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Best Canon All in One Printers – Reviews for 2022

Canon is so famous that you might have already seen or used Canon Color printers. They are pretty much everywhere. However, a regular printer would not be sufficient for office space. You will often need to scan or copy a document.

But not all have the money and space for an individual machine for each document management task. That is precisely where the best Canon all in one printers step in.

These multifunctional printers have peripheral capabilities and functionalities.

However, Canon has an extensive lineup of printers. And choosing one can get very difficult. Well, that is where our expertise would step in.

We have years of experience with these printers and know every inch of what makes a printer good. And using that knowledge, we will introduce you to the top Canon printers.

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Canon inkjet all in one Printer with Mobile Printing
Canon inkjet all in one Printer

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Canon Wireless All in One Printer with Mobile Printing
Canon Wireless Printer with Mobile Printing

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Canon All in One Printer For Home Use, Scanner, Copier
Canon Printer, Scanner, Copier

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Canon Wireless Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax
Canon Wireless Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax

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Canon All in One Printers, Wireless Printer
Canon Printers, Wireless Printer

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Benefits of Using Canon All in One Printers

You might wonder why your new Canon printer should be an All in One. Well, these units have a lot of advantages over the regular printers.

Wondering what advantages are we actually talking about? Let us explain them one by one.

Space Saving

Having a printer, copier, and scanner would call for a large amount of space. If you have a small office or workspace, you will face space issues.

But with a Canon all in one printer, you can fit all of those three in one single spot. Yes, there will be no need to dedicate a room for every one of those machines.

Budget-Friendly Option

Take a look at the high-end Canon printer scanner copier all in one and compare it with the price of other individual machines.

If you sum those prices up, there is a high chance that even if you considered the budget options of each, the high-end all-in-one is a better deal.

Less Power

Three separate document management devices would mean that you will need to keep three different devices powered simultaneously.

No matter how efficient each is, they will not even be close to the amount of power an all-in-one device would consume. So, you will be saving on electricity money too.

Ease of Maintenance

Carrying out the maintenance work of the three individual machines will take thrice the amount of time you will need to put on one. You will even need to put in three times the effort. And that is another advantage of getting an all-in-one.

Best Canon All in One Printer Reviews

It will be pretty easy for you to get baffled among the all-in-one Canon printers available on the market. To make things more manageable for you, we have huddled this shortlist of the top performers:

1. Canon inkjet all in one Printer with Mobile Printing

Canon inkjet all in one Printer with Mobile Printing

Let us start our list with the best Canon Inkjet All in One printer. And if you are wondering why did it achieve the topmost position, you should definitely continue reading!

The wireless functionality is the first thing that makes a great Canon color All in One printer. It has a wireless chip,

which will enable you to connect the device to your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or another mobile device. After making the connection, you can send in files to print through the network.

You will not even have to go through too many hassles to set it up for the wireless connection. The guide in the manual will walk you through it.

And you will even have the option to print files through Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, Canon Print, or other printing services.

Other than that, there will be no need to sacrifice too much space just to accommodate it on the desk. The device has a space-saving and compact form factor.

And it will not even take that much time to print your documents. The maximum speed is 16 pages per minute.

Additionally, it will offer you the option to print documents in two-sided print mode. And if you set the settings accordingly, it will automatically print on that mode.

This two-sided mode can save you from spending too many printer pages.

Key Features :

  • Has a wireless chip inside
  • Easy to setup
  • Compact and features a space-saving design
  • Can print 16 pages per minute
  • Features two-sided print mode

2. Canon Wireless All in One Printer with Mobile Printing

Canon Wireless All in One Printer with Mobile Printing

While looking for the best Canon wireless all in one printer, we wanted something that comes baked in with tons of wireless features. And that is where we stumbled upon this offering.

Using the app, it will be possible to easily and quickly set up a wireless connection with the printer. And you can use your Android phone, iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device to make the connection.

After you make the wireless connection, you can take full advantage of the wireless functionality that it has to offer.

But what functionaries does it include? You will find Mopria, AirPrint, and other cloud services in the printer. There is an ADF feature available as well.

That will make it easier for you to use the cloud printing services with the printer. Also, you will not have to be stuck with the wireless connection if you do not want to.

The device has a USB port. You can use that to make a wired connection with your preferred devices. Another great thing about the unit is that it can save ink.

There is a Dash Replenishment mode. It can save up to 10 percent of all ink. And you will just need to press one button to activate it.

Furthermore, this Canon printer fax scanner all in one has smart functionalities present as well. You can connect it up with Alexa and make the home system automatically print documents.

Yes, there will be no need to press any buttons! Also, thanks to the LCD screen on the front, you can easily view its mode.

Key Features :

  • Easily connects to mobile devices
  • Has multiple cloud printing features
  • Comes with a USB port for a wired connection
  • Sports a Dash Replenish mode that saves ink
  • Can connect to Alexa

3. Canon All in One Printer For Home Use, Scanner, Copier

Canon All in One Printer For Home Use, Scanner, Copier

If you are looking for the best Canon all in one printer for home use, you need to take a look at what this Pixma printer has to offer.

