Best Duplex Scanner Printer

Best Duplex Scanner Printer | Top 5 Picks & Reviews in 2022

Imagine you’re busy at work and you need to print out an important document. You go to your office printer and find that it has broken down.

This is a terrifying situation and common in low-quality printers, which are the bane of any office dealing with large amounts of paperwork.

Issues of slow printing and unclear scans can be easily solved by making sure your office has the best duplex scanner printer.

So what model should you buy? There are many options, and it can be difficult to find high-quality products.

This is why we have written this article to help you find the perfect printer for your job.

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Brother Monochrome Duplex Scanner Printer, All-In One Wireless Printer
Brother Monochrome Duplex Scanner Printer, Wireless Printer

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Brother Monochrome Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copy & Scan, Wireless
Duplex Scanner Printer Copy & Scan, Wireless

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Duplex Scanner Printer, Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless, Two-Sided Printing
Duplex Scanner Printer, Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless

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All-in-One Wireless Laser Duplex Scanner Printer, Duplex Copy & Scan
Wireless Laser Duplex Scanner Printer, Duplex Copy & Scan

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Pantum Wireless Monochrome Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copier Fax All in One
Pantum Wireless Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copier Fax

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Best Duplex Scanner Printer Reviews

It was difficult to pick 5 options, but we’ve found the below picks to be worth everyone’s time. Let’s dive in and look at the products.

1. Brother Monochrome Duplex Scanner Printer, All-In One Wireless Printer

Brother Monochrome Duplex Scanner Printer, All-In One Wireless Printer

The first one on our list is the Brother Monochrome laser printer which is designed for office work. It is designed to be fast and efficient.

With a speed of 32 pages per minute, you’ll have your office documents printed out in no time flat.

Since the laser printer allows for high resolutions up to 2400×600 dpi, you can ensure that your printouts are neat and clear.

You can use it for scanning, copying, and faxing, too, and the manual feed slot helps make sure your documents are properly printed.

Another aspect that makes it great for office work is how compact the design is. It doesn’t take much space due to the design so your office won’t seem overcrowded.

A 250 sheet paper capacity means you won’t have to refill as often, and there will be fewer instances of waiting for a refill to print out an important document.

This item has a maximum duty cycle of 15000 pages per month, so many companies will find this a great bang for their buck. It can take a great deal of workload and won’t need to be replaced often.

WiFi connectivity is supported along with Google Cloud Print and AppleAirPrint. You can activate print requests wirelessly from your desktop, mobile, or tablet.

One issue to note is that this model doesn’t print photos as well and is strictly relegated to faxes and documents. So keep that in mind if you plan to purchase this.

Key Features :

  • 32 page per minute printing speed makes printing fast and efficient.
  • Has built-in WiFi and Ethernet interfaces for mobile printing.
  • Has an automatic document feeder that can process 50 sheets on its own.
  • Toner Save Mode cuts down on toner cost.
  • 250 sheet paper capacity cuts down on the number of refills.

2. Brother Monochrome Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copy & Scan, Wireless

Brother Monochrome Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copy & Scan, Wireless

Next, we have another pick from Brother Industries, a Japanese electronics company. The HL-L2395DW is a very affordable pick for both home use and office use.

It possesses printing and scanning capabilities but no fax capability.

A printing speed of 36 pages per minute ensures the work is fast and efficient. It can handle moderate workloads fairly easily,

and with a maximum duty cycle of 15000 pages per month, this unit is a welcome addition for most offices and homes.
his is an all in one printer with duplex scanning. All the functions can be controlled by the 2.7-inch color LCD and the numeric keypad.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to pick up, so utilizing this product is not at all difficult.

Like the other Brother printer, this one also has a 250-page capacity. This minimizes the number of refills needed, which streamlines work.

A one-sheet multipurpose feeder is included. You can handle letters, legal and official documents which makes this a versatile device.

One of the main draws of this model is the numerous connectivity options available to users.

Along with WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, it supports Cloud printing and scanning capabilities for both Android and Apple phones and devices.

You can print files from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and also scan documents and store them there.

Overall, this is a very affordable and useful duplex scanning printer to have. If you work on multiple devices, the large number of connectivity options can streamline your workflow.

Key Features :

  • Has a printing speed of 36 pages per minute for fast printing.
  • 7 inch LCD touch screen offers easy to understand interface for controlling various functions.
  • Amazon dash replenishment setting included, which automatically orders toner when toner levels are low.
  • Flatbed scan glass allows for easy copying and scanning.
  • The cloud-based print and scan feature are compatible with many devices and apps.

3. Duplex Scanner Printer, Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless, Two-Sided Printing

Duplex Scanner Printer, Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless, Two-Sided Printing

While this pick is a less fancy double-sided scanner printer, it is still a very reliable printer for smaller offices. The compact design helps to save precious space, and it is easy to carry.

