Best Letter Openers

Best Letter Openers in 2022 – Top 12 Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you find the task of opening your letters manually with your hands difficult, time-consuming, and boring?

Are you wishing there was a way you could get those documents out without mauling the envelopes and leaving such a mess?

A good letter opener is just what you need.

There are hundreds of models on the market, and they come in various styles and sizes. Again, some are high-quality and usable, and others are crappy.

In this post, we’re going to present to you the top models based on ease of use, quality, and price.

We will help you get the best letter opener that fits your needs by exploring the main features, benefits, and any shortcomings we found during our research.

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Rampro 3pc World's Most Efficient Opener
Rampro 3pc Most Efficient Opener

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Westcott Rosewood Handle Opener
Westcott Rosewood Handle Opener

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Presto Opener Made in the USA
Presto Opener Made in the USA

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Martin Yale Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted
Martin Yale Automatically Activates

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Creative Gifts Paul Revere Opener
Creative Gifts Paul Revere Opener

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What is a letter opener?

A letter opener is a tool with a blade for opening envelopes. Depending on the type of the opener, it might cut the fold of the flap closing the envelope, or it might cut a thin strip off the edge of the envelope.

There are two main types of openers – manual and electric. The manual ones come in two varieties – those with a straight blade, also called sword knives, and those with a concealed blade inside a tail-like lip.

If you’re used to opening envelopes, then you know how frustrating and boring the task can be. But does it have to be that way? Absolutely not!

With a letter opener, the task of opening letters becomes much easier. The cut is also executed neatly; no more mauled papers.

A good letter opener also helps you complete your tasks a lot faster. If you’re used to opening 10 or 20 letters in an hour without a tool, you can now do 100 pieces.

A professional model like the one from Martin Yale (we’re going to discuss it in the reviews below) will help you do it.

A letter opener also helps you get more organized as you’re able to cut envelopes cleanly.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and see what we have in the reviews.

Top 12 Best Letter Opener Reviews

1. Rampro 3pc World’s Most Efficient Opener

Rampro 3pc World's Most Efficient Opener

Do you want to get a pack of concealed blade envelope openers of assorted colors? The Ram-Pro Envelope Slitter Set comes with three pieces, colored yellow, red, and white.

These are nice, elegantly-designed little pieces of equipment that will look great on your desk or toolset.

One of the reasons why so many people prefer the Ram-Pro recessed-blade slitters is the fact that the blade is super sharp.

It slits through paper beautifully, enabling you to not only move fast but also leave a nice, clean cut.

If you’ve used an opener before that ripped your envelopes, leaving rough edges, it’s time to experience a good opener. No more ripping. No more rough edges.

Cost effectiveness is yet another reason why we think this is a good selection for you.

There are two options – you can either go for the 3-pack model, or get the 6-pack model.

If you asked us, that’s pretty cheap for such good quality.

Speaking of quality, the materials are strong and durable. The handle is hard plastic, which lasts, and the blade is stainless steel and strong enough to stay sharp for a long time.

In fact, there are people using this model professionally in a mail service office, and they say it works nicely for them. Extremely reliable.

There’s one problem with this model, however. The wide space at the blade. If you’re not carefully using the tool, your skin could get cut.

But that’s not a deal breaker; you just have to be careful using the opener.

For the assorted colors, the ease of use, the durability, and the effectiveness of the tool, we encourage you to get it.

Key Features :

  • Assorted colors – red, yellow, and white
  • Apertures for suspending the openers
  • Stainless steel blade that lasts and remains sharp for longer
  • Affordable price

2. Westcott Rosewood Handle Opener

Westcott Rosewood Handle Opener

Perhaps you don’t want the concealed blade type. Perhaps you want something that is totally safe with regards to the risk of getting cut.

In that case, you know what you need? A good blunt blade opener like the Westcott Rosewood Letter Opener. This is a straight blade with blunt edges that cannot slice your skin.

You might be a little concerned about the blunt nature of the blade. Is it really going to cut paper if its dull?
Yes, it’s going to cut. It’s a little slower, but it’s going to do the job and execute it beautifully. Yup, you can totally rely on the tool for a clean cut.

