Best Label Maker For Small Business

Best Label Maker For Small Business – Top 10 Picks for 2021

Label makers, with their new upgrades these days, are pretty expensive. You can get cheap ones, but the results you’ll get out of them won’t do you any good. Now, we took the challenge of finding the best label maker for small business at an affordable cost.

Our priorities were something that makes your task easy when it comes to making templates and frames. Plus, the keyboards needed to be great, too, so that you can enter the texts fast.  Label tapes were important too.

Finally, we got 10 label makers that actually met our demands. Read the reviews to find their brief details.

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DYMO Portable Label Maker QWERTY Keyboard
DYMO Portable Label Maker

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Brother label maker One-Touch Keys
Brother label maker One-Touch Keys

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DYMO Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes
Label Maker with 3 Tapes

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DYMO label maker for business
label maker for business

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Brady BMP21-PLUS labelling machine with Rubber Bumpers
Brady BMP21-PLUS labelling machine

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Benefits of Using Label Maker for Small Business

Unlike large businesses, it is quite challenging for small businesses to find local label suppliers at a reasonable price. As a result,

having a label maker is always handy for small business owners. Some of the other benefits of using label makers for small businesses are mentioned below:

Custom Made Unique Packaging

If you use a label maker, it is easy to update and design your labels whenever needed. You can even make unique packaging for each of your customers to make them feel special about your brand.

However, without label maker being a growing business, you simply can’t custom-made each label from a label supplier.

Organize Your Small Workplace

Since it is your own business and you have to handle all the things by yourself, it is quite important to keep everything organized. If you use a label maker, organizing everything will become easy for you.

Low Quantity Order Solution

Once again, label suppliers would not want to supply low quantity orders. And even if they agree — they will demand more price than usual.

Being a small business, you definitely can’t afford to spend more money than usual on such small things as a label.

Best Label Maker For Small Business Reviews

You will find the top-rated label makers available in the market suitable for small businesses here. Check out these and choose one for your business.

1. DYMO Portable Label Maker QWERTY Keyboard

DYMO Portable Label Maker QWERTY Keyboard

If you are looking for a label-maker that won’t cost you much but will do the job easily, then LabelManager 160 from DYMO will be the best cheap label maker for you. Let me catch you up with some of its features.

The device uses DYMO D1 label cassette in ¼, which comes with a roll of black print on white labels. The tape is water-resistant and won’t fade away in the sunlight.

Not only that, this handy has a large LCD with qwerty keyboards and smart one-touch keys. As a result, you can enjoy quick text entering, editing, and customizing without any unnecessary hassles.

It uses 3 AAA batteries instead of AA ones, and you are less likely to have those lying around in your surroundings. But I believe it won’t be a serious issue for you as it has battery efficient feature.

If you left it unused, it will turn itself off after a few seconds to preserve the batteries. As a result, there will be no need for you to change the batteries frequently.

Moreover, you can always use the product with an AC power supply, although you have to compromise the portability feature in such a case.

You can even connect it with your Wi-Fi and can use it both in office or household works.

Key Features :

  • Computer-style Qwerty keyboard lets you enter the texts quickly
  • One-touch smart keys let you edit and customize professionally
  • With a large display, you can have the exact view of the contents
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to use it for both home & office
  • Auto-shut-off preserves the battery power

2. Brother label maker One-Touch Keys

Brother label maker One-Touch Keys

If you are looking for something with a brand image of its own, go with P-Touch PTD210 from Brother. With 14 fonts, 600 symbols, 10 distinctive styles, 27 templates, 10 tape colors, and 97 frames — this is one of the best brother label maker.

Not only that, the one-touch formatting keys can make typing and press printing convenient for you. As there is pattern design and two-line options too — you can generate personal touch in your gift tags, scrapbooks, etc.

Worried about making typing errors and wasting labels? Well, P-Touch PTD210 from Brother got you here too. Although the screen is not backlit, it has a monochrome LCD that allows you to preview highlighted texts on it. So, typing and printing errors are less likely to occur.

