Best Condenser Mic for Streaming and Gaming

10 Best Condenser Mic for Streaming and Gaming in 2022

Excellent sound quality, ease of use, and versatility are some of the things that most streamers and gamers will look for when getting a mic for their setup.

But it’s not that easy to get an option that checks all the marks. Most of the microphones will check one and be average on the others.

For that reason, we had to do a lot of testing to get the best condenser mic for streaming and gaming. And trust us, things were much more complicated than we thought.

The ones that seem promising did not even check the audio quality test, which is the most crucial part of an external mic.

However, you will not need to go through the hassles we have gone through. We will make things easier for you by talking about the ones that are not only a great performer but is worthy of each penny.

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TONOR Condenser Microphone For Streaming, Pop Filter
TONOR Condenser Microphone, Pop Filter

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FIFINE Metal Condenser USB Microphone Cardioid Studio
FIFINE Metal Condenser USB Microphone

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FIFINE Condenser Mic For Streaming with Arm
FIFINE Condenser Mic with Arm

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HyperX USB Condenser Mic For Gaming for PC, PS4, PS5
HyperX USB Condenser Mic

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ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Bundle Set
ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Set

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Benefits of Using Condenser Mic for Streaming and Gaming

So, why should you get a desktop condenser mic over the regular ones? Well, they bring a good amount of advantages to the table. Let us explain the most prominent benefits of using them:

Sound Quality

The most obvious advantage of using a proper condenser microphone for PC is the audio quality. These microphones have advanced technology baked in,

making them well capable of picking up your voice without any background noise. So, your mates and viewers will be able to hear your voice correctly.


Secondly, condenser mics are small in size. And you can easily integrate a streaming microphone such as that into your setup.

There will be no need to sacrifice too much desk space, and you will not need to worry about clutters. Getting a clean and minimalistic desk will indeed be possible.

High-Frequency Sensitivity

If you are a music streamer, the PC condenser microphone will be an excellent pick for you. These have a high-frequency sensitivity and will be capable of picking up sounds of different vocal ranges and audio instruments perfectly.

10 Best Condenser Mic for Streaming and Gaming Reviews

We have had hands-on experience with pretty much all of the top-rated microphones available in the market. And among all of them, these are the ones that we can stand behind:

1. TONOR Condenser Microphone For Streaming, Pop Filter

TONOR Condenser Microphone For Streaming, Pop Filter

So, what makes something the best condenser microphone for streaming? Well, if you asked us, our first answer would be the capture quality. And this offering from TONOR has managed to impress us in that regard.

The thing that makes this a good condenser mic for streaming is the Cardioid pickup pattern it utilizes. That pattern will make it pick up a crisp, smooth, and clear voice.

And it will even suppress the unwanted sound from the background. For that reason, your viewers will listen to high-quality sound that will be free from extra noise.

You will not even have to worry about the installation process that much. The mic will require you to go through simple steps.

In fact, you can just unfold the stand directly, adjust the pop filter, and plug it inside your PC. There will be no need to go through any extra steps.

This condenser microphone for podcast and streaming is also exceptionally versatile. You can unscrew the shock mount and attach a boom stand if you want to.

That will enable you to one-up your streaming game. However, to do so, you will need an adaptor, which does not come with the box.

Nonetheless, the unit utilizes USB 2.0 for connectivity. You will not need to worry about installing any drivers for the plug-and-play nature. It will start working right after you insert the USB port into your PC.

Key Features :

  • Utilizes Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Features a plug-and-play trait
  • Easy to setup
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Can suppress the background noise properly

2. FIFINE Metal Condenser USB Microphone Cardioid Studio

FIFINE Metal Condenser USB Microphone Cardioid Studio

While looking for the best condenser mic for gaming, you might want to pick something that will blend appropriately with your gaming rig. In that case, you should take a look at what FIFINE is offering here.

The condenser microphone for the computer comes in five different colors. Depending on the color theme of your rig, you can choose black, blue, silver, green, and rose red.

Each one of them has a sleek outlook and should go pretty well with your minimal setup.

Another great thing about this unit is that it utilizes the plug-and-play installation process. That means you will not need to worry about installing any driver or software just to make it work.

Also, as it comes with a 5.9 feet long USB cable, the whole setup process will be pretty much hassle-free.

