Best Laser Printers For Labels

Best Laser Printers For Labels in 2022 – Reviews and Compression Guide

If you are as obsessed with organizing things as we are, you must know the importance of labels. But don’t we all firstly need a good printer for these labels?

Laser printers are essential for producing high-quality labels. These printers ensure that the text is sharp, and the texture of the paper is smooth.

Not only that, this machine produces labels that appear lustrous.

For guiding you through this hunt for the best laser printers for labels, we have done thorough research. Want to know what we have come up with? If you are interested, keep reading to find out!

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Brother Laser Printers For Labels with Duplex Printing
Brother Laser Printers For Labels with Duplex Printing

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Digital Color Laser Printer For Printing Labels with Wireless
Digital Color Laser Printer For Printing Labels with Wireless

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Wireless Laser Printers For Labels, Duplex Two-Sided Printing
Wireless Laser Printers For Labels, Duplex Two-Sided Printing

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Brother Laser Printer For Printing Labels Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing
Brother Laser Printer For Printing Labels, Wireless Printing

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HP Laser Printers For Labels, Wireless, Auto Two-Sided Printing
HP Laser Printers For Labels, Wireless

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Best Laser Printers For Labels Reviews

Picking only 5 laser printers from so many options was quite challenging. But we believe that we have made the right choices. Here are the 5 printers that stood out to us.

1. Brother Laser Printers For Labels with Duplex Printing

Brother Laser Printers For Labels with Duplex Printing

Our very first pick is the HL-L2300D monochrome laser printer from Brother Industries.

Brother is well known for providing premium-quality electrical and electronic equipment, and this product further proves it.

With laser printers, a common complaint is that they are heavy and big. But this one is compact and as lightweight as a laser printer can get.

Brother has a very specific look to its big printers and this one bears that same look. Coming in a dark gray color with a black top, the printer has rounded corners.

Speedy laser printing is one of the prime features of this machine. It can print up to 27 pages per minute. The paper tray has the holding ability of 250 sheets.

Labels, envelopes, cards, and such thick paper products can be printed double-sided with this printer.

Probably the most impressive element of this machine is its performance. It produces high-quality paper.

The toner save mode enables you to use a lower quantity of toner. You will not have to do a lot manually, since this device has slots for feed and exit.

Hardly any noise is produced during the printing process. There are not too many buttons in this machine, just the regular ones.

Since it is more on the inexpensive side, it does not support any wireless networking system.

Key Features :

  • The compact size makes it ideal for desks
  • Has toner save mode that lets you use toner economically
  • Does not produce much sound and is ideal for workspaces
  • Consists of affordable accessories which make the overall cost low

2. Digital Color Laser Printer For Printing Labels with Wireless

Digital Color Laser Printer For Printing Labels with Wireless

Our next recommendation is yet another printer from Brother Industries. It is the HL-L3210CW compact digital color printer. Different from the one we previously discussed, this one has some interesting features.

With a white-colored tone and a grey top, this printer has a neat yet sleek look to it. Here, the options of printing are also full of variety.

Not only can it print on different types of paper, but also it can accommodate a wide range of sizes.

The paper tray in this printer is exactly as capacious as the monochrome one, holding a total of 250 sheets. But with 19 ppm, the printing speed is a lot less in comparison.

Along with the toner saving method technology, Brother uses its special ‘genuine’ toner to help decrease the costs of printing.

Nowadays, the connectivity options of a device are considered by every user. Every user prefers wireless connectivity.

Using this printer, you can print from any device via a wireless connection. It can also connect to Wi-Fi directly. However, it does not support Ethernet.

One of the specialties of this printer is the vibrant color it produces. Be it in texts or photos, the quality is highly impressive, especially in terms of price point.

Like most printers from the company, this one consists of low additional charges.