If this tool has one thing going for, it is durability. The handle is rosewood while the blade is stainless steel.

If you haven’t heard of rosewood before, it is a kind of hard wood that is preferred for making quality furniture that lasts. Thus, your handle is going to stay intact and looking good for years.

Stainless steel, as we all know, is a strong metal that lasts a long time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a letter opener that’s going to last, the Westcott Rosewood Letter Opener will be a great pick.

We mentioned that the blade is dull. While that is good for safety, some folks see it as a drawback. Okay, it’s going to open your letters, but when it comes to tough paper, like wrapping paper or plastic packaging materials, you will have a hard time trying to cut.

On the brighter side, you can sharpen it with a whetstone.

The Westcott Rosewood Letter Opener is strong and durable, and it looks good.

Key Features :

  • 9-inch straight-blade opener
  • Nice design
  • Stainless steel blade and rosewood handle – durable
  • Lightweight

3. Presto Opener Made in the USA

Presto Opener Made in the USA

If you’re looking for the best letter opener, we urge you to consider the Presto Letter Opener. It’s the perfect opener in terms of price, ease of use, versatility, safety, and beauty.

In fact, the first time we saw Presto’s pack, we thought – hey, the quality has to be low too. Boy were we wrong! The quality was excellent.

The cutter is shaped like a credit card, and the handle is just like the hard plastic material of a credit card. At the lower edge is a recessed blade, made of stainless steel; it looks fantastic and pretty well-made.

With the hard plastic and the stainless steel blade, you can be sure of one thing – the tool will last. The blade is razor sharp, and you can literally use it to slice thousands of envelopes before it goes dull.

Considering that there are 5 slitters in the pack, you can use it for over 10 years!

If there’s something we really love about the Presto Letter Opener, it is the degree of safety it offers. The blade is totally out of the way, and you never have to worry about getting cut accidentally.

Let’s say you want to get letter openers for your kids. This this the model you can trust. With this, you have peace of mind that they won’t injure themselves.

If you like something good-looking, then you will love this opener. The black color with a stainless steel blade and a nice Presto logo on the back of the card is just elegant.

Key Features :

  • Pack of 5
  • Fantastic design
  • Stainless steel blade that remains strong and sharp for years
  • Excellent price – 2.19 per piece
  • Well-concealed blade for safety

4. Martin Yale Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted

Martin Yale Automatically Activates When Envelope is Inserted

If you’re looking to have the easiest time opening letters, a good electric letter opener is just what you need.
The Martin Yale Handheld Electric Letter Opener makes opening letters on the go a breeze.

With its easy to use one handed operation, this gadget is suitable for everyone, even someone who, for some reason, cannot use the fingers of both hands.

You just support the opener with one hand (you don’t have to hold it with your fingers) and then use the other hand to slide the envelope through the opener.

It’s a smooth process that needs minimal effort, and the results are wonderful. You get a nice, even cut.

The fantastic ergonomic design of the Martin Yale Opener is one of the reasons why many people like it. It’s a small equipment with a glossy black finish and a shape that totally conforms to the human hand.

Due to the elegant design, it’s a gadget you can proudly place on your desk and even carry around and show to people.

Are you wondering about the size? The longest edge measures 5.5 inches. In short, it’s a compact device that you can put in a drawer or your briefcase if you’re going on a trip.

The unit is battery operated, requiring 2 AA batteries to work. This makes it a suitable choice for long business trips.

Any shortcomings? Yes. The main one is that the unit might cut the documents inside. Unlike the manual openers, which cut the fold of the flap, this one cuts a little piece of the edge off, and sometimes, a small piece of the document gets cut as well.

We suggest you don’t drive the envelope in too deep to avoid the issue.

Apart from that shortcoming, the unit is super easy to use and effective. Also, it comes in a good priced as well.

Key Features :

  • Awesome design
  • Battery-operated electric model
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Robust – can open hundreds of letters per day

5. Creative Gifts Paul Revere Opener

Creative Gifts Paul Revere Opener

When it comes to elegance and straight blade openers, the Paul Revere Letter Opener is one of the finest models you can get.

