Difference Between RG59 and RG6 Cable

RG6 Cable Vs RG59

Coaxial cables are one of the most commonly used electrical cables. They have many different applications and uses, and buyers of these coaxial cables often get confused about which one to buy. The most prominent of these confusions arise from the debates on RG6 cable Vs RG59 cables. How do they differ? What are they … Read more

How To Become A Storm Chaser and Get Paid for It?

How To Become A Storm Chaser

You might have come across jaw-dropping videos of a tornado moving across the land, and it might strike you that there are people who chase after such storms. It might inspire you to try it out on your own and chase after a tornado. Now, storm chasing is both a hobby as well as a … Read more

Difference Between Component And Composite Cable

component vs composite cables

Remember all those cables and wire that used to come with our televisions or video cameras when we were in our childhood? You could connect the two devices and watch something on a big screen. This leap made groundbreaking changes in the world of technology, and its effects were one of the foundations of the … Read more

Coax Vs Ethernet: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Coax Vs Ethernet

I am sure you have at least once wondered about the differences between a coax network and an Ethernet network. If you have, then rejoice as we’re going to detail their differences today. Now, both of these two cables are used for internet connections all over the world, but this is where their similarities end. … Read more

Best Voice Amplifier for Teachers In 2020 : Top 10 Reveled

Best Voice Amplifier for Teachers

“We will teach the professor a lesson today.” Upon entering the class, your sharp ears catch those barely audible whispers, and you go like, “Wait, what! Wasn’t it supposed to be me teaching you guys?!” And there’s this fifth-bench young man who never seems to hear ANYTHING clearly, always firing questions at you. So, the … Read more

Types of Coax Cables and Their Uses

types of coax cables

Coaxial cables, usually shortened to “coax” cables, are a type of heavy-duty electrical cable used in a variety of radiofrequency (RF) signal transmission applications. These cables are all around us and have been so since the start of the 20th century. They have important applications in telephone, cable, and internet, which makes them ubiquitous in … Read more

Condenser Vs Dynamic Mic: What’s the Difference?

Condenser Vs Dynamic Mic

If you are planning to record audio for a video or stream, you will need a microphone. You probably want to invest in one seeing as it might prove very helpful. However, while searching for a suitable microphone, you may get overwhelmed with your search. You encounter two different microphones- condenser and dynamic mics. Which … Read more