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Best Handheld Label Maker – Top 10 Picks For 2022

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ll always pick handheld label makers. Well, they are handier than the traditional desktop ones, and that gets me hooked!

However, there are tons of low-quality options available these days, so you can easily get conned! Yes, those handheld devices are lightweight and compact,

but the durability was disappointing. And the best handheld label maker should have it all; that’s my belief!

The top-tier tag-making gadgets come with a sleek outlook, lightweight construction, Bluetooth connectivity,

adjustable sticker sizes, and an ergonomic keyboard. If the device doesn’t have these features, I won’t invest my money in it.

So, where are you going to find these label makers, you ask? Let me lead you that way!

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DYMO Label Maker for Office or Home
DYMO Label Maker for Office or Home

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Rechargeable Portable Label Maker, One-Touch Smart Keys
Rechargeable Portable Label Maker

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Wireless Connection Label Printer Tape Included
Wireless Label Printer Tape Included

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Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers
Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers

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Brother P Touch Label Maker, Lightweight, Qwerty Keyboard
Brother P Touch Label Maker, Lightweight

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Benefits of Using Handheld Label Maker

Of course, the handheld label makers will offer you some additional benefits than the traditional ones.

Let’s have a look at the advantages to understand its possibilities.


When you are getting a handheld tag maker, it will offer you portability. As it comes with compact construction, you can easily pack it in your bag or carry it around in your pocket.

In this way, you will be able to use it in any corner of your home or workplace. Isn’t that impressive?

Easy to Use

These compact devices are often sleek and simple; hence, anyone can use them without any complications.

Even if you are not a tech expert, you can utilize this device effortlessly!

Work Without Fatigue

Handheld label makers tend to be lightweight. Therefore, you can use them without hurting your fingers.

You can use it for longer working sessions without getting tired, and that’s the beauty of this device.

Top 10 Best Handheld Label Maker Reviews

Here is my list of the ultimate handheld label makers that will ensure a trouble-free service for you.

So without wasting much time, let’s get into that part right away!

1. DYMO Label Maker for Office or Home

DYMO Label Maker for Office or Home

The first product I would love to tell you about is the DYMO LT-100H label maker. As it comes with a super sleek and compact design, you can hold it in your hands without any trouble.

You can pick different font sizes and styles to personalize your tags according to your preference. Furthermore, it allows you to print more than one line on your sticker, which is pretty impressive.

Though the LCD screen is not that large, it will show you all the necessary information in detail. The display will present all the options in front of you to create your tags by utilizing your creative mind!

I believe that the most incredible fact about this label maker is that the internal memory of this device can store up to nine labels at once.

Therefore, if you want to print the same tag repeatedly, you don’t have to create it from scratch every time. And this feature is a real lifesaver!

The keyboard of this gadget is super simple. Hence, anyone can make their desired design pretty effortlessly. And it can also put a date stamp on the tag to make it more advanced.

Batteries power this device; hence, you can carry it around. So when you are looking for the best handheld label maker, you can choose this one for an optimal experience.

Key Features :

  • The lightweight and compact construction makes it portable
  • LCD screen shows you all the information you need
  • Internal memory can store up to 9 label formats
  • Can print one to two lines in a tag to make it descriptive

2. Rechargeable Portable Label Maker, One-Touch Smart Keys

Rechargeable Portable Label Maker, One-Touch Smart Keys

This DYMO 280 label maker is one of the most excellent devices you can get. Thanks to its compact design, you can take it with you and use it without cramping your fingers. And that’s a relief, to be honest.

This gadget is loaded with all the advanced features you can expect from a high-end label maker despite being inexpensive.

For instance, it is equipped with an innovative computer-style QWERTY keyboard. Consequently, people of any age can use it pretty simply.

This label maker is powered by rechargeable batteries. Additionally, the auto shut-off feature makes sure that the batteries last for a long time. Thus, you don’t have to keep buying them frequently.

On top of everything, you can customize your tags in more than twenty ways. And there are tons of clip arts and symbols so that you can make some exclusive tags.

To make things more user-friendly, it offers you Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, now you can connect it to your PC and smartphone to access all the fonts and styles. And if this feature doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will.

As DYMO is one of the leading brands that make top-notch label makers, it is quite natural for you to consider getting a machine made by this manufacturer. Hence, if you want to get the best DYMO label maker, you can think about buying this one.

