Best In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS

Best In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

In-ceiling speakers were what we called unobtainable luxury accessories just a few years ago. Surprisingly, the tables have turned now,

and what we once considered unattainable is now a key part of room decoration.

The emergence of modern minimalistic designs calls for in-ceiling speakers, simply because they don’t cover much space!

For a high-tech Dolby ATMOS home theatre system, not all the speakers available in the market will do the job. It’s ATMOS, after all,

and if your old speaker cannot bring out the unique surround sound system, then what’s the point?

Finding the best in ceiling speakers for atmos is no easy job here, but lucky for you, we are here to help!

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Micca M-8C 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker, 8 Inch Woofer, 1-Inch Pivoting Silk Dome Tweeter
Micca 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker

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Polk Audio 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
Polk Audio 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

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Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers - Pair of 2-Way Midbass Woofer Speaker Directable
8” Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers

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Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker - White (2 Speakers)
Yamaha 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker

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Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System (White, Pair)
Yamaha 6.5" 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

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Our Top 10 Best In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS

We have prepared a list of the top 10 ceiling speakers that are available on the market. Time for you to dig deep into the world of in-ceiling speakers!

1. Micca 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker, 8 Inch Woofer

Micca M-8C 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker, 8 Inch Woofer, 1-Inch Pivoting Silk Dome Tweeter

Let’s be honest with this; in most cases, a single speaker won’t do for you. You’re going to need at least two, four, or even more than that to have a surreal experience depending on the size of your room.

This means you’ll probably prefer relatively inexpensive speakers, speakers that won’t give you a run for your money.

The M-8C here is an excellent option for you. It is a 2-way in-ceiling speaker with a dedicated woofer/tweeter combo that will ensure wide frequency and maximum flexibility.

Be it a high-impact bass or a subtle soundscape; it will provide you the sound you want to hear.

All of these at such an affordable amount- this device is undoubtedly one of the best ceiling speakers for the money!

Its woofer measures a total of 8 inches in diameter. It has a specialized excursion design that allows you to have maximum dispersion.

The tweeter that comes along has a very soft yet rigid dome that can easily handle high frequencies. Apart from that, the extended low end adds more to the comfortability of this same device.

If you ever feel like the installation of in-ceiling speakers are relatively tricky, think again. With this one,

the installation procedure is effortless, and as a silver lining, you can paint on these to make sure they blend in with their surroundings.

Key Features :

  • Has a comfortable extended low end
  • Comes in very handy and efficient
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Very easy and effortless installation
  • Quite accessible, can play in most home entertainment options
  • Foolproof design

2. Polk Audio 2-way Premium In-Ceiling 8″ Round Speakers

Polk Audio 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Round Speakers, Indoor/Outdoor Placement - Bath, Kitchen

Two words. Spectacular sound. Yes, if you ask around the audiophiles around the world about the Polk RC80i, most of them would come up with the same set of words.

With its out of world stereo sound and efficient nature, it has become one of the most popular in-ceiling speakers globally. This same device is a master of saving floor space and many more!

If you want to have a grand theatre-esque sound experience with effects and all that, this can be a perfect option for you.

It will give you the feel of moving up and down with the sassy beats and dramatic sounds. Coming with a one-inch tweeter and a 15-degree swivel mount, this device provides superior performance.

Clarity is a common concern among people who uses in-ceiling speakers, and honestly, without a clear stereo sound, it will seem like the money has gone to waste.

Thankfully, it’s not the case with this device as ‘balanced sound’ is its middle name. The 8-inch woofer makes sure that the sound it produces is crisp and clear.

This here is another speaker with easy installation. Just make a hole in the wall, drop the speakers and wires in, and voila! Your stereo system has been installed!

The whitish nature in these speakers automatically suits most walls, and the moisture and rust-free feature enable it to work just as good in areas with extra moisture.

Key Features :

  • High definition, crystal clear, and crisp sound
  • A decent bass coming from the 8-inch woofer
  • High durability, can withstand rust and moisture
  • Easy installation and comfortable usage
  • Might be a little pricey considering similar products

3. 8” In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS – Pair of 2-Way Midbass Woofer

Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers - Pair of 2-Way Midbass Woofer Speaker Directable

Another speaker for the ones with a limited budget, this wall mount speaker is easily one of the best-budgeted ones on the list.

