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Best HDMI Cable For Apple Tv 4k in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and an HDMI cable is a special type of cable that allows you to connect with a wide range of media devices.

These include blu ray players, set-top boxes, projectors, and much more. Newer models of HDMI cables are now able to transfer audio and video from 4K resolution devices.

One of the popular 4K media devices is undoubtedly the Apple TV. If you are reading this, no doubt that you are on the search for the best HDMI cable for apple tv 4K.

After all, Apple TVs deserves no less. This guide has been written to help you with your search. By reviewing the top 10 HDMI cables from renowned brands,

we hope your apple tv has the best accessory in the park.

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AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable - 6 Feet
AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable - 6 Feet

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4K HDR HDMI Cable 6 Feet, 18Gbps 4K 120Hz, 4K 60Hz, High Speed
4K HDR HDMI Cable 6 Feet, 18Gbps 4K 120Hz, 4K 60Hz

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iVANKY 18Gbps High Speed
iVANKY 18Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable 4K 10ft

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Atevon High Speed 18Gbps
Atevon High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDMI Cable

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Zeskit Maya 8K 48Gbps Certified High Speed HDMI Cable for Apple TV 4K
Zeskit Maya HDMI Cable for Apple TV 4K

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Our 10 Best HDMI Cable For Apple Tv 4k

Time for the reviews. This section will cover the top HDMI cables for Apple TV out there, and for your convenience, we will highlight the key features of each product. So read on without further ado.

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable – 6 Feet

AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable - 6 Feet

Always a good idea to start with the basics, and as we kick off this review, we start with Amazon Basics high-speed 4K, HDMI cable.

This 6 feet cable is capable of supporting a variety of devices and increase connectivity. A male-to-male cable, this product allows you to connect with ethernet and both 3D and 4K video.

Inbuilt with an audio return channel, it is more than adept at returning quality sound levels too. If you have multiple devices that require internet service and connection,

this product will get you off to a good start. It connects with a plethora of devices, including Apple TV, Blu ray players, laptops, and PCs.

For the ultimate gaming experience, you and your gamer friends will be thrilled to know that this product is compatible with both Playstation and X-box.

It can connect with both PS3 and PS4 and also link up Xbox One and Xbox 360.

With a speed of up to 18Gbps, this product is no turtle when it comes to the race against other similar products.

As a matter of fact, it also supports older devices and works in sync with them too.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for gaming
  • Can connect with various media platforms
  • High transfer speed
  • Allows internet connectivity with paired devices

2. 4K HDR HDMI Cable 6 Feet, 18Gbps 4K 120Hz, 4K 60Hz, High Speed

4K HDR HDMI Cable 6 Feet, 18Gbps 4K 120Hz, 4K 60Hz, High Speed

Your search for the best HDMI cord greatly narrows down with this 4K HDMI 2.0 version cable from the iBirdie Store.

This high tech cable is a masterpiece of engineering and a consumers jackpot. Capable of supporting 4K resolution, that’s a resolution of 4096×2160, for those who are interested in the specifics.

This product will work in perfect sync with your beloved Apple 4K TV. With this product, you will notice a drastic increase in the texture, ranges of color, and shades you receive.

Furthermore, it works equally well with audio, too, and is capable of transferring over 32 audio channels, giving you the best auditory experience too.

And this product is perfectly compatible and capable of supporting all the latest and most refined media devices being made and sold. This includes Apple TV, Virgin, Blu ray, Samsung, and many more.

For the gamer in you, this product will enhance your gaming experience by linking up with PC, PS3, Wii, and Xbox.

Safe to say you will be living in a gamers paradise, as long as you have this product in your house.

At 6 feet long, it has more than enough length to support your devices even from a significant distance, although that may not be necessary.

Being fully shielded, it is well protected against external damage, and this helps to prolong its lifespan.

Key Features :

  • Multiple interface compatibility
  • Provides a surplus of audio channels
  • Shielded for protection
  • Made of pure copper for faster bandwidth

3. iVANKY 18Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable For Apple Tv 4k

iVANKY 18Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable 4K 10ft

The ultra-fast, highly efficient HDMI cable from iVanky is a class apart from the others. With excellent shielding and built with extra durability, it is the one product you greatly need.

Capable of extending to over 10 feet in length, this cable has more than adequate length for most general applications.

This product is also incredibly fast when it comes to data transfer, a testimony to its 18 Gbps transfer speed.

