Best Negative Film Scanners

Best Negative Film Scanners in 2022 – 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you want to make some copies of your old family photos but your uncle isn’t sending you the negative films? Those days are gone as now you can handle these family disputes in a minute!

Just take your Scanner to his house and digitize your photos while having meatloaf with your aunt!

But to have a trouble-free experience, you’ll need a device that comes with fast scanning speed, high-resolution picture quality, and various editing options.

Now the question is, where will you get these devices? Let me solve that dilemma!

Here I’ve gathered the 10 best negative film scanners that will make your life easier than ever. I know you’re dying to see those gadgets. So, let’s dive into part right away!

ImageName & DetailsEditor's RatingPrice

KODAK SCANZA Slide And Negative Scanner
KODAK SCANZA Slide And Negative Scanner

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KODAK Negatives & Slides Scanner with LCD Screen
KODAK Negatives Scanner with LCD Screen

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Mini Digital Negative Film Scanners
Mini Digital Negative Film Scanners

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Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution 22MP Film Scanner
Magnasonic 22MP Film Scanner

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Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film & Slide Scanner
Wolverine Film & Slide Scanner

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Benefits of Using Negative Film Scanners

Before you spend money on a negative film scanner, you need to learn if this device is suitable for you or not. So here are the benefits you will get from these scanners if you make the purchase.

Recall Your Memories

Negative scanners are a great way to help you preserve your memories and share them with others. There is nothing worse than opening up an old photo album to find that the photos have yellowed or faded away entirely.

These machines make it easy for anyone, even people who don’t know much about technology, to archive their negatives digitally so that future generations can enjoy them!

Get More Detailed Pictures

A high-quality scanning device will bring out the detail of your old pictures. In this way, you can enjoy explicit photographs and recognize your old pals without any help from a magnifying glass!

Easy to Store

If you are not obsessed with organizing, you know how hard it is to keep your photos arranged! And while moving out, you can’t take all your pictures with you because you may not have enough storage space in your new place.

Hence, getting a scanner will be the brightest idea as you can take your whole life’s memory in a flash drive. How amazing is that?

Time and Energy Saving

A digital negative film scanner saves you time and headaches. In an instant, you can find your photos with just a few clicks on any computer or phone screen anywhere in the world.

It saves time and energy when compared to doing everything manually on a flatbed scanner. This allows people to carry their memories around wherever they go!

10 Best Negative Film Scanners Reviews

Here is my list of the top negative scanners that I’ve fished out for you. Once you go through them, you can pick the most suitable one for yourself without any confusion.

1. KODAK SCANZA Slide And Negative Scanner

KODAK SCANZA Slide And Negative Scanner

To capture images of your old family photos to preserve their memories, the KODAK SCANZA Digital Film and Slide Scanner is a must-have.

With its 14 Megapixel Sensor and 3.5″ LCD large Screen featuring adjustable brightness and tilt, you’ll be able to scan slides or negatives at any angle for optimum clarity in HD quality.

It has your film and slides in the palm of its hand, which offers an optional setting that can enhance 22 megapixels of images.
Furthermore, this device features Slide Inserts of 3 Numbered Adapter Tray for convenient loading. It also comes with adapter trays to increase the scan speed!

KODAK Slide N SCAN comes with a home button that will help navigate you to the main interface and power buttons that turn on or off the device. Therefore, when it’s about convenience, you will have the time of your life with this gadget!

It comes with an ergonomic capture button that allows you to take pictures in seconds. Additionally, this device has three function keys for effortless navigation through prompts displayed on-screen.

The Digital Film and Slide Scanner offers an easy way to watch your flicks on the big screen. The device comes equipped with a set of cables that connect to any television, monitor, laptop and can be used to upload images from anywhere in the house!

On the other hand, this product has a built-in AC adapter for plugging into an outlet to power the Scanner. The RGB Adjustment helps to achieve the best image coloring. So, if I say that this is one of the best negative film scanners, am I saying anything wrong?

With this device, you can adjust any settings you want. The Resolution can be adjusted via software interpolation between 14MPs or 22MPS depending on what is needed in stunning quality images with sharp detail!

The adapter transfers images from your microSD card to any computer or compatible device through the USB port. It indicates which type of film you need with the Tray Directory.

Considering all its features, if you want to enjoy its film scanning sessions, take a look at this one to get a deal of the lifetime!