The first thing that makes it a good pick for home uses is the affordable printing mode. It utilizes the Fine Ink Cartridges that are highly accessible and easy to find.

Also, it will be possible for you to use the XL ink cartridges if you want to. And getting a good deal on those cartridges will not be that hard.

Furthermore, the unit features a hybrid ink system that will allow you to get the most out of the cartridges. Printing is something that you will not have to refer to as being expensive.

The case is the same for the copier mechanism. It will not use too much ink, which will allow you to save a lot on copying documents as well.

The setup process is pretty simple and straightforward. It will come with an in-depth guide that will guide you through the entire setup process.

You will also find the USB cable that you will require to connect with your preferred device. So, there will be no need to get anything extra.

Additionally, the modes are easy to go through. Whether you are trying to print, scan, or copy a document, you will not find yourself going through tons of steps.

Overall, this Canon color all in one printer is an excellent pick for your home office or small office space.

Key Features :

  • Has a hybrid ink system
  • Does not require special ink
  • Supports XL ink cartridges
  • The setup process is pretty straightforward
  • Easy to operate

4. Canon Wireless Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax

Canon Wireless Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax

Not impressed with the capacity of the sheets that most of the Canon printers have? You should definitely take a look at this model.

The unit features two different paper cassettes. Combined, they offer a capacity of 500 sheets. That is like a full ream of paper.

So, there will be no need to go through the paper reload process that often. It can even print exceptionally fast. Its rating is at 24 ipm for black and white, while for color, it is 15.5 ipm.

This canon laser all in one printer also prints high-quality texts. The prints will be smudge and highlighter resistant. And the sharpness of the prints will blow you away.

Its overall durability is pretty impressive too. The duty cycle is at 20 thousand pages. That means you can expect it to last for a long time.

There is a built-in WiFi chip present on the device as well. That will enable you to make wireless connections with your mobile devices.

And after that, you can send files to the printer pretty much instantaneously. Also, using the Canon Print app, you can print directly from the cloud printing services.

Moreover, there is a pretty large LCD screen on the front. It even has properly placed buttons with clear markings. You can easily shift from copy, print, and scan mode through it.

Also, the level of performance that it offers in the print mode is pretty much the same as the other modes.

Key Features :

  • Has two paper cassettes and can hold 500 sheets
  • Prints in great detail and reasonably fast
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Boasts a proper WiFi chip
  • Features a large LCD screen on the front

5. Canon All in One Printers, Wireless Printer

Canon All in One Printers, Wireless Printer

Don’t want to spend tons of money just to get high-quality prints? The TS3322 is the right printer for you!

So, what makes it capable of offering high-quality prints? Well, it has an enhanced printing mechanism. That mechanism makes it offer laser-sharp and highly detailed prints.

But the best part of it all is that you will just need two fine cartridges to enjoy that. Yes, there will be no need to spend extra cash!

This unit also features a wireless chip inside. That will let you make simple connections with wireless devices. And after that, sending files to print will just require two taps.

There is a rear tray for papers on this printer. That will let you quickly load regular or photo papers.

Other than that, switching between the different modes will be a breeze. It has a 1.5 inches LCD screen on the front. You can easily view which modes you are navigating to using that.

Also, the buttons have clear labels, further making the printer simple to use. Copying, scanning, and printing will be a no-fuss thing.

The overall form factor of the unit is relatively compact too. It will not take that much space on your desks. So, you can easily accommodate it on your working table.

Also, it has the ability to print papers directly from cloud services. That includes AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria Print service.

Key Features :

  • Sports an enhanced printing process
  • Can offer high-quality prints using two fine cartridges only
  • Has a proper wireless chip inside
  • Features a 1.5 inches LCD screen on the front
  • Easy to use and easy to navigate through scan, copy, and print modes

Comparison Chart Of Canon All in One Printers


Color Options



Printing Speed

Canon Pixma MG3620

Black, Red, and White



16 ppm

Canon PIXMA TR4520

Black and White


WiFi and USB

8.8 ipm

Canon Pixma MG2522




8 ipm

Canon MB2720




24 ipm

Canon TS3322




7.7 ipm

Canon All in One Printers Buying Guide

If you really want to get your hands on one of the best Canon all in one printers, you have to keep a couple of factors in your mind.

Those will let you easily scrutinize the available option and make a proper buying decision. Wondering what factors are we actually talking about? They are as follows:

Form Factor

The first thing that should be in your consideration is the form factor. Remember, you are purchasing an all-in-one to save yourself from the hassle of accommodating three different document managing devices.

So, if you get something that is chunky and large, the main goal of getting a versatile device will be out of the equation.

Printing Quality

You cannot deny that you will do printing mostly with these devices. For that reason, it is pretty important to check the quality of prints that the machine is capable of offering.

If you do not want to handle faded and less sharp prints, you should get something that utilizes advanced printing technology. Those will offer high-grade prints.