It’s a 9.25-inch long sword knife with a fine glossy, nickel-plated finish. Its smooth body feels really good to the hand, and the awesome design is good for any work desk; you can sure feel the touch of elegance it adds.

Instead of other models that are made of a plastic or wood handle and a steel blade, this is one solid piece made of steel. That’s good for durability, as the handle won’t come off.

Speaking of the handle, it’s a little heavy in relation to the blade, and that makes the unit slide and fall off when placed on a smooth, curved surface.

But on the brighter side, the heavier handle is good when using the unit to open envelopes. The total weight of the tool is 2.88 ounces, so don’t worry, you’ll not get exhausted using this.

The blade comes blunt but not too blunt. It easily cuts through the folded envelope flap, delivering a clean cut with no jagged edges.

Since the blade isn’t sharp, you have peace of mind knowing you’re not going to get cut accidentally.

If this unit has one thing going for, it is the sturdiness. It’s a robust little tool made of high quality materials that make it last. The finish is also high quality, staying intact for years.

Before you buy this, we have to tell you – it doesn’t come with a case. But, we don’t think that should be a deal breaker.

Key Features :

  • 9.25 inches in length
  • Elegant, nickel plating finish
  • One solid piece made of steel
  • Durable
  • Great price

6. My Desk Letter Opener Envelope Opening Set

My Desk Letter Opener Envelope Opening Set

When looking for a best letter opener, the blade is one of the most important factors you look at. You want it to do the job well, but at the same time, you want to be safe using it.

Thinking in those directions, the MY DESK Letter Opener is an excellent choice. This tool is designed as a recessed blade letter opener, meaning it has a big handle and a small, hidden blade.

The relatively big handle is a huge advantage, giving you a nice, comfortable gripping surface.

It’s also non-slip, making it easy to hold and operate the tool.

The blade is razor sharp. That’s another great perk, enabling you to slit through the paper in a flash. Due to the strength and sharpness of the blade, it’s possible to cut through other materials besides paper envelopes.

That includes wrapping paper, plastic packaging paper, and so on. You can even cut through masking tape.

Clearly, the MY DESK Letter Opener is a versatile piece of equipment that you will find extremely useful.

If you’re on a budget, this is the letter opener for you. The package contains 4 pieces. As these are all durable, it might be years before you have to get a new pack.

The only shortcoming with this item is that it’s not that safe for children. The space under the blade is big enough for their little fingers, and hence, this is not an item you want them to play around with.

On the brighter side, the space is not big enough for most adults’ fingers, so it’s safe for adults.

For a pack that is high quality and easy to use and also incredibly low-priced, go for the MY DESK 4-Pack.

Key Features :

  • 4 pieces
  • Concealed blade
  • Apertures for suspension with a string
  • Big, comfort-grip handle
  • Inexpensive

7. Martin Yale Automatic Electric Opener

Martin Yale Automatic Electric Opener

Are you looking for the best letter opener for your office or a mailroom? Something strong enough to handle hundreds, even thousands of letters per day with minimal effort?

That tool is Martin Yale’s Automatic Electric Letter Opener.

Unlike the rest of the models we’ve discussed, this isn’t a little gadget you can carry around in your pockets.

It’s a desktop model that you have to connect to the wall outlet with a cable.

What makes this tool perfect for business is that it not only opens a single envelope but also runs though a stack of them in one go.

Something surprising about it is that even with all that power, the gadget is super easy to use.

You just place your envelopes on the top and press a button. The device automatically shoots the envelopes right through the cutting head.

As you’ll see, you won’t have to use your hands to drive the letters through; the process is fully automatic.

The blade, being razor-sharp and strong, is able to deliver a super clean cut, and you know what the best part is? It cuts so close to the edge; the chances are minimal that the documents inside will get cut.

Even though we said this is a big model, it is still small enough to be termed compact. It’s something you can place on your desk, and it won’t consume too much space.

Again, it weighs in at just 3.75 pounds so moving it won’t be a hassle.