It’s compact, efficient, and cost-friendly, just the way the modern minimalistic design requires!

Quality stereo sound with excellent response rate- if I were you, I would probably rush to the store and get this one right away!

With a 70-volt transmitter handling ability and high response rate, there’s no question about its efficiency.

Apart from that, the high-temperature voice coil will ensure you have a rich and enhanced sound system.

Another key feature of this particular speaker is its weight. Weighing on around six lbs., this is one of the most compact in-ceiling speakers on the list.

Coming up with a 2-way stereo sound system, it has a peak power of 250 W. The dome of its tweeter is made from titanium, so durability is a must with this.

Easy installation remains one of its key features, and there are cut-in templates available for these speakers. If you’re a bit picky with your sound system and want to hear every bit,

every pitch comes with it- this is a good pick for you. Treble control adjustment is a cherry on top of it.

Key Features :

  • Simple and compact design
  • Very efficient, user-friendly, and inexpensive
  • Comes with treble control adjustment
  • Plug & Play easy installation system
  • Very high response rate

4. Yamaha Ceiling Speakers For The Money 2-Way RMS Speaker

Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker - White (2 Speakers)

Yamaha always stuns us with their premium quality electronic products, and this here is no different. This device is a formidable opponent to the other buyable options with its excellent all-around audio system and premium coaxial speakers.

If you’re in the market to buy a top-quality product, you need to check this out!

The speaker has a dual setup system. It comes with an 8-inch cone-shaped woofer and a soft dome tiny tweeter.

The tweeter is unique because it has a fluid-cooler system that can increase efficiency and makes it more durable.

Overheating is a common issue with your average speakers, but this device is safe from that because of the cooler.

Apart from having a soft dome, the tweeter also is swivel-mounted for enhancing the dispersion. This here is a fantastic crossover- high-quality component,

versatile response, and very low impedance. The grilles consist of spiral-shaped baffles that can take the audio dispersion to another level.

A sealed back cover guaranteeing protection against moisture and dust, an effective tweeter, and an easy installation process- what else would you need in a top-notch in-ceiling speaker?

Key Features :

  • Powerful and crisp stereo sound
  • Can fit in both walls and ceilings
  • Provides natural sound dispersion
  • Handy and easily removable magnetic grilles
  • Quite an easy installation

5. Yamaha Top Rated Ceiling speakers 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System (White, Pair)

Another product from Yamaha makes the cut, and for all the right reasons! This here is the first 3-way speaker in the list, and trust me on this,

it only can’t get more efficient than this one! Because it is a 3-way variant, this means the high, low, and mids are all covered with one single speaker!

The device is built in a very sturdy way, but it remains quite lightweight. For starters, the woofer has a mica polypropylene cone, which makes your woofer lightweight yet durable and provides you exceptional accuracy.

Their max input is 100 watts, and you won’t be needing more than that for an in-ceiling speaker anyways.

Much like the previous one, this Yamaha product also has a tweeter specialized for wide dispersion. The swivel design and the aluminum grille look into that.

Moreover, this grille is paintable and comes with a protective cover! For enhancing efficiency, you can tilt or move the woofer for your preferred sound direction.

A quite common feature in all these quality speakers, this one too has a very easy installation system. With a 65 HZ to 28kHz frequency response, this speaker is more than enough to provide you ample home entertainment.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a durable and lightweight mica cone woofer
  • Very compact size and comes with a 3-way system
  • Excellent soundmax technology for ultra-wide sound
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Very easy to install

6. Pyle Pair 8” Bluetooth Flush Mount In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS

Pyle Pair 8” Bluetooth Flush Mount In-wall In-ceiling 2-Way Universal Home Speaker

The age of technology brings forth a lot of changes, one of them being most of our electronic devices going all wireless.

While you’ll still need to plug in this speaker to a power source, streaming audio has become completely wireless with this beautiful speaker system.

Excellent stereo sound in your room, and you don’t even have to move to play it- what’s better than that?

This device comes with built-in grills that are round and entirely stain-resistant. The flush-mounted design and wide range of sound make sure this special in-ceiling speaker makes it to our best speakers list.