This one also utilizes the Cardioid Pickup Pattern. And as you know by now, this pattern makes the mic capable of picking your voice with the highest level of clarity and smoothness.

Basically, your voice will be pretty clear and highly audible to your teammates.

Its overall construction is pretty solid too. The brand has opted for solid metal construction for the whole body.

Such a build quality will allow it to stand a good amount of abuse and make it last for a prolonged time without showing any structural issues. It also comes with a tripod stand.

Key Features :

  • Available in five different colors
  • Has a plug-and-play installation process
  • The USB cable is 5.9 feet long
  • Boasts Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Sports a solid build quality

3. FIFINE Condenser Mic For Streaming with Arm

FIFINE Condenser Mic For Streaming with Arm

What if we told you that you do not need to go through too many hassles in setting up a full-fledged studio USB microphone for streaming? Cannot believe us? Take a look at this offering from FIFINE.

To start with, it comes with a sturdy scissor arm. As the arm is highly versatile and installs easily, you can effortlessly convert your regular streaming setup into something professional.

The package also comes with a double pop filter, which will provide higher protection from the rush of air. This microphone is the best condenser mic for streaming.

But that is not all! The package will come with mounts, which will make things easier to set things up. All clamps and mounts are high in quality and have a high overall durability level.

For that reason, you can expect them to hold your mic with higher stability. The chances of it accidentally falling will be pretty low.

Just because you will need to work with a good amount of hardware to complete the setup, it does not mean that you cannot get a minimalistic look.

The whole thing features a table-hugging and low-profile design. So, you can effortlessly get a clean overall look on your deks after installing it.

Most importantly, the audio pickup quality of the unit is highly praiseworthy. It has a wide frequency response and can handle comparatively high SPLs without any issues.

Also, it utilizes the Cardioid Pickup pattern to make sure your voice goes through with higher overall clarity and smoothness.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a sturdy scissor arm
  • Includes all of the mount and clamps
  • Features a low-profile design
  • The whole build quality is highly praiseworthy
  • Picks up the voice with a high level of clarity

4. HyperX USB Condenser Mic For Gaming for PC, PS4, PS5

HyperX USB Condenser Mic For Gaming for PC, PS4, PS5

Could you answer what thing stands out to gamers the most when it comes to peripherals? If your answer was sick lighting, you are 100 percent correct. And we have found a condenser microphone that checks that criterion.

As we mentioned, the microphone features a red LED inside. It lights up the grills and makes it look exceptionally unique. But the LED is not there for looks only.

Instead, it has a purpose too. You will find a mute sensor on the top. And that offers a quick and easy way to stop the microphone from picking up sound.

When you tap on the mute sensor, the LED turns off. Nonetheless, that is not the only flexibility you will get with this microphone.

It has a knob on the body, which will let you pick between four polar patterns. Using that knob, you can perfectly optimize your streaming and gaming setup.

Furthermore, there is a slider on the bottom. That will enable you to adjust the sensitivity. After optimizing the whole settings according to your setup,

you can get quite amazed with the audio pickup quality of this mic. It also comes with an anti-vibration mount. That will further enhance the sound pickup quality.

You will also get a shock mount that you will require for completing the setup. It even comes with a pretty long USB cable. That will simplify the whole setup process as well.

Key Features :

  • Features a red LED inside
  • Has a mute sensor on the top
  • Sports adjustable polar patterns
  • Boasts a slider to set the sensitivity
  • Comes with a shock mount and a pretty long USB cable

5. ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Bundle Set

ZINGYOU Condenser Microphone Bundle Set

Don’t want to go through the hassle of buying all of the additional accessories separately just to complete your streaming setup? ZINGYOU has got your back!

As mentioned, the unit will come with a pop filter, shock mount, scissor arm stand, anti-wind cap, sound card, and power cable.

You are basically getting an all-in-one package and will not need to make any additional purchases. And all of these included components are high in quality too.

But what about the microphone itself? It will not let you down one bit! The unit features utilize a thin material for the diaphragm.

It is basically the capsule that vibrates when it sends a signal to the output. And due to it being exceptionally thin, the vibration will be precise, and your computer will pick up an accurate voice.

The unit has a comprehensive frequency response. That will allow the mic to pick up most of your voice.

Also, if you plan on streaming music, you can expect it to pick up all of the tunes your instruments are playing. Even the lower end of the strings will get through.