Key Features :

  • You can connect the label maker with your PC or smartphone using Bluetooth
  • Designed with tons of clip arts, symbols, and fonts for easy customizations
  • The batteries are completely rechargeable
  • Auto shut-off feature shuts down the label makers whenever it’s necessary
  • Has an ergonomic QWERTY keyboard for ease of use

3. Wireless Connection Label Printer Tape Included

Wireless Connection Label Printer Tape Included

With all the experience I had with sticker making, I can tell you that the NiiMbot D11 is one of the smallest label maker options you have! Moreover, it looks super cute and offers tons of color options, which is excellent news!

This tiny device is yet loaded with all the highly developed features to ensure top-notch service users. And it is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that allows you to work for longer hours without any issue.

Furthermore, the most ground-breaking thing about this machine is detecting pictures, making a sticker out of that picture. And you will get plenty of symbols, label materials, texts, and graphics to make your creation more fashionable than ever.

It has more font styles than any other traditional label maker, and the ergonomic keyboard is effortless to operate. Therefore, you can print out your stickers as soon as you designed them and start organizing things in your home and office.

This machine is highly portable; hence, you can pack it in your luggage without struggling. You can also create QR codes with it, making this device perfectly eligible for small business owners.

As it uses thermal printing technology, there will be no inks on the gadget to make any fuss. Additionally, the print density is totally adjustable; thus, you are getting the full liberty of customizing your tags. What else do we need?

Once the battery is fully recharged, you can use it for 4-5 hours straight. Moreover, to make things more convenient, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Even though this gadget is made with all the features you need for a breezy label-making session, it won’t cost you any bulky checks. Well, this fact adds the final feather to the crown of this top-tier product.

Key Features :

  • 1200mAh rechargeable battery allows you to work for longer hours
  • Can detect pictures and print them out conveniently
  • Has a vast collection of symbols, fonts, and styles for making your tag unique
  • Allows you to adjust the print density for easy personalization

4. Handheld Label Maker with Rubber Bumpers

Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers

While buying the best portable label maker, some of us don’t really care about the budget. And if you are one of them, this product by Brady will be an outstanding option for you.

It has a straightforward keyboard, so using this won’t be complicated at all. You will get all the characters from A-Z and 0-9, so you can write whatever you want on your stickers.

Furthermore, the adhesives are made with super sticky tags. Hence, they can be used on any rough surface. So if you are thinking about labeling a wide range of objects, this machine will be proven to be an ergonomic one.

It comes with a durable battery that you can recharge with a USB cable.

And the whole label maker is shock-resistant; hence you ever drop it from your hands, there will be no damages. How amazing is that!

In addition, the tags you make with this device are chemical-resistant. Therefore, once you tag your products with these adhesives, you can forget about them for a long time.

As it is a heavy-duty label maker, it is suitable for industrial uses too.

Furthermore, this machine can be utilized for personalizing electrical and wire markings, which is an exceptional quality you can expect from personal label makers.

Despite having all the prominent features, it will fit in your palms comfortably. However, this product is more on the expensive side, which is a bummer, I guess!

Key Features :

  • Suitable for electrical and wire markings
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it highly portable
  • Shock-resistant construction protects it from impacts due to sudden drop
  • You can print chemical-resistant labels that will last a long time

5. Brother P Touch Label Maker, Lightweight, Qwerty Keyboard

Brother P Touch Label Maker, Lightweight, Qwerty Keyboard

When you want to keep the best Brother label maker on your list, you can consider getting this PTH110 machine.

It is cost-effective, easy to use, and has all the features to make your stickers extraordinary.

The lightweight construction allows you to keep this machine in your hands for a long time. And your fingers won’t feel cramped for a second!

Thanks to its QWERTY style keyboard, the user can effortlessly type all the texts and access numerous fonts and styles. And when you add those symbols to your tag, it will become a unique one.

This device is also equipped with innovative auto shut-off technology. Consequently, there will be not excessive drainage of the batteries.

In this way, you can work on extensive label-making issues without any trouble.

On top of everything, you will get colorful extra-strong tapes for better adherence.

Moreover, iron-on and fabric cable tapes of various widths and thicknesses make this package more user-friendly.

The stickers that come out of this machine are exceptionally durable.

Hence, when you plan to store your items for an extended period, getting this label maker will be an excellent idea.