Key Features :

  • Supports wireless connectivity so media transfer becomes easier
  • Produces high-quality pictures and texts
  • Variety in the type of paper improves user experience
  • Advanced toner saving technology helps in lowering costs
  • High capacity of paper reduces refilling

3. Wireless Laser Printers For Labels, Duplex Two-Sided Printing

Wireless Laser Printers For Labels, Duplex Two-Sided Printing

If we have already missed the disclaimer, let us give it now. We’re going to talk about a lot of Brother products in this article.

And, as we’re looking for the best laser printer for printing labels, we simply could not exclude the HL-L2350DW.

Let’s start with the key highlight of this printer. With a speed limit of 32 pages per minute, this printer is definitely one of the fastest printers out there.

Even the printing is double-sided. Like the other Brother printers we have mentioned, this one has the capacity of 250 pages on its tray as well.

There is a feed slot present, as well as an exit slot in the back. Both of these slots are manual.

For creating labels, you need variety and flexibility in your machine. This machine offers both and helps to create documents with a polished style.

While this printer supports a wireless connection, it does not support Ethernet. For connectivity, you can also use a USB. Brother’s ‘Genuine’ toner is used in this model too.

If you compare all the features of this machine with its price point, you will find it to be pretty lucrative. Because the price is quite reasonable here.

Key Features :

  • Availability of USB and wireless options improve connectivity
  • 32 ppm speed helps to save time
  • High-performance toner helps to reduce costs
  • The sturdy design keeps the machine durable
  • The easy set-up makes it more approachable

4. Brother Laser Printer For Printing Labels Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing

Brother Laser Printer For Printing Labels Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing

Our fourth recommendation is the HL-L2395DW, our final pick from Brother. With innovative features and new technologies, this one is a game-changer.

While a lot of printers from Brother are labeled monochrome, this one is truly one. With its plain black color, this printer really stands out looking sleek.

As for the features similar to the other picks from this brand, the paper tray capacity is the same, which is 250.

It has a speed of 36 pages per minute, which is quite fast for a printer. Like our previous picks, this too has a double-sided printing feature.

Brother’s high-performance toner is included in this model as well.

What really makes this printer stand out is its 2.7-inch color touch screen. This new technology touchscreen includes cloud connectivity.

Be it Google Drive, or Dropbox, or any such cloud network, this device can connect to it. Users love how time-saving this feature is.

Another extremely innovative feature is the flatbed scan glass. It will allow you to copy and scan directly from your device in a very convenient way.

The graphics in the device are of professional quality. Besides, it supports all kinds of connectivity platforms.

Considering all its features, it can be deemed as a light-duty printer.

Key Features :

  • Has color touch screen that enhances the performance of the device
  • The screen includes cloud connectivity that improves user experience
  • Has flatbed scan glass that makes copying and scanning easier
  • Supports all kinds of connectivity methods and thus saves time
  • Has a capacious paper tray that saves costs

5. HP Laser Printers For Labels, Wireless, Auto Two-Sided Printing

HP Laser Printers For Labels, Wireless, Auto Two-Sided Printing

Finally, we are here with our final recommendation. While this article has mostly been all about printers from Brother, here’s the Laserjet Pro M118dw from HP as a change.

When it comes to the best laser printers for labels, this one makes an obvious cut.

Most of the printers we have mentioned in our reviews are entry-level ones. This one is no different.

Although it is low-duty, it is impressive. Label making does not require a high-performance printer anyway.

Designed in white color with a grey top, this printer has a box shape with rounded corners. You can easily print from any device since it has wireless connectivity options.

Its speed is 28 pages per minute. While it isn’t the fastest in the market, the speed is decent for an entry-level printer.

Using the HP smart application, you can print and scan directly from your phone. Besides, you can also order the amount of toner according to your preference.

Another smart feature of this device is, it coordinates with Alexa and can pick up voice instructions.

In the box, one thousand pages worth of toner is readily available. This quantity helps to reduce extra costs and saves time & energy.

