Best Home Theater Projectors Under 500

Best Home Theater Projectors Under 500 in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

It’s a fact that more and more people are shifting from theaters to home screens. One reason for the change has been home theater projectors, which bring the theater to your living room.

They are now vastly popular and a huge hit among families enjoying a weekend.

But finding a good theater projector is tough, and when on a budget, you often end up making sacrifices to compensate.

That’s why we bring you the best home theater projectors under 500, to ensure your experience tops all others. This guide reviews the cheapest and best brands, bridging the gap between price and quality.

So, let’s get to it!

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DBPOWER Full HD Mini Movie Projector with Carrying Case
DBPOWER Full HD Movie Projector with Carrying Case

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GooDee Home Theater Projector Support 1080P
GooDee Home Theater Projector Support 1080P

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VANKYO Full HD LED Projector for Home
VANKYO Full HD LED Projector for Home

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YABER Y30 Native 1080P Full HD Video Projector
YABER Y30 Native 1080P Full HD Video Projector

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YABER Upgrade LED Home Theater Projector
YABER Upgrade LED Home Theater Projector

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Our 10 Best Home Theater Projectors Under 500

Time for the reviews. This section will cover the top home theatre projectors out there, and for your convenience, we will highlight the key features of each product. So read on without further ado.

1. DBPOWER Full HD Movie Projector with Carrying Case

DBPOWER Full HD Mini Movie Projector with Carrying Case

TO kick off the review section, we will start with the L21 from the renowned DB Power store. Built with three types of mounting options, this is a product for all types of rooms.

With the 4.3-inch LCD display, this product is as clear as they come.

The contrast ratio is an amazing 3000:1, and since it is equipped with LED light sources and the new 200ANSI-6000Lux, it combines all the best of technology.

While it can be set up in any room, it is more suited for dark rooms in the house. This is will undoubtedly provide the optimum viewing experience.

With a 1280*720p resolution, the images you will see will be between the 40 to 200-inch mark. This allows for greater focus and adjustment.

And this product is fully compatible with a wide array of devices, including a TV box, laptop, tablet, flash drives, and more. This allows greater flexibility in connectivity.

One key aspect and feature of this product is the fact that it comes with an inbuilt speaker and audio system. The sound quality is beyond the charts and will enable you to pick up the faintest noises that emit from the picture.

A powerful cooling system ensures rapid heat dissipation and also acts to prolong bulb life. Generally speaking, you will get a bulb life of over 50000 hours, a greatly extended amount due to the high rate of cooling.

Key Features :

  • Can be mounted in multiple ways (wall, ceiling, and tripod)
  • Is compatible with different media devices
  • Equipped with audio system
  • High-quality cooling

2. GooDee 230″ Home Theater Video Projector Under 500

GooDee Home Theater Projector Support 1080P, Compatible with Fire

GooDee have long been making top quality media devices and products, and their YG 600 is an epitome of perfection. Built for viewing within both indoors and outdoors,

it is certainly a contender for the best video projector under 500.

This is an upgraded product, and it certainly shows in its amazing capabilities and features. With an improved brightness of 80% as compared to conventional projectors,

it also comes with a 3000:1 contrast ratio to strike a balance between contrast and brightness.

While most projectors are limited for use in indoor settings, this product goes the extra mile. It can set up outdoor areas too, and that means you can take it with you on camping trips,

excursions, and outings. This HD resolution product clocks in at 1280*768p and offers unparalleled video quality.

Furthermore, a product that runs at these specs is bound to heat up, which is why the cooling system employs an innovative fan design.

The fan helps in dispelling the majority of the heat outwards and therefore protects the circuitry inside from damage.

With very low noise levels, this product is as quiet as they come. This means it can be used in rooms where children are sleeping in order to show them their favorite cartoons as they slowly drift off to sleep.

You can take full advantage of its compatibility features, as this product connects with a plethora of devices. These devices include PCs, laptops, tablets, and external speakers too.

This allows you to play not only documentaries but games and slide shows.

Key Features :

  • Robust compatibility range
  • Built-in high stereo speakers
  • Very quiet operation
  • Extra and improved brightness

3. VANKYO 1080P Full HD Projector Under 500, Compatible TV, HDMI, Laptop, Smartphone

VANKYO 1080P Full HD LED Projector, Compatible TV, HDMI, Laptop, Smartphone for Home

If you are looking for a projector that can deliver in the home and office with equal quality, you have come to the right product.