A very crucial factor with this speaker is that it is very versatile and accessible, meaning you can go well with most other home theatre systems available.

Producing crisp sound is no easy deal, but this device does it so seamlessly; it almost seems like the audio isn’t in your room; it’s in your head.

Its compact design with pre-cut openings makes sure you can quite easily install and fit it in your room without hampering the aesthetics.

Coming with spring-loaded fixing clips, installation is hassle-free with it.

Overall, with a polypropylene cone in their tweeters and a rubber edge template for easier installation- this speaker will surely blow your mind away.

The cherry on top of these features- the speaker is deemed environment friendly as well!

Key Features :

  • A built-in Bluetooth connection system for wireless audio
  • Flush-mount compact design for easy installation
  • Wide range of quality crisp sound
  • Stain-resistant speaker grill
  • Seamless integration anytime, anywhere

7. Klipsch R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker – White (Each)

Klipsch R-1650-C In-Ceiling Speaker - White (Each)

Let’s be honest with this; you don’t want to change your in-ceiling speakers day in day out, no? You want to purchase a reliable one that can stay for a long time.

A speaker that has stellar performance and that will be durable for a good long time- you surely prefer that, isn’t it?

This device from Klipsch will be a decent fit for you because it’s all of these in one place! Be it for home or commercial purposes;

if you’re looking for dynamic acoustic performance, this is the one you should look for.

A 6.5-inch woofer with a polymer cone adds efficiency to the highly sensitive motor structure. This two-way speaker comes without the hassle of crossovers but can produce decent sound.

The 1-inch tweeter has a coaxially mounted polymer dome and can distribute smooth and clear audio through a wide area. Coming with a sleek mounting system,

this device makes installation a piece of cake. All you have to do is mount them according to your preferences, and voila! You have it all set, all by yourself!

Like most other grilles, this one is also aluminum made and can protect the device against rust and moisture. It is paintable as well,

so there’s no risk of ruining your aesthetic with the color. Now, the best atmos ceiling speakers aren’t easy to find, but we believe this can be a suitable pick for you!

Key Features :

  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Reliable and highly durable
  • A sleek mounting system for easy durability
  • Paintable and rust-resistant aluminum grille

8. Polk Audio MC60 2-Way in-Ceiling 6.5″ Speaker | Dynamic Built-in Audio

Polk Audio MC60 2-Way in-Ceiling Speaker | Dynamic Built-in Audio

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker that can fit into any multi-zone audio systems, you should seriously give this a look.

A device created precisely for enhancing your sound experience; this will blow your mind away with its unique ambient experience with detailed,

natural sound. Be it low or high volume; it works everywhere, every time!

The dynamic balance technology, a unique feature of this device, makes sure that the sound is wide, clear, and detailed.

Large room? No problem, it covers every corner with ease and perfection. Listening to your groove with utmost satisfaction is not a dream anymore; it is a reality with its powerful 6.5″ tweeter.

Coming with a state-of-the-art covered porch, this in-ceiling speaker has a unique moisture-resistant design and, expectedly, is rustproof.

The stainless-steel hardware surrounded by durable butyl rubber ensures that this will go a long, long way without much hassle.

Another key feature of this very speaker is the easy setup that it requires. Perfect fit templates, rotating cams,

and drop-in installations make sure that nobody faces any kind of hassle while setting this up. Overall, this is a device with which you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your preferred track.

Key Features :

  • Specializes in multi-zone audio systems
  • The smooth and wide response
  • Very simple installation
  • Stainless steel, rustproof, and moisture-proof hardware
  • Dynamic Balance technology

9. NEW PYLE PDIC81RD 8″ 1000W Round Wall And Ceiling Home Speakers 2 PAIR

NEW PYLE PDIC81RD 1000W Round Wall And Ceiling Home Speakers 2 PAIR

Saving up floor space is crucial for many people because they just don’t want a colossal speaker covering up their decorated walls or ceilings.

This very speaker from Pyle will relieve them of such tension because it doesn’t clutter much of the floor space; instead, it looks like camouflage on the ceiling.

Coming in pairs, this Pyle PDIC speaker generally delivers a decent stereo system that can be used in both walls and ceilings, as the title suggests.

