Best Chromebook For Video Editing

Best Chromebook For Video Editing in 2022 – Top 9 Picks

Laptops come in all sizes and forms. Additionally, they come in different budgets. But people are doing most of their tasks pretty much online.

And web browsers do not need that much computing power or resources to operate. That is why going for a Chromebook makes the most sense if you are on a tight budget.

However, if you want to get the best Chromebook for video editing, things are a bit different. Even with the browser extension or web-based video editors, you will need something capable of handling the load.

Well, you just came to the right place to know about those capable machines.

We will introduce you to the Chromebooks that are not only budget-friendly but are highly capable of running dedicated video editing tools and websites. So, you would want to stick till the end.

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Newest HP X360 2in1 Chromebook FHD Touchscreen
Newest HP Chromebook 14" FHD Touchscreen

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Acer Spin Touchscreen Chromebook for Video Editing
Acer Spin Touchscreen Chromebook

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Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop
Acer Chromebook
Convertible Laptop

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HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop Up to 15 Hour Battery Life
HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop Hour Battery Life

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HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE 11.6 inches Dual core
HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE 11.6 inches Dual core

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Benefits of Using Chromebook for Video Editing

Needless to say, Chromebooks are pretty light regarding hardware. They will not usually integrate the processor or the GPU that you would find in a regular mid-budget laptop.

But some advantages make them a better overall choice over those mid-range non-Chromebooks. And they are:


The first thing that makes Chromebooks stand out is that they are budget-friendly. Even if you have an extremely tight budget, you will be capable of finding something that will fall right under it.

And getting a proper video editing machine on a tight budget is a big deal.

Stable and Fast

Chrome OS has been around for quite a while. And throughout the years, it saw multiple updates, which made it exceptionally stable and fast.

So, if you are getting a proper Chromebook, you will be signing up for a smooth overall laptop-using experience. And that includes video editing as well.

Form Factor

Due to not needing beefy or amped-up hardware, Chromebooks are usually light in weight. And that is not all. Most of them are compact too.

You can effortlessly put one inside your backpack and will not even feel that you are carrying a whole laptop o your shoulders.

Best Chromebook for Video Editing Reviews

Now that you know what benefits Chromebooks have to offer let us get into the thing that brought you here in the first place.

So, after making tons of head-on comparisons, we have decided that these are the Chromebooks that are actually worth getting when it comes to video editing:

1. Newest HP X360 2in1 Chromebook 14″ FHD Touchscreen

Newest HP X360 2in1 Chromebook FHD Touchscreen

Touchscreen laptops make the most sense when they are in the 2in1form factor. And HP was on the same road as us when they decided to launch the X360.

Let us first talk about the screen. The laptop comes with a 14 inches IPS panel on the front. It boasts a Full HD resolution and has a micro-edge trait.

Combined with WLED backlit, you will be getting something that will make video editing a breeze. It shows images with vivid colors and higher overall clarity.

The touchscreen digitizer is highly responsive too. And no, you will not need to use the touchscreen in an awkward position.

Thanks to the 2in1 design, it will be possible to easily convert this into a tablet. And after that, you can easily edit your video while being on the go.

Under the hood, you will find a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor. The 10110U is highly capable of handling the load of video editing extensions, tools, and web-based editors.

And it will do a proper job of making the whole UI feel highly responsive and smooth.

There is 8GB memory available as well. Considering how light Chrome OS is, 8GB is more than enough to handle all of the resources you will need during video editing.

It even has 64GB of eMMC storage, which should be pretty good for installing basic applications. Also, it features a fingerprint sensor to provide maximum privacy.

Key Features :

  • Sports a Full HD IPS panel
  • The touch responsiveness screen is highly praiseworthy
  • Boasts a 10th Generation Intel Core i3 processor
  • Comes with 8GB of RAM
  • Has a fingerprint sensor

2. Acer Spin Touchscreen Chromebook for Video Editing

Acer Spin Touchscreen Chromebook for Video Editing

While looking for the best Chromebook for video editing, you might want to get something that will enable you to take full advantage of the touchscreen. Well, in that case, keep the Acer Spin 311 at the top of your list!

