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Best Frs Walkie Talkie Reviews For 2022 – Top 10 Picks

With the introduction of cellphones, communication has become easier when compared to the old days. Yet we still see people resorting to radio communications using walkie talkies.

This is because the radio signals of walkie talkies are not reliant on the network’s strength.

Imagine having to go hiking in an area with no cellular network. How are you going to contact others? Using walkie talkies instead solve any sort of communication issue.

There are tons of brands providing eye-catchy features. But in order to choose the best FRS walkie talkie, you will need to know what you should be looking for.

And so, we have created a list of our top 10 picks to ease your decision-making process.

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Midland - 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Batteries Included
22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies - Batteries Included

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36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30 Mile Range, 121 Privacy Codes
36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30 Mile Range

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Topsung FRS Long Range Two Way Radio with Mic LCD Screen
Topsung FRS Two Way Radio with Mic LCD Screen

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Uniden Up to 50 Mile Range FRS Two-Way Radio W/Dual Charging Cradle
Uniden Up to 50 Mile Range FRS

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Midland - 22 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Extended Range, 38 Privacy Codes
22 Channel FRS - Extended Range, 38 Privacy Codes

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Our Best Frs Walkie Talkie Reviews

After putting in countless hours in market research and product testing, we have brought together a list of our top 10 FRS walkie talkies. Let’s check them out!

1. Midland – 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan – Batteries Included

Midland - 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Batteries Included

First up, we have this black 2 device pair pack from Midland. Coming in with 3 different colorways and a highly durable build, this pair of walkie talkies will last you for a lifetime.

To start things off, you will be receiving two radio devices, a pair of rechargeable battery packs, a desktop dock charger, an AC wall adapter, and belt clips.

The items included in the packaging are all you will ever need for the smooth running of your FRS walkie talkie.

If you haven’t noticed already, we talked about 2 rechargeable battery packs. Each pack is the equivalent of 4 AA batteries, but since the packs are rechargeable, you save costs in the long run.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the battery packs failing you. If they do, you can easily use any 4 AA batteries of your choice.

The device comes with an integrated battery life extender, which makes sure you get enhanced service time out of your batteries.

Midland has included an innovative keypad lock system, which can be quite useful if you accidentally press the buttons.

You can also turn on silent operation mode in case you don’t want to hear the keypad tones at all. This can be quite useful when you’re hunting in pairs or groups and don’t want to startle the prey.

Overall, if you are looking for the best FRS walkie talkie, this one deserves a shot.

Key Features :

  • Rechargeable battery packs included with a battery life extender
  • Covers a maximum range of 24 miles
  • Features a 22 channel set up, offering you more room for private communication
  • Silent mode to disable any sort of keypad sound
  • Features both high and low power settings to save your battery life when necessary

2. 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio – Up to 30 Mile Range, 121 Privacy Codes

36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30 Mile Range, 121 Privacy Codes

This next walkie talkie set from Midland is the ideal companion for your next camping trip. It features a weather scan technology with a strong build quality to last through anything mother nature throws at you.

The pair pack comes in a bright yellow colorway, which is easy to identify from great distances.

If you don’t prefer the yellow colorway, choose the black variant for a solid look. In addition, you will receive 36 FRS channels,

which is quite high when you compare it with other devices in the same price range. The large availability of channels will help you connect more devices and communicate privately.

Moreover, the communication range on the device is one we should applaud. Having a strong connection of up to 30 miles to ensure that you are in constant contact with your pairs or groups.

Midland’s innovation towards integrating an NOAA weather scan technology has definitely surpassed expectations.

These devices are hardwired to be your ears and eyes on your next camping trip. It will scan through available weather channels and alert you whenever there are warnings.

The alarming sounds will instantly grab your attention and allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which is more than enough to last you for hours. Midland has included a rechargeable battery pack, which allows you to use your battery power efficiently.