About the backlit display screen, you won’t get one at this price range. Moreover, for household and small business purposes — you are less likely to need one. Besides, it is good enough to be used in a well-lit indoor environment.

The device is portable, light-weighted, and comes with CC D210 — an optional storage case where you can store the printer, batteries, tapes, etc. extra supplies.

It will give you two power options — you can either use AAA batteries or an AC power adapter. Although you have to buy these separately, the choice and preference are yours only.

Key Features :

  • Easy access to templates & frames because of one-touch keys
  • Portable device with an additional storage case for desk usage
  • Both battery or power adapter flexibility
  • Highlighted display-texts reduce typing errors and label wasting

3. DYMO Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes

DYMO Label Maker with 3 Bonus Labeling Tapes

Loved the label maker from DYMO? You might want to take a look at the Machine +3 Tapes model from DYMO. You can already guess from the model name that you will get 3 fabric-iron-on bonus tapes in each order.

Not only that, the device is light weighted, small, and sleek — it fits just comfortably in the hands and can be carried around anywhere.

You can print customized and noticeable labels with this machine. It offers you a total of 95 symbols, 5 font sizes, 8 box and 7 print styles, including 2-line printings, label colors, date stamps, underlining and bolding options.

As for the display screen, it is a 13-character LCD one with a graphical interface. So, you can actually see the font effects of your printing content.

And the keyboard? For your convenience, it is ABC styled; you can now create labels quickly. This speedy label-making feature makes this one the best label maker for small business.

LetraTag 100H from DYMO is battery-powered (4 AA batteries) and can store a total of 9 labels in its internal memory. So, you won’t have to create similar labels repeatedly. Moreover, the battery preserves power when not in use.

Key Features :

  • Handheld and battery power option makes it portable
  • Auto shut-off option saves battery power
  • Thanks to ABC styled keyboard, you can enjoy quick label-making
  • Due to internal memory, you can enjoy 9 labels at a time.
  • 3 bonus label cassettes — ½ inches 1 LT plastic and paper labels

4. DYMO label maker for small business

DYMO label maker for small business

Here is another DYMO product for you. If you are looking for something cheap but don’t want to compromise with the product quality, go with this one. Because it embosses the letters on the different colored tapes to makes it look extraordinarily professional — it can be called the best cheap label maker.

Hate typing? Although it has 49 characters, you don’t have to type or press any buttons here, unlike mainstream label makers. This is one of those easy-to-use label makers in the market.

The label generating operation of this machine is unique. All you have to do is spin the wheel-type-thing for your wanted letters, press the handlebar gently for selecting letters, and hardly for cutting the label. Boom! You are done!

You can call this the smallest label maker available in the market because it will fit in your hand just perfectly. Compared to other products, this one can be handheld with comfort thanks to the handlebar it comes with.

Worried that you need to buy additional tapes? Well, this device comes with three rolls. The pre-loaded one is a wide embossing tape with a sizing of 12 feet by 3/8 inch and color of classy black. Extra tapes come in red and green colors.

Key Features :

  • 49 characters without any keyboard or button pressing hassle
  • Easily operated — you just spin, press, and label done!
  • Soft-grip handlebar enables you to handheld the device nicely
  • 3 additional tapes with 3 different colors — black, red, and green
  • No batteries needed!

5. Brady BMP21-PLUS labelling machine with Rubber Bumpers

Brady BMP21-PLUS labelling machine with Rubber Bumpers

The label makers review will be incomplete if I don’t mention the BMP21-PLUSP from Brady. Brady is a brand that has been working for about a century to manufacture such products that will outperform others in the marketplace. This item is of no exception either!

The product is specially designed to take over the toughest industrial-worksite labeling jobs. Not only is the exterior built tough, but the labels are too. And for the bumpers-they are made of rubber for impact resistance.

As a result, it is just perfect for the identification of wires, datacoms, circuit boxes, and other hardware labelings.