So, what makes it stand out? It comes with an 11.6-inch screen that has HD resolution. It shows pictures with pretty good color accuracy and good overall details.

But the most crucial part is that it is a touchscreen, and the laptop comes with a stylus. You can effortlessly operate different editing and dedicated and web-based apps with it.

Talking of which, it comes with an 8-core MediaTek processor. The CPU has a base clock of 2 GHz and should be more than enough to handle web-based and regular video editing extensions.

There is 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM as well. That amount of RAM should be good enough for handling resources and multitasking.

Furthermore, it sports a 360 degrees hinge. Thanks to that, you can easily convert it into a tablet form factor.

And after doing so, you can easily edit and watch videos while walking or commuting. It also comes with a WiFi 5 chip, which will provide smooth network connectivity.

You will also find a good amount of connectivity ports on the Chromebook. It comes with 1 USB-C port, 1 USB 2.0 Port, 1 3.5mm port, one display port, and a Kensington lock slot.

Also, as it is has a slim and compact footprint, portability will not be an issue either.

Key Features :

  • Comes with 11.6 inches HD screen
  • Bundles with a stylus for the touchscreen
  • Has 8-core CPU
  • Features a 360 degrees hinge
  • Sports plenty of connectivity ports

3. Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop

Want to get yourself a Chromebook that will let you edit videos for hours without plugging it in? Well, what you have probably been looking for is this offering from Acer.

Unlike some other Chromebooks, this one has a pretty large battery. The large capacity makes the battery offer up to 10 hours of run time. And 10 hours is a lot.

You can basically edit videos, work on them, and play them back while being outside of your home without needing to worry one bit.

On that note, the laptop is exceptionally compact. It is 0.79 inches thin and is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper. For that reason, accommodating it inside your backpack will not be an issue either.

Also, it weighs just 2.62 pounds. Thanks to this trait, you can easily carry it around for hours without facing any discomfort.

For its internals, you will also get a stellar Chrome OS experience. Acer has opted for an Intel Celeron processor.

And that CPU has the ability to run most of the Chrome OS-based apps and web-based editing applications without any hiccups. There is 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM that will handle multitasking efficiently.

Even the screen is up to the mark. It comes with an 11.6 inches HD panel that has touchscreen functionality. It can offer pretty sharp images and can provide a high overall clarity.

And because of the 360 degrees hinge, you can take full advantage of the screen.

Key Features :

  • It can offer up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Only 0.79 inches thin and 2.62 pounds in weight
  • Boasts an Intel Celeron Processor
  • The screen offers sharp and well-detailed pictures
  • Has a 360 degrees hinge and is fully convertible

4. HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop Up to 15 Hour Battery Life

HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop Up to 15 Hour Battery Life

Most Chromebooks will either keep their form factor low by cutting out ports or be bulky and large by having a good number of ports. But HP seemed to have found the right balance.

First of all, the laptop has an exceptionally small form factor. You will not have to sacrifice too much space in your backpack just to carry it around.

Also, as it does not weigh that much, there will be no need to worry about facing any discomfort while carrying the laptop on your back.

The brand has opted for highly efficient but highly capable internals. You will find a competent MediaTek processor with 4GB of DDR4 RAM.

Those two will let you smoothly handle web-based and regular video editing tools. There is a 32GB eMMC storage as well. That will handle most of your offline storage needs.

Additionally, you will get great battery life for how efficient the internals are. In fact, it can offer up to 15 hours and 45 minutes of run time.

And in comparison, that run time is pretty impressive. Video editing on the go without worrying about battery life will finally be possible.

Most importantly, it has a good number of ports. There is a type C port with display port capability, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm port, and a full-fledge USB type-A port.

You can plug in most of your external devices. Also, for the integrated graphics and 11 inches HD panel, video editing will be a breeze.

Key Features :

  • Small and compact in size
  • Has a good amount of connectivity ports
  • Features a proper integrated GPU
  • Offers up to 15 hours and 45 minutes of battery backup
  • Boasts a capable CPU with 4GB of DDR4 RAM

5. HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE 11.6 inches Dual core

HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE 11.6 inches Dual core

Is your budget extremely tight? Want to get your hands on a capable Chromebook that is highly budget-friendly? In that case, you should take a look at what HP is offering here.