Key Features :

  • 30-mile connectivity radius for great communication across long distances
  • NOAA weather scan and alert technology to inform you in case of bad weather
  • Water-resistant build to survive rainy conditions better
  • Rechargeable battery pack included for efficient power usage
  • 22 open channels with 14 extra privacy code channels to keep your conversations secure

3. Topsung FRS Long Range Two Way Radio with Mic LCD Screen

Topsung FRS Long Range Two Way Radio with Mic LCD Screen

Lightweight yet packed with features is the right phrase to describe this next pick of ours by Topsung. They also have 4 different colorways to give you a wide variety of choices.

The channel setup within this walkie talkie is amazing. It features 22 main channels with the additional option of 121 unique privacy codes.

Not only will it allow you to freely communicate with your group, but also have private conversations. Moving on, the distance coverage isn’t the greatest, with a maximum of up to 16 miles.

However, the two-way radio system does compensate for it with its long battery life.

This is perfect for hosting large events where you have loads of people in the organizing team who need to stay in contact all the time. Powered by the easily available AA batteries, it will last you for 3-4 days on standby!

What’s more, the Topsung has designed the walkie talkie to be compact and playful. The lightweight body weighs around 2.9 oz while fitting comfortably within the palm of your hand.

There are other additional features built within the small device that make it convenient to use. The walkie talkie comes with a hands-free VOX function that lets you operate it without the use of buttons.

Also, the unit has been entirely made of environment-friendly material without having to compromise on durability factors.

Key Features :

  • Hands-free functionalities to aid ease of usage
  • 22 main channels with 121 different privacy codes to allow safe communication
  • Lightweight and compact body design makes it easy to carry
  • Efficient use of power will last you 3-4 days on standby

4. Uniden Up to 50 Mile Range Frs Walkie Talkie W/Dual Charging Cradle

Uniden Up to 50 Mile Range FRS Two-Way Radio W/Dual Charging Cradle

Walkie talkies are no joke. Once you make up your mind to invest in them, you want to make sure you get the right one.

The SX507 by Uniden is one of those high-end models that will offer the best service time along with a good list of features.

The distance coverage of this device is crazy! Offering you a maximum range of up to 50 miles, you can be lost anywhere in the woods, and your partners would still be able to find you.

However, be wary of the fact that increased levels of obstruction may cause the range to drop.

Furthermore, you can drop these bad boys underwater and still use them once they’re out. Having a certified water-proof body allows it to be submerged entirely underwater for 30 minutes straight.

What will surprise you is the fact that it has a built-in flotation system which will stop it from being submerged in water.

Integrated within the software is an NOAA weather scanning system to bring you the latest updates from 10 different weather channels.

This will keep you posted on the weather ahead of your trip to allow for better planning.

And the battery life in these devices is exceptional. Uniden powers this device with AA NiMH batteries that will last your 14 hours on standby!

Key Features :

  • NOAA weather scanning system to alert you on bad weather conditions
  • The flotation mechanism keeps the device from being submerged in water
  • Water-resistant of up to 3 feet for 30 minutes
  • Offers a maximum range of 50 miles to give you a large distance coverage
  • Features 22 different main channels and also 142 direct call codes for private conversations

5. Midland – 22 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio – Extended Range, 38 Privacy Codes

Midland - 22 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Extended Range, 38 Privacy Codes

This next walkie talkie from Midland will cater to all your communication needs, whether you be in a pair or a group. Available in 2,3,6,10 and 12 pack bundles increases communication quality as they are all identical.

These license-free walkie talkies offer you the best quality transmission within a range of 28 miles. But with the availability of buildings and trees, this may fall short.

Nonetheless, the 22 channel device works perfectly to bring you the best form of radio communication. Also integrated into the device are 38 privacy codes with a squelch system to block out other conversations.

What’s more, the hands-free setting of the device will let you control it with your voice. You can also change the sensitivity levels to adjust the audio pickup levels according to the tone of your voice.

Furthermore, the device has a built-in weather scanning system. Whenever you use this function, the two-way radio will scan across different weather channels and alert you if there is a storm approaching.

Moving on, you will find 2 rechargeable battery packs with the device, which are each 700mAh. This is comparatively more power-efficient than your in-store AA or AAA battery powered walkie talkies.

