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Best Am Fm Radio For Reception – Top 10 Picks for 2022

When it is about getting an AM FM radio, what comes to your mind? Let us take a guess!

You will need interruption-free reception, enhanced sound quality, headphone ports, and something that offers compatibility with various bands. And if that radio is portable, that will just be the cherry on the top.

But the question is, where will you get these radios made of dreams? Don’t worry, to help you with that quest,

here is our 10 best AM FM radio for reception reviews. By the time you finish reading it, you will get a mate for life. So, let’s proceed, shall we?

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AM FM radio with Long Range Reception
AM FM radio with Long Range Reception

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Byron portable am fm radio with Built in Speakers
Byron portable am fm radio

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AM FM Battery Operated Radio with 3.5mm Earphone
AM FM Radio with Earphone

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AM FM Battery Operated Small Am Fm Radio
Battery Operated Am Fm Radio

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PRUNUS AM FM Bluetooth Radio, Rechargeable Battery
PRUNUS AM FM Bluetooth Radio

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Benefits of Using AM FM Radio for Reception

Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the benefits you’ll be enjoying from an AM FM radio.

Entertainment, Anywhere, Anytime

The best part of a portable radio is that you can take it anywhere you can go. Want to go camping? Take this mobile device with you.

Moreover, they won’t take up much space in your backpack. Some models are so small that they’ll even fit into your pocket. So, no matter where you go, you can take your portable radio.

If you’re in the mood for some music, just tune into a music station, and you’re good to go.

Or, if you’re looking for the latest updates of the world, you can gather such news from those broadcasting channels.

These radios can even function as emergency communication devices in times of need!

A Friend in the Dark

In today’s world, almost everything runs on electricity. But not radios. Even when everything seems dark, you have your trusted friend with you.

Whenever there’s a power outage, and you have to wait for the problem to be fixed, those without a radio may have to spend hours looking at the ceiling. Not you, though!

You can simply have your trusted portable radio accompany you through the dark.

Plus, you won’t even notice as the hours fly by as you listen to some music, or catch up with the latest news, or whatever it is you want to do.

Adding Some Classy Ambiance to Your Home

You can’t deny the appeal that radio has. Whenever your guests see that you have a radio at home, they’ll know that there’s something different about you. Maybe something a bit old school, and they’ll love it.

Moreover, it can help you strike up a conversation with a fellow radio enthusiast.

Best AM FM Radio for Reception Reviews

Now that we’ve gone through the benefits of radio, you’re indeed intrigued about getting yourself one of these devices.

Here is our top-ten list for you, and every product here is made to provide a satisfactory service guaranteed.

1. AM FM radio with Long Range Reception

AM FM radio with Long Range Reception

If you want to change anyone’s opinion that handheld radios are outdated, this handy radio should be your weapon of choice. The PowerBear portable radio has many functions.

But it shines the brightest when you need the best handheld AM FM radio during emergencies.

Thanks to its long-distance reception capabilities, this radio can keep you connected to the world even in the direst conditions.

Even if you don’t consider emergencies, the PowerBear model is a very convenient device to have.

Whether camping or hiking to get away from all your troubles, this device will keep you updated about the latest information around the globe.

When you’re out with your family or friends, and you don’t want to disturb them. This radio contains an earphone jack to allow you to listen to anything by yourself.

The radio runs on batteries, and it has a running life of 800 hours. So, you can rest assured that the PowerBear model will not fail you in your direst needs.

Another thing to be excited about is its portability. With a weight of 3.4 ounces and a compact design, you don’t need a lot of space to store this neat device.

Key Features :

  • The battery-operated design stays charged for 800 hours
  • It weighs only 3.4 ounces that offers ease of portability
  • Supports both FM and AM bands for better convenience
  • Equipped with an earphone jack so you can enjoy music in private

2. Byron portable am fm radio with Built in Speakers

Byron portable am fm radio with Built in Speakers

If your taste caters to the vintage style and you’re looking for authenticity, the Byron Statics portable radio is just what you’re looking for. This classic model upholds its authenticity by doing what radio does best, make your day better.

No, you’ll not get any of the new tech stuff, such as Bluetooth compatibility. But this model will give you the most reliable service available. You can easily catch any stations from the AM or FM band with the help of a simple knob.

It also contains two dedicated antennas for the two separate bands – a telescopic swivel antenna for the FM band and a fixed coil antenna inside the radio for tuning into AM stations. It’s an easy-to-use device that serves its purpose without fail.