The V630 from Vankyo features not only high resolution but also all the comforts of easy handling. This 1920×1080 resolution product comes with a contrast ratio of 5000:1.

In case you are wondering, that is pretty hardcore. With these specs, this product will meet all your visual needs and more.

Because it allows for both wall and ceiling mounting, this product is perfect to have around the home. More so, it is also adept at handling slides from PowerPoint, making it the go-to projector for any office presentation.

Equipped with a fine 300” screen, you will never miss out on any detail ever again. It will capture the slightest nuances in color and make you live in the film, instead of just watching it.

While many projectors out there have a noise problem, which can cause quite a distraction during film time, this product is fitted with state of the art technology that essentially cuts noise levels by over 80%.

This means you can enjoy your film in complete silence and not be distracted in the least. Furthermore, the powerful cooling system accounts for significant heat reduction and prolongs lamp life to a good extent.

By having the option of connecting to different devices, such as phones, SD cards, VGA, and more, you will never run out of options when it comes to connectivity.

You can hook it up to any suitable device and let the good time roll.

Key Features :

  • Can be set up on different surfaces
  • Is suitable for office use, like launching PowerPoint slides
  • Noise-reducing technology in place
  • Allows connection with different systems

4. YABER Y30 Native Full HD 1080p Projector Under 500

YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector 7200 Lux Upgrade Full HD Video Projector 1920 x 1080

The Y30 native from Yaber is another product of theirs that stands in a long line of high resolution, LCD/LED home theater projectors. Capable of supporting 4k video quality,

it is one the best, if not the very best 1080p projector under 500 you will find anywhere.

With full-on 1080p resolution, this product offers a surreal contrast ratio of 8000:1. This implies that the edges and detail of every image you see via this projector will be crystal clear, sharp, and not to mention, accurate.

This is further enhanced as the product comes with a high refractive 5 layered lens that captures the best moments accurately.

While adjusting the image can sometimes seem to be a bit troublesome, this product is fitted with a 4D keystone correction system.

This piece of technology ensures that the image being projected is always a perfectly sized rectangle.

Because it can be mounted on the ceiling, the remote control provided does more than an adequate job at controlling basic parameters, such as zooming, image adjustment,

and quick turn off/on. This product comes with a built-in, 3W stereo sound system.

And the stereo system is more than adequate in providing the best listening experience, which means you will not have to spend extra cash to buy a separate audio system.

Silent operation is a hallmark of this projector, and this is achieved by the equally robust cooling system. With the latest Smart Eco technology,

you will be looking at prolonged product life and extended bulb life. Currently, bulb life can be extended to around 100000 hours.

Moreover, the 200” screen has the best view at a distance of 3m, and for easy usage, you can hook it up with your most commonly used devices, such as Xbox, iPads, tablets, and USB ports, 2 of which are provided.

Key Features :

  • Image is always adjusted in the shape of a perfect rectangle
  • Full-on 1080 resolution
  • Built-in, high power stereo system
  • Triple fan equipped cooling unit

5. YABER Full HD LED Home Theater Projectors Under 500

YABER Upgrade Full HD LED Home Theater Projector Compatible with Phone,PC,TV Box,PS4 (White)

The Y31 from Yaber is an upgraded product that features some never before seen key functions not found in other Yaber projectors. Capable of supporting 4k video,

this high-resolution product is ideal for the ultimate viewing experience. This product features a brighten function that is activated or controlled with a single click.

Furthermore, it also features a very convenient vertical correction function. These features are further coupled with single click zooming via a remote,

which means it is easy to control when mounted on ceilings. With an inbuilt resolution of 1920*1080p, you will be getting a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

This makes sure that even the minutest detail is captured and highlighted. Take full advantage of this product’s in-built sound system that clocks at a power of 3W.

The hearing experience goes hand in hand with visuals, which constitute an overall exhilarating experience.

With 3 fans working in tandem, overheating will never be an issue, and the Smart Eco technology prolongs bulb life to an astounding 100000 hours.

The 300” projection size is best observed if the product is placed 10 feet away from a screen. That will minimize pressure on the eyes and give you a better view.

Finally, you can connect this product to virtually tons of devices via VGA and USB ports. Using the 2 USB ports, you can link up with smartphones, TV boxes, tablets, iPads, and much more.