Key Features :

  • Suitable for scanning any negative films
  • Allows you to adjust the color, brightness, and Resolution manually
  • Compatible with every operating system
  • It offers a variety of ports for better connectivity

2. KODAK Negatives & Slides Scanner with LCD Screen

KODAK Negatives & Slides Scanner with LCD Screen

You may have a home full of old films or negatives that you want to get digital copies of. Anyone with old film or slide photos KODAK Slide N SCAN Film and Slide Scanner is one of the best options.

However, it allows users to view, edit and convert their old color and black and white negatives [135mm] and 50 mm slides [135mm], either from 110mm cameras (with adapter), 126mm cameras (without adapters). Hence, the memories you own can be scanned effortlessly.

This super-smart device comes with a 5″ LCD screen that displays large, crystal-clear photos at any time. As a result, you will have a better view of your pictures while scanning them.

It is designed with a quick-feeding tray to provide the users; hence, you can complete your scanning session in a minute. And that’s pretty impressive!

On top of everything, this machine comes with Advanced Capture Software that can enhance, resize, or convert your images with just one scan button. The Easy Options let you edit photos from the comfort of your phone with just a few taps.

Get creative, add filters, adjust color/brightness, or set an exact date to share memories exactly as they happened! This device handles all your old slides and negatives while supporting SD cards up to 32GB (not included) for various storage options!

Key Features :

  • It is Compatible with different film types
  • One-touch easy scanning for comfortable use
  • PC/Mac compatible without any software requirement
  • Large and crystal-clear LCD screen for better viewing

3. Mini Digital Negative Film Scanners

Mini Digital Negative Film Scanners

KODAK Digital Film Scanner has been redesigned from head-to-toe to get everything from 35mm films up through formats of 110 cartridge and Superior 8 reels.

The back of this innovative product features a slot of SD card (up to 32 Gb) which connects directly with TVs or monitors over HDMI cables included. Therefore, storing your photos will be easier than ever now!

It comes with a mini-USB connection ensuring quick loading speeds when turning those images into digital format. This fantastic new scanning solution is no joke; place whatever you want to scan.

This model of Kodak is the most powerful Scanner than other medium format film scanners on the market. Thanks to the easy-to-use loading dock, your scanning sessions will be done in minutes.

It is a compact, lightweight device that quickly scans your film to preserve the memories so you can enjoy them for years. Its dimensions are making it easy for transporting and storage!

Additionally, this Scanner allows the user to adjust RGB lighting levels and edit photos easily. Hence, you can use this device without any previous experience. And that’s good news for the bloomers!

This Scanner is ready to go as soon as you plug in the 3-in-1 adapter. Once powered up, KODAK’s Scanner runs automatically! If your film was loaded backward/upside down, flip tools quickly fix these problems for a flawless scan every time.

Key Features :

  • Built-in 14-megapixel sensor for stunning image capture ability
  • The compact size makes it highly portable
  • High Resolution and adjustable brightness ensure detailed photos
  • It comes with an SD card slot to store your files

4. Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution 22MP Film Scanner

Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution 22MP Film Scanner

This Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution Film Scanner delivers the quality of 22-megapixel in just a few seconds, allowing you to archive all those precious memories without much effort!

It scans negatives of 35mm, 135 films, 126KPK film, 110 films, Super 8 film slides with just one button press! You’ll be able to convert them in seconds by converting the images digitally for higher quality than ever before.

The built-in 2-inch LCD screen lets you view scanned photos on a larger, vibrant screen or watch them directly through a TV cable for an experience that will never be forgotten.

It has new, innovative ways to preserve memories. With 128MB built-in memory and an SD card of 32GB (optional), you can store up to 100 photos on the Scanner.

It has included quick-loading film trays; this all-in-one scanner will have you scanning all your negatives and old slides in a very short time.

A computer is not needed to edit brightness, rotation, and others; instead, you can choose to get all of those done right on this device. You can even select their pre-installed profiles to get an exact rendition of color with minimal editing software!

Key Features :

  • Its 128MB built-in memory can store up to 100 photos
  • A high-resolution 22MP lens captures stunning HD images
  • 4 inches LCD screen instantly displays the images on the screen
  • The built-in 14-megapixel sensor ensures trouble-free performance

5. Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film & Slide Scanner

After loads of research about what would be best for me, I finally got my hands on the Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film and Slide Scanner.

It turns out this is perfect as its powerful 20MP (5472 x 3648 Pixels) Scanner makes old 35mm film strips, 127 slide mounts, or negatives from 120-size formats into JPEGs with ease. And everything will be done in minutes, thanks to its super-fast speed.

Additionally, Wolverine F2D has an impressive 4.3″ color LCD screen and HDMI jack so that you can view your images on a TV, Windows, or Mac operating systems.