Even though its price point is pretty low, you will not be able to tell it by seeing its performance. Inside, there is an Intel Celeron process that runs on 1.6 GHz.

Paired with 4GB of RAM, you will be looking at something that can handle your video-editing needs without hiccupping too much.

The overall form factor of the unit is pretty small. Due to the compact footprint, it will easily slide into your backpack.

And there will be no need to worry about putting too much strain on your shoulder while you are carrying it. It is just 2.71 pounds, which is considerably light.

On the front, you will get an 11.6 inches HD screen. The panel has the ability to offer reasonably sharp and well-detailed images.

Getting proper results on your video edits will not be that hard. Also, it has a proper wireless chip inside. That will let you make easy and smooth wireless connections.

There is 16 GB of eMMC storage. Even though that might seem like a lot less, you cannot forget that it has a MicroSD slot. With that, you can quickly expand the overall storage.

Also, there are two USB ports on the sides, which will let you easily connect external devices.

Key Features :

  • Affordable yet reasonably powerful
  • Thin and pretty light in weight
  • Features an 11.6 inches HD screen
  • Has MicroSD slot for expanding storage
  • Sports USB ports for external devices

6. Newest Flagship HP Chromebook, 11.6″ HD Display

Newest Flagship HP Chromebook, 11.6 HD Display

A small form factor and a great screen are a combination that we do not see that often. So, we were pretty amazed when we stumbled upon this offering from HP.

First, let us talk about the screen. It utilizes an 11.6 inches panel that has an HD resolution. With an efficient WLED backlight, the screen can offer punchy colors, sharp images, and well overall details. So, you will get a great video editing experience through it.

Now, let’s focus on the form factor. It is 0.7 inches thin and weighs about 3 pounds. Thanks to these traits, you can carry it basically everywhere.

And it will not even take that much space in your backpack. Even with this form factor, HP managed to integrate a Celeron CPU. It will provide excellent video editing performance.

Additionally, there is Intel HD 500 GPU, which will allow you to do light editing without facing too many stutters. The system also integrates a whopping 4GB of internal RAM. That will be more than enough to run resource-intensive video-editing tasks.

The unit also comes with 32GB of eMMC memory. That amount of space should be more than enough to store a couple of videos.

Also, if you need more storage, you can just plug in an SD card through the MicroSD slot. It even has multiple USB ports for external devices.

Key Features :

  • Sports a great display
  • Highly portable
  • Integrates a powerful CPU
  • Has Intel HD 500 GPU
  • Comes with 32GB of eMMC storage and 4GB of RAM

7. Newest Asus Chromebook 11.6 Inch Laptop

Newest Asus Chromebook 11.6 Inch Laptop

Not that impressed with the speed of the RAM that most of the Chromebooks are coming with? You should take a look at this offering from Asus.

The first thing that makes it stand out is the high-bandwidth RAM. It is 4GB in capacity and will offer a smooth multitasking experience.

And you can handle multiple video editing tasks simultaneously without worrying about throttles. The processor of the system is great too. It is Intel Celeron N3350 that runs at 2.4 GHz.

You will be well impressed with the screen. The panel is 11.6 inches in size and has an HD resolution. It can offer crisp and clear images with good colors.

And this screen will further enhance your video editing experience. There is a good amount of internal space as well. It features 16GB of eMMC storage.

Now, if you think that the internal space is not that much, you still have a MicroSD slot to work with. In fact, the laptop will bundle with a 32GB SD card,

which you can plug in the right after opening the system from the packaging. Also, there are multiple USB ports, which you can use to connect to external devices.

Even the battery life of the unit is impressive. The internals is pretty efficient, and it comes with a large-sized battery. You can get up to 9 hours of battery backup.

And that should be more than enough for on-the-go video editing. Also, it has Intel HD 500 GPU, which will make the video editing apps run smoothly.

Key Features :

  • Has high-bandwidth RAM
  • Comes with Intel Celeron N3350
  • Sports a high-end 11.6 inches screen
  • Can offer up to 9 hours of run time
  • Has multiple USB ports for easy external device connection

8. Lenovo Chromebook Laptop, 14-Inch FHD Display

Lenovo Chromebook Laptop, 14-Inch FHD Display

Are you on the hunt for a Chromebook that features a sleek overall outlook? In that case, you can stop your search right here because Lenovo has something that will meet your criterion perfectly.

