Best Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

Best Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use | 2022 Reviews By An Expert

Working from home has changed the way people work. Zoom is our new best friend, and we have ditched the fancy slacks for comfy pajama bottoms.

And if you’re like most others, the small corner room in your house that you barely used has become your new nightmare, aka, your new office space.

Upgrading your equipment must be your top priority. So, if you have ever doubted the necessities of having a home printer, you are probably smacking your head right now.

To help you in your frantic search for the best black and white laser printer for home use, we have compiled a list of our five foremost choices. We have included a helpful buying guide as well.

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Multifunction Black And White Laser Printer | Wireless and Duplex Printing
Multifunction Black And White Laser Printer | Wireless and Duplex

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B&W Laser Printer | Brother Wireless Printing, Duplex Two-Sided Printing
B&W Laser Printer | Duplex Two-Sided Printing

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Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use | Brother
Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use | Brother

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Brother Compact Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use
Brother Compact Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

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All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer | Duplex Copy & Scan
All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer | Duplex Copy & Scan

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Best Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use Reviews

Buying colorful printers may seem like the logical choice, but you won’t get many uses out of it if you are only printing work documents and invoices.

Look at our recommendations down below for the highest standard monochrome printers to add to your workspace.

1. Multifunction Black And White Laser Printer | Wireless and Duplex Printing

Multifunction Black And White Laser Printer | Wireless and Duplex Printing

Brother has a plethora of different models, but this one offers nearly everything you could ask for as it is one of the best multifunction black and white laser printers.

This machine comes in two colors: black and grey. There are also many variations available which include smart reorders, high or standard yield toners, and renewed versions as well.

Due to its excellent build and design, the unit feels sturdy and is perfect for heavy-duty printing use. It is a tall device that requires you to clear a fair amount of space.

With a decent display console, you’ll have no problems navigating through different settings. But you might have trouble with visibility while seated due to the absence of tilt adjustment.

There is no need to place the device near your computer, as Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print allow you to connect your devices to your home router.

But the most incredible attribute about this printer is the cartridge system which prints up to 32 pages per minute. The first page comes out a little slow, but the speed improves subsequently.

Key Features :

  • Perform most tasks, including maintenance, using smartphones
  • Yields around 250 pages so you only need to add pages once a month
  • The scanning features allow you to read and copy double-sided documents at once
  • High yield cartridge ensures your cost-per-print reduces over time
  • Excellent printing speed for last-minute emergencies or if you must do bulk printing

2. B&W Laser Printer | Brother Wireless Printing, Duplex Two-Sided Printing

B&W Laser Printer | Brother Wireless Printing, Duplex Two-Sided Printing

The HL-2350DW is an entry-level device and a part of Brother’s black and white laser printer line. It makes for an excellent personal printer, serving your low volume printing tasks without any inconvenience.

The construction of this unit is almost flawless. This model has a renewed version and an XL version which includes 2 years of toner. All three models come in grey and black.

With its compact size and moderate weight, you can fit this printer in tight spaces of your small work areas.

While the display screen is very primeval, you don’t have to interact with it often beyond the initial setup and instead use the physical buttons below.

The original cartridge that comes with the printer is very high-yielding, but you can purchase an even higher-yield cartridge sold separately.

So, you hardly will worry about the ink running out in case of emergencies!

Even though you don’t have to replace the toner cartridges often, they can be very cheap and pocket friendly.

However, you might have to separately factor in the cost of the drum unit. It is one of the best b&w laser printers you’ll come across in this price range.

Key Features :

  • Brings down waiting time and increases efficiency with a remarkable printing speed
  • Have flexibility while printing and input papers of various papers and sizes
  • Use your phone or laptop to print from anywhere in the house by connecting wirelessly
  • Save your running expenses as the high-yielding cartridges do not need repeated replacements

3. Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use | Brother

Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use | Brother

This printer has gained its place in our list for its outstanding setup, speed, and output quality. It sits apart in the competition for the title of the best monochrome laser printer.

Don’t let the small size fool you into thinking it is only suitable for personal use. You can share the device with your family members or dormmates as it can handle medium to heavy-duty printing needs.

When it comes to paper handling, it puts other devices within the same price range to shame. The input tray can hold 250-sheets at once, and you can also manually feed one sheet at a time.

It has a powerful engine with a printing rate of 27 pages per minute (ppm). That is a little more than the standard speed for documents that need barely any processing.

Let’s not forget about the built-in duplex printing that is nothing short of a blessing.

While this machine’s output quality with text is a smidge below par compared to similar devices, it is good enough for most business use.

However, this machine is more suitable for home use as the graphics output quality is not suitable for professional presentations.

Key Features :

  • Small size and lower weight make it a perfect candidate for desk or shelf placement
  • Superb level of paper handling ensures you can share the printer with your flatmates or family members
  • Has great output quality so printed documents will be sufficient for business use
  • Can easily connect your PC and printer via USB cable

4. Brother Compact Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

Brother Compact Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

If most options for the best black and white printer are well above your budget, then this unit would be nothing short of a holy grail.

This black/grey unit, along with its renewed model, is perfect if you want to adopt the no-office lifestyle and work from anywhere in your home.

It is mostly wireless except for the power cord so you can conveniently place it out of sight.

This machine is fast and extremely good at what it does. So, if you are looking for a printer for your seldom printing needs and scanning requirements, this machine might be what you need.

With the inclusion of flatbed scan glass, not only can you scan from physical documents, but you can also directly copy them for your mobile phones.

The wireless connectivity option makes it highly convenient to operate.

It is also highly economical. You do not waste paper due to the feature of double-sided printing and save up on toner costs with the toner save mode.

There might be some difficulties while using the buttons and viewing the tiny screen, but these little drawbacks are hardly bothersome over time.