The negative photo scanner is lightweight and includes a slide adapter for quick scanning of slides. It also has negative adapters for negatives so that you can save everything in digital format on either an SD card or upload images to your computer.

The exposure can be set manually or automatically; color adjustment has automatic options as well. This product includes an LED backlight with a 5v DC power source which allows you to make scans without ambient light!

Key Features :

  • Can scan high-resolution pictures
  • Has Adapters for fast loading slides and negatives
  • It comes with ergonomic push buttons for ease of use
  • Support different operating systems to ensure convenience

6. KODAK Mobile Film Scanner with 35mm Films & Slides

KODAK Mobile Film Scanner with 35mm Films & Slides

The KODAK Mobile Film Scanner changes how we view old photographs by making it easy to digitize them. With this device, you can scan your 8mm or Super-8 film without any hassle.

This little champ allows users to scan their films without any complicated devices or expensive digitization services. The collapsible cardboard platform and battery-powered LED backlight provide subtle illumination for simple scanning, giving you hours of fun while avoiding costly professional conversion headaches!

On top of everything, it is compatible with 35mm Color Slides, Black and White Films, and color negatives from both films’ types.

This device allows you to scan photos on the go and create shareable digital files with ease! It has an easily collapsible platform that can be folded up into a small box when it’s not in use. Hence, it is perfect for traveling, and that’s good news for some enthusiasts.

KODAK Mobile Film Scanner is the perfect tool for digitizing your old family photos and storing them in a safe, centralized place. Just load up some film into its tray, put your lens over one of its many holes on top for easy focus and capture!

This tiny Scanner has all of the necessities to scan photos from your smartphone. This lightweight (249 grams), easy-to-use device is built with a clamp that keeps the phone in place and powered by 2 AA batteries for hours of scanning time.

Key Features :

  • It comes with a built-in clamp for holding your device
  • Super lightweight construction offers portability
  • The easy-to-use mechanism makes it suitable for people of any age
  • Compatible with any smartphone out there

7. DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Photo Negative Scanner

DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Photo Negative Scanner

Kodak DIGITNOW 22MP is a desktop scanner that is perfect for digitizing your old film and slides. It will not only convert all of the images from 35mm, super eight film, 110, 126Kpk to JPEG digital files in 2 seconds but also comes with a stand-alone function that does not require you to plug it into a computer!

Plus, this handy device supports up to 32GB SD cards. So, there’s plenty of room for capturing those memorable memories.

This great Scanner has a USB 2.0 sensor, 14 megapixels CMOS sensor LCD that adjusts the photo quality up to 22 megapixels with software interpolation and includes an Sd/MMC exposure for easy scanning; of film slides or digital photos!

It is perfect for scanning old pictures and slides. The device features both Mac and PC compatibility, so you can easily transfer your images to any device. Moreover, it is equipped with high-resolution capabilities that will allow you to get some detailed photographs.

It scans all types of images with ease thanks to its speed load adapters that are quick and easy to use. Push them into the device, then feed in your slide or negative one after another without having to remove it each time you need more space!

Whether you’re a professional photographer or not, the DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Film and Slide Scanner does it all. It scans your film and slides with ease by just pressing one button (or scanning).

And once scanned into the device itself, thanks to its integrated 2.4″ color LCD screen, photographers can flip-, mirror – or upgrade images via their included photo editor software in as little time as it takes them to click only a couple buttons!

Key Features :

  • Compatible with different operating systems
  • Can scan high-resolution pictures
  • It comes with interchangeable adapters for convenience
  • A colored LCD screen offers you a better view of the pictures

8. Rybozen Mobile Film and Slide Scanner

Rybozen Mobile Film and Slide Scanner

Rybozen has recently introduced Rybozen Mobile Film and Slide Scanner to provide high-quality scans of all types of photos. In this way, you can scan your negatives on the go, which is actually praiseworthy!

This Scanner has made it easier than ever before to scan old film negatives or slides. It’s compatible with 35mm formats – which are commonly found at the bottom of drawers in your home- waiting for you!

It also allows users to eliminate the bulky slide scanners they can’t carry around while scanning on location.

The best part? You don’t need any expensive equipment or training because this little gadget does all the work for you with one click!

You have a photo slideshow in your pocket! With the best Scanner for negatives and slides, you can capture all of those precious slides from years ago. Slide them into place using their built-in tray or load negatives directly onto it with the included cover flap.