About the display screen — it’s an LCD one with a backlit option. The texts that you type will be visible to you in real-time. Along with that, it has a total of 100 built-in symbols, including A-Z letters and 0-9. It will also offer you 6 font sizes with multiple line-print options.

Worried about portability? Well, the 6 AA alkaline batteries or the optional rechargeable Li-ION ones will power the gadget for you, and you’ll be able to print anywhere.

Key Features :

  • Heavy-duty built, perfect for industrial use & construction sites
  • Backlit LCD lets you see the texts in real-time while typing
  • With 100 symbols & 6 font sizes, you can customize your labels
  • You can enjoy the feature of multiple line printing
  • Thanks to the batteries, it is portable
  • Optional magnet accessory lets you enjoy hands-free operation

6. Brother P-Touch, Easy Portable Label Maker

Brother P-Touch, Easy Portable Label Maker

Brother is a Japanese company established in 1908. P-Touch PTH110 is another swoon-worthy product label maker.

With a QWERTY keyboard and one-touch key access to 3 fonts, 14 frames, 250 symbols, P-Touch PTH110 from Brother makes label making real easy for you. You can also play around with the 10 pre-designed labels from the menu.

Not only that, you can save up to 15 labels in the internal memory of this machine. As a result, label reprinting will be easy for you; you won’t have to type the same thing again and again.

The easy print preview of this product lets you see the contents before printing. So, it indirectly reduces tape wastage due to errors.

One thing that will definitely go wow is the auto shut-down feature. Meaning, if you don’t use the device for a long time, it will turn itself off, without you doing anything at all.

If you want, you can also use an AC adapter for powering, but using batteries, you’ll enjoy the portability of this device.

The gadget is compatible with Brother P-Touch TZe tape, which comes in 4 different widths and a wide variety of colors. Not to mention, the tape will generate smudge, smear, water, and fade-resistant labels for you.

Key Features :

  • You can enjoy computer-style typing by QWERTY keyboard
  • Auto power off option will extend the battery life of your machine
  • Being lightweight, it is portable and can be easily handheld
  • 3 fonts, 14 frames & 250 symbols let you add your personal touch
  • Internal memory lets you save 15 labels

7. Brother P-Touch, Handy Label Maker, 9 Type Styles

Brother P-Touch, Handy Label Maker, 9 Type Styles

The thing with Brother products is — they have an amazing customer support system. This time the giant comes with one of their best label makers, the PTM95.

The device is compatible with Brother M tapes with 2 varieties of widths and a range of colors. It is also constructed in a very light weighted manner and runs on 4 AAA batteries. So, you can print your labels anywhere you want.

Moreover, this product comes with a computer-style QWERTY keyboard which makes typing easy.

Not only that, with the 12-character easy-read, easy-view display — you can recheck the content for errors before printing. This way, less amount of tapes get wasted on misprints.

You can also organize your labels with 9 type styles, 10 frames, 200 symbols, and 8 decorative patterns. Adding a personal touch in gift bags, school items, file folders, etc., will be easy for you.

Key Features :

  • Device auto shuts down to save on the battery power
  • With a QWERTY keyboard, you can enjoy computer-style typing
  • Being light-weighted and battery-powered, it is portable
  • 12 character easy-view display reduces typing errors.
  • Various customizing options let you add a personal touch
  • Compatible with Brother “M” series of tapes

8. Rechargeable Portable Label Maker, QWERTY Keyboard

Rechargeable Portable Label Maker, QWERTY Keyboard

American company DYMO is well-known for its label printer machine. This time it is LabelManager 280, which runs on rechargeable batteries and can be handheld easily. Because of its’ portability — you can print your labels anywhere with it.

If you are familiar with computer keyboards and try to type something with this machine, you’ll notice that it is really easy.

Thanks to the one-touch formatting keys and computer-style QWERTY keyboard, they make your typing task easy as pie.

You can also have a variety of customized labels with clip arts, 20+ formatting texts, 200+ symbols, 7 text styles and 6 font sizes.