32 pages per minute printing speed are perfectly serviceable for home and office use. For controlling the printer or scanner,

a monochrome LCD is present along with physical buttons for navigating options. The buttons are clearly labeled, and the device is easy to operate.

There is no automatic document feeder, so scanning or printing documents with multiple pages can prove time-consuming. The output tray is located inside the body of the unit.

A hinged door simply needs to be opened to access it, so it is very space-efficient.

The input tray has a capacity of 250 sheets. A manual feed slot is featured, which is designed to offer a straight path for the paper, so it goes in fast and undamaged.

The slot accepts envelopes, cards, and different sizes of paper, so the item is versatile.

Text documents produced are very sharp and have high quality. No banding occurs when reproducing photographs, but darker colors can cause some issues.

Like the options above, it also has a monthly duty cycle of 15000 pages.

A myriad of connectivity options is available. USB ports are included for fast transfer.

WiFi connectivity is also present, and cloud printing or scanning is possible using both Android and Apple phones. As far as home use goes, this is an excellent investment.

Key Features :

  • 250 sheet capacity, which reduces refill and improves efficiency.
  • Compact design saves space which is perfect for smaller offices or homes.
  • Printouts and scans are very clean and sharp.
  • Cloud scanning allows it to scan directly from mobile, thus saving time.
  • Toner saves mode cuts down on toner use and saves money.

4. All-in-One Wireless Laser Duplex Scanner Printer, Duplex Copy & Scan

All-in-One Wireless Laser Duplex Scanner Printer, Duplex Copy & Scan

The Brother MFCL 2750DW is a contender for the best duplex scanner printer. It is affordable and has many features that make it worth your wallet.

This unit is designed for efficiency and the printing speed of 36 pages per minute ensures you have your documents ready in time.

Further boosting the efficiency of this single-pass duplex printer is its 50 sheets automatic feeder. The lid has its supports, so you won’t have to hold it as you work.

Smooth operation is ensured with the feeder, and the device can be used for multi-page copying, scanning, and faxing.

With a duty cycle of 15000 pages per month, this item can withstand heavy use and is a perfect aid in many busy offices.

It is a bit tall, so when installing or placing it, you should be mindful of the height.

A 2.7-inch color touchscreen is used to control the various functions of this unit. Instructions and commands are easy to read and understand, and the touchscreen is very responsive.

Both printing and scanning quality of text documents is very sharp and neat. While the operation is normally fast, color scanning to JPEG format is a bit slower.

Various connectivity options are supported in this single pass duplex scanning printer.

The device is compatible with many popular Cloud services to ensure easier storage and access. Wireless printing and scanning are possible.

Any office will benefit from having a duplex scanner printer of this quality. With a 250 page capacity,

you won’t even have to worry about refills that much, and the sharp quality of prints and scans help your documents look more professional than ever before.

Key Features :

  • 50 sheet automatic feeder and supported lid ensure fast and smooth operation.
  • Sturdy design and 15000 pages duty cycle means that it meets demands in busy workplaces.
  • Detects low toner levels and can be configured to send automatic toner replacement requests to Amazon.
  • Scan driver is compatible with many formats making this device very multi-functional.
  • 36 pages per minute printing speed and two-sided copying and scanning save time.

5. Pantum Wireless Duplex Scanner Printer Copier Fax

Pantum Wireless Monochrome Laser Duplex Scanner Printer Copier Fax All in One

Pantum is a Chinese printer brand that specializes in innovative design. The Pantum 6802FDW is a multifunction printer with duplex scanning option that is made for busy offices.

It features printing, scanning, faxing, and copying capabilities.

This double sided scanner printer comes with an automatic document feeder and a speed of 32 PPM.

The device is an efficient workhorse that ensures proper and professional-looking documents at the push of a button.

Being able to scan and copy multiple pages is a massive time saver in many large workplaces.

No quality is compromised in the name of speed. Text documents are very sharp, and the printer supports high resolutions up to 1200×1200 dpi.

Worried that your printer might make a lot of noise? A mute printing option is available and makes the whole operation silent.

Installation is easy, and the package comes with a short video detailing the process. An LCD control panel is present at the top.

The panel is easy to operate, and you won’t have to worry about fumbling on the controls.

High-speed USB 2.0 is featured for fast connectivity with laptops or desktops. WiFi and Ethernet networking are available.

Pantum has its mobile app, which allows for greater functionality and connectivity for mobile users. The app is available for both Android and IOS.

All the great design choices and functions make this a top-tier duplex scanner printer. Even if you don’t have or use the app, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of this model.

Key Features :

  • A monthly duty cycle of 60000 pages makes it a top pick for office work.
  • Automatic document feeder design decreases the chances of paper jamming.
  • Silent printing mode to make operation quiet and not disturb workers.
  • Pantum app connectivity allows easier management of documents and files.
  • High-speed USB connection makes transferring and storing print and scans data easy.