Turn on its bright LED backlight to make sure that no detail is missed when scanning each frame. Once captured, put away this magical Scanner until next time because these memories don’t need to be locked up anymore!

Rybozen is an innovative new product that allows users to scan through their old 36 mm stocks within minutes simply using their phone; this saves time and money from having someone else do it!

The application connects seamlessly with the camera lens. All images captured are automatically cropped into squares before being saved onto one’s phone gallery. So now you can upload your pictures to your social media accounts without any delay!

Key Features :

  • It has a Foldable and Space-Saving Design
  • The Scanner works without a computer or driver
  • Share your image with social media with just one “Share” icon
  • Simple, easy to use with faster performance

9. KODAK Film Scanner For Negatives

KODAK Film Scanner For Negatives

Do you have old negatives, slides, or film prints? If so, what are the chances that they’re just sitting in a shoebox somewhere gathering dust and waiting to be thrown out when someone finally gets around to it?

Well, now there’s no need for worry because KODAK has launched their new Film Scanner Tool, which lets users view, edit, and convert photos from 35mm negatives. Hence, nothing can stop you now from digitizing your old memories.

With KODAK’s newest “Simple-to Use” software, it is easier than ever to scan film without any complex adjustments required by simply pushing one button in their dedicated capture program!

In addition, this innovative piece of technology will also capture, rotate images if necessary, mirror them, and adjust your film with fast operation. So, they’re ready to upload onto Facebook or share with friends at home when needed.

The KODAK Film Scanner is a fantastic piece for any budding photographer. View, Edit, Upload, and Share; can be done in just seconds! The best part? You don’t even have to take the tray out, which means you’re always ready to scan more photos or slides no matter how many are already waiting on it.

With your KODAK Film Scan Tool, you can transform any picture into a high-resolution image. Just load in the film roll and use this amazing device to capture pictures with a 5-megapixel sensor that can enlarge from standard 2592 x 1680 pixels up to 5184 × 3360 for great quality images!

This is one of the best photo negative scanners for any film or slide user. It has interchangeable trays to scan films, slides, and cardboard that are thicker than average. You also get a bonus cleaning dusting tool you can use on your Scanner after scanning! And an easy-to-use USB connector for max compatibility.

Key Features :

  • It has a one-touch scanning feature, so it is always fast and simple
  • 5MP Powerful Sensor delivers crystal clear and balanced photographs
  • Great for basic scanning needs with an easy process
  • This device can be connected to your PC or Mac computer

10. Magnasonic 22MP Film Scanner with Display & HDMI

Magnasonic 22MP Film Scanner with Display & HDMI

Bring your film scans to a whole new level with the Magnasonic All-in-One scanner. It creates 22-megapixel high-quality images that can be viewed at an amazing resolution, thanks to its big 5-inch LCD.

This user-friendly product will scan 35mm, Super 8 films,126, 110, and with just a few simple clicks of a button. With 5 second speedy scanning time, you can get through those piles of expensive memories in a very short time!

With HDMI of pictures and slideshows that can be viewed on any monitor or TV, this Scanner is great for displaying family photos at gatherings where everyone has a chance to see them!

The Scanner lets you adjust the color (red/green/blue), brightness, and mirror/flip images on the large LCD screen. For perfect scanning, choose its seven film formats that eliminate time-consuming editing software and computer skills!

This handy Scanner from Magnasonic is great for those who want a scanner that can store 50 beautiful images. The built-in memory has the capacity of 128MB, and you need an SD card slot if you plan on expanding your storage space to accommodate even more than 20,000 photos!

This handy Film Scanner lets you relive and share your photos in no time. Just plug it into any TV set with a video-out cable that comes included for instant memories on the big screen!

It eliminates the need to cut film strips and align them because of its one-touch scanning software. You can scan at 3200 x 4000 resolutions, too! So, after considering all its innovative features, we can call it the best slide and negative Scanner without any doubt!

Key Features :

  • The menu is simple and easy to use.
  • A high-quality sensor ensures better picture quality
  • Includes an SD card slot with 128MB memory for storing your files
  • It comes with a vibrant full-color 2.4″ LCD screen to offer a better view

Comparison Chart Of Negative Film Scanners


Item Weight

Media Type

Scanner Type



460 g

Negatives, Slide




530 g

Negatives, Slide



KODAK Mini Digital Film Scanner

250 g

Negatives, Slide, Photo



Magnasonic High-Resolution

0.66 pounds

Negatives, Slide, Photo



Wolverine F2D Saturn Digital Film

1.65 pounds

Negatives, Slide



KODAK Mobile Film Scanner

249 g

Negatives, Slide, Photo



DIGITNOW 22MP scanner

9.6 ounces

Negatives, Slide, Photo



Rybozen Mobile Film

140 g

Negatives, Slide, Photo



KODAK Film Scan Tool 

1.65 pounds

Negatives, Slide, Photo



Magnasonic 22MP scanner

0.84 pounds

Negatives, Slide, Photo



What to Look in a Negative Film Scanners – Buying Guide

In the world of negative film scanners, things can get confusing very quickly. I found myself wondering which one to purchase and had no idea where to start!