Key Features :

  • Auto shut-off technology shuts down the label maker all by itself
  • Comes with a computer-style keyboard for ease of use
  • Can print damage-resistant labels in a snap
  • Has a super lightweight construction for portability

6. Phomemo D30 Handheld Bluetooth Label Maker with Tape

Phomemo D30 Handheld Bluetooth Label Maker with Tape

The Phomemo D30 is another sleek and modern handheld label maker on my list. Even though it is loaded with tons of advanced features, it’s not going to burn holes in your wallet!

This device uses fuss-free thermal printing technology to make your task easier. Additionally, you can print colorful stickers, which are a dynamic feature, to be honest.

You can connect this tag maker to your smartphone so you can take pictures from there and make a label out of it.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, your label-making sessions will be more accessible than ever.

All of the stickers you are going to create with this are absolutely water-resistant and BPA-free.

So when it is about making durable tags, you can rely on this machine without any hesitation.

This mini printer will allow you to create stickers from 6mm-12mm. Hence, from price tags to personal identification labels, anything can be made with the device.

And this versatility is worthy of our money; there is no doubt about that.

It is so compact that you can hold it in your hands all the time. Furthermore, this device will fit in your pocket quite quickly, and that’s impressive!

Once you fully charge the 1200mAh battery, you can print up to 52 rolls of paper.

So yes, when you are trying to organize many things, this is one of the best cheap label maker options you have.

Key Features :

  • The compact design allows you to hold it comfortably
  • Can print 6mm-12mm stickers in a short period
  • Equipped with a 1200mAh battery, which will last for longer sessions
  • Makes damage-resistant and water-resistant labels in no time

7. Brother P-touch Label Maker, Personal Handheld Labeler

Brother P-touch Label Maker, Personal Handheld Labeler

Some users say that this PT70BM is the best P Touch label maker, and I don’t disagree with that statement! It’s easy to use and offers top-notch service, and that’s everything we can expect!

This handheld tag maker comes with exceptionally lightweight construction.

Therefore, you can work with it when you are doing some time-consuming tasks such as re-arranging the kitchen cabinets or moving out.

Though there are multiple front styles available, there are only six font sizes for you to select. And I was a bit disappointed by this fact, to be honest.

However, you can print two lines at once, so that’s something admirable about this device.

It comes with a small and straightforward LCD screen that will show you the details of your labels before you print.

Additionally, this label maker has an ergonomic QWERTY style keyboard, thus typing on this machine won’t be an issue.

You will have the liberty of choosing different tape sizes, so personalizing will be a breezy task.

Therefore, this machine seems like the most favorable option for you when planning to get something manageable and straightforward.

Key Features :

  • The user-friendly QWERTY keyboard can be utilized by anyone
  • LCD screen shows you all the data and information you need
  • Equipped with multiple font sizes and styles to customize your tags
  • Machine can print two lines on a label

8. DYMO Color Label Maker, Handheld, Purple

DYMO Color Label Maker, Handheld, Purple

If you are not into basic things, this vibrant label maker by DYMO is the one you need!

It is a straightforward machine but perfect for customizing your tags according to your imagination.

This handheld device can use colorful stickers for you, which will make your things look cuter than ever!

Additionally, there are multiple font styles and sizes, which will make your tags exclusive, and that’s the goal!

As the keyboard is easy to operate, you can quickly make your stickers and print them for use.

And it is powered by six AAA batteries; hence it can be used for longer working sessions without interruption.

There is also an AC adapter on the package to make things more manageable. Thus, when you want to get a simple device for everyday use, you can look at this one while browsing.

Key Features :

  • Prints colored labels for making the stickers exclusive
  • Runs on 6 AAA batteries, hence, you can work for longer periods
  • Has a computer-style keyboard for convenient user-experience
  • Equipped with multiple font styles and sizes

9. Wireless Bluetooth Label Maker Machine with Tape

Wireless Bluetooth Label Maker Machine with Tape

If you are tired of using those bulky traditional machines, you can give this one a try. This Relaxoul one comes with tons of modernized features, which will make your life easier than ever.

Sometimes we don’t feel like designing our labels, or we are in a hurry.

So there are plenty of templates that we can choose to make the task more effortless. And it has a built-in rechargeable battery to make our life easier.

One of the most innovative things about this device is that it has a built-in paper cutter inside.

Therefore, you can adjust the label width and length then cut it as you prefer. And that’s remarkable!

You can connect this lightweight device to your smartphone and take a photo from there to print it. There is also a chance for you to zoom in and out the fonts as much as you want.

So when it is about customizing, you will get the best possible chance with this one.