Top 5 Duplex Scanner Printer | Comparison Chart

Product Name

Printing Speed

Item Dimensions

Input Capacity

Auto Feeder Capacity

Duplex Capabilities

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

32 Pages Per Minute

15.7 x 16.1 x 12.5 inches

250 sheets

50 sheets

Print/ Copy/Scan/ Fax

Brother HLL 2395 DW

36 Pages Per Minute

15.7 x 16.1 x 10.7 inches

250 sheets


Print/ Copy/Scan

Brother HLL 2390 DW

32 Pages Per Minute

15.7 x 16.1 x 10.7 inches

250 sheets


Print/ Copy/Scan

Brother MFCL 2750 DW

36 Pages Per Minute

15.7 x 16.1 x 12.5 inches

250 sheets

50 sheets

Print/ Copy/Scan/ Fax

Pantum M6802FDW

32 Pages Per Minute

16.34 x 14.37 x 13.78 inches

250 sheets

30 sheets

Print/ Copy/Scan/ Fax

Things to Consider Before Buying Duplex Scanner Printer

Finding the best duplex scanner printer can be tough at times. We have included a buying guide to help you in this regard. Consider the following points when trying to decide on a product:


The printing and scanning resolution of your product is important, and it depends on your needs.

A good standard is 2400×600 dpi printers as they can print out very sharp text documents and acceptable photographs.

Printing out photographs is more, so you’ll need a more powerful printer in most cases if you’re dealing with photos.

If your work involves dealing with text documents with small fonts, a high-resolution duplex scanner printer is necessary.

Ensuring clarity is important in lines of work involving legal documents.

Operating Speed

In offices or firms where copying and printing are done in large amounts having a slow printer can significantly slow down the workflow.

When printing multiple pages, a good printer should be able to perform the work fast and ensure the required quality.

A good standard is 34 or 35 pages per minute printing speed. This speed is usually common in offices with heavy paperwork.

Duplex scanning has the advantage of being faster. This is because it scans two sides of the document at once.

Duplex scanners with high scanning speeds and flatbed trays are one of the most reliable choices.

If you’re concerned with ensuring good workflow in your office, you might want to look for models with automatic document feeders.

These don’t require input, and they can automate the process so you can continue with other tasks.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a duplex scanner printer is something you should consider properly.

It is a measure of the workload that the device can take over a certain period (usually measured in pages per month).

If you end up picking a model with a duty cycle that is lower than required, it will reach its limit soon and break down.

It is important to estimate the volume of work an office or home will subject its printer to. Generally, a 15000 pages per month duty cycle is the norm for small to medium offices.

However, firms dealing with more paperwork will need much stronger units that can withstand the workload.

Connectivity Options

In an office, a well-established network is often crucial for both communication and work. Duplex scanner printers now offer various connectivity options.

Almost every model has the usual high-speed USB connection ports for data transfer.

WiFi and Ethernet connectivity is very helpful as it makes it easier to send print, fax, or scan requests from your working computer.

Offices will benefit from having models that work with popular cloud services like Google Drive.

This makes storing and retrieving data much easier, and cloud printing and scanning options can save time. Make sure both Android and IOS operating systems are supported if a firm uses both.

Easy Operating Panels

Multifunctioning printers are useful but having a complicated operating or control panel can make using them difficult.

This can lead to a decrease in efficiency. LCD color touchscreens are preferred due to their ease of operation, and most of the high-quality ones are very user-friendly.

Being able to understand their operation is essential for an office to maintain proper workflow.

Toner Costs

For a long-running printer, toner expenses are a real issue. When selecting your model, you should also pay attention to the toner it uses.

Some units make use of expensive toners, and for an office place that prints large volumes, this can incur high expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Does Duplex Printing Work?

Duplex printers have two print engines or lens that scan both sides of the paper. So it can simultaneously print on both sides without needing to flip over the paper.

2. What Type Of Paper Media Can Duplex Printers Handle?

It depends more on the product than whether it is a duplex printer or not. Check the feed system and what paper media is supported before buying a particular model.

3. What Toner Is The Best For A Duplex Printer?

Depends on the model. Some brands like Brother offer their toners for their machines which are designed to work with them.

They also offer a warranty for these products, so those toners are a reliable option.

4. Do I Need To Install Any Software To Use These Printers With A PC or Laptop?

All of these printers have a one-step setup that only requires you to install the driver.

Usually, a CD ROM is supplied for the driver setup, but their websites also offer driver installation.

5. Can These Printers Be Set To Single Side Copying Or Printing?

Yes. All the printers listed above offer single side copying or printing options.

Final Words

Finding the best duplex scanner printer isn’t the toughest task as long as you keep your requirements in mind.

If you require a recommendation, the brother MFCL 2750DW is a great pick for office use. It possesses all the necessary functions, good printing speed, and a high duty cycle.

Nevertheless, all the options we mentioned in the article deserve a shot. Judge them based on their features and their ability to meet your requirements to find the right printer.