Unlike most devices, it comes with sleek and elegant housing. The housing makes it stand out a lot. Its overall form factor is reasonably small, and it is exceptionally lightweight.

The overall weight is 3.3 pounds, which means you can carry it all day long.

However, do not let the small and lightweight nature fool you because it is packed with high-performance internals.

The brand has opted for a MediaTek process that offers enough processing power to handle most resource-intensive video editing tasks. Also, you will find 4GB of RAM, which will let you efficiently multitask.

In terms of storage, it has 64GB of eMMC storage. As the storage is exceptionally fast, you can quickly transfer large files.

It even has a MicroSD slot, enabling you to enhance the overall storage further. Also, you will find a USB 3.0 port for effortless external device connectivity.

Lastly, the unit flaunts a 14 inches FHD screen. Due to its ability to give outputs at 1080p, the images and videos will look crisp and well-detailed. There are also 2 Watts speakers, which will let you check whether the sound on your videos is proper or not.

Key Features :

  • Boasts a sleek and elegant housing
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Packs a powerful MediaTek processor
  • Has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage
  • Sports a 14 inches Full HD display

9. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13″ Laptop, FHD Touch Display

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 Laptop, FHD Touch Display

We have got yet another offering from Lenovo. And just like the previous one, this Chromebook is pretty impressive as well.

To start with, it integrates the 10th Generation core i3 CPU. The intel 10110U will offer all of the processing you will need during the video editing.

And the chances of you seeing fluctuation while carrying out those tasks will be pretty much zero. It even has 4GB of RAM, which is enough for video editing.

But that is not all! The Flex 5 comes with a 13.3 inches screen. It has a Full HD resolution and has narrow bezels. Thanks to that, you can get fully into the video you are editing.

It will not be that hard to see each of the frames properly, and you can properly calibrate the color profile of the video.

The 2 in 1 feature of the laptop makes it highly versatile. You can convert it into a tablet within seconds. And for this 360 degrees hinge, you can effortlessly edit videos while being pretty much anywhere.

There is 64GB of eMMC storage. That should be more than enough to store multiple videos.

However, if you want to enhance the overall storage, you can just insert a MicroSD card. There are two USB C ports and one USB Type-A port available too.

You can use them to connect to external devices effortlessly. Also, it has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Those will allow you to make stable wireless connections.

Key Features :

  • Sports 10th Gen Core i3 CPU
  • Has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage
  • Converts to a tablet within seconds
  • Comes with a Full HD 13.3 inches screen
  • Boasts multiple USB ports and an SD card slot

Comparison Chart Of Chromebook For Video Editing




Ram and Storage

HP X360 2in1

Intel i3-10110U

14" FHD Touchscreen

8 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC

Acer Spin 311 3H

8-Core MediaTek MT8183

11.6" Touchscreen

4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC

Acer Spin 311 CP311-2H-C679

Intel Celeron N4020

11.6" HD Touch

4 GB LPDDR4 and 32 GB eMMC

HP Chromebook 11a-na0021nr

MediaTek MT8183

11” HD

4 GB RAM and  32 GB eMMC


Intel Celeron N3060 Dual core

11.6” HD

4 GB RAM and 16 GB SSD

HP 11A-NB0013DX

Intel Celeron N3350

11.6" HD

4 GB LPDDR2 and 32 GB eMMC

Asus 11.6 Inch

Intel Celeron N3350

11.6" HD

4 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC

Lenovo S330

MediaTek MT8173C

14” FHD

4 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC

Lenovo Flex 5

Intel Core i3 10110U

13” FHD

4 GB RAM and  64 GB eMMC

Chromebook For Video Editing Buying Guide

If you want to get the best Chromebook for video editing, you need to keep a couple of factors in mind, along with the reviews.

Those factors will enable you to scrutinize the available options properly and get something that will provide a high overall performance. And the points we are referring to are:


Before anything else, consider the CPU. It will play the most crucial role in video editing. If you end up getting something that comes with a sub-par CPU, you will notice a lot of hiccups and stutters while editing the videos.