I am not finished yet! You can even connect it to your pc with a USB cable to apply advanced editing features to your labels. For example, you can add clip-art images, different barcodes, graphics, additional fonts that are not in the machine itself, etc., to your labels to make it look more professional.

If you’re forgetful and leave the machine turned on, it will auto shut off to save on the battery power. The gadget uses DYMO D1 label tapes with a wide variety of colors and 3 varieties of widths- ¼, 3/8, and ½ inches.

Key Features :

  • Easy typing with one-touch smart keys and QWERTY keyboard
  • Bluetooth & USB connection with Windows and MAC OS PC
  • Rechargeable battery power feature makes it portable
  • Clip-arts, symbols, fonts, etc. allows you to customize labels
  • Auto power off preserves the battery life
  • Compatible with DYMO D1 label tape cassettes

9. Brother P-touch Personal Handheld Labeler

Brother P-touch Personal Handheld Labeler

Here is another model of Brother label maker. With features like a QWERTY keyboard, light-weighted body, lots of customization options, and easy-view display; this can be called one of the best labeling machines.

With a total weight of 8 ounces, P-Touch PT70BM from Brother can be considered light-weighted. It is small in size too and can be handheld with ease. Since it runs on batteries, it is portable as well.

You can even enjoy two-lined printings with this machine. It will also offer you a variation of 54 fonts in 6 sizes and nine styles, including framing and auto-formatting options. This way, you can easily add your personal touch to your labels.

About the keyboard — it is a QWERTY styled one. This can be an advantage if you are familiar with computer-style typing. Because this type of keyboard eventually makes typing easy and convenient.

This device is compatible with authentic P touch M series tape cassettes from Brother. It performs best with 12 and 9 millimeters tapes.

About the display, it is an 8-character easy-view LCD one. With these types of displays, you can recheck whatever you type and can prevent misprints by performing error corrections.

Key Features :

  • Since it weighs 8 ounces, it’s quite portable
  • 8 character easy-view display indirectly reduce tape wasting
  • With a QWERTY keyboard, you can enjoy computer-style typing
  • Compatible with authentic Brother M tape cassettes
  • You can customize your labels thanks to typing variations

10. PC-Connectable cheap label maker, Color Display

PC-Connectable cheap label maker, Color Display

So, you’ve proably read about all the label makers I’ve reviewed and you’re okay with most of them. Nevertheless, you want a color display in your label maker. If that’s the case, then you can consider the P-Touch PTD600 label maker from Brother.

Although it has built-in 14 fonts, 99 frames, 600 symbols, and 11 styles, you can also access more from your MAC OS or Windows PC via a USB cable. For instance, you can print bar codes, Art-clips, logos, etc.

About the power option — you have the flexibleness of either using 6 AA batteries or simply use the AC power adapter that comes with the order.

The internal memory of this gadget is quite large. You can save a total of 99 labels that you commonly use and reprint them when necessary without having to type again.

Talking precisely about the backlit color display — you’ll be able to preview the high-resolution graphical labels before printing.
Curious about the keyboard? Well, it’s a QWERTY style easy-type wide one where you can type exactly like computer keyboards.

Key Features :

  • Can save 99 labels, lessens the hassle of retyping the same content
  • Backlit and full-color graphical display lets you preview your label
  • With a large built-in library, you can customize your labels
  • PC connectivity lets you access advanced editing
  • You can enjoy two powering options — AC adapter and AA batteries
  • QWERTY style wide keyboard makes typing easy for you

Comparison Chart Of Label Maker For Small Business



Auto Shut-off

AC Power Supply

DYMO LabelManager 160

Qwerty Style



Brother P-Touch PTD210

Qwerty Style



DYMO LetraTag 100H 

ABC Style



DYMO Organizer Xpress Embossing




Brady BMP21-PLUS

ABC Style



Brother P-Touch PTH110

Qwerty Style



Brother P-Touch PTM95

Qwerty Style



DYMO LabelManager 280

Qwerty Style



Brother P-Touch PT70BM

Qwerty Style



Brother P-Touch PTD600

Qwerty Style



Label Maker For Small Business Buying Guide

So, you want to buy the ideal label maker for your newly started online business, but you don’t know what to look for in such a gadget. Well, I got you covered.

