also, you get the largest image depiction on screen here, at 300 inches of real estate. But these only works are given that 5M of distance in between, making it a prime choice for larger rooms.

Key Features :

  • True HD quality that generates sharp images
  • Solid yet portable to make shifting easy
  • An innovative cooling fan creates reduced noise levels
  • Works great whether it is a moderate or well-lit room
  • Multimedia connectivity with TV product compatibility

8. QKK Upgraded Mini Projector

If you have a small room and need a decent projection of images larger than 100 inches, then by placing the QKK at just 1.5m to 5m just away from the screen, you could get it.

Impressive so far, right? Let’s learn why else this qualifies as the best daylight projector!

You can use the projector in the room with sunlight peeking in, thanks to 6500 lumens of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio that keeps the whites and the blacks of the images in good detail.

With one of the highest native resolutions in the market, you can view in 1920 x 1080p resolution and enjoy crisp images with it.

Add to this the maintenance-free and low-cost operation of the projector that will save you from the hassle of changing lamp lights every other month, with the help of its 50,000 hours of lamp life.

With all these high-ranking features, QKK has something less to offer too. It is not meant for presentations, so you would do better to use it for movies only.

And as for depicting clear videos and infographics before your boss, check out the best Video Projector below.

Key Features :

  • HD-supportive content without any compression of the files
  • Compatible with popular gaming consoles and media players
  • Generates 20% brighter images than contemporary mini projectors
  • You can use 2 USB drives at the same time with this projector
  • Comes with a 5W built-in speaker for mind-blowing sounds

9. YABER Y30 Native

For some people, less is more. While for others, more is more. If you are the second type and you like the most in everything, the Y30 can effortlessly deliver. Here’s how this identifies as the best daytime projector.

Fond of a precise rectangular vision? The unique thing about this model is that you can always view it in the standard rectangle, with the aid of the ± 50 degrees 4D keystone correction function that works both horizontally and vertically.

Others offer you just ± 15 degrees of vertical correction. So you could place the Y30 Native projector anywhere, and the images would align. No need for a perfectly centered placement anymore!

Also, the power-packed combination of 8500 lumens brightness and 10000:1 contrast ratio ensure that you have bright images with more dimension and detail.

This, along with the color matching algorithm, is the absolute best deal for those looking to project the exact theater-like images on the screen.

And in pure contrast, the built-in dual stereo speakers make sure you have clear hearing while the Advanced Double-sided Cooling System and Intelligent Temperature Control create a noiseless operation.

This one is a challenger and not the overall best because it weighs and costs a little more than the GooDee YG600. If you don’t have issues with any of the two bits, this one would be happily a movie partner!

Key Features :

  • Produces clear images without downscaling content.
  • Video quality is better for the high-refraction penta-layer lens.
  • SmartEco technology certifies a maximum of 100000 hours of operation.
  • Available X/Y zooming function.
  • Easy to understand projector menus and settings.

10. VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Mini Projector

Remember that one friend who hates to plug in the phone and sit near the projector and always complains between important movie scenes? You sure will remember if you have been that friend at some point.

But to save you and everybody else from the woe of having to sit near the projector at sleepovers, here’s a wireless projector for daylight use that lets you roam around with the content in your hand!

Another benefit is tied in with this one, the setup. You can just scan the QR code on the projector screen, and the connection will be seamless and done in seconds.

And with a weight of only 2 pounds, you can carry it around and use it whenever you want to view up to 200 inches of large images.

But what’s the image quality you get from this one? Whether it is moderately lit rooms you’ll be using it in, or low light environments, the duo of Focus Wheels and Keystone Correction will ensure that you have customizable, bright images every time.

And credits to these powerhouses and the 6500 lumens supported 1920x1080p resolution, you get great projection with more detail every time.

Although it has built-in speakers, if you want to have a better sound system, you can use the line audio outputs and be comfortably audible.