Key Features :

  • Sharp cutting head that cuts neatly
  • Good for one-handed operation
  • Rubber feet for support on the desk
  • Cuts single pieces or multiple pieces at once
  • Low noise operation
  • Durable

8. Natico Non-Tarnishing Silver Contempo Opener

Natico Non-Tarnishing Silver Contempo Opener

When it comes to design, there’s virtually nothing out there as elegant as the Natico Letter Opener.

It’s a beautiful tool with a shape almost like an “l”, though the curve is only slight. The overall length of the tool is 8.5 inches, with the gripping surface being about 2.5 inches and the cutting edge being 6 inches.

The gripping surface is thicker, and heavier, making it easy and convenient to hold and use the tool. Being long and tapering, the cutting edge works efficiently.

If there’s one thing you’re going to find pretty amazing about this equipment, it is the aesthetics. As mentioned, there’s nothing quite like it in the letter cutters world.

It has a nice silver finish with a shiny strip of metal lining the edges. Holding it feels good to the hand and those nice round edges ensure you don’t accidentally get pricked.

Additionally, the cutting edge is dull, so it adds to the safety of the tool. No risk of slicing your skin. That also means you’re not worried about your kids injuring themselves with this.

Yes, the cutting edge is too dull to cut your skin, but it does cut paper well.

You just insert it beneath the envelope flap, and you’re going to have a nice, straight cut without rough edges and without using too much effort.

The tool’s cutting edge, is, however, too thick. At first, you will have a hard time creating a good cut, and you might rip a few envelopes rather than cutting them.

But as you get used to the tool, you’ll be able to achieve that clean cut without a struggle.

Key Features :

  • Unique, fantastic design
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Dull edge – no accidental injuries

9. Universa Letter Slitter w/Concealed Blade

Universa Letter Slitter w/Concealed Blade

Are you looking for an inexpensive letter slitter for home use? The Universal Letter Slitter could be what you’re looking for.

This product comes as two packs, each containing three openers. That’s a total of 6 openers. And guess what? You get it all for a reasonable price!

Isn’t that great news? If your budget is tight, this model fits you perfectly.

If you’re looking for a simplistic model, you will like this opener. The size is almost that of a credit card, and the design is roughly the same, only that the opener is cut at one side to accommodate the blade.

The blade is well concealed. For an adult with a regular-sized hand, bringing the fingers into contact with the blade is impossible. There’s no way you’re going to cut yourself by accident.

However, the space might fit the fingers of little kids, so this is not a model we’d advise you to get for them. For your kids, try the Presto opener (reviewed above).

When using a manual letter opener, there’s one challenge that you might encounter especially if you’re using a cheap model.

You insert the paper into the space where the blade sits but bringing it into contact with the paper becomes a hassle.

This Universal model is designed to help you avoid that issue. There’s a little flexible flap of plastic that pushes the paper over the blade, ensuring it’s cut without needing too much effort from the user.

The blade is stainless steel. It’s strong, so you don’t have to deal with bending issues, and it lasts.

The only problem with this is that it has a consistent thickness. It’d be much easier to operate if it was thinner on one side, so it easily slides across the flap.

Key Features :

  • Stainless steel blade that lasts
  • Concealed blade that keeps you safe from accidental injury
  • Economical pack

10. Walking Dead Official Katana with Display Stand

Walking Dead Official Katana with Display Stand

Are you a fan of the Walking Dead series? Or do you love the Samurai movies? Well, you know what? You could get an item that makes you feel a bit like you’re a part of them; like a true warrior.

Or, you could make it happen for your kids.

The Walking Dead Official Katana is a replica of the same sword that Michonne uses in the Walking Dead to slice those zombie skulls. And, of course, the same one they use in the Samurai films.

The only difference is the size. This one is a little sword with an overall length of 7.5 inches to help you open letters.
If this slitter has one thing going for, it is the design.

It’s curved like the true Katana, and it has a nice mirror polish. Everything from the handle, which is wrapped in real ray skin, to the end of the blade looks and feels so nice. And that’s not all.