Key Features :

  • Voice activation is available which makes giving instructions easier
  • Has auto-on/off technology that saves energy
  • Coordinates with application to directly print and scan from phone
  • A large amount of toner helps boost productivity

Top 5 Laser Printers For Labels | Comparison Chart

Product Name

Speed (ppm)

Paper Tray Capacity

Connectivity Options

Brother HL-L2300D

27 ppm


Does not support wireless connection or Wi-Fi media

Compact Digital

19 ppm


Connects to wireless and Wi-Fi, but not Ethernet

HL-L2350DW Monochrome

32 ppm


Supports wireless connection and USB, but not Ethernet

Brother HL-L2395DW

36 ppm


Supports all kinds of connectivity options

HP Laserjet Pro

28 ppm


Supports wireless connectivity

Things to Consider Before Buying Laser Printers For Labels

If you have gone through our recommendations, you might have questions about what elements to look for while buying these printers. Our buying guide is a perfect solution for this!


A printer is something we use when we are mostly in a hurry. So, how fast your printer can print is very important.

Usually, the speed of a printer is determined by the number of pages it can print in a minute. Pictures or texts that have more graphic potency tend to take longer to print.

Laser printers are usually faster than regular ones. So, always check its speed before buying.

Printing Quality

Laser printers are known for printing polished, glossy-looking papers. Cards, envelopes, and labels are printed on these printers for this reason.

When buying a laser printer, check out the quality of the texts and the pictures as well.

If you only check the quality of the paper and ignore the quality of content, that will be an issue. To determine the overall performance of printing, inspect the printed content carefully.

Paper Capacity

The paper capacity of a laser printer is another essential factor that should not be overlooked.

If a printer is capacious in terms of the number of papers it can hold, you will not need to refill often. In this way, you will be able to save costs.

Even if you are looking for an affordable laser printer, make sure you do not compromise on the paper capacity.


Toner is an essential element in printing. But just because you need it does not mean you should splurge on it. In fact, as a user, you should always try to find methods to save toner.

The best laser printers for labels come with toner-saving features. While buying, look for one that will save toner, and in turn, costs.


By design, we do not mean only the exterior of the printer. Nowadays, printers do not just perform the function of regular printing.

Advanced printers have different functions, including touch screens, voice automation, etc.

Since you are investing your money in this, we suggest you buy something that has a good design.

Operational Cost

When you check out all the features and specifications of a printer, you will be able to determine the operational cost of running it. Naturally, heavy-duty printers will have more operational costs.

However, since most label-making printers are light-duty, the cost is bound to be lesser. Even so, check out whether the printer has cost-saving properties or not.


Most modern printers offer all sorts of connectivity – Ethernet, USB, wireless, etc. Since most of our daily activities run on wireless connection and Wi-Fi, the printer needs to support these platforms of connectivity.


As users, we always tend to gravitate towards low-maintenance devices. It is no different with a laser printer. While buying, you should pick printers that are convenient to set up, use, and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you print labels with a laser printer?

Yes, you can print labels with a laser printer. You just have to make sure that you are using the right kind of paper.

2. Which printer is the best for label printing?

There are many printers out there that are good for label making. Check out our review section to get some references. You can also refer to our buying guide to find out what suits your needs.

3. Do laser printers dry out?

No, laser printers do not dry up. People specifically use laser printers instead of inkjet ones because of this reason. The toner used in these printers is what prevents laser printers from drying out.

4. Do laser printers need refills often?

If we are talking about refilling the tool of printing, the toner, then no, laser printers do not need refills often.

Toners last for a long time. However, if the sheets in the paper tray run out, refilling will be required.

5. Are laser printers cheaper to run?

Although they are a bit expensive, the maintenance cost of laser printers is low. It is mainly a one-time investment.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all of our research and recommendations wrapped up. In search of the best laser printers for labels, we have presented reviews, a buying guide, and answers to common questions.

Hopefully, you have gathered some knowledge now. It’s time for you to buy your laser printer. Good luck!