Key Features :

  • High-quality stereo system in tow
  • Greater connectivity
  • Single click function to control the brightness
  • High contrast ratio

6. GooDee Native 1080P HD Home Theater Projector with 50,000 Hrs Lamp Life

GooDee BL98 Native 1080P HD Home Theater Projector with 50,000 Hrs Lamp Life

Seldom do you see a product that ticks all the right boxes in all the right categories. Usually, it is just too good to be true. The BL98 from GooDee dispels that notion by bringing supreme aspect ratios and resolutions.

This 1080p product projects images at sizes ranging from 35” to 300”. It will provide the best image quality in terms of size when positioned around 25 feet away.

This product has extremely high brightness levels. In fact, the brightness levels measure 80% higher than that of conventional and similarly structured projectors.

At these levels, you would expect the bulb to go out in no time. However, that is hardly the case, with the bulb predicted and engineered to last for well over 50000 hours of service.

For the best audio aid, the product comes with its own built-in speaker unit, capable of delivering a theater-like performance.

This audio experience is amazing for a wide array of activities, such as listening to audio tracks, playing games, and of course, watching documentaries.

Its many interfaces allow you to connect it with a vast range of multimedia devices. For gaming, you can link it up with your Xbox; for music,

simply utilize the USB port and connect to your smartphone. And finally, for films, you have the option of connecting directly to your PC and playing it straight from the internet.

Key Features :

  • Built-in audio unit
  • Multi-interface connectivity
  • Amped up brightness
  • Enhanced bulb life

7. Epson SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness HDMI 3LCD Projector

Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness (Color Light Output) HDMI 3LCD Projector

A review of the best home theater projectors under 500 is not really complete until you have added a product of Epson to the list. Known for making it cost-efficient, Espon brings you their VS250, the ultimate projector for everyday use.

With over 3200 of color, the images and every detail will appear more striking and more vivid. The fan runs at a quiet level of 27 dB, which is barely audible to the ears,

making it perfect for a family gathering. And with graphics of 800 x 600, this product is ideal for presentations, slide shows, and photo viewing.

Furthermore, it also connects to both Mac and PC, allowing both OS users a chance to utilize this amazing product.

No longer worry about taking ages to set the system up and then waiting for the right time to use it. This product is amazingly easy to install, and with easy image adjustments, you can customize viewing to your desired levels.

The 2W speakers will allow you to utilize this product to the full and take advantage of the stereo system. You no longer need to buy a separate pair of speakers just to enjoy a better film-watching experience.

This product comes with either a zoom ring or specific buttons to enable you to control the amount of zooming.

The buttons allow you to enlarge or reduce the size of an image with a single push, while the zoom ring enables the same, but with rotations.

Key Features :

  • Dual OS compatibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with zoom adjustment features
  • Very low fan noise levels

8. WiMiUS S1 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector HDR Input Support 4K

WiMiUS S1 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector HDR Input Support 4K

WiMiUs brings you an upgraded beast of a product. It will act as the life of the party, with its over-the-roof resolution and exceptional lamp life.

This 1920×1080 resolution product supports 4K videos, a very common viewing resolution these days. That really comes as no surprise, as it is endowed with a contrast ration of 10000:1, making supporting 4K look as easy as pie.

With a substantial and exceptional lamp life, you can expect the bulb to last for over 100,000 hours, at the very least! This is further coupled with a 500 correction keystone,

which helps you to adjust the screen to a perfect rectangle, regardless of orientation.

To make things better, you can utilize the zoom function to manipulate the screen size from 100% to 75%. This subtle change can come in handy in small, enclosed spaces.

The speakers on this product will really raise the roof. With a 10W rating, be prepared to host a party the first day you buy it, and blast away to all your favorite audio tracks.

Because it is compatible with different devices, connectivity is hardly an issue, if at all. This allows for better gaming and video watching experiences, as you can stream directly from a PC or tablet.

And with a maximum screen size of 300”, be prepared to have a real-life cinema theater right in your living room, showing every detail in the most vivid way possible.

Key Features :

  • Supports 4K video playing
  • 10W integrated speakers
  • Compatible with various external devices
  • High lamp life

9. BenQ Home Theater 4k Projector Under 500 with HDR10

BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR10 and HLG 3 Year Industry Leading Warranty

BenQ has outdone themselves with the HT3550, a premium projector that is, without doubt, their best 4k projector under 500. Built for quality and bought for style, this product will change your perception about theater.

This product works in a complete 4K resolution. At 3840 × 2160, there is a combination of 8.3 million pixels working in tandem to provide unsurpassable image clarity and detail.