Printing Speed

Another printing-related feature you need to consider is the printing speed. Offices require to print multiple documents.

And when you are working with something that has a high printing speed, getting multiple documents out of the device will feel like an effortless task.

Paper Tray

The paper tray will not have the same capacity as all of the printers you will stumble in the market. Some will have a 50-page capacity, while others will be capable of holding 500 pages or even more.

Nonetheless, we would recommend picking up the devices with a high paper tray capacity. Why?

Well, if you opt for something with a low paper capacity, you would need to refill the tray every once in a while. And printing or copying a large number of documents will feel like a hassle.

Ease of Use

Another important thing that you should check is whether the device is user-friendly or not. You would not want to go through tons of steps just to switch from copying mode to printing mode to scanning mode.

Instead, opt for the printers that will enable you to switch from one to another in just a few clicks.

Wireless Functionality

Even though wireless functionality is not a must-have, it is a feature that will make the task of using the printer a lot more intuitive.

The wireless chip of the device will enable you to connect your phone or mobile devices with the printer wirelessly. That would allow you to print a document while being in the other room.

Screen and Buttons

Last but not least, check the screen. If the screen is not large enough and the buttons do not have clear labeling, you will struggle a lot while switching through different modes.

And that is something you would not want while handling important office documents.

How to Take Care of Canon Printers to Make Them Last Long?

Canon printers are well-known for being durable and long-lasting. However, you will not get optimal performance for a prolonged amount of time if you do not carry out the maintenance process from time to time.

But what steps should you follow to take care of your Canon printers? Well, they are as follows:

Step 1: Carry Out Software-Based Maintenance

First of all, you need to do software-based maintenance. Connect the printer to your computer and download the right software for it. Install the software and head towards properties.

In the maintenance tab, you will see a couple of things that will let you know if something is wrong with the printer.

If the software-based check passes, move to the next step. And if you see something is off during the software-based check, follow the things that the maintenance tab suggests.

Step 2: Turn the Power Off

Before carrying out hardware-based cleanup and maintenance, you should turn the printer off. If there is a power switch on the device, turn it off. And then remove the plug from the outlet.

Do not attempt to open the printer or do anything with it when it is turned on. You can get electrocuted!

Step 3: Clean the Printer Feed and Roller Mechanism

If your printer sees a relatively high usage, which it probably is seeing if you are using it as an office printer, you need to clean the feed and roller system.

Why? Well, the paper leaves dust on the rolling mechanism. And the double-sided paper printing will even leave ink coating on the surface.

To clean these dust and ink coating, you will need alcohol pads or a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some clean microfiber cloth.

As Canon printers do not have a dedicated button for feeding the paper, you will not be capable of reaching the entire roller.

Instead, take the microfiber cloth and drench it with the alcohol. Then, put your fingers through the feed rollers and try to roll them.

Do not worry if your fingers or the cloth get a little tugged in; the rollers will not pull you through as the device is already turned off.

Step 4: Let the Rollers Dry and Do a Test Print

After the rollers dry off, you can try to print something to check if everything is still functioning okay or not. If you see ink streaks on top of your paper, you will need to try the paper soaking method.

Take a paper of 8.5 inches x 11 inches and soak the interior of the sheet with the alcohol. However, do not soak the edges!

Feed this paper through the device three to four times. It should collect all of the ink residues and clean the internal properly. Now, if the paper seems a bit too flimsy after the first run, you might want to soak a second paper and carry out the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between an inkjet single function and an inkjet multifunction printer?

The main difference that lies between an inkjet single function printer and an inkjet multifunction one is the number of functionalities. The single-function printer will just print.

They will not be capable of copying or scanning, which the inkjet multifunction printer will be capable of doing.

2. What printing speed is considered good for the All-in-One Canon printers?

Usually, fewer ppm means better print quality. However, Canon has defied that law by integrating advanced printing mechanisms into their  All in One printer.

These can offer 10 to 15 ppm or ipm. And anything that is above ten is generally considered good.

3. What is the difference between ipm and ppm?

PPM stands for pages per minute, while ipm stands for images per minute. While both might sound similar, you need to understand that images are complex and more demanding.

So, even if you see a printer boasting five ipm, it means that the printer is highly competent.

4. Are printers with high-capacity trays worth it?

The higher the capacity of the tray, the higher the number of pages it will be capable of holding. Some can even hold 1000 pages, which is about two reams of paper.

And that would also mean you will not need to refill the tray that often. Even though they might be a bit larger, that less frequent refill convenience makes them worth it.

Final Words

The best Canon All in One printer will let you save money and space and offer you the convenience of getting three tasks done with one device.

And we can assure you that you will get a stellar overall experience with each one from our list. So, confidently pick the one that suits your need and budget.

Nonetheless, our top pick is the Canon Pixma MG3620. The setup process is a breeze, and it is pretty compact. Also, let us not forget that it has the ability to print up to 16 pages in just a minute. That is quite impressive!