This guide will help you find it! After explaining all the different features to look for when choosing a professional film scanner— I also make sure not to overcomplicate things by including any overly technical jargon.

Scanning Resolution

One of the key elements in identifying a good film scanner is its Resolution. This will determine what kind of results you’ll be able to get from it, and there are many different resolutions out there, so finding one that’s suitable for your needs can seem daunting at first glance!

Some manufacturers report this as optical Resolution, while others use hardware. But most importantly, know which term they’re using before purchasing or go with an option that reports both measurements.

Color Depth

When comparing the various scanners on the market, you should be looking at color depth. Ideally, you want a film scanner with an impressive number for its color depth measurement.

In short: more bits mean better quality; less bit-depth might mean an image with lower pixel density or one where there are noticeable pixelation issues.

DMAX (Density Maximum)

DMAX is a measurement of the optical density, which can tell you how much detail to expect from each recorded portion. A higher number means that it will be better at reproducing detailed shadows and highlights.

Scanning Speed

The scanning speed is the most important factor when we’re out looking for a negative scanner, which makes sense since higher Resolution means lower scan speeds.

Negative scanners can scan an entire image at once where flatbeds only have one line per time and require you to go back after each pass to cover everything.

Ease of Use

Scanning and storing documents can be time-consuming tasks. Still, luckily a bunch of negative scanners is designed to make it easier. They have an SD card slot that makes transferring your work quick and easy; no need for a separate computer!

Software Features

Scanning your film with film scanners is much easier with the right hardware and software. Negative film scanners are best if your goal is quality. These machines come with interactive software support for editing purposes.


If you’re looking for a scanner to use on the go, the features of an external display may be important. With portable scanners with built-in displays, it’s easy to scan and see your scans as soon as they are completed.

Dust Reduction

Look no further than negative film scanners with built-in dust reduction technology when you seek a quick and easy way to get your old memories scanned.

Not only will this save time in the scanning process, but it’ll also reduce post-scanning work that needs to be done on each photo! And you will get detailed pictures effortlessly.


The decision on which film scanner to purchase is not an easy one. There are scanners of all shapes and sizes that differ in price, from the budget-friendly entry-level to top-notch models for professionals.

What you want out of your Scanner will help dictate what type fits your finances best while still meeting expectations at a certain quality standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the obstructions in the film scanner?

Dust and other small objects cling onto films while they’re being scanned with a scanner. Eventually, these things will show as annoying white dots in all black-and-white images, which is pretty annoying!

2. What does a negative film scanner do?

In negative film scanning, a projector shines light through an image on film. This captures the full range of lights and darks that make up your photo rather than just one or two points in between those extremes, like with print scans. The result is sharper detail at every point in the picture!

3. How to clean the dust in my Scanner?

All too often, we rely solely on compressed air cans when cleaning our devices; but they only remove so much before emptying them. Duster wands offer better control over small spaces with visible results like lint removal off clothing while also providing enough force.

4. Why should I scan negative films for the future?

Negative film scanners are great for those who want to maintain a digital archive of their memories without having them wear away with time.
With negative film scanners, you can keep track of all your precious photos in an accessible and secure environment without risking damage or discoloration from age!

5. Can old negatives still be developed?

You can have your old negatives transformed into prints in as little time as seven days. Disposable cameras and 35mm film are available for pick-up within ten days, while other types of films take about three weeks to process before they’re ready for shipment back to you.
So Why wait for so long? Get a negative film scanner and get rid of all these hassles!

Final Words

Getting the best negative film scanners is a daunting task as there are stores full of options. But in this article, I’ve suggested you the ultimate products so the rest of your experience will be peachy! However, if you’re still overwhelmed, let me remove that cloud.

For an overall experience, you can go for the KODAK SCANZA Scanner. It’s affordable, has high-end features, and hails from a reputed brand; what else do we need?

And if you want portability, go for the Rybozen Mobile Film and Slide Scanner. With this device, you can work on your photos on the go.