Being manufactured with only the latest advances in the field of color technology, this product incorporates DCI-p3 technology, which automatically broadens the color spectrum.

As a result, this product can pick up on color that other products can’t even detect.

The lens of this product is also on another level entirely. And the lens groups light in levels and combines these levels to provide just the perfect amount of color, sharpness, and contrast.

Needless to say, very few (if no other) product has this much control of the nuances of a picture and maintains this control over such a broad color spectrum.

With easy lens adjustments, you can alter the size of the image as required and hence set the product at a distance that is proportionate to the size of the room.

As a final bragging right, you will have an award-winning projector in your house, something very little people can boast about.

Key Features :

  • Complete 4K resolution
  • Specialized lens to group light
  • Built with state-of-the-art color technology
  • Very smooth picture clarity

10. Native WiFi, Bluetooth Full HD Theater Projector with Wireless

Native WiFi,Bluetooth Full HD Theater Projector with Wireless Mirror to iPhone/Ipad/Android Phones

The all-encompassing Native 1080p from Fangor is the final product on our list. With its dazzling display quality, over the top stereo system, and specialized app features, it provides a fitting conclusion to this segment of the guide.

With a rating of 7500 lumens, be prepared to see pictures with 30% more brightness at the bare minimum. This is a drastic improvement when compared to other similar products with close specifications.

The product draws in power rated at 210W. At this level, you can expect the lamp to be equally powerful, and hence last ages.

And with a coated glass lens, the lamp offers uniform light dispersions and covers the entirety of the screen.

Keeping Android devices in mind, there is a special app called MCast that allows you to connect this product with your android smartphone and broadcast directly. For IOS users, the Airplay app does a similar job.

Moreover, with multiple connectivity features, you can utilize almost every type of device you own and connect it with this product.

From smartphones, set-top boxes, DVDs, laptops, and PCs, there are dozens of options at your fingertips, waiting to be utilized.

For a surreal audio experience, this product also comes with a built-in stereo system. This stereo system is robust and incredibly powerful and lets you pick up every little footstep and door creak that the film throws at you.

Key Features :

  • Glass coated lamp for durability
  • Special app to connect via Android devices
  • Increased brightness
  • High-quality audio system

Top 10 Tv Projectors Under 500 Comparison Chart


Supports 4K

Multiple Mounting Options

In-Built Stereo

Multiple Interface Connectivity

High-Quality Cooling

Low Noise








GooDee Lux 




























GooDee BL98







Epson VS250







Lux Full HD







BenQ HT3550







Native 1080p







Things to Consider Before Buying Home Theater Projectors Under 500

Time for the all-important buying guide section of this article. With the reviews done, you should have your eyes set on a certain product or products.

Here, we will help you fine-tune your search for the best home theater projectors under 500 by giving out some valuable pointers so that you can make the ultimate investment.

Good Connectivity

It goes without saying that this is the age or the era of the internet. As such, connectivity is at an all-time high, and people are on the hunt for good connectivity even when enjoying a film.

By connectivity, we mean both wireless and cable connections. Most home theater projectors have the bare minimum of HDMI or VGA cable connection options.

This allows you to hook the projector up with your laptop, pc, or even smartphone. However, an even better form of connectivity is wireless, in the form of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This allows you to stream or play a film without the last minute hassle of fixing or adjusting pesky wires.

Simply connect your projector to a suitable device using Bluetooth and let technology work its magic.

High-Quality Cooling System

Just like any other device, using a home theater projector for prolonged periods can really get the circuitry running, which will, in turn, produce heat.

The amount of heat produced varies between brands and individual products, but one thing is certain: too much heat can cause trouble to the projector.

This is why it is so important to buy a projector that has a good cooling system inside. Most come with fans that blow hot air out.

However, there are newer models that use liquid cooling to dissipate heat more evenly, keeping the circuitry safe.

Whichever type you buy, make sure to find out beforehand how much heat it can dispel and produce.

High Resolution

The entire point of buying a home theater projector is to enjoy all types of films, new and classics, in high resolution and detail.

Many manufacturers make disingenuous claims when it comes to resolution, such as 4K when, in reality, the product barely touches the 720p mark.

While 4K projectors are certainly available, not every manufacturer provides them, and more importantly, you should decide how high you want the resolution to be.

A 1080p resolution will allow you to have a great viewing experience, while anything under 720p may appear grainy. If you want the best, you can opt for 4K, which will undoubtedly give you unparalleled viewing experiences.