To ensure that you buy the exact label maker that will be suitable for you— I have discussed some factors that should be looked upon before buying a label maker.

Keyboard Style Matters!

The thing with label-making devices is — you will find different keyboard styles available in the market. But don’t get yourself confused about which one would be perfect for you. Let me explain everything thoroughly so that you can decide for yourself.

Are you habituated with computer keyboards? Or simply familiar with the key allocations? If the answer is yes, I would recommend you buy a label maker with a QWERTY style keyboard.

On the contrary, if you are less of a typist person and simply want to type the contents of your labels speedily, you should go with the ones that have ABC-style keyboards.

Worried that you none of the above? Well, if the idea of typing and button pressing seems all hassle some to you, then you should buy embosser type, label makers. Here, all you have to do is turn the spin-wheel one by one and click the handlebar to generate labels. You can consider Organizer Xpress embossing from DYMO in such a case.

Power Option

Most of the label makers in the market will leave you with two powering options: battery or AC adapter. Some will offer you both of the power options, whereas some will leave you with options in batteries as well.

For example, there are rechargeable, AAA, and AA batteries, also known as li-ion or alkaline batteries.

Whatever they offer, you will choose according to your personal need and preference. If you are buying label makers for construction sites and looking for portability, I would suggest you buy any battery-powered label-making machine.

Having said that, if you are buying a label maker for your small home-based business or household organizing stuff, you can choose an AC adapter. Though, I would suggest you buy the ones that will offer you both because you never know you might need portability in the near future.

About the batteries — it doesn’t matter that much because all variety lasts for years. Still, if you ask me to choose — it’ll be AA ones because AAA batteries are less likely to be lying around in the household.

Or if you intend to buy AAA ones, you can choose that one as well. I must mention that rechargeable AA & AAA batteries last longer than disposable ones.

If all this battery talk made you dizzy, you could always buy manual label makers that generate embossed labels.

Tape Cassettes

In the marketplace, you’ll see a wide variety of Tape cassettes or cartridges, and you might get a headache choosing the right one for your label maker. Initially, you will get at least one pre-loaded tape, but you will have to buy those.

In such a case, you should find out the compatible tape from the packaging and buy thereby.

Fun Fact: Most of the time, a label maker is compatible with the same company’s tape cassettes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which keyboard is better for label makers — QWERTY or ABC style?

It depends on your personal preference. If you are a person who loves computer-style typing, I would say go for the ones that have a QWERTY keyboard.
On the other hand, if you are a person who is just looking for the best label maker for a small business and wants to get the job done as quickly as possible, I would recommend you to buy ABC styled label maker.

2. Does every label maker come with tapes?

Well, most of the label-makers come with at least one built-in tape cassette, some even offer up to three cartridges. But once you use them all, you have to buy additional tapes.

3. Which power option is better — battery or AC adaptor?

There are label makers that come with both of the options. However, if you want me to choose between the two, I’ll go for the battery-powered ones since they’re portable.

4. Can I buy any tape cassette for any label maker machine?

No! You have to know which type is compatible with the respective device and buy accordingly.

5. Do label makers require frequent battery purchases?

No, these batteries last for years. Moreover, you can always get yourself rechargeable batteries.

Final Words

That was all from me about the best label maker for small business. Since I’ve reviewed the 10 machines above, all you have to do now is jot-down your expected requirements from a label maker.

If you’re having second thoughts because of the prices, I’ll say – think about all those hassles this machine will eliminate for you of making hand-made labels.

Also, it’s always okay to spend money on quality products that will last longer. Plus, it’s about your business — once you buy it, you can use it almost forever with proper care.