The radio also looks its part as a vintage model. With a simple yet classic design, the Byron Statics portable radio can do it all. Using the large tuning knob on the front, you can also adjust the volume.

There’s nothing that screams out too fancy about this device. It upholds the age-old saying – ‘If it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it!

Key Features :

  • Different antennas offer compatibility with various bands
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for portability
  • Built-in analog tuner gives you easy user experience
  • The external speaker allows you to have crystal clear sound

3. AM FM Battery Operated Radio with 3.5mm Earphone

AM FM Battery Operated Radio with 3.5mm Earphone

Reliability and dependable performance are the two prime qualities that can be used to describe the Retekess TR604 AM FM Portable Radio.

It’s so well-built straight from the factories that there’s hardly anything to complain about. Even the design and form factors are pretty compact to fit just right into a modern household ambiance.

If you’re wondering about compatibility issues, the radio offers crystal-clear reception in both AM and FM bands, thanks to its extendable 24-inch antenna.

The speakers are well-adept in handling loud sounds, whether indoors on your tabletop or outdoors during a party. There’s even an option for you to hook up external speakers or headphones using the 3.5-mm audio jack.

The tuning dial is made distinctly clear, so it’s easy for you to tune into your favorite stations using the sizable easy-grip knob.

It’s so tiny and compact that you won’t find it a hassle to carry it around with you while powering it up with 3D batteries.

The best small AM FM radio is suitable for emergencies as an alternative means of communication too.

Key Features :

  • Designed with a 24-inch antenna for better reception quality
  • The large dial and easy-grip tuning knob make it easy to operate
  • 5-inch speaker of 2 watts and 8 ohms give enhanced sound
  • It comes with a handle to offer portability

4. Battery Operated Small Am Fm Radio

Battery Operated Small Am Fm Radio

Radios are no longer the old-fashioned item that they were before. Nowadays, most radios include various facilities such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

While they’re very helpful, they don’t give you the authentic feel that those old ones offered. Fortunately, they’re not all lost yet.

The Vondior AM FM radio is one of those classic models. With a simple AM/FM switch, a long antenna, and a user-friendly tuning dial, this portable model is a testament to the radios of the olden days.

You don’t have to make any time-consuming adjustments like connecting to the WiFi to just tune into one station.

Unlike those smart devices, you don’t need a handful of facilities to operate this device. Just get two AA batteries, and that’s all you need.

You can go anywhere with this portable radio in your pockets. Yes, it fits in your pocket because of its compact size.

Moreover, it offers an excellent reception, so you can catch any channel and listen to anything you want no matter where you are.

And thanks to its efficient energy use, you can keep this radio running for weeks before you need to replace its batteries. All in all, it’s a fine choice for anyone out there.

Key Features :

  • It has an easy-to-use FM/AM switch
  • Made with a compact design to make it portable
  • Broad updates in real-time during power outages
  • The extendable long-range antenna allows you to have better reception

5. PRUNUS AM FM Bluetooth Radio, Rechargeable Battery

PRUNUS AM FM Bluetooth Radio, Rechargeable Battery

Everyone loves the look and feel of vintage radios. But with the advancement of technology, radios have become more advanced.

While we love the new features that these newer models offer, we just can’t get over the vintage looks of those older versions.

With that in mind, Prunus has brought out the J-160 model as the best AM FM Bluetooth radio. It offers the best of both worlds, the functionality of the modern radios and the classic look of the vintage ones.

Prunus thought that radio is something we should listen to as a group, so they’ve not included any headphone jacks with the J-160 model. While we appreciate the sentiment, we still miss this one feature.

However, the J-160 has a lot more to offer which can make us appreciate this beauty. For example, the fantastic reception that it has to offer.

Prunus has equipped the J-160 portable radio with a powerful DSP chip, making this portable radio more sensitive to capture even the weakest signals.

Moreover, it’s easy to use, offers all the utilities that you’d expect a modern radio to have, and many more.

So, if you want to take one of the newer models out for a drive, we’d suggest that you choose the Prunus J-160.

Key Features :

  • Equipped with a powerful DSP chip for high-quality reception
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries that save money
  • Bluetooth and AUX gives better connectivity
  • 3W built-in magnetic speaker enhances sound quality

6. Portable Pocket Radio with Alarm Clock

Portable Pocket Radio with Alarm Clock

What makes a portable radio great? It needs to be mobile and light enough to carry without breaking a sweat, and at the same time, the radio has to have speakers good enough to fill a room.