When you get the opener, there are a couple of items you’re provided with. You get a cool mini stand with a black shade with the words “THE WALKING DEAD” and “amc” written on it.

Moreover, you’re provided with a mini scabbard for holding the sword.

As you can see, this pack comes with everything you need to feel like a true Walking Dead warrior.

To keep you safe while using the tool, the blade has dull edges. Don’t worry about the ability to cut – it does cut well even with the blunt edges.

Some of you might find this opener too expensive, considering there are less expensive models that cut better. But for all the stuff you get with it, and the prestige it gives, as it’s from The Walking Dead, the price is justified.

Key Features :

  • Mini katana sword from The Walking Dead
  • Nice mirror finish
  • Scabbard for holding the sword
  • Mini stand with The Walking Dead signature
  • Lightweight and easy to use

11. Westcott All-Purpose Soft Grip, Color Varies

Westcott All-Purpose Soft Grip, Color Varies

When looking for a letter opener, we imagine you want something with a strong blade that works well. Something that can execute a clean cut in a single move.

That’s exactly what you get with the Westcott All-Purpose Letter Opener.

This is an 8.5-inch paper knife with a plastic handle and a stainless steel blade. The blade is strong enough to withstand the pressure of opening many letters in one day.

It’s a nice, sturdy blade that cuts well without bending or breaking.

It’s also thin and sharp so you can expect to slit through the paper with minimal effort and without having to move twice; one move is enough. And if you want it sharper, you can sharpen the blade with a whetstone.

The weight of the tool is just over 1 ounce. Being so lightweight, you can work with it all day, and your arms won’t feel very fatigued. Besides, the handle is soft to the touch and so comfortable to hold.

There are two main drawbacks with this model. Firstly, the handle is made of plastic, and by the looks of it, this is not going to last. We doubt it’ll go for two years without getting worn.

Secondly, the seller chooses the color of the handle for you. Yes, they say they offer the tool in assorted colors, but what’s the use if they’re just going to select the color for you?

Other than that, this is a great slitter that opens envelopes beautifully.

Key Features :

  • Long lasting stainless steel blade
  • Lightweight
  • Soft handle that’s easy to grip

12. US Office Supply Value Envelopes and Packages

US Office Supply Value Envelopes and Packages

For someone who wants to save money without sacrificing the quality, the US Office Supply Value Pack should be a great selection.
The pack contains 5 pieces and you’re able to get each piece at the incredibly low price.

You might be tempted to think that the low price signifies equally low quality, but is that really the case? Well, not quite.
These razer blade cutters have a plastic handle and a hidden stainless steel blade.

The handle is made of hard plastic, and though it doesn’t look like it’ll hold up for many years, we believe it’ll serve you well.
After all, for the price, a year at most is all you should expect, right?

The blade looks very strong, and it doesn’t bend when slitting through those tough papers. It’s also sharp, so you can count on it to cut through the envelopes smoothly and with little effort.

With the US Office Supply openers, safety is guaranteed.

The space left at the opening to the blade is too small for your fingers to go through. Hence, with these slitters, you’re not worried about accidental injuries.

It’s, however, good to note that the little fingers of your kids might reach the blade. So, it’s not a good idea to give them these devices.

For those of you who like to suspend your tools at your desk with a string, there’s some good news. These gadgets have apertures cut into them where you can fit a string.

For inexpensive, easy to use, no-fuss letter slitters, go ahead and check out the US Office Supply Value Pack.

Key Features :

  • Pack of 5
  • Inexpensive compared to other products
  • Stainless steel blade for strength and longevity
  • Small opening at the blade for safety

Things to Consider Before Buying Letter Openers

Getting a suitable letter opener often boils down to personal preferences. There are those who want something fancy like the sword-shaped varieties, and there are those who want a no-fuss model that works.

That being said, there are considerations to make to ensure that you get the right product for your needs. Here are some of them:


When it comes to the ease of use, weight and size are essential. The tool should be lightweight and easy to hold and operate.
We suggest you go for something that’s not heavier than 10 ounces.

An easy to use tool is also one that is small enough to hold comfortably in your hand. At most, it should be the size of a credit card.