Being compatible with all lower version devices, it can be used for systems that originally employed HDMI 1.2-1.4.

With its tinplate metal shielding, the gold plated exterior is highly resistant to wear and abrasions.

Built for maximum durability, the aluminum shell and high standard nylon jacket greatly enhance the flexibility of the product.

This means the product can be bent or twisted and still not give in to strain or pressure. Capable of supporting 1080p, 1440p, and also ultra 4K, it will serve all purposes in one investment.

To sweeten the deal, this product is also compatible with a wide range of devices. These include the usual Apple TV, Fire TV, CD players, Blu ray players, gaming consoles, and more.

This versatility is ideal for consumers who want one cable for all purposes and thereby avoid the hassle of buying a bunch of cables for different devices.

Key Features :

  • Durable and shielded
  • Compatible with lower version devices
  • Longer than average length
  • Capable of withstanding bending and torsion

4. Atevon High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDMI Cable 6 ft – 4K HDR

Atevon High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDMI Cable 6 ft – 4K HDR

Aveton brings you their most top-quality HDMI cord for Apple TV, with its universal compatibility and over the top connectivity.

Made for speed, this product can pack quite a punch in the bandwidth department. With speeds hitting the 18 Gbps mark, data transfer has never been faster.

Suitable with a wide range of video resolutions and settings, this product will put an end to your dilemma of choosing the ultimate HDMI cable for your beloved TV.

Bask in the glory of its universal compatibility, as it is known to support all lower version devices that formerly employed HDMI 1.4,1.3 and 1.2.

Because it is so easy to connect and install, you can hook it up to a variety of media players and devices. This includes Apple TV, NVIDIA, PC, laptops, and of course, gaming consoles.

You can get the best viewing results from the least signal loss and disturbances. This product is shielded with a triple layer of shielding material.

This greatly cuts down on signal loss and provides an unmatched picture and audio quality.

For increased cable life and enhanced durability, this product is built with a special zinc alloy connector, and the exterior jacket is made from tough nylon.

These two materials, in combination, prevent the cable from undergoing damage via bending and ensure less stress and the connecting points.

Key Features :

  • Triple-layer shielding to prevent signal loss
  • Durable build to prevent bending
  • Clarity over multiple interfaces
  • Lower version compatibility

5. Zeskit Maya 48Gbps Certified High Speed HDMI Cable for Apple TV 4K

Zeskit Maya 48Gbps Certified High Speed HDMI Cable for Apple TV 4K

Yet another gem of a product from Zeskit, this time it is the 8K ultra high-speed HDMI cable. This 2m cable is perfect for linking your valuable devices and transferring data at breathtaking speed.

With a bandwidth of 48Gbps, this product is no pushover. Being one of the fastest in the market, it serves as the poster boy for speed.

Capable of working with 8K60,4K20 and even further up to 10K, you will seldom find a more suited product. With finer connectors, the product is easier to install and fix.

Furthermore, it has been endorsed by international standards for its capability to reduce EM interference. With a softer and more supple cord, do not be misled into thinking it is weak.

In fact, it is highly durable, to say the least, and the fine strands of wire inside only add to its flexural capabilities.

Because it is made to be compatible with lower version devices, you do not have to get rid of older versions of HDMI products.

This product works like a charm in either set, new or old, meaning that you are saved from spending money all over again.

Key Features :

  • Finer cord
  • Certified for minimizing EM interference
  • Very high bandwidth
  • Capable of supporting lower version devices

6. SecurOMax HDMI Cable For Apple Tv 4k with Braided Cord

SecurOMax HDMI Cable (4K 60Hz 18Gbps) with Braided Cord

SecurOMax has cracked the code of making the finest HDMI cables for 4K streaming. This particular product embodies all their finest crafts and brings about a total masterpiece.

Clocking at a speed of 18Gbps, this product was built for speed. Capable of supporting 4K video quality, this speed comes in handy when transferring high-quality images to your TV.

Not only can it support 4K, but it also works equally well with HDR, HD 2K, 1440p, and even 3D. This vast range of compatibility is one reason why it is so popular.

The wiring inside is made of the highest and truest grade of copper. As you know, copper is a fine conductor and works very well in HDMI cables.

This, coupled with a braided cord, gives the product strength and durability against rough handling.