8” in height, this very speaker has a mounting flush design to fit in with most of the walls and ceilings of any household. For people who prefer custom installations, this is a dream come true!

This device features tweeters with a polymer dome that has an impeccable power handling ability and is very efficient with response rates.

The high-temperature voice coils ensure that you can get a fuller and richer sound than most other speakers out there.

While searching for the best in ceiling speakers for atmos, keep this device in mind!

Achieving a wide-ranged world-class sound performance is not difficult anymore because, with this premium speaker, you can do it with ease!

The speaker terminals are pretty convenient for a quick setup, while the wire connection has a cut-out template for easy installation.

Key Features :

  • A directable and efficient dome tweeter
  • High-temperature voice coil for better performance
  • Doesn’t cover up much space
  • Wide ranged sound system

10. Pyle Pair 6.5” Flush Mount In-wall In-ceiling 2-Way Home Speaker

Pyle Pair 6.5” Flush Mount In-wall In-ceiling 2-Way Home Speaker

When we talk about in-ceiling speakers, a common concern occurs regarding integrations. Not everyone can afford speakers for every room, even if they want to.

However, there is a decent solution to that. Why buy multiple speakers when you can simply go for a single speaker that can cover all of your rooms? Yes, we are talking about the Pyle Pair one.

You won’t even barely see the speaker, but you will get the sound; it almost seems like magic, it almost seems like a genie is playing for you, but in reality, it’s all in the seamless integration system.

The hide-and-seek game is mostly based on the easy installation process because it comes with a cut-out template and enables a hassle-free installation.

This device does not cover up a lot of space and comes with brilliant stain resistant speaker grills. Be it a moisturized place like the washroom or kitchen, it fits in anywhere, with ease.

The flush-mounted design is famous for matching any kind of room decor, and this speaker’s design is no different. Clean look, good sound- excellent experience, what else do you need?

Coming with top-notch reinforced polypropylene cones, there is no question about the quality of the materials. The tweeter is high-compliant and made from polymer, so, a consistent sound won’t be a problem.

Key Features :

  • Built-in stain resistant speaker grills
  • Quality polypropylene cones with suspension clothes
  • Flush mount design with easy installation
  • Incredible sound with seamless integration
  • Easy installation

Top 10 In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS Comparison Chart

Product Name





Micca M-8C

In-ceiling, In-wall

8 inches

100 W


Polk RC80i


8 inches

50 W




8 inches

150 W


Yamaha NSIC800WH

In-ceiling, In-wall

8 inches

140 W


Yamaha NS-IW280CWH


6.5 inch

100 W


Pyle Pair


8 inches

250 W


Klipsch R-1650

In-ceiling, In-wall

9.5 inch

140 W


Polk Audio MC60


6.5 inch

100 W



In-ceiling, In-wall

8 inches

250 W


Pyle Pair 6.5"

In-wall, In-ceiling

6.5 inch

200 W


Things to Consider Before Buying In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS

If you are looking for a top-notch ceiling speaker, just the ceiling speaker reviews won’t do. You need to know what to see in these speakers;

you need to check it with your preferences and usage. We’re here to help you choose the best rated ceiling speakers.


Make no mistake; installation is by far the most important aspect you need to check before diving deep into the lands of ceiling speakers.

Because it’s not your usual plug-and-play device, you need to drill holes and connect wires to use the speaker successfully.

Most of the speakers on this list come with easy installation and cutting procedures, but unless you’re good with electronics and DIY stuff,

we would suggest hiring an electrician. If you are adamant about doing it on your own, then go for speakers who provide maximum installation tools.

Power Rating

The power rating generally determines how much bass your woofer is providing you. This is a very crucial criterion while choosing the best in ceiling speakers for atmos, and you need to make sure the power rating goes below 100 W.

While it is true that some rooms may not require that much power, it’s safe to say that the minimum bar should be 100 W.


The construction is not something to be overlooked at all because you surely wouldn’t want your precious speaker ceiling to fall apart after a few days of usage, no?

Construction of the woofer is critical because it is a sensitive tool and its surroundings need to be flexible.

A well-constructed speaker should have stain, rust, and moisture-proof abilities, and it needs to withstand high temperature.

At the same time, you have to make sure that the sturdy build doesn’t affect the performance. An outstanding balance between construction and performance would make the best speaker for sure!