Key Features :

  • Easily copy and scan from your mobile through the flatbed scan glass
  • Save money on toner costs with the toner saving mode and paper with double-sided printing
  • High-yielding toners deliver up to two times more prints and fewer replacements
  • The smart technology checks the toner levels and generates an automatic order

5. All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer | Duplex Copy & Scan

All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer | Duplex Copy & Scan

If color-printing is something you do not concern yourself with, then the Brother MFCL2750DW has it all.

No list of monochrome laser printer reviews is complete without including this unit, as it’s one of the top options for the best black and white laser printer for home use.

This unit, along with its renewed design, is a perfect all-in-one laser printer designed and built for home office.

You can work-from-home tension-free as this machine includes faxing, copying, and scanning besides having an incredible printing speed.

Using the single-pass feature, you can print all documents in one go, and save time and money. Spares you from the trouble of having to turn and arrange each page.

They have also tried to improve their efficiency for other operations as well. Scanning via the document feeder allows as many as 50 sheets together along with multipage copying and faxing functions.

It is a little bulky and large, and you might need to clear up some space for it. However, with its smooth and clean plastic finish, it will perfectly complement your office aesthetics.

Key Features :

  • Has a 50-sheet automatic document feeder to improve your efficiency
  • Due to the NFC technology used, you do not have to connect to a network to use the printer
  • Access your cloud services directly through the 2.7” color touchscreen
  • Toner saving mode and high yielding cartridges significantly reduce your running costs
  • The smart technology automatically checks your toner level and replenishes it

Comparison Chart of Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

Product Name


Doesn’t Support



Wireless Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi

USB thumb drives.
Memory cards.
Automatic Document Feeder.



Built-in wireless technology or connect via USB interface

Ethernet port
External drives

Only Printing, including Duplex Printing


Connect locally via USB interface


Printing, including Duplex printing


Wireless Connectivity

Memory drive
Automatic document feeder

Copy & Scan
Duplex printing


Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Photo Cartridge

Duplex copy and scan

Things to Consider Before Buying Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

Given the vast options and convoluted technical terms surrounding products, we know that getting the best black and white laser printer for home use is more complicated than you might have realized.

So, we have decided to put together a quick buying guide to make things simpler.

Type of Printer

If you have been searching for a printer, you might have wondered about the differences between inkjet or laser ones. Well, that all depends on how much and what files you want to print.

Inkjet printers apply wet ink to dry paper from a cartridge, which dries fast and creates your document. On the other hand, the toner from a laser printer bonds with the paper molecules and produces the results.

Black and white only printers are the best options when most of your printing needs are suited for business work, and you do not need the versatile attributes of color printers.

Running Costs

Most laser printers have long-lasting toners that do not require replacements. You can even get a higher-yielding cartridge that can put around even up to 20,000 pages and reduce the cost-per-print more.

But not all brand cartridges are supported by all printers, so you should avoid the ones produced by third parties if you do not want to absolve your warranty.


If you have a makeshift home office in the most ignored parts of your house, you do not want to waste precious space by placing an enormous machine.

Most printers nowadays have the right features, despite being compact.

So, don’t be afraid to get the smallest black and white printer if it means you’ll get all the right features that you need.


If you want to get a printer for home, you really should be getting an all in one black and white laser printer.

These multifunction printers allow you to scan and fax besides printing. You do not have to purchase a separate machine and misspend both money and space.


Nearly all printing devices have multiple connectivity options. You can connect them to your PCs and phones via USB cables or use Wi-Fi and cloud printing for cable-free options.

Wireless black and white printers are perfect if you often multi-task around the house or desire the no-office lifestyle. You can tuck it away in a hidden corner.


Most manufacturers claim to have the fastest printing device. But you can test the field through a series of protocols licensed by ISO. These are some of the specs to check for:

Standing for ‘pages per minute’, this is a guide to test the engine and the output rate. Your device needs to have a high PPM if you often need to bulk print or print under time constraints.

DPI means “Dots per inch”. This spec checks the image quality and graphic details. But it is not popular anymore as you can improve the resolution without changing the DPI.

Duty Cycle:
The duty cycle determines the maximum number of pages you can print per month without damaging your device. This factor is inconsequent for home printers as the printing needs are less intensive.

Paper Handling

While you might be printing standard A4 pages mostly, you want to be prepared for situations when you must use papers of different sizes. You can look for printers that have dedicated trays for special papers.

Moreover, instead of having to add paper all the time, you can get a machine with a large input tray and enter the pages once every month.

These are a quick-and-dirty buying guide to ease you into your hunt for the best black and white printer for home use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the easiest way to check if my printer is Wi-Fi compatible?

Look at the title! If your machine has a ‘W’ in it, this usually means that your device supports wireless connectivity.

2. How would I know if my machine needs cleaning?

If dots or vertical lines appear on your page, you can run a quick maintenance check to determine if your machine needs cleaning. You can also try checking the page count of the printer.

3. Do printers come with USB cables?

They usually do not include a cable. But the devices are compatible with standard USB cables so you can use any old ones lying around the house.

You can also try borrowing from friends or buying a new one- they are very cheap.

4. What brands give a matte finish?

HP and Brother provide an excellent matte finish on all printed documents and are superior to other choices.

5. Is it safe for my printer to produce steam?

Yes, it is. If the pages you have inserted are damp, then they may produce a little steam. But if you think it is smoke and you are getting a burnt smell, you should shut down the machine and contact the manufacturer.

Final Words

There you go! Now, you need to finish setting up your new home office or begin one if that’s the case.

Getting the best black and white laser printer for home use will always keep you on top of your game. There would be no need for panicking and crying during last-minute printing errand runs.

Do not get too caught up in details and let all the big words scare you. While no printer has every feature, you should choose the one that would serve you best.