The construction affects both the strength and the longevity; that’s why it matters.

Concealed blade slitters are typically made of a plastic handle and a steel or plastic blade. Obviously, if you want something long-lasting, you should go for one made of a hard plastic handle and a stainless steel blade.

The straight blade openers are made of a wooden, metallic or plastic handle and a metal blade.

For durability and ease of use, get an opener that’s made of a strong wooden or plastic handle and a stainless steel blade.


Letter opening products come in two main styles – electric and manual/mechanical models.

If you’re looking for the easiest to use model that also performs excellently, you’re better of going for an electric slitter.
The manual ones are further subdivided into straight blade and the concealed blade slitters.

The straight blade has a handle and a blade like a sword. But, in most cases, the blade is dull though it might be sharpenable.

Dull straight blade openers are safe for everyone, including kids, as they cannot slit the skin. However, they’re not as effective in cutting as the concealed-blade type.

The concealed-blade type is great for someone who wants a sharp cutter that easily slits through paper. They’re also good if you need something portable especially one that can be carried in the pockets.


A sharp blade is good for making a clean cut effortlessly but then, it can cut your skin if you’re not careful how you handle it.

Some concealed blade openers have a big space where the fingers can go through, resulting in an injury. Needless to say, you should keep these from kids, and even you should be careful while using them.

Others, like the one from Presto, have a space too thin for fingers to go through. These are absolutely safe as there’s no way your fingers (or those of your kids) can come into contact with the blade.

A dull blade straight opener is obviously safe as the edge cannot cut through the human skin.

How to Use It?

Opening letters is boring. In fact, immensely boring, especially if you have a large number of letters.

But do you know why it’s so boring? Okay, it’s a repetitive task, but another main reason is seeing mauled envelopes laying around.

One of the ways of making it a little more interesting, therefore, is to ensure the envelopes aren’t mauled but rather well slip and organized.

To do that, you need a letter opener, and you need to use it properly.

Here are the steps to follow to use a letter opener correctly:

  • Use your non-dominant hand to hold the envelope.
  • With the other hand, grab the opener and insert it into the little corner where the flap of the envelope starts. Let the blade lie directly under the fold of the flap.
  • Note: if the opener is a concealed-blade type, then it’s the tail that needs to go in through the corner.
  • Now, move your hand straight, so that the blade cuts the fold all the way to the other end. You can move quickly, so that you cut in a flash, but keep your hand steady, so you don’t create a crooked cut; you want a clean straight cut.
  • Now that the envelope is open, you can go ahead and remove the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are letter openers electric?

Some are, and some are not. Manual/mechanical openers have a blade that cuts through the paper once you apply the pressure needed with your hands.

Electric-powered openers, on the other hand, use electric power (often from batteries) to activate the blade and slit the paper. These are much easier to use.

2. Does a letter opener leave a mess?

Yes, but not nearly as much as you’d leave opening those envelopes without it. The device creates a nice, clean cut, and even though the cut envelopes won’t look bad lying there, the sight won’t be as bad as that of mauled envelopes.

Clean-up is also easier when you have clean-cut envelopes.

3. Do letter openers need maintenance?

The small handheld ones don’t need any maintenance apart from, perhaps, wiping off the dust.

4. Can I use letter openers in the mail-room?

Yes, and it will make your work easier and faster, and fun too. Try securing a professional, electric models like the ones from Martin Yale that we discussed in the reviews.

These are greatly reliable, and they can handle crazy numbers of letters per day without any issues.

5. Can a letter opener damage the mail?

Yes, it can. But then, the way you use it plays a role in determining how safe the documents inside are. Be sure to practice a little with samples before starting to use the tool to open your mail.

Always cut as close to the edge as possible to avoid cutting the documents inside.

Final Words

Friends, we’ve come to the end of the post. The models we discussed are some of the best letter openers in the market, and we hope that one (or more) of them fits your needs.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss manual/mechanical model, the one from Presto should do. It’s easy to use, effective, and safe (it’s on the list of the reviews).

And if you’re looking for performance, one of those electric models from Martin Yale should be helpful.