In fact, you might not even be able to directly playback the video on your video editing software.


The internal GPU will play a vital role in video editing tasks like the CPU. Without a capable GPU in the machine, you will not be capable of doing a whole lot to your video.

Things will feel choppy, and adding special effects to your video will be totally out of the equation.


Needless to say, a good amount of RAM is a must-have if you want to work with multiple video editing resources. If your system does not have proper RAM, you will not even be able to load a large-sized video.

It will take ages. Also, multitasking will be a thing that you will not have a good experience with.


The thing about Chromebooks is that the internal storage will usually hover around 32GB. Some will come with 64GB or 16GB of eMMC storage.

If you do not want to install an SD card, the 64GB options should be your go-to pick. On the other hand, if you are okay with using SD cards, you can opt for either of the options.

Form Factor

Another thing that should be in your consideration is the form factor. Most of the Chromebooks will be small and light. But there are some that will be unnecessarily bulky and large in size.

Those are the laptops that you would want to stay away from. Instead, get the ones that are thin and light.


When you are checking the form factor, make sure that you do not sacrifice too much on the screen size. There are loads of compact and thin Chromebooks out there that come with large-sized screens. Those are the ones that we would recommend.

On that note, consider the resolution when you are checking the screen. It should not be less than HD. However, if the panel is larger than 13 inches, we recommend opting for the Full HD panels.

HD resolution and large panels do not look great. The pictures will be less sharp, colors will be less punchy, and you will not get a proper video editing experience with those.

Touchscreen Capability

You might want to opt for Chromebooks with a touchscreen if you like to work on the go. Also, it would be better if you opt for the laptops that come with a stylus. Those will allow you to take full advantage of the touchscreen display.

Also, you can easily edit videos with a stylus and get proper control of the timeline while being on the go with the stylus.

Connectivity Ports

Most of the brands will skimp on the connectivity ports in order to keep the form factor slim. But connectivity ports are pretty crucial.

Without enough ports, you can not easily connect external devices. You will need to connect dongles, and that can be an issue.

That said, loads of slim and light devices come with multiple USB ports. And those are the ones that we would recommend you to get.

Battery Life

Last but not least, consider the battery life. Even though Chrome OS is pretty light and not that power-hungry, there are loads of devices out that offer barely three hours of run time on battery.

Instead of opting for those, we recommend getting the Chromebooks that come with a large capacity battery. With those, you can edit videos for an extended time without worrying about a power outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 4GB of RAM enough for Chromebooks?

Chrome OS is pretty light and less demanding. Compared to Windows, there are not that many background processes running all the time.

Considering that, 4GB of RAM is more than enough for most of the tasks you would want to do on a Chromebook. However, 8GB would be ideal.

2. Can I upgrade the RAM and storage of a Chromebook?

In most cases, you will not be able to upgrade the storage and RAM of the Chromebook. However, some of the models will offer you that option. So, it will be better if you get the full spec version of the Chromebook in the first place.

3. Does every Chromebook have a MicroSD card slot?

Yes! Most Chromebooks will utilize eMMC storage. And in most cases, the internal storage will be just 64GB. To offer the users an option to upgrade the storage, Chromebooks will come with a MicroSD card slot. And those will easily hold 128GB cards.

4. Do Chromebooks support external GPU?

External GPUs will make a lot of sense if you are into video editing. However, you should remember that Chrome OS is an Ubuntu-based OS.

There is a limited amount of drivers available for this type of OS. But, you can surely get external GPUs running with some software skills.

5. Is a touchscreen Chrome OS worth it?

The touchscreen display will let you efficiently work with video editing applications. You can get fine control over the tools that the app has to offer. Also, the touchscreen can make the user experience feel a lot smoother.

Final Words

With the best Chromebook for video editing, you will be able to perform light video editing tasks on a budget. And let us not forget how efficient and smooth Chrome OS is.

It will surely be possible to produce high-quality videos with Chromebooks with the proper hardware.

Nonetheless, our top pick is the HP X360 2in1. It has a great FHD screen and boasts a powerful Core i3 CPU with a capable internal GPU. And thanks to the 8GB of RAM, things will feel buttery smooth. The rest are a great pick too.