As it utilizes a high SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), the sound that it will pick up will have little to no distortion. The brand has also taken things a step further by integrating unique three-layer protection on the top.

Those layers will ensure that unwanted pop noise does not go through. It will even lower the background noise from the pickup.

Key Features :

  • The package comes with all of the essentials
  • Utilizes a thin material for the diaphragm
  • Picks up the voice with a high overall accuracy
  • Has three layers of protection on the surface
  • Boasts a high SNR ratio

6. Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

If you have ever met an audio enthusiast before, you might have heard them talking about the brand Audio Technica. Yes, they are well-known for offering high-end sound peripherals. And the case is the same for this microphone.

The first thing that will make this stand out is the build quality. As we are talking about Audio Technica here, you can expect to get something that is well built and has a solid overall construction. There are white speckles on the body, making it look unique.

Other than that, the unit features a high SPL handling level. It even has a wide dynamic range. These two traits make the microphone perfect for almost all types of streaming sessions.

And as the noise level capacity is up to 20 dB SPL, it is a great pick for gaming as well.

This microphone utilizes the Cardioid polar pattern. As you already know, this pattern significantly reduces the sound pickup from the rear and sides. All of the focus will be on you.

So, the sound that will actually pass through will be your voice. And most of the background noise will get canceled out.

Another standout feature of this unit is the custom diaphragm. It has a comparatively low mass. The lower mass makes frequency responses range a bit higher than usual.

And the transient response sees a massive improvement as well. Basically, your audio streaming sessions will be top-notch with this mic.

Key Features :

  • Has a solid build quality
  • Sports a high SPL handling level
  • Works with a wide dynamic range
  • Features the Cardioid polar pattern
  • Utilizes a high-end custom diaphragm

7. Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Recording, Streaming, Gaming

Blue Yeti USB Microphone for Recording, Streaming, Gaming

You might have already heard about Blue Yeti. Yes, it is the legendary microphone that most streamers and gamers use. Well, Logitech took things up a notch and came out with a smaller and upgraded version.

The compact footprint makes it fit in most desk setups. It will not take that much space, and you can easily integrate it with your minimalistic setup.

Even the USB port is in the right place. Thanks to that placement, it will not even create clutter on top of your desk.

Other than that, it features a simple plug-and-play installation procedure. There will be no need to go through any extra steps or download any additional software on your PC.

And even though the whole form factor is pretty small, it still has onboard buttons. Those will enable you to adjust volume and change other settings on the fly.

Another great thing about this condenser microphone is that it has a no-latency monitoring mechanism. It will monitor and take in your audio with high precision and accuracy.

There will be little to no delay on the audio input as well. So, your intense gaming session will feel more immersive.

It also supports multiple pickup patterns. Depending on your setup, you can choose the Omni or Cardioid pattern.

And if you set the correct pattern, you can expect it to pick your voice up with little to no background noise. You can also further tune the settings by installing the Blue VOICE software.

Key Features :

  • Compact and will fit in most of the setups
  • Features a plug and play installation process
  • Has buttons on the body
  • Utilizes a no-latency monitor mechanism
  • Supports multiple patterns for picking up your voice

8. Marantz Professional XLR Condenser Microphone with Stand

Marantz Professional XLR Condenser Microphone with Stand

On the lookout for a professional microphone that looks and performs like a studio-grade mic? Well, you are in luck! This unit from Marantz checks that criterion perfectly.

The unit looks pretty sleek. It has a blue color coating and has gold accents that make the whole thing look very professional. But the outlook is not the only thing that makes it so good.

It performs totally like a studio-grade microphone. The mic can capture your voice with high overall clarity and smoothness.

Just like a studio-grade microphone, it utilizes a directional Cardioid pattern. Combined with the pure-aluminum plated diaphragm, it will be capable of lowering the background noise substantially.

Your voice will pass through with a minimal level of distortion as well.

Aside from that, the frequency response range is pretty broad. For that reason, it will be capable of picking most of the nuances of your audio source.

Also, it has a relatively high SNR and sensitivity level. None of your voice or other audio sources will get lost in the air.

Furthermore, the unit has an overall compact footprint. It will fit perfectly on top of your minimal setup. Also, as it is reasonably light in weight, the setup process will be less of a pain.

