The Late Show with David Letterman

Wednesday, January 9th 2013

Check out the Late Show performance below…

New video for Bag of bones!

Wednesday, January 9th 2013

Check out the new video above and read what the band have to say about it here…

“Thinking back over the creative process for the ‘Bag of Bones’ animated video, I nearly don’t know where to begin…but I think the first idea Jon suggested was a link to an old Bud Spencer (the Italian action-comedy actor) movie, with Bud messing up some guys in a gym. We played with the idea of a cartoon Russell Simins depicted as Bud Spencer messing up all the pretender rock n’ rollers, we kinda took it down that path, but with Bud/The Blues Explosion taking a wrong stage exit and ending up in psychedelic zombie film, greatly enhanced by Steve Pavlovsky’s brilliant Liquid Light Lab oil projections.

We also spoke a lot about animation references, there are nods to John Kricfalusi, Dr Who, Terry Gilliam (my favourite), and even though we did discuss Tex Avery and Chuck Jones at length, I don’t know if my and Joseph Jensen’s animation skills quite got there, but it was a lot of fun to create. Jon’s constant creative feedback of ‘make it darker and weirder,’ matched with references to beautiful Ezra Jack Keats children’s book illustrations, were always a joy to receive.”


Monday, January 7th 2013

The future is here now! 2013 and The Blues is still #1!

Hope everyone had a good holiday break. We here at BX HQ are getting ready to rock’n’roll our way down South, deep into the heart of Texas and back, Jan 14 – 26th (see SHOWS`).

But before we hit the road we gotta a date with Dave. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion will be performing on the Late Night With David Letterman program this Friday Jan 11th, check your local listings!

Then we gotta help out our friends at the great WFMU. Get out to the Bell House in Brooklyn USA to catch a special early set by the BX Men at the FMU Mini-Record Fair and Blowout Benefit Show. Dot Wiggin of The Shaggs! The Relatives! Super DJ Jonathan Toubin! ( The station was hit hard by Sandy and needs your help. (If you bought a ticket for the JSBX Bowery Ballroom Nov 3rd show and couldn’t make it cos of Sandy, and have not gotten a refund, bring your unused ticket to the Bell House and get in free! But please make a donation to WFMU at the door.) Long live free form radio!


Wednesday, December 19th 2012

Blues Explosion currently decompressing after an amazing run of dates in Europe. A fine finish to a great Fall season of touring!
Stay tuned – more shows to come: USA in January and, just-announced, more European gigs in February! (See SHOWS)

Happy Holidays, thanks, and a big wet kiss to all our friends and supporters!
Let’s work together to make this world a better place in 2013.

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