This digital radio has it all. Without needing a huge power source, the Vondior digital AM FM radio can fill up your senses any time of the day.

As you might expect, this radio doesn’t offer any heavy bass or any of the sound qualities of a larger radio.

But, compared to its portable design, the Vondior Digital radio is simply the best sounding portable radio.

With the help of its DSC chip, this radio also gets great reception anywhere, making it a great travel companion.

Key Features :

  • Made with DSC chip gives you excellent reception
  • The sleep mode automatically turns off the radio
  • Has built-in speakers for HD sound quality
  • Lock function ensures setting safety

7. DreamSky handheld AM FM radio with Great Reception

DreamSky handheld AM FM radio with Great Reception

Reliability and ease of access are the marks of an excellent portable radio. The DreamSky portable radio is one good example.

With a promise of a clear, loud sound, and a fantastic reception, this mobile radio will help you track down your favorite channels in no time at all.

Moreover, you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of buttons and dials to do that either. The DreamSky portable radio is an excellent product for accessing FM and AM channels for convenience and simplicity.

Another great feature of the DreamSky portable radio is the headphone jack. You can listen to your favorite channels – music, news, or sports, on speakers. Or you can use the dedicated headphone jack to listen to it by yourself.

This radio also has multiple power options. You can either use batteries to power it or plug it into the nearest power outlet, making it excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features :

  • The analog tuning dial makes it easy to use
  • Equipped with two different antennas for two different bands
  • Compact design makes it effortless to carry around
  • Operated on both batteries and power outlet

8. AM FM Radio NOAA Weather Radio with Reception

AM FM Radio NOAA Weather Radio with Reception

Not many people are familiar with weather transistor radios. These radios are designed to receive public broadcasts, such as emergency alerts.

It’s a must-have for those who live in areas that are prone to calamities. And one such excellent weather radio is the Prunus J-05.

With a 360 degree rotatable telescopic antenna and an advanced DSP chip, the J-05 can pick up any long-distance signals without interruption.

And owing to its 3W built-in magnetic speaker, you can hear clear and high-quality sounds as if they’re not even 10 feet away from you.

As the best small transistor radio, the J-0 uses two power sources. One is D-cell batteries, and the other is an AC power outlet.

So, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. However, do remember to take out the batteries when you’ve got the radio plugged in. Doing so will ensure a longer lifespan.

Key Features :

  • NOAA’s weather reports update you around the clock
  • A high-quality DSP chip ensures strengthened reception
  • The carrying handle adds to the portability
  • Has built-in 3W prominent; powerful speaker ensures quality sound

9. ZesGood Transistor Radio for Walking, Hiking

ZesGood Transistor Radio for Walking, Hiking

With the advancement of technology, radio has become more versatile. They’re no longer bound to the indoors. Instead, radios have become popular amongst outdoorsy people who like getting away from the bustle of daily life.

One such prized possession is the best battery-operated radio – the ZesGood portable radio. Any activity you can name, whether camping, backpacking, and many more, the ZesGood portable radio will be a great tool to have.

With a 14-inch extendable antenna, this radio can catch signals from anywhere. With its help, you can get away from all the buzzing of city life and still stay connected to the world.

It’s also effortless to use. Even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to technology, you should have no problem with the ZesGood portable radio.

You can tune into your favorite station in only three steps. You simply need to turn on the radio, choose the band you want to listen to, and adjust the frequency. Voila! You’re listening to your favorite radio show from wherever you are.

This portable radio is very efficient when it comes to power usage. With the help of two AA batteries, you can keep the radio on for a long time, which makes it a great companion in your travels.

Key Features :

  • A 14-inch extendable antenna is there for clear reception
  • Stable connection with 530-1600 kHz (AM) and 88-108 MHz (FM)
  • Built with ergonomic speakers provide better sound quality
  • Made with a pocket-size design for the ease of portability

10. DreamSky Battery Operated Radio with Headphone Jack

DreamSky Battery Operated Radio with Headphone Jack

If you think that the best portable AM FM radio is the one that’s the easiest to use, you’re going to like what DreamSky has to offer. This mobile model offers high functionality that appeals to people of all ages.

It’s simple enough to use, but that comes at a price. DreamSky has added no additional features to this model. So, if you’re looking for something extra, aside from the basic functionality, you may want to look elsewhere.