And this product can also return sound just as well as it returns the picture. The audio return channel (ARC) is a special channel in the product that allows for this, making it an all-in-one package.

Measuring at a length of 6 feet, it will connect your devices at sufficiently large distances, although the optimum distance would be less than a foot at most.

Key Features :

  • Special audio channel
  • Can support different resolutions
  • Copper wiring
  • High-quality connectors

7. 4K 60HZ High Speed HDMI Cord 6.6FT,Highwings 18Gbps

4K 60HZ High Speed HDMI Cable 6.6FT,Highwings 18Gbps

Highwings has hit the mark exceptionally high with its best HDMI cable for Apple TV 4K.

This is a product that will enthrall you from the very first minute by enticing you with its many beneficial features that you will seldom find anywhere else.

Engineered to support 4K ultra display, it will deliver picture clarity, unlike anything you have ever seen before. What’s more, it also supports a cast range of resolutions and qualities, including 3D.

This ensures you always get the best out of every picture you view from the day you start using this product.

Endowed with a speed of 18 Gbps, transmission of audio, video, and pictures occur at a lightning-fast pace. You will receive crystal clear images and videos before you can blink!

Since it is designed to be backward compatible, you can safely use it with lower version HDMI devices with equal ease and service.

This makes it a great product not only for the home but also for the office, where old model projectors could be used.

This product has been engineered by the best engineers and developers to ensure that the vulnerable zones do not crack or break.

The joints at the end have been rigorously tested and have proven to withstand 15000 bends in a single session of testing.

For the gamer in you, connect this product with your Xbox or PS4 to immerse yourself in the gaming experience of a lifetime.

Key Features :

  • Lab-tested for strength
  • Can be used with the latest gaming consoles
  • Easy to handle and install
  • No drivers needed to work

8. 4K HDMI Cable 12ft Supports 1080p, 3D, 2160p, 4K UHD, HDR

4K HDMI Cable 12ft Supports 1080p, 3D, 2160p, 4K UHD, HDR

The TopTrend store has outdone itself with its highly improved HDMI cable, capable of delivering breakneck speeds. This is a cable for the adventurous and the speed junkie.

Coming in with enhanced audio support, this product complements a number of different sound systems, such as DTS, True-HD, and more.

With an amazing 32 channels to choose from, you will get not only the best viewing experience but also the ultimate listening experience.

With a speed of 21Gbps, this is a remarkable speed boost when compared to other products of similar features. At this speed, buffering is non-existent, and so it any type of lagging.

And the connectors are plated with gold, and the wiring inside is made of pure copper. Furthermore, it is also shielded with three layers of shielding material, and that aids in minimizing interference from waves and radio signals.

In short, not only will your picture and audio be clear, but they will also be free of outside noise and protected against background interference.

Key Features :

  • Boosted speed
  • Multiple audio channels available
  • Triple-layer shielding
  • Dual video and audio streaming possible

9. AINOPE High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable, Supports 4K

AINOPE High Speed 18Gbps 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable, Supports 4K

We conclude this segment by reviewing a quality product from AINOPE. Their universally compatible HDMI cable speaks volumes about its performance,

as it blends all the best aspects this company has to offer. This product has remarkable interference resistance.

With multiple-layer shielding and gold plated connectors, signal loss is a thing of the past.

You will see pictures with a clarity you never thought were possible. With a bandwidth of 18 Gbps, this product effectively puts a good end to buffering and lagging.

Furthermore, with its 32 audio channel option, your audio experience will be all the better as well. This product has been lab-tested by the top engineers in the field.

It has been proven to withstand over 20000 bends, and even that amount is not enough to make it obsolete.

As a bonus, it has also been certified to be resistant to biting forces, as experience with pets. That implies it is a product you can have even if you have some inquisitive pets.

Finally, with its universal connectivity features, you can link up to just about any device. From Apple TV, projectors, and Blu ray players, to the most common gaming consoles like PS4, nothing is out of reach anymore.

Key Features :

  • Lab-tested for enhanced bending resistance
  • Certified to be strong against chewing
  • Connects multiple interfaces
  • Multiple layer shielding for less signal loss

Top 10 4k HDMI Cables Comparison Chart

Product Name

Multiple Interface Connectivity


Lab Tested for Durability

Can Support Different Resolutions

AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K





4K HDR HDMI Cable 6 Feet





.iVANKY HDMI Cable 4K 10ft, 





Atevon 18Gbps HDMI





Zeskit 8K Ultra HD





SecurOMax HDMI Cable





Highwings 18Gbps High





4K HDMI Cable 12ft





AINOPE High Speed





Things to Consider Before Buying HDMI Cable For Apple Tv 4k

Time for the all-important buying guide section of this article. With the reviews done, you should have your eyes set on a certain product or products.

