Best Duplex Laser Printer

Best Duplex Laser Printer – Top 5 Picks For 2022

From offices to schools, adults and children both need to print stuff.

Running to the store every time for a print every time is a bit of a hassle. The smarter thing to do is to get your own printer at home – we suggest the duplex laser printer instead of the usual inkjet ones.

No mess with ink if you get the laser printer. Do you need any other reason? Printer ink is a crisis; let’s not get into that at all!

So let’s skip beating around the bush to dive into the five best duplex laser printer.

Surely you want nothing but the finest duplex laser printer, right? That is exactly what we bring you here in this article.

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Duplex Laser Printer | Brother Compact Wireless Printing
Duplex Laser Printer | Brother Compact Wireless Printing

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Brother Monochrome Double Sided Laser Printer
Brother Monochrome Double Sided Laser Printer

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Brother Compact Duplex Laser Printer | Wireless Printing
Brother Compact Duplex Laser Printer | Wireless Printing

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Canon Wireless, Mobile Ready, Color Image, Compact Size - White
Canon Wireless, Mobile Ready, Color Image

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Duplex Laser Printer | Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing
Duplex Laser Printer | Flatbed Copy & Scan

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Best Duplex Laser Printer Reviews

If you are looking for a quality duplex laser printer for the office, then nothing can beat these five printers below. Check them out to save time finding your best suit fast.

1. Duplex Laser Printer | Brother Compact Wireless Printing

Duplex Laser Printer | Brother Compact Wireless Printing

If you want to work at the speed of lighting but are being held down by your old printer, then time to ditch that for this incredibly fast and innovative printer by Brother Store.

It is a monochromatic printer, so you will be limited to the boring black and white prints with this device.

But if you are looking to buy one for official work, then you won’t even need color printing, so this will be the right suit for you.

To demonstrate speed, we must say that this printer can print about 32 pages within the unbelievably short duration of just 1 minute.

While the printing speed is that fast, the holding capacity of the printer is also sufficiently large.

You won’t need to run through the hassle of refilling the tray too many times because, at one go, it can hold about 250 sheets together.

You can use letter-sized and legal papers for printing with this machine. But that is not all. This double-sided laser printer is pretty good at handling paper of various sizes.

Put thick cardstock papers into this machine, and it will fare as well as it does with the paper of regular thickness and size.

Wireless printing is supported by this device. You can feed data and documents for print from any device that is around you – smartphones, laptops, and tablets too.

If you don’t want to connect wirelessly, then there is a USB interface set into the printer for manual printing as well.

With the manual connection, printing can be done super fast and reliably, no matter what your circumstances are.

Key Features :

  • Prints 32 pages in a minute
  • Very fast, efficient and reliable
  • Has wireless connectivity as well as direct USB connectivity
  • Takes input from tablets, phones, laptops
  • Handles letter/legal-size papers and cardstock as well

2. Brother Monochrome Double Sided Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome Double Sided Laser Printer

If you are looking for automatic duplexing that will free you up to tend to other needs while the printer does its work efficiently and quickly,

then this is the best duplex laser printer for you. It prints to a PPM of 27, which is more than enough for quick official business.

The holding tray has a capacity of 250 sheets in total.

You will get speed flexibility on the paper sizes as well. However, it will have various speeds for various sizes – for A4 paper, the speed is 13, while the standard A4 paper will get a speed of 26.

Both the time measurements have been given in terms of double-sided printing.

This printer will stay in its best state for the longest period if you print around 250 to 2000 pages per month.

Anything less or more than this would not be ideal for the printer to function in its best state for the longest run.

The printer is most compatible with Windows 10. If you have a Windows 7 or even an 8.1, then you might not be able to use some of the features.

In terms of connectivity, you will get no Wi-Fi. Instead, it has a USB 2.0 connection for super-fast hassle-free operations. It would be suggested that you upgrade before hooking this up with your computer.

Note that in order to use the USB connection, you will have to buy the cable for it – unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide it in the set.

It can output 100 sheets of paper and double-print them for a month. But the printer will run most optimally for a monthly count of 10,000 pages in total.