Key Features :

  • NOAA weather scan and alert system gives you update on bad weather
  • 700mAh rechargeable battery packs included within the box, saving you costs
  • Hands-free controlling using voice assistance aiding convenience
  • 22 main channels with squelch system to block out conversations
  • Available a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 device packs

6. Frs Walkie Talkie with Channel Scan – Hands-Free VOX

FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Hands-Free VOX

The LXT118 FRS walkie talkie from Midland is another example of their excellence in creating two-way radios. Coming in a strong, durable build, this device will last you for long periods of time.

Let it be known that these devices are not for use over large distances. If you’re going to be within an 18-mile radius with your partner, then this will work perfectly.

And the durable build of the body and portable size makes this walkie talkie fit just right within the palm of your hand.

Also, the design of the body was made water-resistant in order to serve you even on those bad weather days.

In addition, you can avoid pressing the wrong buttons with its integrated keypad lock system. Once you press the keypad lock button, it will simply turn all your other keys useless.

This is great when you don’t want people messing with your channel settings.

What’s more, it is quite easy to maintain the device in terms of battery power. Using 3 standard AAA alkaline batteries, you should be good to go for hours.

Also, for added benefits, Midland has integrated a charging system through the headset jack.

If you thought that was it, the device even has an integrated battery life extender to give you the best service.

Key Features :

  • Hands-free voice activation system to avoid using buttons
  • Keypad locking mechanism to prevent tapping a button mistakenly
  • Water-resistant to survive you through harsh weather conditions
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries, which will keep the device running for hours
  • Device charging mechanism through headset jack for added convenience

7. 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies – 38 Privacy Codes & NOAA Weather Alert

22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies - 38 Privacy Codes & NOAA Weather Alert

Coming in at a compact form factor, the X-Talker T10 walkie talkie is one device that won’t fail you on your next outdoor trip. Packed with all the important features, this will be the perfect companion to aid communication.

For all your outdoor scenarios, the 20-mile radius this device offers is truly shaped to fit your needs. With trees and buildings around, this will fall but not by much.

Keeping things minimal, Midland provides you with a set of radios, belt clips, and the instruction manual. If you’re a starter in this, the manual will help you get a clear idea of how to use the device.

Moreover, the X-talker T10 comes with a strong and sturdy build. The tight seal around the body of the device blocks off any water from ruining your inner circuits.

As a result, this device is resistant to all sorts of dust particles and water too!

With the integrated call alert system, you will be directly notified every time a group member wants to contact you.

And to belong to the group, you don’t have to worry about having the same walkie talkies, as this device is compatible with all Midland FRS/GMRS devices.

Key Features :

  • Offers hands-free operation to ease usage
  • Water-resistant design for longer service time
  • Cross compatible with other Midland FRS/GMRS radios
  • Provides 22 main channels for clear communication
  • NOAA weather scanning system to notify you of bad weather alerts

8. 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio – 121 Privacy Codes, & NOAA Weather Scan

36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - 121 Privacy Codes, & NOAA Weather Scan

Whether you’re going hunting or camping with a partner or a group, the X-Talker 36 will fit your trip’s bill perfectly.

Coming in 2,6,10 and 12 pack bundles, you will be spending less money on each device. Midland also offers a CAMO 2-pack model in case you want to go hunting and blend in with nature.

This device offers some of Midland’s strongest elements. For starters, you are getting access to 36 different channels. Also, with the integrated channel scanner, you can scan for any sort of activity within the channels.

Featuring a 32-mile coverage, this device will undoubtedly keep you and your buddies well connected in the outdoors.

Whether they move into the depths of the forest or have hiked a long way past you, connecting to them will be a button away.

What’s more, the built-in NOAA weather scanning system works perfectly to update you on nature’s conditions.

If you’re planning a trip and your weather app has failed you on the upcoming storm news, have no fear. The NOAA system will scan the weather channels and bring you to live updates to keep you posted on bad weather.

