While my friend is groaning about his last month’s cable bill, I am enjoying a cup of mocha latte as I’ve cut the cord a long time ago.

And still watching 50+ channels on my TV.

Every day.

Without paying a single penny, too!

And you can do it too if you know where to get the finest HDTV antenna in the town like I did!

Hello, I am Jon Spencer.

As you’ve already guessed, I love messing around with stuff until I get the best deal for myself!

From the latest antenna, TV, laptop, radio to the trendiest gadgets for gamers, I like to keep up-to-date with all the changes that are happening in the digital industry.

And this is not something I started doing at this point in my life either!

Since my rebellious teenage years, I have always been on the run to find a good deal. And that includes finding the best smartphone within my budget, tracking the unicycle my friend rode to the school and purchasing a cool monitor for my Xbox!

As they say, old habits die hard.

I still find enthusiasm in doing this kind of geeky things for my friends and family. Honestly, it gives me a mental satisfaction when someone purchases a product based on my suggestion and becomes happy with it.

And that’s how the idea of creating Thejonspencerbluesexplosion.com came to my mind!
Now I can write my personal opinion about the products that I find useful and share it with you guys through this site!

Now I can write my personal opinion about the products that I find useful and share it with you guys through this site!

How My Work Will Benefit You?

Okay. Enough gushing about me.

So, let’s talk about what my work will bring to YOUR life?

Well, seeing as I am always out on the look for the latest stuff, you will get a whiff of what’s hot on the market right now.

I will not be taking anyone’s word while writing the reviews except for the honest user’s experience. So, you will get to know and hear my first-hand experience with every product I write about.

I am a curious person by nature. So, you can rely on me trying to find any flaws/loopholes the manufacturer might try to hide!

Also, I will give you an honest recommendation that deems worth spending your money on. Mind you, I believe in a one-time investment that will give me fewer hassles in the future rather than spending on a cheap one that’s not gonna last!

If you agree and think along these lines too, you are going to LOVE my site soon!

What To Do Next?

Hey! After all, I have a bigger audience now!

Gotta be more careful before passing a remark, right?

Rest assured, I will. I can also promise to do an extensive search before adding a recommendation to my platform.

As I am trying to build a way for you to discover awesome products in the shortest time possible, a shout-out to this site will be much appreciated!

Hey, none of us is an expert, but together I believe we can catch the wave of this ever-changing world and ride it smoothly!

Hope for the best and cheers!