Key Features :

  • Sufficiently bright viewing even in well-lit rooms
  • No distortion of images whatsoever from the horizontal correction
  • Can generate 38 inches of real estate at a projector distance of 37 feet
  • Extremely lightweight

Comparison Chart Of Outdoor Projector For Daytime Use




Lamp Hour

AuKing Mini Projector

1080p HD



GooDee YG600




CiBest Video Projector




TMY Projector 6500 Lumen

1280 x 720



PVO Portable Projector for Kids

800 x 480



Vili Nice Outdoor  Projector

1280 x 720



DR. J Professional

1280 x 720



QKK Upgraded

1920 x 1080



YABER Y30 Native

1920 x 1080




1920 x 1080



Outdoor Projector For Daytime Use Buying Guide

When buying anything, your first response may have been to check for the reasonability of the cost against features.

While that is true and required, in the case of a projector that works in daylight, the first thing that you need to consider is something else — the ANSI lumens.

This measure of light output, along with some of the key features as are mentioned below, will be important or you to get a hold of before you trot away to get a projector for outdoor use!


A 1080p resolution is also a good choice to opt for, given that you either have a Native 1080p or a supported resolution. But while checking out the resolution, an upgrade from 480 to 720p is more welcome. Anything below that, and you had better not spend the money but save it for when you can afford a better resolution.


So, what should your ANSI target be? For a room with soothing light (think of the patio in golden hours), 2500 lumens and above, and for a room with bright light (think of the patio on a sunny day, hopefully not a glaring one), 3500 lumens and more is decent.

However, as your ANSI lumens increase, the picture quality cuts down, as the color wheel is now RGBWRGBWRGBW instead of RGBRGBRGB. So the additional White tends to tweak the picture quality, though visually you see it evened out in the surrounding light.

Throw Ratio

Suppose, a projector reads a throw ratio of 2:1. The first number, 2, is a measure of the distance between the screen and the lens of the projector. The second number, 1, is a measure of the screen real estate.

So, if you want to view a 10-foot image on the screen, the lens should be 20 feet away from the screen. There are 3 kinds of throw ratios that give you 3 kinds of image sizes.

An average projector or a standard one needs to be placed between 8 to 10 feet from the lens for an image larger than 100 inches.

However, a short-throw projector needs to be placed between 4 to 7 feet from the lens for an image of 100 inches, more or less.

An ultra-short throw projector needs to be as close as 2 to 2.5 feet from the lens (some even require less) to produce a 100-inch image.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Here, you will be checking the devices that your projector is compatible with (along with checking for built-in speakers/audio compatibility) and the connectivity options that it offers.

For the former, compatibility with gaming consoles, your PC, phones, etc. is what you’ll be searching for. And for the latter, check for compatible receivers, soundbars, inputs, and ports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many Lumens are needed to be able to project in daylight?

A minimum of 2500-3500 lumens is needed if you want to project in daylight, depending on the intensity of the light in the room or the time of the day, morning to afternoon.

2. What is the best way to use a projector outside during the day?

To correctly use your projector outdoors during the daytime, you need to have a projector with a high lumens count. Next, set up the projector and the screen and share content on the giant screen by connecting the projector to your device. Don’t forget to bring it back indoors once you’re done with the watching!

3. Can I use my projector under the sun?

Using your projector directly under the sun will not fare good results. Try using it instead in your patio with a minimal shade or soft daylight instead of directly glaring sunlight.

4. Is it okay to use my outdoor project every day?

Yes, absolutely.

5. What is the difference between a 1080p and a 4K projector?

A 1080p projector will have a better contrast ratio, while a 4K projector will give you a higher resolution. If you don’t have an issue with the viewing distance and room sizes as well as the budget, you should go for the 1080p ones.

Final Words

Of the 10 listed above, your best bet would be the GooDee YG600 for its 6800 lumens brightness, the newest fan that cuts down on noise and increases bulb life, built-in speakers, and a giant 230 inch-display for the best viewing experience.

And that brings us to the end of the hunt for the best outdoor projector for daytime use! As you have seen already, it is essential that you know about contrast ratios, throw ratios, refresh rates, and bulb hours before you jump in to buy the projector because you have no budget at all.

Just knowing about the brightness and audio quality won’t suffice this time. So get ready for an upgrade.