Key Features :

  • Easy sound and voice activation system to give you hands-free control
  • Includes two rechargeable battery packs to save costs in the long run
  • NOAA weather alert system to sound alerts upon bad weather days
  • 36 channels to give you a wide range of options to choose from
  • 121 CTCSS privacy codes allow you to have private conversations

9. SAMCOM Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Alert, Rechargeable Handheld FRS

SAMCOM Two Way Radio with NOAA Weather Alert, Rechargeable Handheld FRS

This 4-way pack from SAMCOM is a great option for friend groups. Being license-free while also providing some top quality features, this two-way radio is worth checking out.

Firstly, the box contains a dual charger port, which has a unique zipper design. This is truly one thing that we never expected to see in a box of walkie talkie sets.

In terms of functionality, this charger comes to great help as it lets you charge two devices at once.

Moreover, SAMCOM has built-in overcharging protection systems to preserve your battery life. By avoiding overcharging of the device, you are also able to save it from overheating upon use.

Batteries tend to deteriorate over time, and overheating is an issue you would face in the long run if not careful.

Packing a massive 1250 mAh battery, you will literally go on for a solid day without having the need to charge the device.

And even if you do need to, you can simply plug it into your laptop’s USB port or use the zipper cable.

The device also features a convenient LCD screen that lets you read the channel numbers and other statuses clearly.

This is quite useful, especially during the dark. Backlit LCD screens also offer great contrast with the numbers and texts to give you a clear view of the numbers on your screen.

Key Features :

  • Compatible with other FRS and GMRS devices once connected to the same frequency
  • Rechargeable 1250 mAh battery to give you extended service time
  • Dual zipper style charger to connect two devices in one go
  • VOX and earpiece allow for hands-free operation
  • 10 customizable alert tones to identify your group members and notify them

Top 9 FRS Radios Comparison Chart

Product Name


No. of FRS Channels

No. of privacy codes

Midland - LXT500VP3

24 miles



Midland - LXT630VP3

30 miles



Topsung M880 

16 miles



Uniden SX507

50 miles




28 miles




18 miles




20 miles



Midland X-TALKER

32 miles







Things to Consider Before Buying Frs Walkie Talkie

Before placing your order, there are certain features you need to consider. This will allow you to judge your shortlist better to choose the best FRS walkie talkie for you.

Connection Range

If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money on walkie talkies, you need to look into the range first. This will give you an idea of the maximum distance between you and your friends.

What you must keep in mind is, the range varies based on your surroundings. And so, you might experience connection drops in urban areas more than rural ones.

You should always consider your purpose of buying the walkie talkies in order to get the right range.

If you’re going to spread the two devices across a large distance when hiking, then a walkie talkie with a range of 15-20 miles should be fine.


Based on the purpose, you will need to choose between the two frequency options. Either you can go with VHF (very high frequency) or UHF (ultra-high frequency).

Radios with VHF settings can operate anywhere between 126-174 MegaHertz. This is ideal for situations where you need to cover large distances across forests or buildings.

In terms of appearance, they have a larger antenna than the UHF variants, but that is so that they can penetrate any sort of communication barrier.

The UHF radio, on the other hand, is ideal for short-distance communication. Operating at a range of 400-512 MegaHertz, the signals will go through walls and any sort of foliage.

One thing you should know is, if you’re investing in multiple walkie talkies, make sure all of them use the same frequency mode. Compatibility is impossible if you’re trying to bring UHF and VHF devices together.

Battery Output

If you’re gonna go hiking or camping, you will need walkie talkies that are highly reliable. There are various types of batteries that your chosen walkie talkie can run on.

For lightweight purposes, budget walkie talkie devices that run on regular AA batteries will do you just fine. However, most high-performing walkie talkies use a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged.

Based on your usage level, you should always buy a set of extra batteries but also keep your device fully charged.

A standard walkie talkie with a lithium-ion battery will serve you for an average of 16 hours straight. Keep in mind that it also takes around 2 to 3 hours to charge.