Adequate Brightness

Some people tend to go overboard when it comes to brightness, while others tend to ignore it completely. However, here we will do neither, but try to strike a balance.

The brightness is typically the amount of light that reaches your eyes, and as such, it depends mainly on the amount of light already in the room.

For a room that is dimly lit or completely dark, a lower to medium brightness setting is more desirable. This is because too much brightness can cause eyesight damage in this case and will make the picture less visible.

However, if the room has good or moderate lighting, then it is important that brightness is amped up. The pre-existing light will interfere or reflect off the screen, making viewing difficult.

In order to stamp out or negate the effect of the existing light, a high brightness setting will do the trick.

A Balanced Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is very similar to brightness. As a matter of fact, it is the ratio of the maximum possible brightness to the minimum possible brightness.

A projector with a high contrast ratio will produce deeper shades and colors. For home theater projectors or projectors in dimly lit spaces, a high contrast ratio will provide better vision and allow you to pick up detail.

The high ratio means they produce images with deeper shades of black, making it suitable for home use. But there are limits to the contrast ratio, and most commercial projectors have a ratio of 100,000:1.

If you want higher ratios (i.e., deeper shades of black), it will cost more and may prove to be beyond the price range you have in mind.

Ease of Use and Access

One feature that all best tv projectors under 500 have is that they may look sophisticated and high tech, but in reality, they are very easy to use.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to buy a product that can be handled easily. Imagine spending hours just to set it up and then fumbling around for the manual to look something up every time you are in the middle of a documentary. It ruins all the fun!

By easy to use, we mean it must have a detailed user manual with instructions that can be followed in case there is a problem. Also, the remote should be easy to use.

A remote with multiple buttons can cause quite a headache, and you will find the best products come with simple hand remotes that do not require much expertise to use.

Benefits of Using Home Theater Projectors Under 500

Let’s get into some benefits of using home theater projectors now. You can probably list a few on the spot, but this section is just a round-up of this amazing piece of technology.

Never Miss Detail

The high resolution achieved with a home theater projector is truly astounding. For such a small and compact device, it surely packs a punch in terms of quality.

The high resolution allows you to capture every significant detail from your favorite film and witness the hilarious expressions of your favorite comedians.

More importantly, it allows you to witness the best motion picture, and that is something not worth missing.

Compact Design

A further advantage of projectors is how compact they are in shape and build. When not in use, they hardly occupy any space, and you can store them away with your laptop.

Budget-Friendly in the Long Run

While the initial purchase cost may seem high, you will actually be making a lengthy investment in the long run.

If you consider the cost of visiting the cinema hall every time a new thing comes out, a good theater projector will eventually save you that amount of hard cash.

Moreover, with a theater project around, you can be vocal about excitement and join in with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time for the FAQ section. If you have questions about the best HD projector under 500, now is the time to get things cleared out.

1. How long will the bulb inside the projector last?

The bulb inside the projector is also called the lamp. Usually, lamps are made with a specific lifespan in mind.

For high-quality projectors, you can expect around 10000 hours of lamp life. And for average quality projectors, the number is less, around 9000 hours or so.

However, be aware that the lamp will eventually have to be replaced.

2. Will I receive a sound system when I purchase the home theater?

No, the projector is only for visuals, not audio. If you want more upgraded audio players, you will have to buy that separately.

3. Is the best hd projector under 500 suitable for my office?

Most definitely, yes! As a matter of fact, projectors are pretty common in large offices. They make your presentation look neat and bring it to life with their high specs.

However, for offices, the specifications may need to be different, depending on the room where the projector will be set up. So do look into that first.

4. The projector is making noise, is this a problem?

In most cases, this is nothing to be concerned about. The noise is usually generated because of the fan inside that needs to dissipate heat.

If the noise levels become too high, you can have a professional look into it.

5. Can a home theater projector connect with the internet?

Many new models can, as they are built with specific software inside that allows internet connectivity.

To be sure whether or not yours supports net connectivity, consult with the manufacturer.

Final Words

There is no doubt that projectors are dominating the world market. In 2018 alone, over 1.5 million units of projectors were sold globally.

As more and more people enjoy watching a cinematic documentary from home, the hunt for the best home theater projectors under 500 is as hot as ever.

This guide will put you miles ahead on that hunt so that you can get the ultimate projector for the ultimate viewing experience. So, put your new-found knowledge to use and go get the best out there.