Since you’ve still stuck around, that must mean you’re interested in this model, so let’s proceed. Why do we like such simple models?

That’s because we don’t want to fiddle with countless buttons and knobs to find our favorite channel. With that in mind, DreamSky offered the best FM AM service with the most accessible use.

This model also offers you two options. You can either listen to it with your family or, if you choose to, you can listen to it by yourself with the help of the earphone jack.

You don’t have to worry about the power either. It has a high battery life, and it also runs on an AC adapter. So, be it indoors or outdoors, it’s one of the best choices out there.

Key Features :

  • It has a long-range telescopic antenna for the FM band
  • Built-in ferrite rod antenna for the AM band offers great reception
  • Compatible with both AC and cell batteries
  • Designed with basic functions to make it user-friendly

Comparison Chart Of Am Fm Radio For Reception

Product Name

Power Source

Bands Supported


PowerBear Portable Radio




Byron Statics Radio




Retekess TR604 AM FM

Battery and AC



Vondior AM FM Pocket Radio




Prunus J-160 AM FM Radio

Battery and corded


AUX and Bluetooth

Vondior Digital AM FM Radio




DreamSky Portable AM FM Radio

Battery and Corded



Prunus J-05 Portable AM FM

Battery and Corded



ZesGood Battery Operated Radio




DreamSky AM FM Radio

Battery and Corded



Am Fm Radio For Reception Buying Guide

With the list of the ten best AM FM radio for reception in your hand, you may be at a loss for which one to choose. Let’s be frank; they’re all great choices. But you need to decide which one suits you best.

For that, we’ve provided a guide. You can use this guide as a reference.


A radio’s size is one of the significant factors that you should consider when choosing one. You need to decide on its use.

If you’re looking to take it on your travels, you should choose a radio that you can easily carry around with you. But you have to note that the smaller models will not produce sounds as good as the bigger ones.

If you’re going to use it at home, you can go for bigger models with better sound quality that you won’t have to carry around.


You need to ask yourself if you’re the type of person who prefers a radio with multiple functions and different features and doesn’t mind going through a bit of trouble for that.

If you think the answer is yes, you can go for the models with various advanced features. But if you’re a retro-type person who prefers to turn the knobs and tune into their favorite stations manually, you should choose a simpler model.

If you’re unsure which type of person you are, the general rule is to go for the simpler models. They’re easy to operate and will give you the total pleasure of a radio.

Sound Quality

As we mentioned before, the smaller models don’t have the oomph of the larger models. But that doesn’t mean that they sound horrible.

It’s just that if you’re looking for the heavy bass and want to feel the treble of each note, the smaller models won’t be able to satisfy you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I get the best reception?

The best radios usually have different ways to get you the best reception. But even then, you may be getting bad reception due to some factors.
So, you can try to solve those problems. One common problem is interference from electric appliances. So, try placing your radio away from electronic devices and face its rear outside.

2. Which is the best AM FM radio?

There’s no one perfect radio. While one radio may check all the boxes in one person’s list, that may not be the case for another.
So, your choice should depend on your needs. If you choose any of the models mentioned above according to your needs, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Is FM better than AM?

The main difference between AM and FM bands lies in their broadcast range, sound quality, and performance. While the FM stations sound better than AMs, you can listen to the AM stations from a greater distance.

4. Can I wear headphones with my radio?

Yes, you can do that provided your radio has a headphone jack. If you look in our list, you’ll see that many of them offer this feature.

5. Are FM radios expensive?

While most FM radios are affordable, some are less affordable than their peers. It all depends on the features available.
For example, a radio that can only help you channel different stations will be less expensive than the ones with WiFi or Bluetooth features.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we are at the end of our reviews; hopefully, you have made your mind to pick one from here. But if you still can’t decide, here is a brief suggestion for you.

When looking for an overall experience, getting the PowerBear Portable Radio will be a great idea. It is loaded with all the advanced features for a trouble-free experience and comes within a pocket-friendly budget.

Furthermore, when you are a fan of simplicity, the DreamSky Portable AM FM Radio will be the right one for you.

It doesn’t feature any complicated using procedure, which makes it eligible for people of all ages. And if you want to carry your radio everywhere, Vondior AM FM Portable Pocket Radio will be the ideal choice, no doubt.

So, when are you getting the best AM FM radio for reception?