This is an important factor to consider for those of you who will be using your walkie talkies outdoors. On camping or hiking trips, bad weather is a situation that needs to be taken into account.

Your chosen walkie talkie will need to be heavy-duty and high performing in the stormiest of days. And so, you need to look for those with water-resistant capabilities and sturdy build quality.

Not only that, but your desired two-way radio should also be able to withstand dusty settings and be rust-resistant as well.

Deposits of rust can easily damage or weaken your device’s power of frequency emission, resulting in the poor quality of communication.

Channel Options

Walkie talkies usually come with multiple channel options, ranging from 8 to almost 20 channels.

Using the channels, you can individually communicate with separate devices instead of all devices listening to your conversation.

For outdoor purposes or event management settings, you can use a license-free walkie talkie with multiple channels. The larger your team, the more channels you might need, so pay attention to your needs first.

But for confidential conversations, you will need to invest and get a license first. Walkie talkies that offer private channels are more secure and cannot be intercepted by other walkie talkies within range.

Number of Devices

Manufacturers offer at least two devices for communication, but you may need more depending on your requirements. The larger your communication group, the more devices you will need.

This adds to your costs, no doubt, because of the increased number of walkie talkies. As with most factors, you will first need to decide on the setting you will use this device.

For camping or hiking trips, you and your partner can use a two-device set, but for larger groups, you will need multiple devices.

Benefits of Using FRS Walkie Talkie

So why exactly should you be using walkie talkies instead of regular cellphones? There are tons of benefits they can provide that make your communication process much easier.

Wide Area Coverage

The coverage of walkie talkies is great when it comes to remote areas. At high altitudes or isolated places, cellular networks can be quite troublesome.

In such cases, your walkie talkie will come in handy and provide you clearer communication.

If you go camping, there will be times when you and your group need to split up. Having a walkie talkie will allow you all to be in instant communication within a large area.

Some walkie talkies cover a minimum of 6 miles and can go up to a maximum range of 36 miles. So choose your desired range accordingly.

Fast Communication

What makes the use of walkie talkies easier is its ability to connect to the devices in the channel almost instantly.

Also, some walkie talkies will give you the added benefit of using hands-free communication, making things easier when you’re out in the forest.


This is definitely one of the major benefits you can derive from the use of walkie talkies.

For instant communication, the use of walkie talkies will cut down costs significantly as you won’t be using your cellular network balance.

Moreover, the addition of new devices to your channel can be done easily without having to incur high costs.

Bulk buying significantly reduces your cost per device, which is ideal for event management groups or even large camping groups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best FRS walkie talkies:

1. Can I charge my walkie talkie with a micro USB?

Yes. However, it depends entirely on the model you use and whether you’re using rechargeable batteries. If you have put in rechargeable batteries and you try to plug in the charger, you might be putting your device at risk.

2. Is it possible to use my preferred earphone with my walkie talkie?

That entirely depends on the audio jack, which is placed on your device. Most walkie talkies come with a 2.5 mm earpiece jack, which will not accommodate the standard 3.5mm jack we find in cell phones.

3. How can I clean the dust particles off my walkie talkie?

You can use a piece of cloth and dip it in some cleaning liquid, which contains alcohol. Alcohol cleaners dry up quickly, which is preferred over water.

The water might drip into your microphone or earpiece hole and cause problems.

4. How does the weather alert mechanism work?

The walkie talkie has a built-in system that can scan and connect to 10 weather channels via radio transmission. Then, it will bring you alerts if there are conditions you need to be informed about.

5. Do I need a license to use walkie talkies that offer a large range?

No, you don’t. The license is required when you are investing in walkie talkies that place more focus on their private channel features.

Final Words

No matter the trip you go to or the event you organize, you need to take into account a lot of factors before you invest in walkie talkies.

The purpose of the devices will determine the right range and additional feature set you want.

You should always go for models that offer rechargeable battery packs along with the added benefit of being able to put in standard-sized batteries. These devices are usually more power-efficient.

We ardently hope our reviews will help you choose the best FRS walkie talkie to aid your communication needs.

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