Here, we will discuss a few pointers that we believe you should keep an eye out for when finding the best HDMI cable for Apple TV 4K. So give this section a good read, and make your investment worth it!

Strong Cable Material

Most HDMI cables are made out of copper. To be more specific, the bundles of wires inside the covering are made of ultra-fine copper strands.

Copper is an excellent transmitter of data, and to make things better, it is also a fast and efficient transmitter.

When searching for a suitable HDMI cable, make sure that the unlying material inside is constructed from copper, as this will save you a lot of hassle later.

Versatile to a Good Extent

Another very important feature of HDMI cables is that they should ideally be as versatile as possible.

By versatile, we mean you can use the same cable to transfer information between different consoles and platforms.

So when buying an HDMI cable, first be sure to check out exactly how many different consoles and devices that cable can support.

For instance, if you are into gaming, then it will be highly beneficial if the cable supports gaming consoles like Playstation or X-box.

If you are into TV, the cable should ideally support at least a couple of renowned brands. This will make your life easier, as you will not have to search for a different cable every time you switch between devices.

Suitable Length

This is a factor that is widely missed out on. The wrong length can make things uncomfortable, as you will be forced to readjust the position of the tv.

Hence, to avoid this, properly measure out the distance that needs to be covered. This will be determined by how far the tv is from the connecting device.

In most cases, this length should not be more than a few feet at most, as placing the tv and device in close proximity is a better choice.

Benefits of HDMI Cable for Apple TV 4K

Time to discuss some benefits of HDMI cables now. While there are numerous benefits, we will only discuss a few, and we will do so briefly.

This is just to give you a brief idea of using this amazing piece of technology.


Speed is everything; well, almost everything. But when it comes to entertainment and delights, the speed tends to define how fun the evening will go.

In this context of speed, we mean that the cable should have been able to transmit information and data quickly and, most importantly, without lag.

Traditionally, cables used to transmit at less than 4 Gbps (Gigabytes per second). But all that has thankfully changed, the fastest HDMI cable delivers at over 40 Gbps, and a similar speed is what you want for your Apple TV.

Connect Many Devices

One of the biggest benefits of HDMI cables is how well they link different platforms and devices to a tv so well.

Whether it is a blu ray player, X-box, projector, or more, an HDMI cable is your go-to solution for almost anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Time for the FAQ section. If you have questions regarding HDMI cable for Apple TV, now is the time to get things sorted out before you hit the stores.

1. Are HDMI cables secure?

Data transmission is never 100% secure, as there are always chances of data loss or leakage.

However, for general intent and purposes, HDMI cables are as secure as they possibly get.

2. Do HDMI cables work best within a certain range, or is there no limit?

Unfortunately, HDMI cables are just like ordinary cables in this regard, which means that they work best over certain distances and get less efficient as the range is exceeded.

Most HDMI cables work best within a 5-meter range, although this is more than enough for household usage.

3. Can I use an older version of HDMI cable on newer technology?

HDMI cables are divided into versions, and the most recent version is the 2.0. One good thing is, you will not have to throw out your old cable to run a newer piece of technology.

The same applies for a reverse case, as new HDMI versions are compatible with older technology. So, you should be able to use the older version just fine.

4. I am connecting the cable but still not receiving a clear picture. Why is that?

The cable could be damaged from the inside and needs to be replaced. Another explanation could be that the cable port is damaged, leading to loose connections.

5. Will using an HDMI cable improve picture resolution?

HDMI cables can improve picture quality, as they transmit data faster and with fewer disturbances.

But more things are required for a better picture. An HDMI cable will not magically improve a 480p display to 720p or 1080p. It is only as good as the device it is transferring from.

Final Words

Now that you know all about the best HDMI cable for Apple TV 4K, what more are you waiting for?

Buying the right HDMI cable is no cakewalk, but after reading this article, we believe you are wiser and more enlightened.

Hence, making the right decision is easy for you now, as is helping someone else make the right call. So, without further ado, go out there, pick the best, and ignore the rest!