In addition, the adhesives can stick to glass pretty well. Hence, if you plan to buy a label maker for jars, why don’t you keep this one on your Wishlist?

Key Features :

  • Built-in paper cutter will save you the hassle of getting scissors
  • Uses thermal technology to print tags, hence, no mess while printing
  • You can connect it to your smartphone for getting the pictures
  • Compatible with most android and iOS devices

10. Mini Handheld Wireless Label Printer with Tape

Mini Handheld Wireless Label Printer with Tape

The final product on my list is by NiiMbot, and it comes in an extra small size. Therefore, you can keep it in your hands as long as you want and label everything around your house or workplace!

By using Bluetooth technology, you can connect it to your ios and android devices. In this way, you can edit your pictures on those devices that print them out from this machine.

So, I believe, if you want to get the best label maker for Mac, you can consider buying this one.

This label maker allows you to make tickers from a distance of ten meters. Hence, you don’t have to deal with messy wires anymore, which is a relief!

It is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, and you recharge it with a USB cable whenever you want.

Furthermore, this gadget doesn’t make any noise while working, allowing you to work in the piece.

From home to office, this machine can be used for organizing your items. And it isn’t costly at all, which is the icing on the cake.

Key Features :

  • Can be operated from a 10-meter distance with convenience
  • You can connect it with your PC or smartphone via Bluetooth
  • 1200 mAh battery makes sure the label maker has a longer life
  • The stickers you’ll make will show off high-resolution

Handheld Label Maker Buying Guide

There are tons of label makers out there; that’s no secret! However, when buying a handheld one, you need to look for specific features to get more incredible benefits.

Here are the factors you need to consider to make the most favorable purchase.


While getting a handheld label maker, the design plays a vital role. It should be compact and sleek so you can hold it in your hands without any trouble.

Moreover, the machine should come in lightweight construction, unlike the traditional ones.

In this way, you can use it anywhere you want and won’t feel much pressure even if you are standing in the middle of nowhere.

Battery Type

When you plan to use a handheld tag maker, it would be better to use batteries instead of wires. If so, you can move around with it and perform your label-making session in different places.

There will be some machines that are equipped with disposable batteries; others will have rechargeable one. However, suppose your label maker comes with disposable batteries.

In that case, you should carry some extra ones in case your gadget runs out of juice.


Not all of us are technical geniuses, so the label creator should come with a straightforward operating system.

Otherwise, you will be ruining your energy while figuring out the using procedure!

So yes, the machine should come with an ergonomic keyboard and easy access to all the features so you can create stickers without struggling.

In this article, you will get some excellent options that will offer you the ease of use.

Personalization Options

There should be a massive collection of symbols, pictures, patterns, and formats in your label maker to make exclusive stickers. If not, your tags will be boring, and you don’t want that!

Therefore, get a device that will allow you to create labels according to your wildest dreams! Only then will you be able to enjoy your tag-making sessions!

Storage Capacity

Some devices will allow you to save multiple templates of your stickers.

When your label maker offers this feature, you don’t have to create everything from the beginning, which will save your time and energy.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When your label maker is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, you can remotely operate the device.

Furthermore, you can edit your pictures on your smartphone and print them through the device to make your personal stickers in an instant!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are lightweight label makers durable?

Well, there is a misconception that lightweight label creators are fragile. But when you buy after thorough research and a product by a well-reputed brand, you will end up with a sleek yet highly durable device.

2. Which printing technology is the best one?

Most modern devices are equipped with thermal printing technology. It is fast, reliable, and doesn’t require any ink or toner. Hence, users are more drawn towards the label makers that use this technology.

3. How many lines can I type with my label-making machine?

Some label creators will allow you to type 1-2 lines. Usually, you have to make a sticker with minimum details, so one or two lines will be more than enough.

4. Can I stick the tag in a fabric?

Yes, if you get fabric-friendly adhesives, you can stick your tags without any trouble.

5. Will a label maker create different sizes of tags?

A label maker can create different sizes of stickers according to your preference. Some machines will also come with a paper cutter so you can cut a desirable size.

The Bottom Line

The best handheld label maker is not an impossible thing to get, but there are tons of options available! Therefore, any user can become a bit bamboozled before making the purchase!

For an overall experience, you can get the DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld, Label Maker. It is affordable and loaded with tons of user-friendly features.

Hence, you will have everything you need for a successful sticker-making session.

Moreover, if you want to keep an advanced gadget on your list, the Phomemo D30 Handheld Label Maker will be a fantastic option for you.