The resolution of the prints will be super sharp and defined at 2400 x 600 DPI. You will be getting amazing quality prints from this device.

Key Features :

  • Has very nice resolution that produces sharp, detailed images
  • Monthly duty cycle is about 10k pages
  • Paper output capacity is 100 pages
  • Connect through USB 2.0 but doesn’t come with Wi-Fi
  • Works with A3 and A4 at different speeds

3. Brother Compact Duplex Laser Printer | Wireless Printing

Brother Compact Duplex Laser Printer | Wireless Printing

This is another printer from Brother’s Store that will blow your mind in terms of effective productivity.

Let’s start with the design of the printer – it features a flatbed glass on top to accommodate fast and quick scanning.

Due to its user-oriented technology, you will be able to scan documents directly from your mobile devices.

The printer is quite robust, so it can efficiently produce super fast prints. You can print about 32 pages per 60 seconds with this printer without compromising on quality.

Also, using this printer is convenient and super easy at the same time. You won’t need to refill the stock after every few prints.

It has a paper capacity of 250 sheets and can go on working for quite a long time without interruptions.

Printing is quite flexible as well. You can use cardstock, a regular paper of a variety of different sizes, and also print envelopes with it.

All the prints will be at a high resolution and excellent in quality.

You can hook up any device to this printer wirelessly. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and even phones can be used to directly feed data into this wireless duplex laser printer.

Key Features :

  • Has a capacity for 250 sheets of paper
  • Prints 32 pages every minute
  • Super fast and convenient to use
  • Wireless connectivity through all kinds of devices
  • Works with regular paper and cardstock papers as well

4. Canon Wireless, Mobile Ready, Color Image, Compact Size – White

Canon Wireless, Mobile Ready, Color Image, Compact Size - White

You don’t need an external router or any other connection in order to use this printer.

Just get the Wi-Fi direct, and establish a direct connection with your mobile phone or any other device you have at hand. No hassle is required.

The thing that makes this printer unique in this list is that it can print in color. This is not a black and white like the ones we have discussed so far.

It is one of a kind and worth every penny of the purchase. This is a printer for the small jobs that need to have excellent consistency in quality.

You can also use Apple AirPrint to make faster prints.

This printer from Canon is representative of efficient and modern printing. With this printer at your disposal, work in the office will get faster and more convenient for you.

The signature of this printer is its incredible reliability. It can produce very high volumes of print without using up much of the resources.

It comes with an all-in-one cartridge that helps to keep the costs low.

Its double-sided printing allows this printer to save both time and paper simultaneously.

The buttons and the display panel are both very conveniently placed at the very top of the printer for fast and quick selections.

Key Features :

  • Connects via Wi-Fi direct
  • Can print in full color
  • Good for small prints
  • The display panel and buttons are at the top for the user’s utmost convenience
  • Double-sided printing for saving paper and improving cost-efficiency

5. Duplex Laser Printer | Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing

Duplex Laser Printer | Flatbed Copy & Scan, Wireless Printing

If you want to print color, then this is another option we have for you. It comes with large connectivity, fast productivity, and efficient printing all throughout.

With this printer, you can actually print up to 25 pages every minute. Therefore, it works pretty quickly and will accommodate you nicely during busy office hours.

This printer can create a lot of vivid colors that help to bring your work to life. The feeding tray can hold about 250 pages at a time, so this will reduce the hassle of taking the time out for getting refills.

Another thing about this printer is that it has a flatbed glass that offers quick scanning and copying. Also, it has a double LCD display for easy maneuvering through the menu.

The printer is compatible with everything from AirPrint, CloudPrint, iPrint, Wi-Fi Direct, and so on.

Connectivity will be quick, efficient, and always in your hands with this super innovative digital color printer.

You will also get the Amazon Dash Replenishment service with this printer so that you can get toner replacements when needed.

Key Features :

  • Prints about 25 pages every minute
  • Creates vivid colors on paper
  • Feeding tray can hold about 250 sheets at once
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices, iPrint, Cloud Print, and Wi-Fi

Comparison Chart of Duplex Laser Printer

Here is a quick comparison between the printers to make choosing just a tad bit easier for you.