A piece of advice- never goes for ceiling speakers that aren’t adjustable. Just look at places where they have angled speakers or speakers that are downsides.

Most often, the sound doesn’t come cleanly; they sound dampened, all these issues, and many more. Thankfully, adjustable speakers don’t have such issues.

You might change your home, you might change your room, but the adjustable speaker stays with you all day, every day, mostly because they fit in anywhere, anytime.


Coaxial speakers are, without a doubt, a frontrunner when it comes to proper, decent designs. Design is important in the sense that the in-ceiling speakers aren’t just for your audio listening experience,

it’s also a crucial part of your home decoration, and you simply cannot ruin the aesthetics, no?

Luckily enough, some of these devices are paintable, so you can easily set them on your ceiling and paint them with similar color shades for a proper camouflage!


Last but not least, the budget is and will be of grave concern to many. It’s quite clear that a single speaker won’t give you a good performance in most cases,

you will need at least a pair of them, which is why you need to give the prices a good check.

Remember, the top ceiling speakers don’t come cheap, but there are a lot of affordable options available on our list. Give them a go again!

Benefits of In Ceiling Speakers for ATMOS

Ceiling speakers are excellent devices that can be as comforting as it can get. Just imagine lying down on your comfy couch, and with one push, you get to play your favorite track. Amazing, isn’t it? We have some more benefits to share.

Space Management

Ceiling speakers have a common competitor in this business- the wall speakers. While both are quite similar devices,

there are a few crucial differences, and we have pointed out space management to be a clear difference between the two.

The ceiling speakers cover significantly less space. It is as if they don’t even exist, and this is something homeowners found quite lucrative.

Compared to the heavier, space-consuming wall speakers, ceiling speakers convinced the ones who prefer to keep their aesthetics as well!

Easy Installation

Speakers like these, in general, aren’t very easy to install. You’d most often need professional help here because cutting and adding wires,

drilling holes- stuff like these aren’t very easy. That being said, compared to its rival, wall speakers, ceiling speakers are way easier to install.


Flexibility is probably the one place where these ceiling speakers defeat wall speakers by a big margin.

You might need to leave your home, you might have to change your room, and if you have a wall speaker, it might not suit your new place.

However, these in-ceiling speakers are much more flexible and useful in these regards. They can be easily installed anytime, anywhere in your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one is better, In-Ceiling, or In-Wall speakers?

There is no specific answer to this question. In-Ceiling speakers are easier to install; they are more flexible and don’t cover up a lot of space.

In-wall speakers are the opposite, but they produce much better sound. So, it’s up to you if you’d prefer better sound or more flexibility!

2. How many ceiling speakers should I buy?

Another open-ended question, it depends entirely on the size of your room. A maximum of four speakers will provide ample sound for a normal-sized living room,

whereas, for bigger rooms, you may need up to eight speakers. Keep the range of your speaker in mind when it comes to this.

3. What size speaker should I go for?

Usually, the speakers come in either 6.5 inch or 8-inch sizes. 6.5-inch ones are good for normal-sized rooms, whereas the 8-inch ones are more feasible in bigger spaces.

Keep in mind that it’s not the full size of the speaker, rather the diameter of the cone!

4. Where should I place the speaker?

It entirely depends on how you want the sound to be. For intense background audio, you need a proper setup, so instead of going overboard by yourself,

try reading the manual. Make sure there’s no gap in the sound. Keep the surrounding system in mind; that will do.

5. How do I install the speaker?

It’s not a cakewalk, but if you’re handy, then installation shouldn’t bother you much. You need to cut a lot of wires and be prepared to drill holes in your wall.

First, drill a hole in your preferred area and do an electricity test. If everything is okay, cut some more holes and add the wires to your speaker system. However, if you find it a bit too risky, simply call your nearby electrician.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences. The devices we have presented in our list are all top-notch performers, and it is difficult to choose from them.

But if it were to us, we would have selected the champion from the top ceiling speakers list; that is none other than the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH speaker!

From the unique 3-way surround system to the excellent sound quality, this product from Yamaha has succeeded in all our criteria and gets the crown jewel from us.

We hope this list was of help to you to find the best in ceiling speakers for atmos.