Key Features :

  • Has a sleek overall outlook
  • Picks up vocals with high overall clarity
  • Boasts directional Cardioid pattern
  • Flaunts a high SNR and sensitivity level
  • The frequency response range is pretty wide

9. TONOR Cardioid Condenser Microphone Kit with Arm

TONOR Cardioid Condenser Microphone Kit with Arm

Although some brands are offering a full setup with the package, most will skimp out on the quality of the mount and stands. But that is simply not the case for TONOR.

So, with the package, you will get a T20 suspension stand, pop filter, metal shock mount, mic cover, and finally, the XLR cable.

Each one of the components is high in quality, especially the T20 stand. It features a construction of durable steel, and the sturdy steel clamp will be capable of holding the mic with full stability.

Nonetheless, the mic is the main highlight of the whole package. It adopts the well-known Cardioid pattern. But the brand has integrated an amazing off-axis sound suppression capability.

For that reason, it will be capable of significantly reducing the sound pickup from the rear and side. The focus will be entirely on you.

The mic also features a high SPL handling and boasts a broad dynamic range. Those will ensure that your voice is smooth and has a high overall clarity on the output.

Also, thanks to the low-noise FET preamplifier, you can expect a warm and natural-sounding voice to pass through.

Additionally, the microphone has a sleek overall outlook. And the same thing is applicable to the stand and mounting hardware that it comes with. Due to that, you can easily get sleek minimalistic gaming and streaming setup with this package.

Key Features :

  • Comes with all of the things you will need for the setup
  • The included T20 stand is highly durable and sturdy
  • Adopts Cardioid pattern
  • Boards a wide dynamic range and high SPL handling
  • Has a low-noise FET preamplifier

10. Elgato Wave: Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer for Streaming

Elgato Wave: Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer for Streaming

Last but not least, we have got an offering from Elgato. Again, you might have already heard about their peripherals, as the brand is pretty popular among streamers and gamers. But does Wave 3 live up to the popularity?

Spoiler alert! It does! The unit features a tight cardioid polar pattern. Thanks to the tight nature of the pattern, the mic will be capable of picking most of your voice.

And it will do that by canceling out most of the background noise. Nothing but the sounds that you want to get through will go through the microphone.

But that is not all! The microphone bundles with an app named the Control Wave: 3. With that, you can connect up to seven different audio sources.

Also, you will have the option to create two different mixes using the audio sources. So, you can get a lot more creative with your streaming and gaming sessions.

Other than that, the unit features a proprietary Clipguard technology. This technology lowers the distortion level significantly.

In fact, the distortion level goes pretty much to zero for this tech. For that reason, you can entirely rely on the unit to relay through clear and high-quality audio.

The audio signal transmission is highly praiseworthy as well. It utilizes superior circuitry. That is exactly what makes it capable of ensuring a seamless transmission.

You will also find a multifunctional dial on the body. That will enable you to control the input gain and volume properly.

Key Features :

  • Utilizes a tight cardioid polar pattern
  • Bundles with an advanced app
  • Has a proprietary Clipguard technology
  • Boasts a seamless signal transmission
  • Comes with a multifunctional dial on the body

Condenser vs Dynamic Mic for Streaming

When people choose a microphone for their setup, they mostly round up two options: the condenser and dynamic microphone.

And if you do not know what makes them different, it will not be easy for you to make a choice. So, let us not waste any more of your time and get right into discussing the differences, shall we?


Dynamic microphones will not require a power source to operate. However, a condenser microphone will draw in power.

For that reason, if you plan on running a low power rig, the dynamic microphones would be a better overall choice. But if you are planning to stream or game, power should not be your concern.

Sound Capture Ability

The condenser microphones are highly capable of capturing delicate sounds. Their ability to capture higher frequencies is also highly praiseworthy.

That makes the condenser microphones pick up a wide range of sounds, including studio-grade vocals and different types of music.

On the other hand, dynamic microphones are better for capturing strong and loud sounds. That includes loud vocals and drums. However, they are not that good when it comes to capturing lower-end sounds.

Intended Use

As condenser mics can pick high-frequency sounds and have the ability to pick up delicate sounds, they are great for gaming and streaming. Dynamic microphones, in this case, will not offer good overall performance.

In comparison, the dynamic microphones are mainly for concerts, shows with many loud sounds, and live performances. Condenser microphones will not be capable of providing good overall performance in this case.