Product Name




 Brother Compact Wireless

Black and White

32 pages

Wireless, USB

Wireless Printing

Black and White


USB 2.0

rother Compact

Black and White

32 pages


Canon Wireless, Mobile Ready


22 pages

Wireless, Mobile

 Flatbed Copy & Scan


25 pages

Wireless, iPrint, WiFi, etc

Things to Consider Before Buying Duplex Laser Printer

Duplex printers are more efficient than inkjet printers, and they also save paper. However, they are pretty expensive, so you don’t want to make a mistake while making this purchase.

To know more about this, keep reading this buying guide that we’ve made for you here.


If you are looking for a fast printer, then look at this PPM value. The abbreviation is pages per minute, and it’s a measure of the speed at which the printer will give you output.

A high PPM is necessary for printers for offices, schools, and other such public areas.


This refers to the clarity of the prints that will be made by the machine. If you want photos that have a high resolution and are extensive in details, you need a printer with a high DPI.

However, this is not the only determining factor – printers with advanced software setups can also produce high-resolution photos even if they don’t have a high DPI.


Printers come with multiple connectivity systems nowadays. So don’t make a compromise on this. ‘Multiple connectivity’ is a wonderful feature that will make your work much easier and more efficient for you.

This is the most common type of connection available across all printers. With this, you don’t have to connect the printer to a computer.

You can just connect an external device to the printer and then directly select the printing options from the menu on the printer’s operator.

Wi-Fi :
Wi-Fi connections will also make your life easier by allowing you to send files to the printer and get prints out by directly using an app on your phone or laptop.

SD Cards :
Some printers come with an SD card slot. You can directly insert your SD card into it and select commands from the options on the menu.

This will definitely come in handy for photographers who need to make quick copies of their photos.

Automatic Document Feeder

This is a feature that scans a whole stack of papers fully and feeds them to the printer directly. The ADF takes the papers in for double-sided printing on its own.

If your printer doesn’t have an ADF, then you will have to turn the pages over manually, and that will be a hassling task.

The best duplex laser printer is one that excels in your work in speed and convenience. So make sure this feature is present in the printer you are buying.

Paper Feeding Tray

We are printing not only the regular A4 size papers but a variety of pages of different sizes. The feeding tray has to accommodate the size of the paper you are feeding the machine.

Some printers come with an additional dedicated tray that can accommodate paper of a variety of different weights and sizes, so that will give you quite a vi of versatility in your work range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which printer should I consider getting?

If you have a lot of serious printing to do and are usually under a time constraint, then you should get the laser printer.

However, if you are an occasional printer under a relaxed schedule, then the inkjet printer will be more well suited to you.

2. How does a laser printer work without ink?

There is a scanner inside every laser printer. This scanner is hooked into a laser system.

When a document is fed into the printing module, this scanner projects a laser beam onto the softcopy in order to imprint the information directly to the physical page.

3. Do environmental factors affect the quality of laser printing?

Humidity does. These printers use toner powder to create prints on paper. In high humidity, this powder starts to flake off – with intense flaking; the text will start to disappear from the paper.

In low humidity, the powder will start to get gluey – so if you stack the printed pages atop each other, they will start to stick.

4. How to save the printing from the effect of humidity?

Keep the printer in a cool and dry place. Get a hygrometer and check before using the printer. Make sure that you don’t turn the printer on when the humidity level is not stable. y

5. What is the advantage of laser printers?

Laser printers do not use messy ink cartridges. Instead, you have to buy toner powder cartridges for them.

If you leave the ink unused for a long time, then it will dry up, but no such thing happens to the toner powder – it can be used even if it’s very old.

6. Is it a smart idea to buy a laser printer, given its price?

Yes, if you have a lot of quick printing to do, then it is an economical option in the long run. A laser printer is indeed expensive.

But it has a faster output and easier maintenance. They are also more robust than inkjet printers.

Final Words

In order to keep things simple, we have curated this list to only include the best duplex laser printers in 2021.

We hope you learned something from this article and also found the right d suit your needs.

Remember to follow the instructions of use on the printer, and this one-time expensive purchase will last you for years to come. Good luck!