Comparison Chart Of Condenser Mic for Streaming and Gaming


Connectivity Type

Pickup Pattern

Bundles with


USB 2.0


Mini shock mount, foldable tripod, and pop filter




Tripod desk stand




Double pop filter, tripod stand, and shock mount

HyperX QuadCast


Adjustable (4 options)

Table stand and mount adapter




Pop filter, sound card, anti-wind foam cap, and adjustable scissor arm

Audio-Technica AT2020



Stand mount and soft protective pouch

Blue Yeti Nano


Omni and Cardioid

Table stand

Marantz MPM-1000


Directional Cardioid

Shock mount, windscreen, and tripod stand




Metal shock mount, mic cover, pop filter, and suspension stand

Elgato Wave:3



Boom arm adapter and desktop stand

Condenser Mic for Streaming Buying Guide

Apart from just going through the reviews, you should keep a couple of things in your mind. These will help you scrutinize the available devices properly and get something worthy of every penny.

Want to know what factors are we actually talking about? Let us explain them one by one.

Installation Process

The first thing that you would want to consider is the installation process. Some of the available options will not work without software.

And even if you do manage them to work without the software, the microphone will not perform optimally. So, if you want a hassle-free installation, we would not recommend these.

Instead, opt for the ones that have a plug-and-play setup mechanism. Those will start to work optimally right after you plug the USB port in.

Setup Process

Just like the installation process, the setup process should make you go through extra steps. So, while you are checking out the microphones, consider whether it comes with most of the mounts or not.

Even if it does not come with an armstand, make sure that there are mounts inside.

Furthermore, check the length of the USB cable. Yes, a long cable can make your setup look less clean, but managing cables is not that big a deal.

However, what is a big deal is having a short USB cable. In fact, you might need to get an extender if you end up getting something that comes with a short USB cable.

On that note, if you are getting a microphone that comes with mounts and stands, do check the build quality of those components. If they are not high in quality, they will not last long.

Pickup Pattern

Next, consider the pickup pattern of the microphone. In most cases, the units will utilize the Cardioid pattern. But the efficiency will not be the same for all.

Some will not be capable of suppressing the background noise. On the other hand, some are so efficient that they will not even let a single drop of noise go through.

Now, if you go with microphones with an efficient pickup pattern, you can be well assured that your teammates or viewers will hear you clearly.

Sensitivity, SNR, and Frequency Range

High SNR, sensitivity, and frequency range play an important role in terms of relaying high-quality audio through your PC.

If these are at a high level, the microphone will be capable of picking most of the sound you want your viewers and teammates to listen to.


Adjustability is another thing that should be in your mind when you are picking a microphone. Whether for streaming or gaming, a high level of adjustability will allow you to fine-tune the audio input.

And if you can set everything right, all of the sound you want to get into the stream or game will get through in high definition.

On that note, the controls, whether in-app or through buttons, should not be hard to operate. If the microphone demands in-app customization, do check how user-friendly the app is.

And for the ones that utilize buttons, check if all of the buttons have clear labeling on them or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are condenser microphones good for singing?

A condenser mic has the ability to pick up vocals better than any other type of mic. These can even pick up delicate sounds, including the sounds from instruments you might use for singing.

Considering that, it goes without saying that condenser mics are best for singing.

2. Can I use a condenser mic on discord?

Yes, condenser mics are best for game chat apps, such as discord. And the best part is that there will be no need to make any additional changes to make the mic for it to work with discord.

3. What is a Cardioid pickup pattern?

So, for condenser microphones, there are different pickup patterns. Cardioid is one of them. At its core, this pattern will capture sound just from the front.

And it will reject the sounds coming from the rear and the sides. For that reason, the condenser microphones are better at suppressing background noise.

4. Should I install a pop filter with my condenser microphone?

Pop filters will do a proper job of eliminating the popping sounds by air. Most of the condenser microphones will come with one.

However, if your one does not come with one, we would definitely recommend investing in one. It will enable you to enhance the overall sound input quality.

Final Words

Whether you are talking with your teammates or your viewers, the best condenser mic for streaming and gaming can ensure your voice goes through with high clarity and smoothness.

And we can assure you that each one of our picks will be worthy of each penny. The performance they offer is truly world-class.

However, if you asked us to choose one, we would opt for TONOR TC-777. It features an efficient Cardioid pattern, is easy to set up, exceptionally versatile, and suppresses background noise properly. What more could you ask for?